ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 3: “Glioblastoma”

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    While Jack and Holden bond, Kit tries to prove she's the best volunteer and Georgia gets a warning about Will.
    When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Starring Dixie D’Amelio, Diego Martir, Lauren Kettering and Gabby Morrison alongside breakout performances from Madi Monroe, Eric Montanez and Griffin Johnson, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes - for high schoolers.
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    ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 3: “Glioblastoma”
    0:00 Nina assigns patients
    1:14 Dr. Henry rushes to the scene
    2:12 Georgia gets a warning
    3:32 Jack opens up
    5:34 Rosie reveals her past
    6:31 Kit warms up to Holden

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    1. Brat TV

      important question for the group: what's Georgia and Will's ship name?

      1. Jason Wise

        @zerochill_inme Gill

      2. Adelyn Tran

        Hawk’s Wife lol

      3. Baronese MyraStokes

        No willa

      4. Lindsay Sleighter


      5. Odsanyu


    2. Sunny_Side Gacha

      Not tryna be rude or anything but I could do CPR better than that and I'm 12

    3. Daisy P

      3:38 we all know what the boys did after 😳😏

    4. _Issaboll _

      People are talking about their monotone voices but I can’t even hear them because all of the background music and sound effects are so loud lmao

    5. Fitri Mahirah

      2:55 girlll thats salt , its not gna taste BITTER . but SALTY 🤦‍♀️

    6. Fitri Mahirah

      0:32 *girl faints* lauren in a unbothered voice : "MoOllY " lmao no wonder she fainted 🤣

    7. wenzicles

      Did the little girl really open her eyes when she was supposed to be "dead" like 🤨

    8. shreyanshi Seth

      Madi is the only one who can act

    9. annika pearl

      i would not trust this hospital for the life of me

    10. Christine Lee Games

      the acting was ehh. but that one part, 5:06 that made me a bit sad because "Georgia" wants to do stuff and thinks her dad doesn't have a good parent-child relationship. After seeing the Doctor dude (forgot his name lol) talking to the kid (forgot name) the character must have felt so heartbroken. Yes, there are ppl not liking the acting and the accuracy of the show, but i just felt the 5:06 part so freaking much.

    11. Li Tj

      Anybody else notice how that girls eyes open

    12. Lanayathelime

      Not even a minute in the show and they were to busy talking about love

    13. Nazira Rahman

      Will you guys stop hating, it's not that bad, it's actually pretty good. And if you still here and you posted a comment hating, you actually watched it and your probably gonna continue, because it's pretty good.

    14. fatima fatima


    15. laviiee xx

      patient: flatlines kit: *monotone voice* go get help

    16. iisun flowerq


    17. spookii calpurnia

      The will and Georgina thing did NOT age well

    18. spookii calpurnia

      POV: I’m pulling an all nighter and trying to stay entertained during it and I ended up watching this

    19. It do be like that sometimes


    20. Original Always

      Cause he gotta bigger Peter ain’t that right Griffy 😉

    21. Laycie Apigo

      they would be such bad doctors i stg

    22. Marie Wiliane Joseph

      This thing says 8mins but it been an hour

    23. HandSanitizer • 10 years ago

      3:20 bruh the discs on the connect 4 grid magically just appear

    24. Marco Laubscher

      She opened her eyes and then closed it

    25. Sky


    26. Chiro Manabat

      I love this show

    27. Karen starring veatrice

      This is always my go to show I never want to watch chicken girls too many seasons and I don't think I really want to watch it

    28. אדיסון ריי


    29. Kyra Speaks


    30. Jackson robert scott

      Good work keep it up

    31. amy saxelby

      The girl in the beginning: *literally dying* The girl

    32. Isabella_Plays

      These were the days of Dixie and Griffin but now it's Dixie and Noah

    33. Corrupted Sk1

      6:50 omd he’s legs look so small compared to his body 😂

    34. Sky Squad

      Kit is an overly jealous brat

    35. sheiam 69

      Dixie sister is Charli

    36. rochelle frechette

      Volunteers jumping in to treat patients.... Doing stuff they aren't qualified for... Super realistic 😂 doing CPR on someone and didnt even check if they were breathing first i am DEAD

      1. Sky Squad


    37. Headshot Trooper

      why tf does dixie and griffin keep fkin making out

    38. vintage vibes

      Did Dixie just put salt in her coffee

      1. Sky Squad

        Ummm I think so

    39. Karen starring veatrice

      This is the only show on brat I keep rewatching it's so good unlike the other shows that are just about high schools

    40. kit kat

      Rosie is the best of the four and she can't wear a hairnet

    41. kit kat

      Honey noo, what are those chest compressions, how have you been cleared to be in a hospital without proper safety and cleanliness guidelines and who tf CPR certified you, if anyone?

    42. シkillxua

      k but like was i the only one who saw the patient blink when they put the oxygen mask on-

    43. Sokuneka Sok


    44. Sreenithya Anilkumar

      they really be fighting over the fact of who gets to stay with the patient i-

    45. Catherine King

      Bro she thinks she can stay in on somebody's personal thing. Like bro dude much? It is personal and hard to deal with it. You don't want a random volunteer listening to your personal health. Especially with people around Molly's age ( she looks around a preteen right?). I mean girl that was very very rude and wrongs and she should be fired for thinking she could sit in on it. Just saying.

    46. Don’t Catch feelings

      *girl passes out* *them not even fazed * 💀

    47. Milo Kitman

      Madi and Diego both alright

    48. Jolene Betts

      Tip; work on emotions BWAHAHAHA

    49. Jolene Betts

      O:29 had me dead I- these scenes happen to fast

    50. Llubiaa

      They warened dixie 2:50 : hello here I come out of the play 😁😁😁

    51. Isra Asarat

      Ship name is willgia

    52. Chicken Noodles

      Bruh Dixie and griffin are just in the supply closet making out 🙄

    53. Pic


    54. Urlittleamy Yt

      Who else saw the girl eyes open even thought she was meant to be dead at that point

    55. Katerin Galeano Ayala

      I love how they are so calm why the girl passes out like Greys Anatomy is 💯and Attaway general 💀

    56. Joy Ahuruonye

      6:17 Hold up.. YALL WERE BOUTTA DECLINE FREE FOOD?! Smh...

    57. Emanuel Gomez

      0:34 lol 😂 she was acting like there where no doctors near there’s a whole bunch of doctors behind you lol😂🤣 and the doctors just walked away

    58. Denise Mercado

      Girl this little girl just opened her eyes so she did not faint 😐😐😐

    59. Yes Homo

      They show no emotions when they act they are just like “I have brain cancer 😐” “oh sorry didnʼt know 😐”

    60. Maiara Balde

      OK BUT HERE ME OUT! U know how the nurse said you should walk away from will before you get your heart broken she was acc right bcuz griffin broke dixies heart.LoL

    61. Nelta Gitta

      I dont understand why this is so bad

    62. Andrea Spasojevic

      Yall know that heart surgerys are serious not for tiktokers to act like doctors and date at the same time

    63. Iryeanne Tobias

      1:40 is her eyes open .

    64. Brooklynn Bailey

      They r worse than the disney actors😂😂

    65. _mayaxcharli_

      Emotion? 😂

    66. Samantha Vargas

      When they did a close up of the little girls face and she opened her eyes hahaha

    67. Ava Holmes

      why is this the dollar store version of greys anatomy?

    68. Bella Byorni

      The acting is so bad

    69. Selena Johnson

      DONT GUG

    70. Sudip A Chaudhary

      1:35 oh look my dad's going to go save a life. In the hospital he works at. Wow dad how could you go protect someone else when I want my friends over

    71. Ben Hof

      That was probably the first and last time I hear a 8 yr old girl use the phrase “knock yourself out”’. Lol, what an absurd script.

    72. Tam ara

      Isn't that girl who plays a doctor only 16 in real life?

    73. iitoca world

      i just realized the warning dixie got turned out to be true... griffin broke her heart 🥺😭

    74. Random Anime Channel

      I have no words 😶

    75. Kyra Aparicio-Acevedo

      kit is stupid asf omg

    76. Laila Gaming

      This is exactly like real life Dixie and griffin broke up cause he cheated

    77. bre castro

      it’s the oversized coats for me

    78. Joshua Martin

      How not to "Act" series episode 3.

    79. Khloe Kolai

      Gaby started counting while doing CPR I died 😂✋🏾

    80. jaimee l


    81. Allen Capdeboscq

      The whole seasonn is just “knock yourself out”

    82. Tajera Mitchell

      The girl was right about getting her heart broken

    83. Need Sarcasm

      0:42 how is anyone not talking about the hands??

    84. Todd Willms

      Just cancel the shitty

    85. Lori Huaman

      Dixie should have tooken the advice of the lady because he was going tk break her heart

    86. Maryuri Erazo

      Subtitulo (Español)

    87. Carissa Graves

      When that girl was like will picks a new girl every year I was like thats not to far from the truth 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

    88. Ken Jayaseelan

      I'm only came here to dislike all of the videos keep up the work.

    89. Destiny Amaro

      1:40 The way she opened her eyes but the thing was beeping 😭😭🤚🏻.

    90. boss queen


    91. Cathy Lampa

      Its nice but like the kid like she opens her eyes😳😳😳 like bruh what kind of acting bruh

    92. Brighty odia

      Wow this so interesting

    93. Rijaqueen 09

      Netflix could neva

    94. todoroki’s girlfriend

      1:40 molly’s awake-

    95. Chloe Sparrow

      I love ur videos

    96. Elena Atanasovski

      rosie: mOlLy kit: (in the most casual voice with no expression at all) no pulse, i'll start cpr bruh that chick was dying but they were like "oh what a shame" haha

    97. Random _Stuff

      Lmao when molly is a girl that goes to your school- "I n t e r e s t i n g"

    98. Alhanoof Mohammed

      0:33 the girl is dying and their so chill

    99. Aaliyah Adelphia

      Soooooo no ones gonna talk about how the nurse said to watch out before she gets her heart broken and she did get her hear broken irl!?

    100. Just a girl

      The ironic thing is Griffin actually ended up cheating on Dixie. 🤔🤔