ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 8: “Going Under”

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    As two beloved patients prepare for surgery, the volunteers await their uncertain future.
    When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Starring Dixie D’Amelio, Diego Martir, Lauren Kettering and Gabby Morrison alongside breakout performances from Madi Monroe, Eric Montanez and Griffin Johnson, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes - for high schoolers.
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    ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 8: “Going Under”

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    1. Brat TV

      how did you like the last episode of season 1?

      1. vianney cortes

        We NEED 2222

      2. Annyx 1


      3. Grace Masterson

        toooo short

      4. Gia Hnein


    2. Samantha Williams

      Make the episode longer

    3. Nogacha Nogacha

      Is there season too i saw first season all

    4. Makayla Stefens

      Ok but now I’m excited what twisted story they are going to make up because griffin and Dixie are no longer a thing

    5. Freja Ezquerra

      I can’t stop watching this it’s so realistic!

    6. Zoe Madole

      It’s good

    7. Ashley Amya

      Is there gonna be a season two plz make one

    8. Aubrey Garcia

      Ayy bruh I’m stilll waiting for episode 9

    9. Christine Lee Games

      2:25 aw come on, i know this isn't right

    10. Haylie Haros

      Man you guys should make a season 2 of this and than a season 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and more

    11. Melat Tamrat

      Who else thinks that they should make a season 2 but without griffin because of Dixie and Noah

    12. Nazira Rahman

      Good, you stopped hating on the show.

    13. Sergio Lopez

      I love this

    14. Sierra Tabor

      He genuinely hates his daughter tf

    15. Aimee Jayne

      I rlly want a season 2 but what about Dixie and Griffin?

    16. Althea Plays

      I want some more episodes and more seasons because i like these series i mean i love the series and alao their acting is so good and perfect.

    17. Lujayn Abusaleem

      Not me crying

    18. Sana Rashid

      this is probably one of the worst medical shows on the history of medical shows periodt

    19. Temitope Morakinyo

      Who else wants to see lil huffy act

    20. Kelvin Scott

      Made the episodes more long

    21. Dqzkrol

      When is season 2? Come on brat!! Come up with a season 2! But after the pandemic!!

    22. crxissant

      Me @ 10 yrs old convincing my friend to come up with a fake story she could tell to the teachers just so that i can skip school: “She has an infection in her brain”

    23. Koda Rain

      Omg that made cry

    24. Leena Boubenider

      why does diego laugh like that MJHVJTCJTHG

    25. Leena Boubenider

      diegos acting is so funny KLBJHDFXFDCMH

    26. Gisselle Mendez

      The fact that this was just season 1 makes me wonder what the hell could get cringier in season 2? Just a question haha.

    27. Nian Lian

      Is Rosie and Jack in L.O.V.E

    28. Star light Anime

      What happend to rosie

    29. Star light Anime

      Make a episode 9

      1. Sara Evans

        This is the last episode of season 1 we’re not getting episode nine s1

    30. Joseline Salazar

      When they going to make mor3

    31. Yagurl. Des


    32. DeathSplash

      Your such a snitch

    33. Exlim

      Tbh, I wanna see how Season 2 will come out

    34. Axillary Epic


    35. Jamie Hinton


    36. Jamie Hinton


    37. TriSomeMoe

      This is just a ripoff of grays and anatomy


      This is so cringey yet im addicted

    39. Rahil Fazly

      literally all the background actors are the best

    40. Heer Patel

      i personally don't think they should have a season 2 after what happened especially after griffins diss track

    41. Isabella_Plays

      These were the days of Dixie and Griffin but now it's Doah 😌

      1. I adore Kermit

        Yuh ✨

    42. Josee Bouchard

      Dixi is will griffin

    43. Tasheba Wright

      i beg you make epsoad 3

    44. Donna Faye

      Please do more episodes how about season two

    45. Jane life

      I hope Dixie gets back with him😭

    46. Ayesha Nayyar

      Is there even gonna be a season two???

    47. Brachy Daddy

      Why just why I had no emotional connections to any of these people and this is a “ I’m not mad I’m just disappointed” moment And this is an example why acting isn’t for everyone

    48. macha kato

      when griffin cheated on Dixie in real life

    49. Amalia Malikha

      Brat tv no matter griffin and dixie broke up its no matter to stop a movie that people love

    50. Haghdann Mckenzie

      Am I the only person that cried to this series

    51. Azarel Vargas

      Lose it

    52. Azarel Vargas

      I cride 😂so sad

    53. Braxtyn Puutu

      I charli damelio

    54. Paris Price


    55. iliana and ivana Juma

      ok though but a tiktock dance wow agin

    56. Angelina Quawas

      Bruh it cant end there im invested

    57. Gabby Coote

      why are they doing the renegade-

    58. Gabby Coote

      brown haired girl: *literally on her death bed* "I'm sorry for ruing prom" no-one: Diego: "it's ok, it wouldn't be prom without some drama" tf?

    59. Alicia Jackson


    60. Prison Mike

      This is what 5 year old Grey’s anatomy looks like then... One second while I wash my eyes

    61. BitLife With Zoe

      an idea for season 2 is Noah beck comes in as dixies characters love interest??? love this show tho

    62. Ceazia Grear

      This should have been on Netflix and longer 💔 !

    63. Lahny La

      The ending sucked ngl

    64. America Medellin

      We need moreeeeee👁👄👁😭❤️

    65. Arianna Lewis

      Where the next season at tho?

    66. Allyson Marshall

      how dose it end

    67. Henry’s Mate 20 pro

      If they bring this show back, Dixie and Griffin’s character might be dating in the show....but now bruh they broke up irl

    68. Joy Ahuruonye

      2:59 those arms do be hairy doe

    69. Joy Ahuruonye

      I'm really scared Continues smiling like a maniac

    70. Ann Darasimi

      I just can't wait for them to release season 2

    71. Roblox Diamonds

      Where is ep9

    72. Snake Eyes

      when is season 2 please

    73. Princess sparkle

      when is the episode with Noah coming

    74. is me ashy

      Is the season 2 wanna come soon

    75. An Na

      Oh wow this is the End since dixie and griffin dont talk anymore.

    76. Michelle Read

      Please make season 2 👁💧👄💧👁

    77. Khalid alotaibi


    78. Khalid alotaibi

      These people are the best actors

    79. Khalid alotaibi

      This is the best tv show ever

    80. Karabo Mogoru

      “Are you not eMbArsSeD this is really EmBaRaSSiNG” 😭

    81. Cara

      Why’s Diego slurring his words half of the time like I can’t understand him 🤚😭

      1. thatgurl Rima


    82. Lima Noor

      Es des da end???

    83. chris k

      Now don’t quote me on that I’m not SURE

    84. chris k

      I think there not making another season cause of griffin and Dixie break up

    85. iiGlowinqFaerie ୨୧

      7:54 *mHmHmH*

    86. Rose Williams

      When is the next season going to come out?

    87. Mads

      Who is here in October and thinking Brat is turning into influencer city and not actual actors

    88. Linzy Vargas


    89. Alwaysdestiny

      so when’s season 2?

    90. Ty Rivera

      I hope rosey is okay

    91. Olivia Cocozzo

      Says ‘’I’m really scared’’ while smiling LMAO

    92. Vlogs With Alexa

      Um dixies acting is really good ☺️

    93. gisel martinez

      when is season 2 coming out

    94. Aidan Kilzer

      Instead of Griffin you guys should put Noah on the series

    95. kennedy wilson

      i'm crying

    96. isa Ramirez

      When are you guys going to do season two it’s been like two months

    97. Angelica Diaz


    98. straw_berry

      Ok but like I kinda ship Rosie and jack 😳

    99. dino_charlz dino_charlz

      The renagade me be like:👁👄👁

    100. dino_charlz dino_charlz

      Omg that felt like a day