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    Catch up on all your favorite Attaway General moments! What was your favorite part of season 1?
    When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Starring Dixie D’Amelio, Diego Martir, Lauren Kettering and Gabby Morrison alongside breakout performances from Madi Monroe, Eric Montanez and Griffin Johnson, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes - for high schoolers.

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    1. sumaya Wardere

      This really awesome cause i only watched episode 1 2 and 3 Edit: why do they date n the season like duh Dixie and griffin broke up in real life who says that the should break up in the season like and comment ur opinion

    2. Kayla Johnson

      OMG im crying my eyes out like wow idk what would happen

    3. Rachel Delgado

      whers seasane 2

    4. Dodat

      Came back because I needed a legitimate reason to commit suicide.

    5. Edward Muriuki

      Can't wait for season 2

    6. Nasima Bhagan

      I'm only really watching this because dixie and griffins in it

    7. Edward Muriuki

      Still waiting for dirt sn 3

    8. Sarah Salzman

      The fact that Griffin is just like in the show in the beginning a CHEATR

    9. random shit

      this is literally a walmart version of greys anatomy dixie and griffin are the meredith and derek (i’m using the tiktokers real names cause i can’t remember the characters) diego and lauren are the izzie and alex and that one patient with that one girl is like izzie and denny

    10. Jaden Smith

      This is worse than tik tok itself

    11. Its_laisa_ luv

      I’m sorry but Jack’s acting sucks 😃

    12. lia & t'anna

      I love jack

    13. Brielle Rice

      This is how many people like dixe |

    14. lia & t'anna

      I can't wait for season 2 omg dixe is the best

    15. Jeremiah Taylor

      Omg this is so sad😥😭

    16. Lace in your face

      Were is a new episode

    17. Aliyah Griggs

      I thought this was episode 1 but then I realized it was the whole season.

    18. Tina Saadati

      When is seazen 2?

    19. M & T Crew


    20. Jr Ramirez

      It this in necedad

    21. Azriel Davis

      OMG i cant with georgia she is so funny

    22. Its_laisa_ luv

      Is there only one season???

    23. Hannah Mathews

      This is like the kids version of greys anatomy but with bad acting

    24. xo. naraa.

      -Ummm chile anyways so

    25. xo. naraa.


    26. Itzel Taboada

      i need season two

    27. Itzel Taboada

      when is season two coming out

    28. siara sutherland

      NOOOOOOO ITS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    29. siara sutherland

      BROOO WHEN THE GUY SAID "i should've hit you harder' LMAOOOOO

    30. siara sutherland

      bro yall see the part when the teenage boy came to get his stitches removed LMAOOO YOU SAW WHEN HE FAINTED RIGHT AM DIEING

    31. siara sutherland

      WAIT WAAAIIT ISNT THAT DIXIE AND MADEEEEEE?????????????????????????????/

    32. Kyleigh Johnson

      Nobody is talking about how big of a glow up Lauren had

    33. froggie 02


    34. Mumu H

      ight but aint nobody gonna talk about those chest compressions? also hippa is screamin and cryin

    35. Mumu H

      imagine your dying and one of them started doing the renagade or savage love dance as the last thing you see

    36. Waves Ocean

      I love redone

    37. Queen Shadii Boo

      Season 2 please love it great inspiring movie

    38. Queen Kenna

      It’s Diego for me..

    39. Jemimah McKenzie

      God bless God made u

    40. Erin Stark

      She is like the one that every wants to see cause she is Dixie

    41. Muranda Ellsworth

      That was hella long but, it’s cool by otherwise I didn’t think it was bad at all

    42. Yara Diab

      I love you guys

    43. liv

      this didn’t age well

    44. Muranda Ellsworth

      Wait did he pass out uh……oh!:(

    45. cokraine

      what is this

    46. noah bbjefbefewsfed

      this is how many times dixie rolled her eyes I I

    47. Jamie Lo

      Dixie is much like more foruis

    48. Fereshta REZAIE

      This soo emotional 🥺🥺🥺

    49. tf you lookin at

      were is episode two!?!

    50. Aryana plays Fortnite

      Jack "it has my name on it" Dixie "yeah Jack it does🙄"

    51. Lainey Molinaro

      Plz have another season!!!!!

    52. Lilian Florian


    53. EstellesGamingofGlory

      Wow Griffin cheated in a show danggg

    54. Amal Adam


    55. Serena Dias

      Are u guys going to post more episodes????

    56. kyna bharwani


      1. Cmere Snakey

        Fr rip my boy, survived the commies in 'nam just to end up with a fate like this

      2. It'sMeAnthony

        Facts rip our boy

    57. Mac Bridget

      umm is there gonna be any more seaseons plssssssssssssssssssssssss

    58. Rose Berehanie

      Plsss make season two

    59. Jaressy Michelle Cervantes Garcia

      Griffin took on the very serious role Lmao

    60. Jaressy Michelle Cervantes Garcia

      We're guessing we need a 2nd

    61. When is Alice gonna learn

      Can we take a moment to appreciate madi acting like ;-;

    62. Arianah Daymiel

      dixie: baby sitting great! her head: I wanna quit my job already

    63. Amp Universe

      When I saw dixie I just clicked the video 😂

    64. Samantha Miguel

      Dixie: sometime i don't wanna be happy☹︎

    65. Lesly A.Meza

      I love you❤

    66. Cardiyay Hunt

      this show is garbage

    67. Lynn Malo

      Noah beck or Griffin

    68. PryMayer

      I wish Griffen wasn't on the video TAKE Griffen out and PUT in NOAH BECK Noah won't cheat on Dixie like what Griffen did! 🙄

    69. gabbee sanderss!!

      okay, they are good tiktokers. not actors lol still love them the most😂💓

    70. lydia miriam

      When's season 2 coming

    71. AJ The Great

      i love this but the acting seems fake and awkward love Gabby Morrison soo much her acting is niceish but still like it and her. did not like how the doctor treat her

    72. the beast gonzalez


    73. CupcakeXglosy

      When Georgia(Dixie) was reading the princess story to Molly and Will(Griffin) came in and Georgia started to read and make up words that happened between her and Will and thats why shes mad at him, she said "Prince Harry visited other princesses and Prince Harry didn't care about Princess Regina's feelings at all" and "he didn't care that she might find out" thats so relatable, Attaway General told Griffins and Dixies future. Timestamp: 27:18

    74. S Girls

      I don’t like Mav

    75. Learta Kolgeci

      Im so in love with this move I cant wait for season two😍💞

    76. Akshaya Vijindran

      Ya true

    77. Cadenne McDaris

      I’m so sorry but I can act better than this and I’m 13. I can’t get through 5 minutes of this.

    78. Norris Flower

      I love how they crossed two shows together

    79. Zehra Zaidi

      This show literally foreshadowed griffin and dixies relationship

    80. Raheem Majid

      When season 2

    81. Come get your avocados

      Madi's acting was actually okay

    82. Gracie

      I wonder what season two's gonna be like because Dixie and griffon but I'm excited😼

    83. Jannet Malagon

      36:14 that’s convenient he said and griffin song is convinient jusgg to like he cheated

    84. Sangpuii Chawngthu

      When u will make season 2

    85. Madison Quick

      A whole show series full of Tiktokers😂😃

    86. Nayeema Dhijvfh

      is lauren clapped

    87. maddison land

      1:07:40 lmfaooo they really started tiktok dancing bc holden is ok

    88. maddison land

      57:04 when I tell yall I DIED lmfaooo

    89. maddison land

      Its The stool softener working instantly for me

    90. maddison land

      & I thought Disney and nickelodeon actors were bad, unconvincing & cheesy.

    91. maddison land

      I love how they couldn't even do a tik tok dance convincingly and that is their literal job. Worst actors on the planet

    92. loyalty 7 Flint

      I wanna see one of somthing like this but charlie and chase like when it was dixe and ya so please use my idea

    93. Amy-

      22:56 I thought it was because she was black

    94. emily murillo

      how many times griffin said I’ll talk to u later | | v

    95. Sofia Johnson

      the prom scene is literally from grays anatomy 0-0

    96. Addison Waddell

      but like why was some parts of this sad🤭🔫

    97. foxy2011 Mack

      I love this show so much I literally cried when that old man died