ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 5: “Small Hospital”

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    An old friend of Jack’s reveals his secrets to Kit while Will faces a crossroads in his relationship.
    When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Starring Dixie D’Amelio, Diego Martir, Lauren Kettering and Gabby Morrison alongside breakout performances from Madi Monroe, Eric Montanez and Griffin Johnson, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes - for high schoolers.
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    ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 5: "Small Hospital"

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    1. Brat TV

      what did you think of today's episode? what should Will do?

      1. Wappy _owo

        quit :)

      2. Kendall Bruns

        i love the story but the acting isnt that good

      3. Toxic Peach

        Brat TV w

      4. Omar Guillory


      5. Cutter Higgins

        Please please let me write and direct the second season I haven’t even been to film school yet but I guarantee I could do better than your current guys

    2. Keisha Terry

      did he just take the fresh blood out of the bag and spread the bacteria ?? ??? ? pardon me ??

    3. TY1ER


    4. TOMMYCC73

      Omg it's so werid seeing griffin without glasses lol

    5. Hallee Geurin

      I tHoUgHt I cOuLd Do It

    6. Elyshia Reyes


    7. Bella Perez

      Dixie I love you❤️

    8. Nazira Rahman

      Stop saying the acting is bad, it's really good.

    9. Addison Sicard

      I am just asking, Is this a kid show? XD

    10. CobraAU

      school drama in a hospital

    11. Nian Lian

      I wonder what Jack's real name is?

    12. tomato soup !


      1. LustyDesire


    13. CEO Of Tiktok Energy

      Hoolden is like a mini Brady potter

    14. Saadhana S

      Wow, a guy who was shot, argues with this guy who shot him, instead of calling the cops on him. Lol.

    15. Lars's Wig

      When a bad wattpad story becomes a bad show with bad actors

    16. Lars's Wig

      "YOu're DiFfErEnT"

    17. Isabella_Plays

      These were the days of Dixie and Griffin but now it's Doah

    18. Lívia Gomes

      i love how all the fights between georgia and will are just monotone

    19. Layyah Docrat

      overprotective much

    20. VAL_JANN

      Brat TV is so fitting

    21. koi frank


    22. koi frank

      I say

    23. Headshot Trooper


    24. Bella Madril

      my name is bella

    25. Bread

      What the cringe is this I was looking for free robux

    26. Angelina Quawas

      Its so cringy but yet im still watching 😭

    27. Sreenithya Anilkumar

      at 7:18, why does busboy look like he's wearing a light glittery pink eyeshadow lol

    28. Sreenithya Anilkumar

      why does the cast sound like they only have one braincell?

    29. sarah grace

      Griffin *sees Dixie* *grabs a random plant* ' I got you flowers'

    30. Mars_bars

      it’s so bad it’s good

    31. Jolene Betts

      Everyone saying “Diego’s acting is bad!” Me trying to remember which one is Diego...

    32. Urlittleamy Yt

      Just me or when Georgia’s dada’s meant to be doing mollys surgery he was watching her and will lol

    33. Emmalyn Vang


    34. Joy Ahuruonye

      4:29 The level of cringe is really affecting my mental and physical wellbeing right now

    35. hujshdbh hjshdhdiu

      And I thought my acting was bad..

    36. Yes Homo

      “Like🔇you🔇said🔇itʼs🔇a🔇small🔇hospital😐” LMAO HE DIDNʼT EVEN TRY

    37. Lol_litgirl 129

      So you telling Me a mommemt ago dixie was like back off and when he says gf shes teehee i dont gotta think bout it

    38. _mayaxcharli_

      Madi is like...really good at this

    39. MusicRus

      Now we know why jack has no emotion he need a new heart aww 😅🤣😂🤣😂

    40. LunarOfficial_ TM

      Im guessing this is the reason why lauren is apart of NAC house

    41. LunarOfficial_ TM

      The channel should be called 'TiktokTV'

    42. Arianna Algood

      the nurse is the best actor

    43. Student Kayleigh GutierrezKeller

      I love these episodes

    44. Demi Alligood

      There's something wrong with Jack ☹️☹️

    45. Carter Houghtaling

      4:47 SAY NO

    46. Moo Moo -Plays Roblox

      Jack is holding the show. He is so sweet and a devil at the same times and it’s amazing.


      yall quit talking about my manz like that😭🖐

    48. marah nyamanhindi

      no offense okay this is the worst acting ever like bruh how can u know each other for one day and bam u kissed and jack i have no words for his acting

    49. BlazeTheGachatuber

      Jack reminds me of the dorbre brothers if that is how you spell it. Idk why he just does.

    50. Analilya Cantu

      Lol deigos face as a docter🤣

    51. HitJuulsNotKids

      this is a pogchamp moment

    52. Abi. A


    53. Elena Atanasovski

      the guy with the arrow in his leg was the only actor i wasn't cringing at the entire time haha

    54. Danielle Kearns

      Volunteer violates hipaa and takes image of patients injury without consent and the nurse yells at the patient 🤦🏼‍♀️

    55. Cloudyjamie Videostar

      Tbh the only good actors are Madi,Dixie and Lauren

    56. Elvin Ramos

      love this 💕😘❤😍

    57. **PinkWolf Gacha**

      *grabs random plant*

    58. Sabirah Davids

      Why does Madi always have her hands in her pocket though

    59. Rabab Haji

      Is that madi ???

    60. jaeda lopes

      i literally can’t enjoy this it’s way too cringey

    61. Ghala Jarrah

      Why does jack sound like Lucas and Marcus

    62. King Trey’s WRLD

      🔥🔥🔥best show eva

    63. karen daly

      Sub to @ang the man

    64. Ellie Lash17

      I swear someone here is from the next step

    65. Kazi Gayle 6SM

      Love how they use dixie for clickbate on their thumbnail on every single video..

    66. Saiki Kusuo


    67. Yankeeschamber 99

      Wow this is just...horrible

    68. Yankeeschamber 99

      Kids bop greys anatomy

    69. Yankeeschamber 99

      Anyone else here from Drew

    70. Kiki Romanesky

      yo she always be getting them headaches

    71. Daelyn Gallardo

      Will when Georgia’s dad said to stay away from Georgia: *does lip quiver*😖

    72. Daelyn Gallardo

      I don’t care Jake acts like me 💀

    73. #kk GANG

      Nobody: Jack: takes picture 😂

    74. Jacob Robinson

      I get that he's still mad at Jack for crashing his dad's car but how is he gonna blame him for getting an arrow stuck in his leg lmfao

    75. GamingSkull77

      I swear this is soo cringe but I’m all hooked up like I wanna keep watching 😂 but I’m cringed out 😂

    76. Siri R

      Bruh they deliver lines as if english is their 5th language.

    77. Fluffkines Fluffy

      He has an arrow in his thigh yet he is so calm

    78. Alina 101

      The cleanest line of this so far is “can you take a hent and leave me alone”

    79. Areej Abdalilah

      I love this

    80. Carter

      I would like to see Ellen Pompeo react to this.

    81. Lowku

      Is that the old Jonas brother?

    82. E

      absolute dog crap

    83. Owen Tiemeyer

      Diego says his lines as if he’s in a fifth grade play

    84. Luke innit

      i would rather lick a waffle iron than watch twenty seconds of this show

    85. Femke van der Griend

      jack is the worst actor im sorry

      1. Mark Flood

        Non of them are good what you mean

    86. Femke van der Griend

      its cringey but fun to wacht

    87. irixs

      It’s so annoying how people say this show is bad it’s not some of the acting needs work but it’s a good show! And I wish Jack was a better actor and Dixie and Griffin didn’t escalate so high so fast it’s odd but other than that the show is great

    88. Slupita duncan

      i literally do not understand ... greys anatomy doctors saw a pole going through 2 people AND a whole tree struck through a boy, and they had a smaller reaction than a little arrow stuck in his leg.

    89. alexis bridges

      will and georgia's little entanglement is like a wattpad story. they rush things...

    90. Biggie cheese

      I swear to god this gives me clinical retardation

    91. Mrhype


    92. Biggie cheese

      This felt longer than 8 minutes but had the story of an eight year olds thirty second home movie

    93. Amina Seymen

      1:58 like you were there for dixie when you cheated?

    94. addie

      kit: were not supposed to be reading those kit five seconds later: *reads one*

    95. estela veras

      OH NO

    96. Kelsey Willhoite

      his face lmao 5:38

    97. Kelsey Willhoite

      why's the airo have so much fake blood in it

    98. yeet sqaud

      Jake is to cringy and crazy

    99. Ava Eastmure

      it's soooo cringy but we all still watch it lol

    100. Lila Perez

      Why do I low key like this show even tho its cringy af