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    Hayley Leblanc takes us through some of the best moments from every season of Mani! From best diss to best dance, which category was your favorite?
    Mani has his work cut out for him as he tries to keep Harmony and her friends out of danger, while also ensuring they all have a great time. From field trips to evil candy factories to spending the summer at a camp run by a con man, there's no telling what kinds of adventures Harmony and her friends will go on next!
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    BEST OF | Mani: Seasons 1-4 | Brat TV

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    1. Brat TV

      what was your favorite category??

      1. Natalia Sposato

        Best ship

      2. Harmony Mcadams

        And the G baby one

      3. Harmony Mcadams

        The ship

      4. Bows for life

        Best ship... OF COURSE!!!!!

      5. Sharon Mathews

        Scariest scene.

    2. Lakisha Smith

      Thank you very much this is a it is a total expenses they eryeieyeeyeeueuweuete hi h the u tomorrow morning E eeryur E ey email me yes everything to me and

    3. Christina Walton

      do more mani pls

    4. Angelina Nguyen

      Can we talk about the thumbnail...they did Hayley dirty

    5. Mercy Kamau

      the best diss was sn 3 ep 4 and sn 1 ep 9

      1. Vk

        Exactly ☺️😂

    6. Suthiksha Baloo

      I love it

    7. Cameryn eva

      I love hayley/harmony @hayley leblanc

    8. Harlee Hiller

      Sky brown was my favorite

    9. BxobaMilk

      When u miss the queen GBaby 😔💞💖

    10. Vuhnessa :3

      I love the best mani ship (but I like jophie better) but still they are so cute together

    11. The world of Tamanna Devkar

      Lol Haley

    12. cocopuffs 2019

      I ship Goth boy and Goth girl!!! They are made for eachother 😊😄😆😅😁

    13. phimilou carpina

      Sophie Txunamy Piper Coco

    14. Sparkle R

      Party scene

    15. Arya Ghatole

      No one gonna talk about the extreme scary cover picture of Hayley that came before starting the video?!?!?!?

    16. Mika Queen

      Mani as a kid: *hey look a skunk!* Also mani as a kid: *points at me* Me: *Um....gtg*

    17. Edits 123

      Piper is so cute

    18. sammy festus

      My first best show now it is the best😊

    19. Alison Salcedo Marin

      i feel like season 4 is tha best

    20. sarah bannon


    21. vajid naseem

      me merj hello haley subscribe breat tv all of you

    22. vajid naseem

      ep 9

    23. vajid naseem

      im waiting for season 5

    24. vajid naseem

      hi haley me merj

    25. vajid naseem

      im merj youre best subscribe breat tv

    26. vajid naseem

      youre best harmony please subscribe

    27. Bye

      3:00 that’s me after cronovirus

    28. Hiba Al sheblak

      But Harmony is not friends with Piper Piper rockelle is not friends with tsunami and coco

    29. Jasmin Lazaro


    30. Marjan Haghighi


    31. Sky Light

      When “sky” I am ready yaaaaaaa i stoped

    32. Kaylin Joy

      lol you can see the fake flowers in the best mani moments

    33. Kawaii Giraffe

      Piper should go back

    34. Kobey Carlson

      I high-key ship goth boy and goth girl like 😍😍

    35. alice

      Mani is my favorite i looove him! 😍❤

    36. Nirella P


    37. Gail B

      4:39 she’s so cute I love u Sophie!!!

    38. Kensly Koth

      Pipers mom cuts Gavin out

    39. Little Clubfan

      Hayley your beautiful!

    40. tom boy


    41. iiJxwels

      Yet again the leblanc family is the main character AGAIN! Piper was the first character introduced and the main character mani is supposed to be her babysitter so what happened. Did he quit? Whyd he go to camp with the kids? How does mani get to be the subsitute? This is literally the worst plot for a series.

    42. Sydney Daniel

      Is it just me or does every comment say “I miss piper” “we need piper back”

    43. Chavi Rose

      Hayley looks different anyone else......?....

    44. Miguel Romero

      you guys should call ur fans brat like bratayley or brat fam do u guys agree like if u agree

    45. Galaxy Playstore

      Please let piper come back please😢

    46. Isatou Sarr

      Txu is there

    47. Liviya Yates

      Guys piper quit cause they wanted her hair black and she didn’t.

      1. Minecraft Gameplay

        Doesnt mean she has to be kicked off

      2. Lindsey Seifert

        Liviya Yates what did they want her hair black for

    48. sisanda Fatuse

      When are u doing mani with piper and txunamy and sophie

    49. Erika Vidal

      I ship them but Sophie is with Jensten

    50. Haley Johns

      What happend to piper

    51. two tween girls

      is there gonna be a season 5??

    52. fahda styles

      im very happy for the new season

    53. Be Nice

      I totally ship Goth girl and Goth boy Make this blue if you ship them too!! 👇🏻

    54. xai ningua

      Get piper back pls.

    55. Kimberley Abdool

      Piper needs to come back but still happy that Hayley is in it

    56. Kendra Kat

      Why isn’t Coco on MANI anymore

    57. iM a TrAsh bAg

      i miss piper amd im gonna miss the others since haily is going to anotger school

    58. Ashley Bowman

      Cool. !!!!!!!!!!

    59. Hisham Jailani

      I want sky piper backkkk

    60. Enjy and Aghaby

      why did they do her like that in the thumbnail

    61. Asia Long

      Haley looks like annie

    62. Piper First

      are you and piper still friends

    63. xXVivian_LoveXx

      Something looks different about Haylee

    64. Wazzup

      I’m gonna go watch seasons 1-3, ya know, the time MANI WAS ACTUALLY THERE

    65. Pragya Rana

      I want sky who agrees ???

    66. Cindy Debra

      Hayley looks so so poised beautiful

    67. Casey Aldridge

      Best friends

    68. Thomas Factora TJOF

      I can’t wait for Season 5 and I hope Sky will be there ❤️💙🙏😃😁

    69. chicklai man





      whenever you stop talking to a grown black man with ORENGE hair..i will be back...couse believe me..thiers only one thing he's thinking lie..

    72. Genesis Lemus

      Watch out for season 5 Hailey😧😨

    73. Jordan Slater

      if you still watch piper Rochelle... You’ll know why I’m saying this Where’s Jentzen lol! 1:58

      1. Princess Sophie Eusebio


      2. Willow afton

        Jordan Slater Lol jentzen wold be jelly

      3. Kawaii Giraffe


    74. Jordan Slater

      brat is there ever gonna be a Total Eclipse season? because you ended with a cliffhanger.. sorry totally random 🤗😝

    75. Paid edits

      Did anyone else notice her smile in the thumbnail

    76. Phoebe McLaughlin

      Hayley has grown so much

    77. Phu Kyaw

      I wonder if Haley is friends with coco or piper

    78. elton masati

      Sky i miss u... ★✩♡

    79. Khang Trinh

      It's so sad that Piper left brat

    80. Riri Slayyz14

      They was really young😁😁

    81. Chacha. Is.amazing

      Best glow up 1uenn is the best👌

    82. Lucia Luby

      I love watching your videos 😚😚😚

    83. michthemush .v.talko

      Can't wait for attaway general

    84. Ragad Alrayah

      What else want sky/piper back to mani it would be soooo much fun

    85. Arsh Khan

      I like haley

    86. Elena Leaton

      Brat Tv Make another video like this with chicken girls and total eclipse . That mani scene with little mani is hilarious , I remember watching it and I couldn’t stop laughing .

    87. Kayla Johnson

      Can’t wait for season 5 it should be interesting

    88. Amadea Balentin

      I can't not wait for mani season 5

    89. Esther princess

      I miss your friendship with piper

    90. Unicorn Magic

      H$ looks so much older 😭😭🤔

    91. Paige Watkinson

      why is piper no longer on mani? I mean the show was kinda based on mani,piper and hayley

    92. Goomw Love

      145 to comment

    93. Itz_Ally Vibes

      I want to be on brat

    94. Sarah Borzu

      This doesn't feel the same without piper:(

      1. elton masati

        Sky I miss u...

      2. dimond Queen

        Wish they still had hank instead

      3. Sarah Borzu

        @Zakiyah Sass ik

      4. Zakiyah Sass

        Sarah Borzu 207 it doesn’t but she has moved on to better things

    95. Jennifer Baxter


    96. Abi Adams

      What did y'all do to Haileys face

    97. Irfan Khan

      I wish piper was here too

    98. Myy Account

      Hayley's smile looks crooked in the thumbnail and throughout the video as well

      1. Arya Ghatole

        IKR I freaked out so bad

    99. Ginarys Nazario

      I saw Mani at prime video!!!

    100. Pragati’s World

      Bring sky in mani 4 Hayley and piper

      1. Pragati’s World


      2. Crazy Lover

        Pragati’s World you mean mani 5