Brat TV Stars Answer Fan Questions! | Q&A

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    Brat TV stars Annie Leblanc (Rhyme, Chicken Girls), William Franklyn Miller (Ezra, Chicken Girls), Alex Lange (Ian, Red Ruby), and Daniella Perkins (Ruby, Red Ruby) answer YOUR questions!
    Brat makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.
    Brat TV Stars Answer Fan Questions! | Q&A

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    1. Brat TV

      what answer was the most surprising to you???

      1. Shiloh Sumair

        Is Ezra ( William frankly miller ) going to come back to brats TV


        Annie saying she would date a fan

      3. Sharon Mathews

        That Annie would date a fan.

      4. Aditi Des

        Who else thinks mani is now hayley?

      5. Acid_Splashz AKA Kainyn

        When is the new chicken girls season

    2. Maryam Mirza

      daniella looks different with her curly hair compared to her straight hair

    3. Arbina Shaikh

      Who think William look like brent rivera

    4. sydney ling

      2:30 dixi: "sometimes i dont wanna be happyyy"

    5. Nondumiso Sibiya

      Do you miss your old love

    6. Itsmeh Black

      Erza can you kiss Annie?

    7. Teen Singer And More

      William want to be a sk8ter boi

    8. Diana Sam

      is annie on every show on brat

    9. Gacha_ Jazzy

      I wonder if annie likes william because like she was blushing a little bit like Annie's and William's answer were kinda similar like annie answered first but william said the same answers as annie maybe because maybe he wants annie to notice that he likes her I think annie and william will make a nice and great couple no offense to people who still wants hannie me too even I want hannie to get back but I mean it depends on annie and hayden love you ❤❤

    10. Terry

      Will:airport true

    11. Mary Vargas

      Red ruby is a good show they should continue the show .!.

    12. Zoey Leigh


    13. joud _alothman

      Ezra NEEDS to come back!!

    14. Kate Aylward

      when is season 2 of Red Rudy coming out ??????????????

    15. Nia Johnson

      I need another season of red ruby😭

    16. Sameena Baji

      Trust me ezra and rhyme look so cute together in they can't date because Annie is dating asher so brat pls pls pls do something with Ezra and rhyme I wanna see them together pls

    17. Olabisi Okewole

      I love all you guys so much. I really want to act on brat and I'll love to meet you all.

    18. Aida-Mae Auld

      I haven’t read or watched Harry potters ether

    19. Kyla Mae

      the harry potter house only counts when it’s on pottermore

    20. Dhruvi Vansia

      Annie: I wanna Learn to Skateboard No one: Me: Hayden def knows how to skateboard😏😝

    21. Hannah Keeler

      wait who is Annie dating?!

    22. Jennifer Baxter


    23. It’s Lacey

      Will an Annie should date

    24. It’s Lacey

      What everyone came on the video for is to see when chicken girls season 6 is coming out

    25. HunterMZx23

      Can urll get rid of annie already ......plz

    26. ProductLiv

      Wow I cannot believe we’re up to season SIX of Chicken Girls?! Like where did that time go fo real

    27. Aaliayah Ruff

      Awh Cute I'm A Ravenclaw 😊💙

    28. mukta desai

      Lol..William gotta date me then

    29. nusrat mukta

      Bring ezra bavk to chicken girls plzz 😭😭😭😭

    30. Livia Hamahusen Year 10

      Annie is literally ME lmao 😂

    31. paul ting

      i hope ezra comes back

    32. Grace Omoregie

      red ruby was sooo good please give us a SEASON 2!!!!!!

    33. Bj Walk2008

      Why is there no more episodes of red Ruby

    34. Sarina Borne

      My question is when is red Ruby season 2 coming out

    35. Semen Glukhov

      Subtitles in Russian, please.

    36. Ashwathy James

      dude want Annie to be a potterhead soon....i cant belive she didnt see even nw single movie.........

    37. Angelique Copoto

      When will red ruby play again?

    38. N B

      Um the way William is looking at annie..

    39. claire da costa

      gryffindor gang where you at?

    40. Yordanos !

      I also just started to read the Harry Potter series and I am currently in the 3rd book (really good)

    41. Jailyn Dixon

      When is season 6 of chicken girls coming out

    42. I dream of Val

      I love dani and annie

    43. Paul G

      don't worry Annie I also haven't see any herry potter heat slow walker I think thats my biggest pet peeve

    44. Krisha Ganesh


    45. ANDI SHIVA

      William 😍😍

    46. Sydney H

      im also a Gryffindor!!

    47. Kaylie

      Alex is the sweetest

    48. Drippy Saeed

      What happens to crazy fast

    49. Shamar Morgan

      That litterly me my mom be telling me a whole paragraph and it's just so frustrated


      Ok so am I the only one wondering when chicken girls season six come out like I need to know I can’t wait any longer brat please reply

    51. justine’s life

      Bring chicken girls back

    52. Heaven Raye

      will and annie’s friendship is amazing! i love them both so much and if i could meet them in person one day i would probably cry. ♡♡ i love chicken girls so much too, when is the next season coming out?

    53. shadow Girl

      How i don't understand how you ever seen harry potter I know harry potter when i was 6

    54. * Samantha *

      When are you going to post the next episode of Chicken Girls??

    55. shadow Girl

      I Wanna to do the quiz where i can do it ??????????? 🤔🤔

    56. Allison vlogs

      In also a grifendor

    57. Sofina Jagirdar

      Who else wants more Daniella Perkins?❤❤❤❤❤ *PLZ MORE DANIELLA PERKINS BRAT TV*

    58. ɴᴀᴍᴊᴜɪᴄᴇ • miranika

      Anyone noticed that the colour of the flower changed?

    59. Chaitra Shetty

      When is s6 of chicken girls coming out

    60. LYRIC KO

      Chicken girls pleaseeeeeee we miss the girls like a lot😥💖💖

    61. Goomw Love

      252 to comment

    62. Tluangi Ralte

      Annie:Say anything Will:I'm the same.. Conclusion:This two people have same brain

    63. Purvi Jaiswal

      Will there be a season 6 for chicken girls???

    64. Thomas Factora TJOF

      Can’t wait for Season 6 of Chicken Girls, and I hope we will get a Season 2 of Red Ruby!! ❤️❤️

    65. Sowmya HN

      Is there gonna be a new season of total eclipse , if so when

    66. supriya danke

      It was kinda nice seeing Ezra 😊 Bring him baaacckkkkk!!!!!!

    67. arushi bhutda

      Annnie I am too on the first harry Potter book

    68. Anoushka Prasad

      Ily brat you make better series than Netflix!

    69. Ananya Sen

      Who else can’t wait for Chicken Girls Season 6?

    70. Noshin Zaman

      Annie...yore soo pretty 🤗🤗

    71. Aws Alsamraay

      i really like the way they laugh🤣🤪

    72. Raven Rienne

      I'm a slytherin, wbu??

    73. Rebecca Sings

      Hi I love Annie Leblanc and my favourite seasons is chicken girls ❤️❤️❤️❤️ plz notice me

    74. Rachanpreet Kaur

      Do this segment with Brooke Butler please

    75. Kayla Vo

      Rezra! Pls I thought that was the best ship, season, and best characters Btw really muss Kayla!!!!😘😭

      1. Kayla Vo


    76. Paige Quick

      I can't wait for season 6 of chicken girls to come out

    77. Paige Quick

      When is season 6 of chicken girls coming out

    78. Brisa estrella Fuentes jimenez

      Que lindo William te amamos desde Chile soy tu fan Brisa te deseo lo mejor del mundo y eso te quiero😍😘

    79. Valeria Gonzalez

      So Annie is saying she can’t ride a hoverboard when she can

    80. Emma Tacchino

      WILL AND ANNIE YESSS I missed them

    81. Phoebe Johnson

      Hi 👋🏼👋🏼 cbbc 🎥📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥😎😎🏡🏡🏡🏡

    82. LIVVY_01 _GLITTER

      My pet peeve is when people make a noisy over and over again another is when people leave a light on at my house and I have to go turn it off

    83. Ocean waves

      When is chicken girls season 6 coming?

    84. kena d


    85. Gotshego Sachane

      I also have never seen Harry Potter or read it

    86. Sanjeev Kumar

      I like all the questions and answers.

    87. Nyah Duyo

      Brat! can you do again this kind of vid?

    88. tiffany li

      No crazy fast today?

    89. silvia perez

      I ❤❤❤❤❤❤ you annie im I big fan

    90. Christina Mahoner

      what show is daniella part of??

    91. mikala michelle


    92. Kenz!e James

      I thought there was gonna be another episode of Crazy Fast??!!!!

    93. Life with Kayla

      I'm waiting for the new episode of crazy fast

    94. EL BURRITO

      crazy fast?

    95. Serenity Englar

      When is crazy fast coming on today?

    96. liliys space butterfly

      is anyone else thinking "WHERE IS ZOEYYY VALENTINE"?!?!

    97. Jazmin Hernandez

      New season of red ruby?

    98. ღHoseok'sღSRriTeღAddictionღ

      Me love william :)) nah im jk

    99. Yessica Cardenas

      Loved it but i want to see that chicken girl trailer I’m dying !!!!!

    100. Jazz S

      Please bring back red ruby i love red ruby so much