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    The new year means new drama. Chicken Girls season 6 premieres March 10th at 3pm PST only on Brat TV!
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.
    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Official Trailer

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    1. Brat TV

      what are you most excited for in season 6??

      1. Kierston Hocevar


      2. Aiona

        Omgggggg yesss!!❤️❤️❤️💜💘💖💞💓💚🤎💘🧡

      3. Leah Norman

        And ryme

      4. Leah Norman


      5. Hasnatul mahi

        @Emerald Moore I wish they get together!

    2. Mercy Kezia

      Where is the link for "Chicken Girls Season 6" Marathon?

    3. Karen starring veatrice

      I'm still on season 1 episode 1

    4. Ameera Khan

      This is the Last season with the OG cast so sad

    5. _ sweetner _

      Soooooo.... _where is the season 7 trailer_

    6. zoeymonster 101

      No offense but tk is trash

    7. Camila Terrazas

      Um we need a chicken girls season 7 trailer

    8. paulina Torres

      Y’all need ace back if y’all ever make a new season

    9. Aisha De Mendonca

      Well I've come back to watch it again... And the way Astrid says 'peace out 2019, you will not be missed' yeahhh I think we ALL miss 2019, 2020 *s u c k s*

    10. Natalia Ayala

      I have to wait a whole year just for season 6?!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO whyyyyyyy meeeeeeeee

    11. Natalia Ayala

      0:03 um girl u jinxed it because EVERYBODY misses 2019

    12. Jacqueline Vallejo

      Season 3 trailer and season 6 trailer are the most intense in my opinion. ✨

    13. Mercy Kezia

      When is the Chicken Girls Season 6 Marathon will be on HUfast?


      Rhymes makeup has changed a lot in season 1 she used to wear 30 % of makeup and in season 6 she is wearing like a 99% of makeup

    15. Lalchhanhimi Chhantei

      Did Rhyme and T.K are still couple

    16. Leah Norman

      Is season six out

    17. Iresh Mahbeer

      i bursted into laughter when flash or rush( what ever u say) said awkward

    18. Belinda Pablo

      Who's here after watching the end of season 6? 😂

    19. alison rose

      And now season 6 is over :( But we have season 7 YAY!!!

    20. that_girl_ naz

      they need to make another chicken girls movie it would be so litttt!!!

    21. Mrunal Bhalerao

      Don’t tell me this is gonna be the final season of The CHICKEN GIRLS!🙁🙁🥺

    22. life life

      I want season 7

    23. venugopal reddy

      this shouldnt be the last season. who agrees with me??

    24. Luka Rivera

      Why do I think that Rhyme and TK are gonna kiss

    25. Serenity Manion

      I want Tk and rhyme back together they r so cute together. Can't wait for the new season. Looks like lots of drama!! But plz have Tk and Rhyme back together!!!!

    26. Olivia Mulham

      i started getting emotional when annies song photograph came on because its from season one and i feel like this season is the last one :(

    27. AJ Leigh

      I bet this is the last season WHY WOULD THEY SAY ITS A rap everyone AT THE end :( I hope this isn't the lAST season ) if it is I'm CRYING my guy . :(((((

    28. reem alrayyashi

      Ummm does this have by any chance..Avani from TikTok??????

    29. Rosemary Mutindi

      TK we all know that you are definitely in love with rhyme so go for. life is all about taking chances also were did Kayla go to. I'm in love with this show cant wait for the rest

    30. natalie Belcher

      Please please bring back Ezra back

    31. Ashley Zhu

      The end with rhyme and tk 🥺❤️

    32. Alicia O Brien

      Thyme is gonna be endgame I swear 😭😭😭

    33. Alexandra Elffors Hjalmarsson

      will season 7 come???????????

    34. f m

      There better be season 7

    35. Suzzy B

      Will the be s7 bcs in the real movie they showed coming up next

    36. Alia Hanbali

      In chicken girls can you guys make a video that TK and SADEY break up and sadey goes crazy

    37. caro moormeier

      Yo solo vine por avani :v

    38. Clover Medrano

      I can’t wait until all the episodes come out

    39. chicken girls news

      who is whatching this in the midle of season6 just locking for clues that thyme will be back

    40. Mareem

      When is season 7 coming out

    41. Jessica Hartland

      i Really hope Tk and Sadie break up and he starts having feelings for Rhyme

    42. Yaneth Gonzalez

      Is Anyone going to talk about how they played Photograph in the trailer and it was the song from season 1, AND IT WAS TOWARDS TK

    43. jane aro

      honestly it made me cry so hard and I don't even know why 😖

    44. Ava Worley

      I hope it is not the last season

    45. Rim Abouelkacim

      I think and hope that rythme and t.k are getting back together at the end ❤💜

    46. Its _giulia

      Is lo aree in netflix?

    47. Sioppi Manataz

      I wish chicken girls never ends :c 💖💖

    48. Makayla Testorff

      TK and Ryme might get together

    49. MochaZila

      Can't wait for the episode where Rhyme says TK while running in the hallway!!

    50. hi vash

      Season 6 please 🙏🙏🙏

    51. gothicduck

      I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AVANI THE WHOLE SEASON 👉🥺👈 who is watching in 2020 :)

    52. Bry Buck

      does anybody know when season 6 episode 7 will be released????

    53. Nerie Eusebio

      Why is there chicken girls if no TK AND RHYME

    54. elhopper __

      i need all the episodes to come out right now !! i love rhyme and t.k there so cute i love them

    55. Rakhshanda Yushra

      *Brat I beg you on my knees plz don't make it the last season of the chicken girls*

    56. Kevau Loi

      I like there movies they are so fun to watch 😍😍

    57. Lutfa Ashik

      I love this show it has grown up with me Who else saw the last scene where rhyme came running like how TK ran in the first season

    58. Gaspard Astride

      I'm i the only one who know that TK and Rhyme will be dating in the end of the season?

    59. Rory Pablo

      Omg when Annie is running down the hall saying TK omg I want them to kiss like the good old days

    60. Rim Abouelkacim

      Awwww the new year celebration together

    61. Rim Abouelkacim

      I don't think that rhyme likes Sadie or that she is okay with tk having a gf

    62. Aazaiah Mermaid

      2019 wont be missed but because of 2020 I think I miss it a little

    63. Lea-Jade Nolan

      Chicken girls started off with TK and rhyme together. So they better get back together. That is what chicken girls is about.

    64. Nora Elise

      This is definitely an interesting season you can see that the girls have grown up much! I have a feeling this is going to be the last season which is kind of sad .😢 I really hope Kayla’s gonna come back

    65. Nora Elise

      I’m a little worried it sounds like it’s gonna be the last season

    66. Arani Shane Colina

      so there's no Kayla anymore?

    67. Konstantina .T

      Jealous rhyme

    68. Erick suarez


    69. Hayden Taylor

      Ok I predicting this Tommy and Sadie break up Wes spends time with rhymes cousin Rhyme and tk will get back together

    70. linyiah Deeny

      Yooooo AVANI

    71. paz miliam

      in the minute 1:27 I feel like they did the same but the reverse of season 1 episode 4

    72. Eva Hang

      Are u sure is out

    73. Jessica Goodchild

      what days do the episodes come out because i love this series so much its honestly my favourite!!!!!!

      1. Anna Buchanan


    74. Ameliya Khan

      I love this season cause it is more relatable with LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 and disorders

    75. romina bergamo

      When is episode 6 season 6 coming out??

      1. romina bergamo

        Sorry what

      2. romina bergamo

        At WhatsApp time

    76. petra youtube

      I’m scared 😟 but when I saw rhyme running a just knew what’s gonna happen💛❤️

    77. Rawan Alshouhati

      Omg I really can’t whant for then six episode six ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    78. Naomi Betts

      does anyone else feel like rooney is like a bisexual version of alec from shadowhunters and rhyme is a straight version of magnus just bc she's been with so many ppl lmao

    79. Naomi Betts

      i still ship ezra and rhyme but i have a feeling tk and rhyme will end up together but she'll still be friends with wes

    80. aydın yırtıcı

      aawww i really think tk and rhyme meant to be together am i alone

    81. Libby Parsons

      Asher, annie boyfriend should join chicken girls then annie will actually have a boyfriend in chicken girls

    82. Samara Dinkel

      Who else thinks Rhyme and TK are going to get back together

    83. Samantha PLAYS

      when will season 6 be realeased???, i can’t wait! i’ve been waiting...

      1. Michelle Klettner

        There's a new episode coming out every tuesday and it already started 5 weeks ago


      Hi , can i ask how to be part of brat? or how to audition? i'm from Philippines :)

    85. Samantha PLAYS

      I thought Annie and Hayden had broken up??, why do they still do movies together? (Anyone noticed that?)

      1. Michelle Klettner

        Because it's their job so they have to act together in the shows they get paid for it but they're only playing their characters

    86. Kate'slane LOL

      Is there gonna be a season 7

    87. Kate'slane LOL

      Is there gonna be a season 6

    88. sofia de la torre

      Am I the only one who saw ty with his shirt off.... and daaaannngggg🤤

    89. Brynnie ALDC

      Astrid in 2019: Goodbye 2019 you will not be missed. 2020: You sure bout that?😂

    90. Samantha Milian

      I hope chicken. girls isn’t ending or i’m GONNNNA CRY

    91. mariam shehzadi

      i love this

    92. Helena H

      I am soooo soooo happy tk is back!

    93. Paladium X12

      What are the songs played in this trailer? I noticed photograph. What's the other one?

    94. Υρω Κουτσ

      what days new episodes go up ?

    95. Andi T.

      I love the way TK aka Hayden looked at Rhyme aka Annie🥺🥺😭😭! I really wished they never broke up! I really really miss HANNIE!!😭😭🥺🥺!! #HANNIE FOREVER!!!!!!!😭😭🥺🥺

    96. Tamanna Gupta

      when are u guys releasing the last episode

    97. amairany lopez

      when is season 6 episode 3 coming out

    98. unknown person

      Which year 10th of march

    99. Maxine Lopez

      "2019 you will not be missed".....i miss 2019

    100. Niamh Gavin

      TK and rhyme need to get back