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    It's the blindfolded paint challenge featuring Nia Sioux (Lily), Nina Lu (Mila), Connor Finnerty (Otis), Kaycee Rice (Avery), Rital Angel Taylor (Opal), Samantha Partida (Pearl) and Chase Liefeld (Zane). Who do you think is the best artist? Comment below!
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    1. Brat TV

      what kinds of challenges would you want to see next??

      1. Marshal Ovesen

        @Juliana Slattery I agree

      2. patrice942

        You can do a charade group challenge. The members on the team pick a card and act out the word. See which team wins. That would be funny and fun.

      3. Ryan Ehrhart7

        Asian family vs. others IQ LARP test

      4. Ryan Ehrhart7


      5. Ryan Ehrhart7

        fortniteeeee, ye ye ye ye

    2. Jennifer Baxter


    3. Gamer girlz

      Chase and Samantha

    4. Shaloo

      Honestly I only watch Sunnyside Up because of Nia and Avery!!

    5. Sydney Wayne

      @Brat TV Are you sure Nina didn't have a hole in her blindfold????

    6. Thomas Factora TJOF

      Kaycee is so cute and beautiful ❤️❤️😍😍

    7. PEACE. J

      That's was good they all did a great job ❤❤

    8. Avani Agrawal

      nia and chase won

    9. BigApple 76

      Is there going to be a crazy fast blooper video?

    10. Shakerah Renee

      I love u guy ❤️💙

    11. Ryan Ehrhart7

      So you're telling me you canceled my favorite show in exchange for this dumpster fire??? Wtf was this I'm so mad.

      1. Scarlett Rose

        What got canceled?

      2. Ahnya Christieson

        Ryan Ehrhart7 Your future wife's name will be Artemis and together, you will have a daughter called Phoebe.

    12. somona cookie

      Did they switch bodies at the end??

    13. Diana S.

      Ahhhhh sams in this‼️

    14. Lauren Uchida


      1. Marshal Ovesen

        I known right

    15. Elin Wahyuni

      Make the season 2, pretty please 🥺

    16. Murge Gaming

      Put more challenges with Samantha!!

    17. Tanea

      Aww, they didn't have to do Connor like that 🤣🤣🤣

    18. Emily

      Samantha isn't mentioned in the description box oof

      1. Ahnya Christieson

        Emily Your future husband's name will be Sam and together, you will have 5 kids called:Paul, Alesha + Tate/twins, and Claudia + Embry/twins as well. So, 3 boys and 2 girls.

    19. Tahmima Islam

      I was gonna say ‘is no one gonna tell Nia she has paint on her forehead’ but she realised it already 4:43

    20. Goomw Love

      118 to comment

    21. Akhila Suresh

      But Nina's was way too perfect. How???? Maybe because Mila was an amazing painter 😁

      1. Akhila Suresh

        @Tahmima Islam thanks

      2. Tahmima Islam

        Akhila Suresh omg that’s a gd comparison didn’t really think of dat

    22. it's amyra

      Rita has the cutest voice 3ver

    23. Sara rivera

      It looks like Donald trumps

    24. Abeeha Sheikh

      When is chicken girl coming out

      1. Addee Bee

        @Blooming Crafts ok so early march

      2. Blooming Crafts

        @Addee Bee Really!! Has it been confirmed!!!

      3. Addee Bee

        Late Feburary

    25. hxneybee._.itang39 T

      Isn’t Nina in the American dall

      1. Ahnya Christieson

        VIVI&IZZYSQUAD T Your future husband's name will be Vincent and together, you will have 4 kids called:Elias, Hanrich, Rick, and Sky. So, 3 boys and 1 girl.

    26. •Gachacookie•


    27. Kira Wilkin

      The girl painting on the right could totally see through the blindfold

    28. Grace Thorpe

      round 2 I think Connor and Samantha won

    29. Sanjeev Kumar

      Brat your videos are so awesome. I have no words in my dictionary to express it. When u uploaded a new video my heart fill with enthusiasm. Love u Brat. ❤❤❤

    30. Gianna Kelley

      my whole life rita was always good at crafts! but with a blindfold.... its a whole new world!

    31. Chantae Francis

      A hamster I thought it was a frog in the beginning

    32. alisson _army7

      I love brat tv

    33. Grace Campbell

      Do pancake art

    34. Thrift Queen 16

      Connor and Samantha won the second round for sure😂

    35. jesimiel Victor-Uku

      The second group couldn't stop laughing Do never have I ever

    36. Ri Simmons

      Can you please make another video tomorrow

    37. lizz


    38. Michelle Rojas

      the kaycee team was the best💪❤️😎

    39. Hailey Lee

      Are there any brat shows coming on this week?

    40. Marshal Ovesen

      I loved it

    41. Mikal Ford

      Kaycee is the cutest ❤

    42. Jules Grace Stories

      connor and samantha win hahahaaha

    43. Rapa Rip

      Like sunny side up art

    44. Moon Wolfie

      Yea this is great

    45. Liyah Sunshine

      Nia definitely won

    46. Elizabeth Weinstein

      Nia and Chase won

    47. Sizzlin Outdoors


    48. Akshay Tikai

      Is it nia van dance moms

      1. yt babyyy


    49. Queen Aja

      317th viewer

    50. Asina Shadman

      Haters have notification on its online and a minute later some dislikes

    51. Asina Shadman

      One of first

    52. Me Myself & I

      You forgot to mention Samantha in the description box

      1. Chantae Francis

        Me Myself & I wow you actually go down there

    53. Rosalva Morado

      I loved this video! Just like I love you Brat tv

    54. Queen Omega

      Nia and chase they are so good go nia

    55. Di maria Angel

      So good 😍 👌👌❤️

    56. Brittani Baloga

      I think Nia and Nina looked good

    57. Avalon Pratt


    58. Juliana Slattery

      Just got out of school at the perfect time it’s 3:14 but I ship Nia and chase a bit and kaycee + Connor

    59. Lilac Lilac


    60. Luka Janssen


    61. Celeste Conyette


    62. The summer Reza Films

      Nia and chase


      Kaycee is so adorable! ❤️ Love you Brat!

    64. Arianne Donelly

      Last time I was this early Nia's dad said he was coming

      1. Julia Jiang

        Arianne Donelly lol

    65. strawberry kisses

      when you’re so early that there’s no comments to like

    66. Aamir Sami Khan

      Day 12 of asking when there will be a season 2 of red ruby or a 2nd season of crazy fast

      1. Marshal Ovesen

        @Brat TV love u:)

      2. Aamir Sami Khan

        @Brat TV thank you so much for the replie, so sad red ruby is over and can't wait for a season 2 of crazy fast

      3. Brat TV

        idk still :( sorry.. i think Red Ruby may be over tbh, but I'll keep you posted as soon as i hear anything, i promise!

    67. Gary Wegenast

      I'm done

    68. Gary Wegenast


    69. Réka Salamon

      I'm only here every week for Kaycee lol 😂😂

      1. Stan 2

        SAME... 😁

      2. Effie 2


      3. little gumball

        Me too

      4. Melisa

        me too😅😅❤❤❤

      5. fan girl

        same hahaha

    70. Ananya Tarakeshwar

      I loved it :)

    71. Perry K

      You guys are so cute! Who loves every brat show? Me!!!

      1. Felecia Kpou

        I doooo!

    72. Cousins Squad

      So early! Love sunnyside up! Love brat! Waiting for chicken girls season 6!! Btw when will it come on brat??

    73. Felecia Kpou

      omg so CUTEEE! And I'm early!

    74. Danikaa Mahabir

      I love sunnyside

    75. Muhammad Sameer

      I love brat tv I have watched every single show I am very exited to see more seasons come out🤗🤗🤗🤗😝😜

      1. Felecia Kpou

        SAME lmao

    76. Dyuthi Kathuria

      Love these guys.. also pls give some advice on how to audition @brat

      1. yt babyyy

        pretty sure you have to be famous on yt, Netflix or TV first

    77. Alicia Williams


    78. dilly kaur

      Just got notification

    79. bridget goodacre

      kinda first

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    82. Romiysa Nadeem

      4 th comment!!!!

    83. Margs Butler


    84. Naomi Spitzer

      aww this was so cute! I love avery!

      1. Lauren Uchida

        Naomi Spitzer oop lol

      2. Naomi Spitzer

        ​@Lauren Uchida umm thats what i meant, oops😂

      3. Lauren Uchida

        Correction Kaycee

      4. Naomi Spitzer

        @It's Abiha ik!! 😂

      5. It's Abiha

        Great. And when you see your early You have to comment. Lol🤣🤣

    85. Tayana Zook

      WHO ELSE LOVES BRAT BTW I'm a HUfastr too!

      1. Arianne Donelly

        You're everywhere

    86. Mafe Castro

      I love sunnyside up!!!! ❤️ Who else is excited for the second season???

      1. Felecia Kpou


      2. Sizzlin Outdoors

        Mafe Castro me !!!!

    87. Safoaa

      1 minuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee first comment

    88. Ghazal Hamad

      first view

    89. emma castillo