ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 1: “TV’s”

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    Georgia, Kit, Rosie, and Jack spend their 1st day on the job at Attaway General.
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    When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Starring Dixie D’Amelio, Diego Martir, Lauren Kettering and Gabby Morrison alongside breakout performances from Madi Monroe, Eric Montanez and Griffin Johnson, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes - for high schoolers.
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    ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 1: “TV’s”

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    1. Brat TV

      what did you think of the 1st episode??

      1. Prateek Sachan

        It sucked

      2. David Nagy


      3. Faith Dalton


      4. Amara Malekebu

        It’s all right but it was good

      5. Isabelle Pottios

        I loved it! I love Dixie D'amelio and I usually watch stage fright but this i just got addicted to! whether the acting needs work or not, I still am addicted! Love ya Brat TV!!

    2. Peshraw Barzanji


    3. Klarina Abazaj

      I think im gonna replace my brain after watching this.

    4. HetaliaFan15

      I'm pretty sure one of the inaccurate things about this show is "doctor" Nina at the beginning is wearing a casual shirt and pants under her coat instead of wearing scrubs. You're supposed to wear scrubs whenever you work, not anything you want.

    5. Captain Hector Barbossa

      The only thing i like from this is the beat at 5:56 cause it kinda slaps. Anyone who knows what it is, tell me

    6. Isabella Nilsson

      lets go and pick his brain

    7. yubz

      that girl looks like dixie damelio-

    8. Meltinq Marsh

      Seriously? Dixie really be in the cast, she is a TIKTOKERR, Dixie STAY in YOUR LANE! She in untalented, she want to get my famous by acting when she clearly has no business being here, she is a tiktoker.

      1. Kenaid _123

        @Owen Wijaya there 14 million users in this app

      2. Kenaid _123

        @Owen Wijaya it won’t get banned

      3. Owen Wijaya

        Tik tok is a f***king dead app, i hope it gets banned soon enough worldwide

    9. Havox

      Breaking Bad is a thousand times better than this dumpster fire, and that's a fact. (Also the acting is so horrible I want to cry.)

    10. mayyyaaa j

      i really wish brat would let anyone come audition and the people that can actually act will be casted!

    11. Gav Hub


    12. Gav Hub


    13. Gav Hub


    14. Gav Hub


    15. Shanika Baker

      Hi there I'm interested

    16. DylChi

      Who’s here from Quakitys vid

    17. Fishtankk

      *sees like to dislike ration* Noah get the boat

    18. xmystrxnge addxction

      The only entertaining thing about this is the comments

    19. Inas aya rid


    20. Yui Na

      this is worse than any medical kdrama i watched.

    21. Yui Na

      everyone saying dixie's acting is bad lol yeah kind of but the other kids who entered with her made me cringe harder, are they like robots? can they say ANYTHING naturally? lmfao

    22. Tiffany Lu

      imagine griffin and dixie doing season 2 lmao

    23. TheSushiFish

      greys anatomy ?

    24. Abigail Yanet

      When the lady told Griffin you've done enough around here to be honest I kind of deserve that well he really did!!

    25. Abigail Yanet

      Dixie im from Fri, 23 October break up with Griffin Johnson!! Madi Monroe look out for whenever your boyfriend's name is?!#No editing needed!!😎

    26. fairy joon

      imagine being a TikToker who gets asked by an acting company to act on a show and then you say yes with no looking back

    27. Daisymilk

      I love dixie but tf is this

    28. Iamnotgood Atyoutube

      I don’t know what to say. This is just- 💀

    29. BruhItzLeila

      this is so bad but I'm so addicted istg-

    30. David 7

      this acting is so fake and this show was probably make on a budget the quality is so bad.

    31. Maddy

      I'm here from Drew Gooden's video and he was completely right about this show. No one here has talent.

    32. It’s_Alexia

      The acting Is soooo bad!

    33. Miguel Rosa

      This is the best show

    34. Keisha Terry


    35. Weirdo

      The plays at my school be like:

    36. Melanie Abreu


    37. Mike Wheeler

      Why is a 17 year old their boss

    38. Mike Wheeler

      " the rich teens who just watched Grey's Anatomy for the first time bring you: "

    39. shreyanshi Seth

      Honestly i can act better 🖐️

    40. ReapsReaper

      Stop making comments about tik tok stars have no talent. I can't keep Liking them all They all just have simps simping over them

    41. Aisha Rehan

      WHO EVEN APPROVED THIS SHOW, the acting is shitty, the medical information shown is wrong!!!! And TIKTOKS CANT ACT PLS STICK TO TIKTOK AND LEAVE ACTINGALONE PLS

    42. sevenoneseven

      Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Robert Duvall has got nothing compared to this cast

    43. Iman Hana

      Even 11 year olds on this channel act better than them TBH

    44. Villahermosa

      are they deleting dislike?

    45. Berry Baby

      Ngl the cringe is pretty relaxing

    46. K K

      Imagine having to edit this

    47. Griiip N Riiip

      Attaway general? More like getaway general

    48. Mateo Vlogs

      There acting but ido to think they gave 100%

    49. Antonia Espinosa

      Someone 2020?

    50. S Collins


    51. yonngle boongles

      imagine unironically watching this lol.

    52. Starlight Kamille

      Who also saw Quackity watch this? :)

    53. Justin wong

      Dixie Mad and The Song Be Happy

    54. It’s Ronisa

      I LOVE it’s amazing

    55. Kieara Thomas

      POV: your watching this and griffin and Dixie are not together

    56. KiwiBerry

      My mom is a nurse and I don’t think this is medically accurate..

      1. yonngle boongles

        ofc its not lmao, this show is so stupid.

    57. GamesAndFun

      this is so stupied LOL

    58. Jadyn Howell


    59. Qsk ry

      The girl who wanted to help doesnt cover her hair with the hair net wtf

    60. nOT jULia

      What even is the hair net for gurl?

    61. Sarah Newhouse

      “We’ve had to deal with a DEMON” *next clip shows a boy smiling cutely but evily at the camera* dead

    62. Bucket Life

      This series blows harder than my ex girlfriend

    63. Nazira Rahman

      Will you guys stop hating? If you don't like it don't watch it's not that hard. Also, don't say I'm being dumb for defending them, I haven't even watched it yet. Edit: I watched it, and it wasn't that bad. It was ok. Maybe they need to work on their acting a little, but you guys are seriously overexaggerating.

      1. Nazira Rahman

        @The Duck I was gonna watch @Doctor Mike react to it after I watch it. If you didn't know Doctor Mike is a family medicine doctor and a youtuber. Also I like Attaway General, but thank you

      2. The Duck

        Watch penguinz0 commentary of it, it’s a lot more entertaining then the actual show

    64. ក្លារ៉ា

      The guy with the curly black hair is horrible at acting. I mean they're all bad but he's just on another level of bad.

    65. The Browns

      will there be a second season

    66. spooky ho

      “We tried evwryfing, evwryyfing” 😫

    67. lemonlime Gaming

      to be honest i don't like it. tik tok shouldn't act

    68. spooky ho

      Franklin is the best character on this show period.


      this is my favorite show. I can't wait for the next episode. I follow all of these people on tiktok

    70. Suriyah Brown

      What in the act🤣😂

    71. itsligitukæ love

      I love dixie and, I really ship them but why did just why griffin cheated on dixie ugh but. Im happy that dixie has a new bf Noah, and she's happy. dixie deserves better.

    72. isabel gotil

      ok look, ngl dixie's expressions and body language is so good. BUT U CAMT RLLY UNDERSTAND WHAT SHES SAYING LIKE PLS SPEAK WELL

    73. Crazy Man

      Dixie needs to stick to singing. Cuz acting is definitely not her strong suit.

    74. Lujayn Abusaleem

      Not the Griffin part 💀

    75. bluesdrews

      this reminds me of those plays you have to do with your classmates as a performance task in high school 💀💀

    76. Freya

      i still don’t understand hiring tiktokers as actors but why didn’t they hire good popular pov tiktokers like i bet they’d be much better

    77. Wisteria Berlitz

      It's so cringe really

    78. captncrunchy 3

      Jack went to Juvi for stealing robux, what a tough guy. Helping people is out of his leage

    79. Twinkle Lexi

      What’s wrong with their acting? It’s not that bad

    80. Angelika Dries

      The only person that did a mediocre job was Madi.. change my mind

    81. Tshepi _

      acting isn't for everyone and thats okay

    82. It do be like that sometimes

      0:34 incredible acting

    83. Lilah Hart


    84. matt paul

      What did the guy get arrested for, stealing marvel plush from Walmart?

    85. iibxbblegum kisses

      what in the Grey's Anatomy is this?

    86. DTR Films ___

      This is why tiktok stars never talk and only use sounds

    87. • Stxrry •

      Guys, honestly please stop HATING on Dixie damelio I understand it's your opinions but HATING isnt gonna do anything. If you dont like her acting be the better person keep it to yourself.

    88. Ibuki Mioda

      The kid who wouldn’t eat his food was legitimately the best actor.

    89. mohd ikhram mokhtar

      greys antomy

    90. Tiff Plays Roblox

      "Acalades" OoOOOoO Dixies pullin' out big and fancy words

    91. Aulia Indar

      The worst series i have ever watched omg

    92. Aubrey Solorzano


    93. Peppa Pig

      This is why no one dies on this show. The Grim Reaper doesn't want to go to this shitty excuse of a hospital.

    94. Marry me Lin 0U0

      They made one POV video and now they’re actors

    95. Alourlina

      Why has an edgy 14 year old already been in jail.

    96. mehar thakur

      Dixie is SUCH A BAD actor

    97. Rozana Narkaj

      I've saw plays in School better than this lmao

    98. 「 m x t c h a 」

      I feel really bad for all the real actors here trying to make this mess presentable

    99. bot yt5148

      Yo Dixie

    100. Jennifer Unicorns

      Dixie:😁🙄 Me:😕