ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 6: “Lost My Marbles”

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    The volunteers are tested by a VIP patient while Georgia faces new heart ache in her relationship with Will.
    When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Starring Dixie D’Amelio, Diego Martir, Lauren Kettering and Gabby Morrison alongside breakout performances from Madi Monroe, Eric Montanez and Griffin Johnson, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes - for high schoolers.
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    ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 6: "Lost My Marbles"

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    1. Brat TV

      that was QUITE the episode! what do you think? did Will do the right thing by telling Georgia to stay away?

      1. K K

        Do you want my honest opinion

      2. Steven Accomando

        Kit is easily the worst actor

      3. TʜᴇBᴏʏ


      4. Danieta Hodges

        No and y😢?

      5. Elli and Kobie games

        Brat TV nope

    2. Kelsey Arnoldi

      That little kid is why I don’t want kids lol

    3. Kelsey Arnoldi

      I watched this to make fun of it but I actually really love this show now

    4. Alondra Rodriguez

      Their acting is so bad and clingy

    5. Leen Brikeet

      Lawrence Dupont is back

    6. K K

      Grandpa joe’s havin a heart attack and kits like “u good bro”

    7. Jackie’s World

      “With a oink oink”

    8. TY1ER

      the old guy dies

    9. Nazira Rahman

      Will you stop hating on the show? It's a good show!

    10. Original Always

      Why are there sirens when they’re at the hospital?

    11. Addison Sicard

      The only GOOD actor is NONE OF THEM.

    12. Sara Shiwani

      R they srsly doing tiktoks This makes Ir so cringe

    13. Sofí Rebolledo :D

      This a griffin and dixie is so funny!😂

    14. Nian Lian

      I'm soo excided

    15. Allison 01

      This is dollar store grey’s anatomy

    16. new girl slime world heburn

      I have an idea y'all should say yall met this app call tictok

    17. Isabella_Plays

      These were the days of Dixie and Griffin but now it's Doah 😌

    18. Holographic Human

      *Ok but is no one gonna talk about how the grandfather is Lawrence Du'Pont from a girl named jo?!?*

    19. Brittany Cuellar


    20. Mack Jorgensen

      They chose the least intimidating person ever to be a ‘bad boy’.

    21. iliana and ivana Juma

      omg when he said kit u know I have a girfriend my hart jroped poor kit

    22. iliana and ivana Juma

      tiktoks ok brat tv but really I was like umwhat is that the savege then I stared humming then singging the savegs song lol

    23. Austine W. Awiah

      Y'all realize that is Lawrence Du Pont from a girl named Jo.

    24. Emely Ramos

      imagine charlie doing the dance at the begining i be like renagade renagade renagade

    25. Sreenithya Anilkumar

      the name of the episode is the exact representation of me 23 seconds into it.

    26. Family Roux

      what a spoiled little brat am i right!

    27. Sharon Hwang


    28. Tom Parbrook

      Everyone is hating on this it’s alright

    29. Catherine King

      Oh my....this is the worst episode of them all. Mainly because I am a musical person and the way that little kid said "soprano" I cried. And the singing of these people.....I just......please make it stop.

    30. samantha moreno

      have you realized most of the tiktokers are in here?

    31. MJ Cousy

      That’s a horrible way to start any tv show

    32. Lucia P

      “Any? Anytime you say?”😂

    33. Lucia P

      *gets to **4:40* understands what the episode name really means by lost my marbles haha 😂

    34. Henry’s Mate 20 pro

      bruh were they doing a tiktok dance😭 this got more cringey

    35. Joy Ahuruonye

      Pause at 4:25 Dixie I'm sorry-

    36. Joy Ahuruonye

      4:25 Why her eyes MOVE like that... hunni-

    37. Casey Saban

      This is the most low budget thing ever

    38. Aemillia Escobedo


    39. Yes Homo

      That little kid CARRIED the episode

    40. Yes Homo

      Pov: your dying but the doctors are too busy to save you cuz they are learning the renegade

    41. Shirley Ankamah

      jack look like Marcus or lucus if u don't know them they are the dobre brothers. they did this on my bday month.

    42. MusicRus

      Love how at the begging tiktoker don’t know how to make a tiktok 😂😂

    43. Selena Johnson

      I LIKE IT

    44. Tracey Heslop


    45. Tyaisha Hickey

      I love this show

    46. Oscar Lima

      This is what happens when you hype up Tik Tok Influencers

    47. Melissa Fonseca

      Ok but tbh this is REALLH cringy and i barely saw this one episode

    48. Tamian Taylor

      Were they doing tiktok dances

    49. Jake The Man Moyers

      My dad left me when I was a kid. I found a current picture of him, facebook creeped him and noticed he looks an awful lot like Dr. Henry. Now I'm super sad he's not in my life.

    50. Libs Grace

      this makes riverdale seem 10/10

    51. Libs Grace

      imagine getting shot and your doctors are stood in a circle doing tiktok dances

    52. aniya glover

      its the tiktok dances for me

    53. Moo Moo -Plays Roblox

      This show is so cringe but so funny to watch I am invested 😂

    54. Dion Mitchell

      People need to stop saying Dixie's is tiktoker and just BC she is one doesn't mean she can act, just BC she's Charlis sister doesn't mean she gonna do tiktoks forever-

    55. Danieta Hodges

      Omg this kid is killing me

    56. amy saxelby

      If you’re here after griffin cheated like this

    57. Connor Sagan

      What happened here 4:24? This show is a disaster

    58. Danielle Kearns


    59. Rose

      It’s like everyone in this show can act except the main characters 🤣

    60. Madison Joy

      the problem is every episode is very short, they had to like put 5 episodes as 1 .

    61. Ziox

      talk about friend zoned

    62. Cleo Aishatu

      There needs to be more of this I love it

    63. Sade' Seaborn

      its the tiktok dances in the first part for me

    64. shaza tiktok and likee

      I love that they are doing tiktok dances

    65. Carol Markowitz

      i liked seeing them do tiktoks at the begging lol

    66. Sammy Student

      Madi is a good actor lowkey

    67. sweater weather

      people: dying them: tik tok dances

    68. Samer Bekai

      Doctors are doing tik tok 2020.

    69. martin victoriano

      The old man did the movie naruto

    70. s o p h e y

      9:18 i though Dixie is going to say " Sometimes i dont wanna be happy" ;--;

    71. Curtis Naughton

      this was so sad.

    72. Taylor Loring

      When your late to an online class because of attaway general

    73. Natalie Sulier

      If this was an actual hospital, I would get hurt on purpose so I could meet them😂

    74. Courtney’s Daily life

      It is 11:00pm and I have school tomorrow and I can’t stop watching this

    75. Sampurna Dash

      This is not how hospitals work...

    76. S O W N S.

      Love this episode!!!

    77. Chrishell Nettleford

      Thier doctors and doing tik toc

    78. Swiss Coffee

      To much cringggggggggeeeeeeeeee

    79. Chika Ephraim

      That guy is rude

    80. Siena Torok

      thi......thi....this is, i cant put this into words.....oh wait, ITS CRAP AND CRINGEY BUT I AM STILL WATCHING it

    81. Krypt Exposes

      The writers: Alright we need a really good line to finish off the episode Also the writers: “I think I’m having a touch of a heart attack”

    82. Sabrina Nicole

      Wait... Lawrence DuPont from a girl named Jo?

    83. Adyson Reid

      Was charli back there teaching them that tiktok to.

      1. Adyson Reid


    84. Crayola Save

      He would ah neva get juice

    85. Winnie :3

      No offense to Brat, but the only way they are still here is because of TikTok and HUfast teenagers "acting". It just isn't it :/

    86. cool beats

      Yeessss meee too

    87. Nmat

      bad garbage

    88. It is game time

      does anyone else love he releishonship between dixie and griffin

    89. Afshan Arif

      The kid in the start was😐

    90. Mostafa BVB

      ماكو عرب💔😁

    91. bxddie

      them doing tiktok Dances in the beginning LMAO

    92. Biggie cheese

      Every time is see Georgia I feel more like hurling myself off of a 10 story building

    93. Biggie cheese

      Well now I feel like dying

    94. Biggie cheese

      The only thing more cringe than this is the legion trying to take over NCR territory

    95. ZiGi Vlogs

      awww they taught Dixie her first Tik Tok I cant lolll

    96. Mrhype


    97. Levinia Andreas 1639036

      Hᴏᴡ ᴍᴜᴄʜ ᴅᴏᴇs ᴅɪxɪᴇ ʀᴏʟʟs ʜᴇʀ ᴇʏᴇs >

    98. Amina Seymen

      Four people just to get a juice...

    99. Levinia Andreas 1639036

      reeeeeee Grixxie

    100. Levinia Andreas 1639036

      I like the tik tok dancing

      1. Christopher Tinoco

        Levinia Andreas 1639036 no