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    Georgia (Dixie D'Amelio), Kit (Gabby Morrison), Rosie (Lauren Kettering), and Jack (Diego Martir) must learn to work together as they volunteer at Attaway General Hospital. Will they be able to put their personal feelings aside and make a difference in the lives of their patients? Catch the season premiere on May 20th only on Brat TV!
    When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. With breakout performances from Dixie D'Amelio, Madi Monroe and more, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.

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    1. Brat TV

      what are you most looking forward to in Attaway General??

      1. If One Of Us Is Dead


      2. tiktok vibes

        Cancelling it maybr

      3. If One Of Us Is Dead

        morgan johnson Gabby Morrison is the girl Dixie Damelio is talking too,and Lauren Kettering is the girl Diego says beats juvy too

      4. Kaylie Melendez


      5. GCB Doughnuts

        The end

    2. laur grace

      ahahaha they really thought they were doing something

    3. Laís Champes

      I love how maddie is just acting like BAILEY

    4. muffin tops

      Just because u can act out on tiktok doesnt mean u can actually act

    5. Karen starring veatrice

      I love this show

    6. Norah Truong

      wot even

    7. Black Flash

      Doc Mckstuffins is better than this

    8. Sofia A.

      They did Grey's Anatomy so wrong

    9. amelia hot උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමගB

    10. Free editz

      This show ended bc of GRIFFIN decided to CHEAt

    11. Tabark Ali

      You should stay in tiktok 😂

    12. Imteiaz Sultan

      This is better than greys anatomy 😂 I would rather watch this than greys anatomy

    13. Mayali Rodriguez

      when are yall gonna post more?

    14. MxntyVxbes

      Only thing good about this is the song by Brooke there playing

    15. Jessica Lester

      “Must be fate or a small hospital”

    16. Kimberly jasmine

      is dixie damelio featured in this movie

    17. Liv May

      this acting is shocking/

    18. Melissa Moral


    19. hamidabdin83

      Please explain me why you think there acting is bad? Like effort goes onto making a show. Unless tour a actor you cant say its bad

    20. Adam A

      Hey all these negative comments... C'mon, they're all still new. Let them have this experience

    21. ѕтαя ρlαтιиυм

      Literally no one asked for this-

    22. Aquizzical

      hard pass

    23. GamingWithAlly

      You guys are hating to much just chill let them be. They can do whatever they want tbh i think dixie is a very good actor.

    24. DanielPeka2020 Peka

      Daniel Peka 2020

    25. suga&spice

      “i’m a jerk. you should stay away.” what is this, a wattpad fanfiction?


      Their adorable

    27. JÀÝĎÈÑ H

      The characters are bad the acting is terrible I got no problem with any of the people in it it is just the story is terrible and that acting is cringy

    28. Gaming Fam

      Where can u watch this

    29. Kelsea Foster

      I could act better than them and I’ve never acted before

    30. eg0t1st1k4l

      Brat TV jesus christ

    31. Bianca Sabirah

      if it was charli yall wouldnt be complaining tho...

    32. Lizi Nefaridze

      I camt find

    33. Un Kim Hong

      Can’t take this seriously cuz they r just tik tok children that can’t act

    34. Trxip

      I used to think acting was easy and everyone could do it, obviously I was wrong

    35. K H

      Everyone's commenting about how bad the acting is but honestly so much better than Total Eclipse or Chicken Girls

    36. Ximena Charry

      what.. is its a serie or movie?

    37. Ninon Musato

      Dixi omg 😱😱

    38. Naomi Even

      Brat tv is the most fitting name for a network featuring TikTok stars.

    39. Sarahmabell Sayn

      Dear tik tokers i mean you can do POVS But plzz stayy away from acting

    40. Faadhilah

      Can't wait for the memes, that's it.

    41. Maddie Widdison


    42. Gigi Newstead

      And Teenagers can’t be doctors. This is probably illegal

    43. Gigi Newstead

      I am a huge fan of greys and this is not realistic at all. If you want a real medical drama watch greys.

    44. Shulz

      Legit tho only exception is diego considering he was acting before tiktok

    45. Summer Keegan

      Please make season 2 attaway general after coronavirus!!!

    46. Bow Tie the wolf

      This makes a cat's movie look good 😂

    47. alex

      Narcissists pretending to be doctors

    48. Sami Cruz


    49. Lewis Pye

      Will there be another season of it

    50. Maria Nieto

      they are waaaaaaaaaaay to hyped up. now they think the can act

    51. Naveah

      y is everyone saying their acting is really bad I think it was really good

    52. Vien Andre Degamo

      Where’s the emotion when they talk??? And they are not actually commited to the role. I bet extras got more believable acting.

    53. Oof Kiddo

      Nobody: Their faces whenever they say something important: 😒😐😶

    54. Mia Woods

      If you don’t have nothin nice to say about this series don’t say nothing at all

    55. Isabella Hassell

      Oh hell nawh, this makes me look good at acting 😂🤦‍♀️

    56. Alphawind1

      This is so CANCER😂

    57. Chelseia Buerano

      Whoah what’s the title of the song?

    58. Lui GonGt

      just because ur famous because of TikTok doesn’t mean you can act or sing

    59. Toxic_zombie 12

      Why are tiktoters acting

    60. Aileen Cardenas


    61. Aly Martinez

      dixie and griffin are gonna be the Meredith and Derek I canttt

    62. tina paluza

      *me sarcastically *: How can 2020 get any better 😒 2020: Just give me a script

    63. Bryana Lezama

      This is the worst thing I have ever watched....

    64. Majorita's dead meme channel

      Someone: *Is popular on a random app* Hollywood: You're perfect

    65. Elyana Fowler

      The girls in surgery with makeup I think is Rosie

    66. Angel Angels


    67. Jason Tun

      Dixie’s voice should never be allowed to act sorry that’s just my opinion

    68. Kaida Taxtzunun

      I can't wait tell episode 8 comes out

    69. Emily Valdes

      Grey’s anatomy

    70. Dani Mother of Dragons

      Why are 17 yr olds pretending to be nurses and med students

    71. Ava

      Did they just take a bunch of tik tokers and throw them in a show and expect them to be good? Because this is NOT it 😶

    72. caitlyn

      What's the point I'm speechless

    73. aylin :


    74. Laura

      Even the camera quality and type of filming it just sooooo bad and the acting is cringey

    75. If One Of Us Is Dead

      Attaway General new favorite tv show

    76. Dezi Gamez

      I saw the episodes 1 to 7 and I thing roseie is going to be in bad cundishino

    77. Dinosaur

      Brat tv makes it look like everyone is a brat

    78. Kitten_ Boss

      I feel like when they act, the seem like robots, like they don’t have emotions or feelings.

    79. Megan Cameron

      This is so sad just why

    80. Ron Watson

      Is this a hospital show?

    81. L K

      The only reasons I like this: 1. The ships 2. Dixie

    82. Poppy Gardner

      The people that are hating you can move along and not watch. Oh wait and also since your commenting it means you watched it so there has to be a little bit of you that was curious about the show or like it, other wise you wouldn’t be watching it. Just saying

    83. Poppy Gardner

      Omg I just watched the newest episode and the last half of the trailer is about Rosie and her cancer in her brain😭❤️

    84. Sophina Rose

      Where is the flavor

    85. brownsugar's whole face

      Acting is bad but the plot is good

    86. Shaia Smith

      Bruh he said the N word but he supports black lives matter

    87. Camilaperez _

      Wheres season 2 or episode 7

    88. The Globgogabgalab

      Ah I see one of the d'melios is an actor now

    89. superficial asian

      I feel like choking myself

    90. violet_ic

      These people are nowhere near qualified to be on these shows. Now who lied to them and told them they’re good? Whoever hired these people needs to be fired. How is this even a show. Garbage.

    91. Aditi

      why? just why? what was the need for this show

    92. Finesse Flawless

      The way she said that oof- 0:46

    93. Zuzokuhle NdumNdum

    94. Emma Astals Barata

      Donde esta disponible para verla

    95. Kayla Ashbridge

      its like greys anatomy but the walmart version

    96. Bodrul Hasan

      I'm honestly watching this after the 6th episode so now I know whats going to happenn

    97. Joesh Higginson

      wow, i am so excited for this...

    98. PurplePixels

      Why does Griffin look like that

    99. Owen Chamberlin

      Bruh Dixie and that other dude was not a good choice to have as actors😂