CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 5: “Girls’ Day”

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    Rhyme takes Harmony and her friends for a day on the town.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, “The Chicken Girls” - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 5: "Girls' Day"

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    1. Brat TV

      what was your favorite part of this episode?

      1. Asin Kc

        Brat TV EVERYTHING!!!

      2. alyza alinton

        hope Annie and Hayden dont leave.. i want them so much!❤ i watch this bcoz of them

      3. sarah plays


      4. Emilia Mletzko

        when the episode ended

      5. Cxxckiess_ ss

        Intro song

    2. Madalitso jere

      I miss hannie.and the old chicken girls

    3. Clara Sooula

      5:22 how are they just ignoring the ice cream sundae

    4. Alaisha Cousette

      2020 anyone??

    5. Bhumika Sharma

      I do and will ship "thyme" for Life

    6. russell owen

      the fact that i just realized PK is addison's little brother✨

    7. Lonnie Speck

      I love watching

    8. Shreya Timsina

      love brat tv

    9. Yatxiry Hernandez

      3:22 every skater watching her grab her skateboard by the trucks like 😭😭😭

    10. Emilia Mletzko

      bruhhhh why is everyone so bad at acting lmao

    11. just me

      Who's tryna be my chicken girls👉🏼👈🏼 Fr tho I need friends 😔

    12. Kaitlyn Tyler

      They should have a show on Netflix

    13. Melany Vacacela

      For some reason I felt this episode so cringe

    14. Aislee

      I feel like everyone in the show forgot Harmony was ON A TV SHOW!!!! Like literally everyone’s talking about how Rhyme is so popular and cool (I mean she is). But seriously like in real life any actor/actress would be constantly praised (btw HARMONY was on hotel du lune that’s how that series fits in to this complicated storyline but you probably knew that)

    15. Catikenns

      Omg pk has no emotions 😭🤚🏻

    16. Donna DiazDiaz

      That was so weird when rhyme and Haley walked in and then TK and PK were there

    17. Panda_edits :

      Omg I love this show

    18. Carol Abdelmeseh

      YAYYYYY Ryme's baaaaacccckkkkkk ♥️♥️♥️

    19. Zaira's Cheekas

      "Common man we're family" -wait is it TK on the track? we fly do high~ 😂😂wave2 everyone

    20. Caressa. K

      So I guess the new ep comes out today!!!

    21. Aliyah Salazar


    22. Abigail Conrad

      Lolll she said “wait till you get to high school, they mature I promise” I know absolutely no one who has matured (including myself) except maybe some seniors ~ must be a nice in whatever alternate universe she lives in

    23. Thalia patricia Almache peñafiel

      Cuando sube los que faltan

    24. Karmiii’s Life And More

      ~I'm sorry but its the mall grabbing for meeee 2:22 i cantttt


      Addisons brother: acting Me: *craacking up *

    26. Geneva Wright

      I want TK to come back

    27. Silvia Urena

      I won,t be coming to the next episode bc but i can watch it if i miss the live

    28. ellervy plays

      8:01 LMAOOO

    29. warvin Bamern


    30. retarted.ariana_

      I know Addison raes brother is not here 👀 or am I seeing things👧🗿

    31. Thalia patricia Almache peñafiel

      Para cuando los demás episodios por fi

    32. hailey Henderson

      Its basically haleys story now

    33. Rebeca TEEHEE


    34. i.l.y. kylie

      okay look love this show but when the she left to tell the boys she likes girls SHE MALL GRABBED THE SKATEBOARD

    35. Alex Navarrette

      Where is Piper

    36. mayyyaaa j

      i feel like they should have had “the babysitters club” on netflix cast wit hayley on this season cuz they would be amazing !!

    37. Masuda Begum

      I’m ngl but Tk reminds me of Tony Lopez

    38. Quanita Soeker

      She lie she got covid

    39. Lavender Heart

      10:13 sweet dreams ✨😴

    40. Lavender Heart

      I was getting comfortable with my phone on the air while my arms are holding it and then it fell on my face- 😂😂

    41. Isabella Lane

      I miss the old chicken girl's who Does too

    42. Jillianne Orofino

      I want this episode to be longer and my favorite character here is Eggy and Claire Ayden Prince and Elliana Walmsley


      I feel so bad for p.k 😭😭😭

    44. Rosie Gomez

      Harmony's always been a straight shooter 👀we'll see

    45. O.M

      I don't know why Harm has to apologies. If she doesn't want to be friends with someone, but pulls one on them because he asked her to, the consequences are his resposibility.


      P.k voice is so adorable as that shy actor

    47. Mary Keile production

      Lilly ketchman should be in chicken Girls season 7 she can be the new girl and she can be friends with those popular girls and Harmony. That would be nice and that would be so cool too. #Lilly ketchman

    48. Rana Almahdi

      Who like OG chicken girls better?

    49. Born To Slay

      4 years later I still complain that some actors don't have a talent for acting, and that they are just there because they are influencers, but I can see some actors, besides influencers, are actually good at acting. Hayley is good. Not crazy good but she is fairly acceptable. Annie, Tsunami and the blond girl aren't good. It looks so false and sketched at times.

    50. Tania

      Pk cant act at all im sorry

    51. Prajwala Dontineni

      Omg she did not just mall grab

    52. Heather Sorce

      Who’s ready for the next episode

    53. Shamoya Campbell

      We fly so-skips 20sec😂😂

    54. Donna-Louise Clay

      On my mum's account but same

    55. Carla Denton

      Is it just me that when bell was fake sicking ... I think that she got coronvirus😂😂

    56. Connie Mccrest


    57. Jolie Pham


    58. Leandro Manuel Abad

      The acting at the start sent me.. lmaooo

    59. Janae Carmona

      I'm sure everyone click becuz of the clickbait picture of rhyme and tk

    60. Holly Westlake

      “You guys make me feel young again” like what rhyme is 14/15

      1. Lexi Skylar

        irl she's 15 (16 in december) but she's acting and in CG she's in college

    61. Khalia Rowe

      but i still watch it

    62. Khalia Rowe

      these season are so longggg and kinda boring

    63. Maddison Cornish

      is their going to be another season

    64. Shaniel Bailey

      Who missed the old chicken girls ,We fly so high we fly together like birds of a feather I miss them

    65. Raven Kit

      who clicked because of TK and Rhyme....

    66. miindy vassquez

      we need more rhyme & TK

    67. Lil'lee Coome

      I love this

    68. aubs :D

      the mall grab 😭

    69. Mikayla Brydson

      I want the old chicken girls back (you can keep these ones but please bring back the old one back)

    70. Jenny K

      What was the like first 10 seconds the acting was soo bad

    71. sydekah major

      Harmony looks jus like rhyme 💯💯!! fi u agree like !!..

    72. danielle griffith

      I love you show

    73. Aaliyah Chung

      love this!!

    74. dcoog anml

      I’m really curious of who Layla is gonna end up with

    75. Adwoa Gyamfua

      It fIn

    76. Haven Saathsy


      1. dcoog anml

        Who else missed the old chicken girls🥺🥺🥺😭

    77. Nora Hutchinson

      I can’t believe this “show” is actually still making new episodes...

    78. Gab Portuguez

      The new character iz just no

    79. Crystal Bonney

      “You ratted me out?!”

    80. WINNER

      Gus arent you 4 eyes too

    81. Football Is life

      Why tf is eggy ugly and called most popular guy in school 🤦‍♂️

    82. Kaimi Fazeeh


    83. Philma Hapi

      Pk is like really good actor

    84. Ran-Berry playz

      Bro my name is Clare and this episode was flattering 😂

    85. Queen Ari

      “You ratted me out” that was hilarious 😂 but Wow Harm’s

    86. Diya Mukherjee

      This season is really boringgg

    87. Senit Asgedom

      “ShE dUmPeD yOu FoR a GuY nAmEd EgGiE”?? Me: The way he said that 😂😂

    88. KENNACEY Schmidt


    89. Tiana-Rose Hadi

      What if leyla & harmony create a new ‘friendship’ 🤔🤭😬 ☕️

    90. zaria bennett

      Who else misses the old chicken girls😭😭

    91. Yasmin Jimenez

      Who else missed the old chicken girls🥺🥺🥺😭

    92. Gamingirl123

      I want the episodes to be longer

    93. Strawberry Shortcake

      Don’t get mad but I kinda think rhyme is kinda being a little hypocritical in this ep but Again it’s what she should say as a sister i guess

    94. asioe kiou

      Fells like bell wants to break harm, katie and brittany's friendship..... EDT {THANK YOU FOR 515 LIKES.....HIGHEST I HAVE EVER GOT}

    95. Tifrybfwnfbwytmotmfswytdw Rabfbolbabicutaigbtfoyb

      The fact Tks cousin likes his ex girlfriends sister is immaculate✨

    96. Maddy Fayant

      this isn't even the real chicken girls at this point.. I miss thyme

      1. asioe kiou

        brat could could have just made a movie and mad sassie real

    97. That Dancer Chick

      Wow! Congrats to Annie and Haley for chasing their dreams! Like if you agree that Caleb would be soo proud🙈

    98. Avery Galvan

      addisons raes little brother is so bad at acting no offence

    99. lillian mutuku

      I like brat movies

    100. Jasmine Velasquezdiaz

      Any one else still ship Annie and haydan