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    Meet Georgia (Dixie D'Amelio), Kit (Gabby Morrison), Rosie (Lauren Kettering), Jack (Diego Martir), and the rest of the cast of Attaway General! Don't miss the premiere on May 20th @ 12pm PST.
    When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. With breakout performances from Dixie D'Amelio, Madi Monroe and more, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.
    ATTAWAY GENERAL | Meet the Cast & First Look | Brat TV

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    1. Brat TV

      which character are you most looking forward to seeing in Attaway General??

      1. Sarah Milgate

        Georgia and Will

      2. tiktok things


      3. Elta Halilaj

        Dixie Madi and Griffin

      4. Laci Elliott

        When episode 2

      5. Celeste Chan

        Dixie, Madi and Griff

    2. Gia G

      Season 2 staring the same cast but with Noah beck Charli d’amielo and chase Hudson

    3. Morgan Ringley


    4. Fluwid_Cat 64

      What is wrong with the cast choosing

    5. Aleksandra Petrova

      Ok but is anyone else wondering when season 2 is wanna see what happens with all this drama and i actually like the show

    6. Bakugo's_wife Hehe

      This came out 3 days after my birthday thanks for the gift brat tv

    7. Princess Anahi V

      But knowing they were tick-tock or‘s


      Griffin and Dixie and Diego ans Lauren are adorable couple even tho they all broke up🥺

    9. 1K Subs with no vids

      I just can’t stand this Well I still can accept Madi and Gabby, they’re the best of the worst. But the rest are nono

    10. Kennedy Brown

      This didn’t age well if you know what I mean

    11. M J

      I have not heard a review of this show that wasn’t roasting it in some way shape or form 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

    12. Chebic

      I like that they have a meet the cast video as if anyone cares and these aren’t just talentless teens who’ll be irrelevant in a few years

    13. HeartBroken OriOri

      Does anyone else think if they make a season 2 it’ll be awkward for Griffin and Dixie?

    14. Behiye Aktas

      Am i the only one who thinks that the story is pretty good and doesn't care about the actingsituation?

    15. Zzz Ep

      2:50 “he’s happy, sad, mad” *His faces show no emotion at all*

    16. Molleigh Hess

      POV: your looking for the mean comments

    17. Dead Russian Liberal

      “My character is kinda hard to control his emotions. He’s kinda mad and emotional” **consecutive shots of unemotional dead character**

    18. Lisa Jegen

      I can’t even take Diego seriously when’s he’s not acting I-

    19. Cheeto Turtle

      You guys suck

    20. Razan ElFakir

      Is there Season 2

    21. Kyinue Angel

      Me: *sees all the mean comments* Me again: ARE U FREAKING KIDDING ME RN? Also me: guys give them time! THEY ARE NEW TO ACTING SO PLS GIVE THEM THE GOD DAM TIME, DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY? ok well then goodbye! Gosh Tbh I luv u guys acting! U did great even tho u are not very Close with acting! I think if you keep acting, I bet u will be awesome at it! I m not very happy with what ppl are saying about u guys and I feel rlly bad :( all those mean ppl aren’t even as good as you and I do know that they are just giving their opinions but I want them to say it in a nicer way! Maybe to all those mean ppl, if u see this then WHAT ARE U DOING HERE, U EITHER SAY SMTH NICE OR DELETE THAT GOD DAM COMMENT U POSTED!

    22. Blah Blah • 35 years ago

      I mean... the acting would get better right?

    23. rBlake Apostol


    24. Cassie’s Gymnastics Gaming and Vlogs

      Who’s here after the bloopers?

    25. Noria CHANG

      “Must be faint or a small hospital”✨🧚🏻

    26. Phoenix Carston

      The worst acting ever 😭

    27. Mia Kelley

      diego “my character has hard times controlling his emotions” *has this face every emotion 😐*

    28. Mini Gamer girl

      Everyone:omg dixie Me:omg madi

    29. 4everAfan

      These comments rlly sent me

    30. kaxii roblox

      Who else loves diego matir voice

    31. moo

      Whats the song though

    32. AdobeFlash

      H O T G A R B A G E

    33. Ella _vlogz

      Is gabby morr play as kit

    34. Sia Ellie


    35. Taylor Jones

      There acting is honestly so bad it’s sad but I’m kinda interested to see what happens next

    36. Belles M.

      and body gonna talk abt the fact that he's dating peaches....

    37. Avery Pohorence

      I honestly don’t think the show isn’t too bad the actors just need a bit of work but I still don’t think they are too bad

    38. Anam Manjra


    39. Rosangela Victoria Figuera Cedeño

      Wey porque no esta en Español :(

    40. Olivia Cardinale

      It is fun for me to watch

    41. Xeno XCX

      I'm here for Lauren cause she's my crush...

    42. Random Idiot


    43. If One Of Us Is Dead

      To all the people that think black people isn’t smart Kit is living proof

    44. Reed Karanda

      You need to make an episode 8 I’m literally screaming right now aahhhh

      1. Reed Karanda


      2. Lisara Beshiri

        Reed Karanda episode 8 comes out tomorrow and im pretty sure its the finale too

      3. Reed Karanda

        Yes it is like ok I have seen episode 7 now give me # 8 ok and nobody goes deaf from me screaming

      4. esra eris


    45. Sofiya Zagirska

      Is there a episode 8?

    46. Brealle Kabir


    47. The Milkman

      The Last Airbender movie was better

    48. oihana

      Why did he put a hairnet on and just leave out about 5 curls-

    49. Elhajj Howard

      Quit acting ur not good at it

    50. Madison pismeny

      Walmart version of greys anatomy

    51. Novalise

      Who's here from I'mDontai's reaction, lol so funny.This show is so cringe

    52. Maddie DeBose


    53. yasmin


    54. I want to Pepe on my parrot

      Omg 😱 diego Brando

    55. esmael shah shahrudin

      review at the video: mosly like the video comment section: mostly negative

    56. EDP445 for President

      Jack is that boy

    57. Anthony James Carranco

      I just found out it comes out on my birthday I was born May 20 2003

    58. Jazzy YT

      I will *NEVER* forgive y’all for making them think they can act.

    59. Diya Goyal

      yo that kid really said "my character is happy mad sad" like yes he has emotion good job

    60. most hated rapper

      this is a bootleg greys anatomy and the acting is so bad

    61. lucy masterson

      when people say follow your dreams🤍🥰🦋dont listen💕😍🎆

    62. Joelle Rios

      Dixie & griffin 👍😍🥰

    63. Kaylee Yolo

      Brat tv isn’t for you to make fun of, it’s for inspiring teens and influencers on social media to try new talents(like acting) they might not be the best but you won’t be if it was your first acting job. I love Brat TV cuz it give people a chance to upgrade their fame from mini clips/posing to a more life skill of acting. That’s what they’re about, not always finding the best of the best actors, if that was the case then they won’t just be on HUfast.

    64. Hafsa Shamsudiin

      madi is the best actor

    65. Platypus

      Stick to tiktok

    66. Charli D’amelio

      How many episodes?????

    67. Madeeha

      "Hard for him to control his emotions " *also shows no emotion through the season*

    68. It’s_me_ Brighton

      I love this and also I live acting!!!

    69. Aisya Ashley

      The boy with curly hair is the most talentless in this show😂😭

    70. Alexa Pickett

      I highkey loved this show I think it’s good a show to kinda laugh and it’s a example of people trying to leave comfort zone and people just need to keep to them selves I get people have a opinions and that’s ok but just don’t forget people have feelings

    71. Dominic Do

      I just watch cause the acting is so I bad I just laugh

    72. lena ___lena

      Were can I get the full version?

    73. Emma Walton

      Why is madie monroe the best actor on the cast. and that's not saying much

    74. Crazy Midget27

      Madi's acting is bomb!!!

    75. Olivia Knox

      Is there another episode???? I actually like this

    76. Glue Bottle73

      The way the actors described the story was wrong They said it had drama, romance, emotional, funny but that is kind of qrong I can't really describe what I feel about this show

    77. lovely peaches behind the scenes

      Gabby is a pretty good actress this show wasn’t for her, I wish she was casted for the new season of Crown Lake, now imagine that.

    78. Tc Dipi Asault

      I love the show

    79. Cami Playz

      Dixie because I know her on TikTok and the the other tiktok girl

    80. • r i t u 4 l •

      Give them acting classes atleast oml

    81. Rosa Month

      Did you only do 4 chapters

    82. Holly Murphy

      I’ll watch this for the same reason I watch riverdale

    83. Maria Ferreira

      It was so gooddddd

    84. Mel Fam Officaial


    85. daddy dolla

      Madi’s acting isn’t that bad

    86. Kaiilynn H

      leave dixie on tik Tok, sis can't act, like to the point where its just eeeekk

    87. Dipsii

      I feel bad because Dixie took like 2 years or more of acting class and some people are saying she is the worst at acting.

    88. Florence .T.Organ

      I think just by taking a first look we already know the cast

    89. toofgap


    90. Ayesha Salem

      Dixie D’Amelio

    91. Amy Matthews


    92. BlueDreamsPlays

      Dixie and Griffin is my fav character

    93. shyfaires •

      It’s a show with The WORST acting. This is why you don’t hire tik tokers to act.

    94. Elyssa Pawloski

      Bro madi should take dixies spot madi is actually good at acting and she barely has any lines

    95. ....

      The acting is sooooooooo bad

    96. Karina Pineda

      The ones i really like of acting is dixie madi and eric i love them all but i prefer these

    97. Lopez Alaiza Miles O.

      Simp King Griff . Here we go man. 👏💪👊👑

    98. Lopez Alaiza Miles O.

      Who I am watching . Hehe attaway general and GriXie together . 😍😍

    99. Potáto

      Overrated no talent