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    Get a peek behind the scenes of Chicken Girls with the Chicken Girls Docuseries.
    Episode 3 - Set Life
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, “The Chicken Girls” - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of “Chicken Girls,” “Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, “Zoe Valentine” and more.

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    1. andrea alvarez

      Are y’all going to make another season of dirt?

    2. joy nkatha

      Love it

    3. Fathima SHAFIYA Md Faris

      Who is ur favourte charactar in chicken girls

    4. #Divija Baral

      love you all

    5. benazir memon

      Okay soo if Dylan is in the Docuseries does that mean she's in Season 7 aswell??

    6. Aisha world Mohamed

      Love chicken girls your shows there so good

    7. Melgem Hadad

      Goldfish yaaaaaaas

    8. Empress Lee

      This friendship is so cute ❤️

    9. Liza labadze

      who else cried watching this because they miss old years😭 hannie, mads and addison together and all the other stuff...

    10. Bren Swaby

      I really want to audition but I live far awayyy

    11. raquel lopez

      I loved this so cute

    12. Karol

      Wait who's she ? The girl with blond curly hair

    13. Sophia's World

      I ship Aidan and corinne

    14. jennilee jansen

      aidan prince and corrine joy

    15. Rueben Urbano

      hi brattv can u plzz like my comment

    16. 6cxntrol


    17. mariam patience

      When are the episodes coming when do we get to watch this is getting tiresome.

    18. Sadman Shuham Islam

      You should do MANI Season 6

    19. Ruben Encinas

    20. Charlene Romero

      I love that friendship it reminds me three yrs ago rhyme and tk 💔

    21. Adam Wisman

      Aww i love when coco was like yaya ❤❤👑

    22. Maddalonefarms

      7:58 what season is that from

    23. Life With Riyah

      "nothing can get in the way of friendship" 😁😭

    24. Holly

      Can I just say that I really want Jaden and Mads to be in a series and same with Dixie and Noah! Jaden has said many times that he really wants to start acting (he would especially want to be a villain or hero). Mads is good at acting as you already know. Same with Dixie. And Noah has also said that he wants to start acting.

    25. Kaylee Brown

    26. Robert Maurico

      Hi Bnat tv

    27. Aina Adilah

      Hannie alert 10:03 & 9:13

    28. Caitlyn Jewel

      When Hayley and Corrine were talking about Sky I thought they were talking about Piper Rockelle for some reason bc she played sky in mani lol

    29. Lalrinnungi Renthlei

      Can u do more of Coco please


      Where's jessalyn? We have the rtw but no jessalyn?????

    31. Allyson Benvebvbes

      Chicken girls are the bom🎬

    32. irish pagayon

      Hi txunamy

    33. SM And AA

      What does cornine plays

    34. Taryn Carter

      Corinne u r my fav person i love spicy sun chips🤤😝

    35. Jahniyah Baker

      jahniyah Baker

    36. SM And AA

      What the name of the beginning

    37. Devisingh Forever


    38. Strawberry Shortcake

      I love chicken girls

    39. Maria Dalacoura

      Ellie/Brooke looking around listening and itching her nose

    40. Chloe Henrriquez

      I love their friendships on set. I wish I could be on chicken girls and have that with them


      Honestly, Txunamy is so mature according to her age, according to me

    42. someone someone

      Mateo has the cutest laugh

    43. Esther Mizrahi

      i really want to be a part of something like that(aka acting)

    44. Jalilur Rahman Khan

      I saw Addison

    45. TheFishStick 1

      Can you please make the og chicken girls reunite in an episode

    46. Vanya and Mahi

      Looks like they r having sooooo much fun and these make my quarantine 100% better💖

    47. Khaila Najwan

      I love #caidan 😭

    48. Narian Moodie

      I love the chicken Girls movie so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍

    49. Dakota Koehler


    50. When is Alice gonna learn

      This is exciting but the best part is they get to see addison enzos sister :( my idol happy for you!!!!!!!!

    51. Lina Agdouche

      Love you brat you re the best

    52. Daril Maqeen

      I miss the og chicken girls

    53. Nonigieey Noni

      Is there audition for brat tv

    54. Jamie Lynn

      👧I love watching behind the scenes mommets❗ @Brat TV

    55. Irish Jhoy Sulit

      Team brats!!!

    56. Lizzy Agravante

      me instantly confused when I saw miss addison rae hahaha

    57. Elli Jones

      omg i love all of you my name is actually ellie xoxo brok

    58. Devine Pumicpic

      I miss the closeness of hayley and txunamy

    59. Tenzin Jamphell

      Addison Rae on chicken girls??

    60. Denise Antonio

      I hav played hide and seek on a set before. Lmfao

    61. lubaba shuja

      I love how they are just so free with each other like a big family 😂😂🥺❤️

    62. Saanvi Konuru

      Now it feels like everyone is here including the og members and now it feels like family and nothing incomplete! This is the best!!

    63. GB Roshan

      PK showed more emotions here!!

    64. Iman Bilal

      Kayla!!!! We luv u

    65. Natalie Wairioko

      I love the part Hayley and Corrine go vroom vroom its just so hilarious 😂 i also love their friendship on set its so sweet

    66. Keya

      Me during the entire video: •_• Me when i saw addison - :O :O ADDISON :O

    67. Sienna Lane

      Aww this was so good and cute

    68. Gugulethu Bhebje

      Me : sees indiana comment 11rs ago AND it was liked by brat *crying* Also me : wishing they would see my comment on the last docuseries : (

    69. Maria Buoro

      Corrine Joy has been in all of these things but not the season Is she joining later?

      1. Keya

        Ya it was like she is from Millwood I think

    70. Joshna Olivia

      the last pic of enzo hayley annie and hayden brings back the memories of hannie

    71. Totiana Fifita

      this sesson sucks

    72. Crazy Pro

      Hai Annie

    73. nour soussi

      Why was mass hugging Addison Rae? I want to hug Addison I love her

    74. SriSakthi R

      i luv how all are the perfect juniors from the original cast.

    75. Mufaro Chikwanda

      Wait I'm still confused is crafty then a food hangout area?? Where is Simone in season 7. Like when is her apearence is it coming in a couple of episodes or at the end of series cause I'm still waiting...

      1. Mufaro Chikwanda

        @Borks Playz yeah I knew that but I mean she was also in Pipersusic vdeo so I ws wondering if she was juggling everything or what??...

      2. Borks Playz

        She’s coming in a few epis

    76. Sanvi Srinath

      Annie is in the same hoodie for every Doucuseries

      1. Kauany Vitoria

        she use same hoodie 'cuz that's recording in the same day, you understend

      2. Tyesha Joseph

        Sanvi Srinath soooo???


      they are soo cute together like I have been watching his from season 1 ep 1 and now its on season 7 the bond has not changed even the old cast tk , rhyme , kayla , ellie , birdie , quinn , roonie , sadie , ace , flash , tim just love their friendship .

    78. Khushi Dholiya

      Like and see which chicken girl character r u.... 1. Annie 2. Hayden 3. Dylan 4. Mads 5. Indiana 6. Quinn 7. Brooke 8. Carson 9. Caden 0. Matt

      1. Cherub Sasha


      2. mariyam zahira


      3. Margaret Ru


      4. Mehek Mohsin


      5. Theyenvy Niyah

        I’m Carson 🤣

    79. Ishita Gulla

      They are so sweet and I loved to see Dylan Riley and Brooke on set they are so sweet♥️♥️

    80. Summer Sparkle

      Wait if corrine acts in chicken girls how come shes never in the episodes

      1. breanna marin

        someone said she comes in episode 8

    81. Joce Lynn

      I love how the new cast is so fancy with their favorite crafty snacks while the ogs' are like goldfish, and juice boxes

    82. Nashwa Ibrahim

      To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine😊 My Dream is to have 1k. I been struggling to get there

    83. Tanisha Shinde

      who else actually wants to work in brat ??

    84. Tanisha Shinde

      not a fan but still a fan !!!

    85. Anvi Kadoo

      They are all so nice and like a wonderful family it melts my heart...literally

    86. Samairah Drakshan


    87. diksha chettri

      Where's mads or Carson

    88. Mikasa fan

      I love how they got to get along quite well, I love this! Good job Brat TV!

    89. Reaction & Review with Wesley

      Enzo so confused at what is crafty😂😂 love to see Brooke, Riley, and dylan!!! Corinna annoyed at aiden😂😂 it was interesting to hear about the group chat!!

    90. Shrusti Dengwel

      Me at 3 am: watching the CG cast define what crafty is and what snacks they eat 😂

    91. Sherhyn Lei Dalo

      There should be a reunion of the OG chicken girls every season Like if you agree 👇

    92. Evil Iron

      Hi I love you

    93. Ayanna Stedford

      I love chicken girls so cute

    94. Jaiden Campos

      Do more sense of hannie

    95. Finnley Berg

      I liked the original cast way better why ya gotta change it?😞

    96. Samantha Delaluz

      They are the best kids and teenagers

    97. The sisters Erica & Pricila

      Of you are bored click show more Sorry If That Was Longer Then You Expected It To Be ☺ If you came all the way thank you,extra points for the people who guess the message(the first three people to guess it right will be subscribed,if n nobody does this,it's ok😉

      1. Aizah Malik

        Sorter ☺️

    98. Waseem Maqsood Fatima's channel

      Why did I never saw Corrine on chicken girls any episode of season 7

      1. itz Dashiel

        In mani

    99. The sisters Erica & Pricila

      13 year old Elliana Walmsley: Being a great actor and dancer plus memorizing large paragraphs/lines 13 year old me: seeing how the fridge lights turn on and off

      1. Ron Watson

        😂😂 relatable bro

      2. Adhii Np

        bahahha this comment made my day .