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    Stephanie and Rooney share their new year's resolutions for 2020 and so much more.
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    1. Brat TV

      what topics would you wanna hear us cover in the next podcast??

      1. Alejandrina Rodriguez

        Can tk and rhyme be in one together

      2. kaltumo osman


      3. Cute

        Ships brat attaway ships with Ellie and rhyme

      4. Jaime Wallace

        @Italiyah Forrest march 10th

      5. Hailey Hammond

        Brat TV Well you guys are cute this has nothing to do with the podcast but are you guys both actually straight or not if not I respect and love see you guys in chicken girls

    2. Mahinur Abdrahmanova

      that´s basically like a table read, right? lol

    3. Starlight Gamer

      I appreciate each time Stephanie looks up from the script because it makes it a tiny bit less obvious that their reading a script.

    4. Naraya Starks

      I was listening to the podcast on spotify then I heard it funnier to watch the video

    5. FangirlForShips

      “Stephanie, you can criticize my ambition all you want but this is the year of the 3 pound burger”

    6. Marina Maas Vega


    7. Susanna Fuddy

      Stooney is my favoriteship from chicken girls!!!!!

    8. Spacehyun

      We need more stooney only content. Also I love how indi's accent was just coming out in this lol

    9. Salma Becerril

      They didn’t look at the camera😤😂🥺!

      1. Salma Becerril

        Mare Bear___ tru🤪

      2. Brooklyn The Maltese

        Salma Becerril they are in character and neither of their characters are actresses

    10. Areli Contreras

      Is anyone gonna talk about how their reading scripts?

      1. Naraya Starks

        bc its suppose to be listened too and it's a school podcast so you would hear it. they are roleplaying there character. I was listening to this on spotify before I saw the video

    11. WhenPineapplesTakeOver

      Red Ruby season 2?

    12. Josabelle

      they're so funny together and have so much chemistry uwu

    13. Twice_Blackpink Shipperz

      I ship stooney alott please dont break the ship🥺 i support lgbt aswell💖💕 we love you stooney! Stay strong😆💕

    14. Angela

      its just a sister thing 😂 when me and my sister were younger we would make scavenger hunts to find each other.

    15. Sydney Daniel

      I love them are they dating in real life . I hope soooooo . But if there not I want to date Stephane

      1. Naraya Starks

        so Indiana is straight in real lifw

    16. VivaLaBam916 *

      I Luv u Indi! Your A True Triple Threat! Actress Comedy nd Singer ^_^ U Go Girl!! ✌

    17. cheeToEeEeeE

      indiana has 2 accent, american and australian

    18. NeyaNation !!!

      That was sad...💥😵😭

    19. NeyaNation !!!

      HOW IS THAT A SNACK???!!

    20. NeyaNation !!!

      Stephanie: to remember people names when you meet them Rooney: isn't that kind of automatic??? Me: that is soooooooooooooopooooo frikain true!!?

    21. NeyaNation !!!

      Stephanie: sounds like a free heart attach Rooney: you get it for free and you get your picture on the wall if you finish it in under 20 minutes. Me: LoL 😅😂😂😅😂 Still me: yes the picture on the wall and the burger being free definitely helps. 😬😕😒

    22. NeyaNation !!!

      It's kinda cringy somewhat though...

    23. NeyaNation !!!

      Tell me how going to a restaurant is a nyr???!! HOW?!!!

    24. NeyaNation !!!

      I feel like you accidentally achieved your goal of spending less time on your phone LoL 😅😂😂

    25. Molly Cumper

      I want heaps of boy drama ( fighting over girls)

      1. Why Not.

        Their gay they dont fight over girls

    26. Camila Racero

      They have amazing chemistry without even look at each other

    27. Ruby Tapia

      Attaway couples

    28. Erin B

      “How’d u do in science class?” “That’s beside the point Stephanie” 😂😂💕

    29. Yutha amor

      I love you ❤ stoney ❤

    30. Neetendra Shrivastava

      Why are you not uploading any new seasons of chicken girls episode, or crown lake episode or such.........😔🙃

    31. Nina Munford

      When is the new chicken girls coming?

    32. Amelia May

      can't wait till the next season and I hope Kayla comes back!!


      When is chiken girl coming

    34. Stephen Alcorn

      More chicken girls please

    35. Lola Blue

      Their dynamic is just on point haha gotta love #Stooney

    36. Nthabi_hills🔥

      Is chicken girls coming back to Brat.... I miss you guys

    37. Savannah Staples

      I love stooney!!

    38. Jennifer Baxter


    39. Leah Pointer

      I love chewing on ice Lol 😂

    40. Leah Pointer

      I love this but they should look up

    41. PeppaPigsLeftNostril

      Wow they really out here making young teens play gay characters.....not cool.

      1. Alexandcat xx

        Skipper Mcoy why does it matter lol

    42. Paulina Orozco


    43. Paulina Orozco


    44. Paulina Orozco


    45. Paulina Orozco


    46. Amber

      Ummm my average screen time is about 6 hours😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

    47. Ben Hames

      Where's Annie?

    48. Jasmi S

      The attaway appeal is back!!!

    49. Cherryvilles Cherrychi

      hey u shoul d make as he join the show chicken girls

    50. osito azul

      STOONEY SPIN OFF! please

      1. Lola Blue

        Haha I would watch !!!

    51. Goomw Love

      I wanna lose 30 pounds for the new year.

    52. Goomw Love

      122 to comment

    53. osito azul

      MORE STOONEY : )

    54. sofia de la torre

      Can’t they have the script behind the camera??

      1. Brooklyn The Maltese

        sofia de la torre it’s suppose to be because they are in character

    55. Annie Thacker

      I thought it would be a chicken girls episode

    56. Mikayla 123

      I love just seeing them together as a couple 🥺

    57. Vivian Savard

      Why is nobody talking about the map of the woods. Is it from another show cause it sounds familiar

    58. Pinkflamytangopenguin

      when i tell you my heart skipped a beat when i read the notification..

    59. Emma Herrington


    60. Cailey Devine

      I love Rooney and Stephanie. #Stooney ❤️

    61. Bonjour La


    62. Kaylee Sutton

      I love you I’ve never made a counselor like like somebody else I need to never in my whole life

    63. Ray S

      Stooney. That's it. Stooney.

    64. j M.Ñ7

      Chicken girls

    65. Ali Lamb

      Incredible this was so so good 💕💕

    66. Queen Aja

      OMG attaway appeal is back

    67. Eleanor Noel

      "Happy new year" A bit late for that Its february 20

      1. NeyaNation !!!


    68. it's karsen

      yes stooney!! i love this

    69. Rapa Rip

      Are you guys dating again

    70. It's Me Stephanie

      I am the 600th liker sorry if i am late

    71. JJ Wow

      What happen to the chicken girls 🐔👩‍🦰

      1. Italiyah Forrest

        JJ the best bro Stewart when you like your own comment 😂😂

    72. Kayla Lee

      Dude yall over here complaining abt weekly pop quizzes when i get daily pop quizzes

    73. Erin B

      STOONEY FOR LIFE!!!!💕💕🏳️‍🌈

    74. Haniin Maryam


      1. Zora Locks

        Haniin Maryam yes

      2. Kuzna22

        It is.

    75. Mohamed54 NINJA

      I want sub for Stephanie

    76. Amira Roble

      Hi Brat TV, I'm a massive fan in UK, just wanna say keep up the good content.

    77. Nancy Marroquin

      Were is the chicken girls

    78. Mikayla 123

      My FAVORITE couple

    79. Angel

      I decided to delete all my social media. And did it. Since then I've realized that I've got more time for everything..

    80. Sadia shaheen

      Ship them so bad

    81. Julianna graceleblancstories.x

      I love brat tv

    82. Julianna graceleblancstories.x

      I love brat tv

    83. Boniface Peter

      Yesssss! STOONEY! 💜

    84. Lisa Brown

      omg this channel is way better than that yap one

    85. Planet Sarah


    86. Ballet Forever

      No offense but I don’t ship Stooney. The actors just don’t have romantic chemistry they have more of a friendship chemistry. Love brat tv!💜💖💙

    87. It's Abiha

      I thought I would come up with something that will get me likes at this comment but sadly my mind field on me maybe next time....😑🙄

    88. Philippe Quilala

      Stooney for life!!! 🌈🌈🌈

    89. Angelica Chan

      I ship Stooney so much

    90. addy clunie

      Is that burger real

    91. Livia Hamahusen Year 10

      Can't wait for season 6 of Chicken Girls! I can't have been the only one waiting for T.K. to return, right?

      1. Livia Hamahusen Year 10

        @Catherine Thomas that's a great way to put it lmao

      2. Catherine Thomas

        I’m patiently waiting.....for now

      3. Gentille Namarembo

        Livia Hamahusen Year 9 thanks

      4. Livia Hamahusen Year 10

        @Gentille Namarembo 10th March

      5. Gentille Namarembo

        When is it coming

    92. Millenium Mibang

      Love stooney😘😘

    93. Your mom

      When they are just staring at the paper

      1. Your mom

        @Fan Of Celeste's Hair Arent they suposed to have a paper that says a topic to talk about? and then they talk about it? and also I was just saying that as a joke

      2. Fan Of Celeste's Hair

        Well this supposed to be a school podcast, and in school podcasts they usually just read their script.

      3. Your mom

        @Mikayla 123 and yeah I are suposed to listen to it but most people actually watch it.

      4. Mikayla 123

        Adalie Capps this is a podcast so it’s meant to be listened to

    94. Faith Adams

      When is chicken girls coming back

      1. Faith Adams

        @Shia Gamer 17 thanks 🖤

      2. Shia Gamer 17

        Faith Adams March 10

    95. Audrey Miller

      i dont really like how it is all scripted...

      1. Jordann Owings

        It’s supposed to be like a podcast for the school where they have ideas written down that they talk about

      2. kayleigh jordan


    96. Infinite Gamer

      early and cant wait for cg 6

    97. AmongPlayz723


      1. osito azul


    98. Evangeline Burgess

      when is chicken girls season 6 coming

      1. Evangeline Burgess

        @EntertainmentFan who are you

      2. EntertainmentFan

        March 10th.

    99. pimi tato

      Happy new year... Oh thank you

      1. comfortable materials