ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 7: “Prom”

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    Things don’t go as planned when Georgia and Kit throw an impromptu prom for all the patients and volunteers.
    When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Starring Dixie D’Amelio, Diego Martir, Lauren Kettering and Gabby Morrison alongside breakout performances from Madi Monroe, Eric Montanez and Griffin Johnson, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes - for high schoolers.
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    ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 7: "Prom"

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    1. Brat TV

      what did you think of the episode??

      1. Lisa Ndayitegeye


      2. Rana Khalid

        It was good

      3. okb

        It's trash

      4. coopr

        i like the cut g

      5. Loy Peter

        Okay, the acting is so much better

    2. silpa Betha

      Their acting is being improved day by day slowly

    3. Christine Lee Games


    4. Lanayathelime

      The one thing is that they aren’t actually trying to act

    5. Brooklynn Bailey

      I'm sorry but who's behind this monstrosity?🤣🤣😂😂 They literally show NOO emotion at all. They just go from line to line and the dude (idk his name) is the WORST "actor" 🙄 The best actors are the extras.😂😂 Like the patient's.

    6. Nazira Rahman guys are still hating on the show. For no reason. Seriously the acting got way better. And it's their first time acting, you can't expect it to be perfect.

    7. Elliana McCrimmon

      the so called "SOUP" the old man got was just water in a bowl that's just sad

    8. Alison Plata

      Dixie is the best and so is Madi

    9. Addison Sicard


    10. spookii calpurnia

      Ok but is no one gonna talk abt wtf was in the grandpas bowl lmaooooo like was that just food colored water

    11. Asta Maneneka

      I LOVE IT

    12. HandSanitizer • 10 years ago


    13. HandSanitizer • 10 years ago

      Why does Dixie speak with no emotion 💀

    14. Lilian Sandoval

      Lilian hi

    15. Nian Lian

      I thought this episode was only for teens

    16. the 5 united

      The old man is the best actor here 😂

    17. Gloria Barley

      My mom died.... it was sooooo sad

    18. Isabella_Plays

      Oh my God things r getting real😶

    19. oh my haechan

      ok but why the girls have more chemistry on 7:43 than when they're with the boys...

    20. Mollymoo_2017

      This is me just realising the guy in the back is Diego

    21. Rose

      This is so cringe I’m quaking😭😭😭


      Did he really past away in real life?

    23. Katelyn Cortez

      I love this


      I love the old man he’s amazing 🤩


      Orange water 😂

    26. xxsakowinvlogsx x

      Why is Diego so small 😭😭

    27. Haley Tennant

      Omg I love this fricking ep

    28. Don’t Catch feelings

      the old man's acting is 5 star rating

    29. Lucy Smith

      anyone going to mention the fact that the soup is water with food colouring?

    30. Greys Fan

      they could have made rosie fall on the floor it would have been more exiting

    31. aLonzo marquez


    32. Urlittleamy Yt

      When he said give me so engery we’re was the engery lol

    33. Urlittleamy Yt

      Oompah loompah

    34. noon

      the terrible acting in this show is probably whats keeping me invested lmao

    35. ccutiez

      "You're such a snitch" 💀💀💀💀💀 Yall I swear im not this mean but that was funny 💀

    36. Joy Ahuruonye

      5:07 Georgia: 'Stop saying that you JUST had a heart attack' Uhm... hunni... JUST a heart attack?? Let's see how you react when you have one

    37. ava vintis

      i started watching this as a joke but now i’m so interested 😭😭

    38. ItzTheMammalSquad

      Ong your right mr dupont is lol he acctually seems like a quality actor

    39. The Campion

      Am I the only one who thinks he sounds kind of menacing at 5:20

    40. Yes Homo

      Tbh Brat shows arenʼt bad only if they would get people who can act

    41. Maddox T

      “Oh hey” “Mr. Dupont died” “Oh” 😂😂😂😂

    42. Fluffy unicorns In Space

      The old man was the star of this episode

    43. Destiny Therese

      “Life is short...too short to waste precious hours”🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

    44. Sisters forever together Xx

      *picks up food on fork* *it falls off*her*eats nothing from fork*

    45. MusicRus

      Is no one gonna talk abt how the gpa smelling the water 😂🤣😆😅

    46. Rana Khalid

      How old you people been the fan of brat tv? I am following brat from almost 1 year but i've seen a lot of shows thoroughly like total eclipse, chicken girls and attaway general (following now too), mani, a girl named jo, crown lake, zoe's valentine and many more. My favourite shows are chicken girls, total eclipse and mani.

      1. Rana Khalid

        Is there anyone, fan of BTS and HASCHAK SISTERS?

    47. Monica Sels

      They can’t act not bcs they are famous that they can

    48. Treasure Etimbuk

      so we're gonna ignore the fact that whats his name stood up from the wheelchair and started dancing

    49. Laila Gaming

      Umm so who hired jack?

    50. Cora West

      at the prom, doing tik tok dances

    51. Laila Gaming

      He’s a bit of a brat but good kid

    52. Laila Gaming

      When the boy jumped I-..XD laughed hysterically

    53. Brookelynn Berch

      Anyone notice how Dixie was wearing Charli’s bleach splattered shirt🥺

    54. Denise Bernal

      Everyone acting is bad especially Diego but I hope they’ve got better during quarantine but the show is good

    55. Savanah Jose

      Y'all I broke into tears seeing Dixie upset

    56. brianaa _playzz

      Am i the only one that thinks kio and madi r actually good actors

    57. Ama’s Play

      I need more 😭😭😭

    58. Ee E.

      this show is so stupid but i can't stop watching it and now i'm sad bc that old guy passed away


      yall over here talking about the actors but here i am like THE GRANDPA DIED IM CRYINGGG!!!!!🥺

    60. Aminata Seck

      Why is kit doing that isn’t he taken by Andre swilly?!?!? Like she was going to kiss another guy!

    61. miya jackson

      i’m sorry but what was the grandpa eating? 😭

    62. Rebekah Huyga

      Wow I thought people were nice but these comments say otherwise if y’all were good actors you’d be in the show but are you no so stop saying these people are talentless everyone has something there good at maybe it’s just not there thing 😜

    63. Ella Ishya

      I feel bad for Rosie,even though it was just an act.😣

    64. reagan hubbard

      this didn’t age well...

    65. Ash M.

      The kids reaction when she through up is me when I here coughing

    66. Leah Misungwi

      Is it just me or does Diego look like Lucas and Marcus

    67. sunflower sun tv

      Maybe she threw up because with all those sick people 🤮

    68. Alba Vasquez

      Have you noticed that everyone else is getting sick in the hospital

    69. Tamya Donaldson

      Why did I start crying when the old man died

    70. Mark Yacoub

      Brat tv please hire Noah beck for season 2 as Georgia’s love interest 🙂

    71. yes im a directioner

      Oh they didnt wanna do this anymore just because dixie broke up with griffe#

    72. Brighty odia


    73. Danielle Kearns

      Is anyone gonna talk about how they spent five minutes on prom posters and crafts and BAM... balloon towers, tons of guests, music and everything

    74. Kihanna Smith

      When Dixie want sad I started crying no lie 😭😭😭❤️

    75. aprilxblossoms

      Can someone PLEASE tell me Mr. DuPont is still alive irl

    76. Alvarez Rivas

      who else saw the kid fall at 1:15 😭

    77. Kiddos Martinez

      when she threw up she acted like she was about to look in the trash can. then Dixie was just like are you okay ? like oh yeah throwing up in the trash can yeah she’s definitely okay

    78. Leah

      no one talking about the fact her cake fell off the fork but she still put the fork in her mouth and pretended to eat something-

    79. Royale Wrecker

      Every time the grandpa tries to eat his soup Georgia asks a question and he has to answer he didn’t get to eat 🙁

    80. Ghala Jarrah

      That was good

    81. I am Eshal

      Every one is getting sick here

    82. Haddijatou Joof

      Omg they're all Soo good tbh

    83. Angie Diaz

      I think Georgia looked up to Mr. DuPont as a father

    84. Jesse Wetzel

      It was crying when Mr. Dupont died😭😭😭😭😭

    85. Johnny Asay

      make more pleasssssssssesssssssssssssssssss

    86. Yankeeschamber 99

      Why is the old mans soup water and food coloring

    87. Dia

      The soup was watery diarrhoea

    88. Alexandra C

      Yall they have the best actorsss ever 😐😬🥱😂😂😂😂

    89. Minecrafft channel

      I love Dixie D’Amelio

    90. prisha patel

      Really griffin just because of her dad

    91. OvO Capalot

      Rosie dixie and howard or whatever his name is actually have a bit of talent and the old guy

    92. Siena Torok

      thi.....thi....i cant out this into words, oh wait ITS CRAP AND CRINGEY

    93. MissBarbie 246

      I definitely felt when Dixie "Georgia" I think couldnt talk to the boy. Its been 7months since me and my ex broke up and I we don't talk. My mom said I can't have a boyfriend so I'm going to listen to her even tho it there will be emptiness in me😩👉👈

    94. Sophia S

      why is this show so terrible but also so addicting at the same time

    95. mya kerissa

      Kit:whole morning wearing hair ever where ,sees cute boy puts hair behind

    96. mya kerissa

      Next ime on at team general you guys litany sick the cringe out of it

    97. Yunus talmarks

      The grandpa reminds me of my grandpa who also had three heart attacks but he died in 2018 I miss him so much😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙

    98. Peyton Stanley

      "He passed in his sleep a lil while ago, *unmotivated* sorry

    99. Crayola Save

      Next time when faking a show don't make it so slow

    100. Subway Surfers -tiktokerrr

      The dad really said: cut the music cut the music