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    Annie LeBlanc reacts to all of the drama in season 1 of Attaway General
    Watch the first season here:

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    1. Brat TV

      were your reactions the same as Annie's? share them below!

      1. Brooklyn Prado


      2. R Besfgtyuu6ttggdd

        Omg this is sooooooo bad. It’s horrible. How does anyone think this is good.

      3. doni ellenberg


      4. Benjamin moore

        Annie's my favorite but I like all them the same

      5. Ocean xxx


    2. L .J

      That face 6:09 😂😂😂🤣

    3. pricila medina

      its funny how i also saw the couples and i ended up a bit disappointed but i liked the show anyways

    4. R Besfgtyuu6ttggdd


    5. Karen starring veatrice

      Whoever doesn't like this show probably hasn't seen the entire season so I love this show and and at least I saw the entire season

    6. Karen starring veatrice

      I can tell she's that large percentage of people who loves this show

    7. asha alodia

      Annie reactions is literally me lol haha

    8. Etsubdink Andualem

      Omg i like jack 😍 he is my favorite

    9. Lalala Rose

      You're under contract right? Legally you can't point out the awful perforances and the inaccuracies in medical protocol, right?

    10. Bloxburgx Vibez

      They way Annie say come back- I just can’t 🥺😂

    11. Leen Brikeet

      How the hell are you so beautiful!!!!

    12. Claudia C.

      This is so cringe. It is so obvious that Annie is acting. Tho she did a good job

    13. The Real Donald Trump, No joke

      She’s literally reacting to their own content.

    14. Gracelynn Staton

      dixie damelio is my favorite

    15. Digg Teek

      Man are you brain dead? I hope you got paid to make this horrible video. Kids are so dumb.



    17. Jonalyn Casi

      Im SO glad rhe chicken girls is not even ending yet phew if it was ending *sigh* i will be sad like im a HARDCORE fan of chicken girls like nonstop.😳 Ik sorry this doesnt make any sence.

    18. Patricia A


    19. Faida Kizungu

      Love the Anna is best friend in a good, 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    20. Erica Turney


    21. Erica Turney

      Does annie actually look at our comments

    22. sabrieebriee

      Dixie is gonna outshine annie 😐

    23. Isabella Acosta

      i like this series but tbh it has a lot of cringe...

    24. doni ellenberg

      Wait, there are people that enjoy this show?

    25. Ally B

      I swear to god if they get rid of Holden and Kit bcs the are THE CUTEST

    26. sf 49ers

      Very inspiring thanks Bella

    27. sf 49ers

      Very inspiring

    28. Karen starring veatrice

      I don't know why people don't like it I mean I like it a lot for real it's amazing

      1. doni ellenberg

        Because it's awful. There is nothing good about it.

    29. 1K Subs with no vids

      I can see Annie’s hiding her cringe feel

    30. Cinderxlla x

      I mean she not going to say it’s bad even though it’s trash...

    31. KAYRN

      brat needs to stop choosing these tiktok stars and randomly putting them in shows. just because they well known on tiktok doesn't mean they can act.I mean cmon now we all know their emotions are dry as hell(brat you can do better then this)

    32. Merilan Dkhar

      Hi Annie

    33. Amanda Jaimes

      So 2 season

    34. isabella roberts

      This show is actually shite

    35. Weston Miller

      Is chicken girls over??

    36. Jaslyn Soh

      Is “A girl named jo” coming back? I hope it does

    37. jordan biran

      tell Annie she HAS to watch greys

    38. Ahudha Taehberries

      It's sad that they had to have Annie, the golden girl of Brat to fake it to try and change the opinions.

    39. MEKAELA G

      I love what ever you do ❤

    40. soma

      shes so wholesome i cant 🥺

    41. Kya Clements

      Girl stop lying to them, you know this show is trash

    42. Layla Layla


    43. Haden Hill

      At 3:11 when this girl says oh she’s smart. God I lost a couple of brain cells there

    44. Comrade Shiba

      This is so medically inaccurate i cant this is so bad.

    45. Deshorn ke charles

      When u got no choice but to say u like it

    46. Biba Allabeeba

      i love annie so much like her reaction is incredible 😂😂😂😂 stan annie for clear skin 😌😌

    47. Danny G

      This show is complete horse poop

    48. Ahudha Taehberries

      It must so awkward for her to pretend. Hailey laughing in the back.

    49. OTTO OTTO

      I love how brat is literally like “we are only. Famous because of Annie, so let’s use her for everything”

    50. Katie Cardin

      jack: It has my name on it!

    51. tc japal

      annie can i get your number

    52. georgelambo

      Can we get Cr1tical's reaction on here?

    53. stephanie villa

      Annie Leblanc the face of brat the main star 😂😂 and thinks she’s intruding

    54. Carlee War

      It’s the second episode it’s the second episode 🤣🤣😂😂

    55. Mr Tiddles

      There is no possible way she actually thinks this is good. God please let this just be an act

    56. Emiliemae 123

      I love attaway general

      1. Hoang Katelyn


    57. Lily Franco

      the best part was when holden passed out and Annie was like, "wait come back!"

    58. zora chanelh

      I ship Lauren and Diego

    59. zora chanelh


    60. Jithesh Puthiyandi

      its my birthday

    61. Osophine

      The acting Annie uses to pretend she likes this show is better than the acting of the actors in the actual show

    62. Kilandra Yeuxdoux

      Anne, I don't believe this show should have been aired without a rewrite and higher-paid cast A lot of things have come out of this that needs addressing by a real physician. You might want to watch Doctor Mike's reaction to it here on youtube. Lots of things are wrong with this show. Just want to make sure you do know what HIPPA is. That's the privacy notes they give to you when you enter a hospital or a doctor's office. Those rules are real and the scripts to this show should be set with those in mind. Unless you really want it to be thought of having been written by a 10-year-old. Please spare us the diva wanna-be doctor character who thinks they need to do actual doctoring. That's not what a hospital volunteer program is supposed to be like. Usually, they drop those people during orientation - that's held for a week before they get to be around patients.

    63. Haydan OMG

      Can you post on your family Channel

    64. Line mørup

      That was gitterpoff 😂 mani moments

    65. Line mørup

      That was gitterpoff 😂 mani moments

    66. The Longs


    67. Thatweirdgurl

      Boy faints: Annie:’wait no come back’

    68. If One Of Us Is Dead

      Georgia forgot her kiss from Will that’s what she forgot from The Shed

    69. Rutu Luhar

      We all know that’s not how she would’ve reacted if she wasn’t filming. This show is something else fr

    70. Angelina Nguyen

      They really went this far that the had Annie, the main person, react to this so that the show could get a little bit of hype😂

    71. Angelina Nguyen

      Annie secretly smiling knowing how lucky she is being on a better show

    72. Masina Taufa

      *Gerogia and Will kiss* Annie: Ahhh!! It's the second episode, I'M NOT READY!!! Me: Neither was I sis...

    73. Ellie

      oh my god i love Annie HAHA

    74. jamila

      This show is like grey’s anatomy but Disney.

    75. Marlee Taylor

      “Ahh it’s only the second episode”

    76. Curly Twists

      Why does brat tv shows ALWAYS have bad actors. Don't ever get Tiktokers to act. Y'all trying to do the most with teen celebs, nah y'all need the good ones

    77. human being.

      annie definitely didn't like it.

    78. Minnie Tsosie

      I literally just found out that Lauren and Diego dated before the show was on HUfast (I’m stupid)

    79. Josh Narang

      This shows not that exiting she must be getting paid a ton like a ton

    80. Josh Narang

      She’s lying the whole time

    81. Rosie Stidworthy

      Annie: * looks terrified * Oh no!!

    82. Nathaly Michelle Rodas Salazar

      This is so bad😂

    83. Jenah Annan

      through out the whole vid annie be like: 👁👄👁

    84. Punnya Sethi

      guys if anyone reads this pls tell me how to be a part of brat TV I sing and dance and I am great at dancing

    85. Jade Bree

      I feel like Annie had a glowup since her breakup . like if u agree .

    86. Maddie S

      This show is SO CRINGE but I still want to watch it 👁👄👁😂

    87. Ruby Stedman

      More of these please!! Annie is so genuine and real❤️

    88. Rochelle Calvin

      love Annie's reaction to the kiss

    89. Elle Van dijk

      Annie literally seems like the sweetest girl in the world

    90. Jared Lawson

      Georgia is such a mood I freaking love it

    91. Jared Lawson

      Moreeeeeeeeee episodesssssssssssse

    92. Emily Smith

      “I see the couples”

    93. The teaaa channeelll

      this is better acting then the show

    94. shanika dimri

      Annie sort of looks like the younger version of Tessa brooks

    95. DarkLord gaming

      When she said she felt like she was intrueding that's what i felt like

    96. The cool aid Man

      Annie has a gun to her head while being forced to read a script created by the ceo of brat tv

    97. Adrianna

      What's ironic is that I bet you that if you were to point out everything medically inaccurate about this show, it would be a longer episode than the actual show 😂

    98. Ayda Haroun

      Is it just me is like Annie on most of the brat shows

    99. Esther Naranjo

      No one: Absolutely no one: Annie: i SEE the COUPLES

    100. Harley’s Here

      Annie knew it was really cringe and it has bad acting but can’t say it causes she will get in trouble