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    Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of Chicken Girls with the Chicken Girls Docuseries.
    Episode 2 - Prep
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, “The Chicken Girls” - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of “Chicken Girls,” “Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, “Zoe Valentine” and more.

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    1. Monse Mouse

      "a lot of them have never acted before" yea and it shows 💀

    2. watermelonsugar

      ever thought of getting a muslim character? I mean I’m up teehee

    3. Iti Mehide

      i love the fact that corinne plays simone and has a friend named symonne

    4. mxrilyn

      the fact we get to see them grow up now just like we did with the og chicken girls is so fun

    5. mxrilyn

      they should make an episode where the lg chicken girl cast reunite 😀🤛🏼

      1. mxrilyn

        og* LMAO

    6. 佐藤良子

      Can I audition for brat tv show I acted for 2year I’ve been on a Disney commercial

    7. Alexxxa Wild

      good video thank you😈

    8. Tsian Callender

      Am I the only one who didn't know Kayla had a last name and it's Sharp?😭

    9. MelNi Imamovic

      They wrote elliana's name wrong at 8:17

    10. Eva Minto

      Yes you did try the singing part

    11. baylee peghee

      Who else is going to keep a good look out for Corrine in the season? Cause I am.

    12. cristal hidalgogalindo

      do you need an someone causes i want to be on brat tv pls

    13. Marion Ong'ayo

      #unblock gavin

    14. Mayra Garcia

      i kwo txunamy and coco

    15. It's Me Juliana

      I don't like the new gum commercial the old one with Annie is way better also we all know they don't wear masks 6 feet apart throwing gum??? They probably hang out without masks or staying apart... In fact they Do

    16. Aren’t I lovely?

      I feel like when they started to shift to harmonys group (hailey) lost quite a lot of viewers. Just bring back the OG chicken girls

    17. Itzel Escobedo

      why is wes in the intro? Or the commerical

    18. Lizabeth Monegro

      ogs would remember Dylan in Henry Danger

    19. Lureymi Diaz

      I love the video

    20. Lureymi Diaz


    21. Haylee Marcus

      I wonder what agencies they went to and how they auditioned

    22. Queen Esther Vergara

      Rhyme , Harmony , Kayla & Layla I love them four 💞

    23. Barbra Mutheu

      You should do one for brobot🙂

    24. Chloe Chandra

      I really want to act in chicken girls

    25. Supriti Saikia

      I wish piper was here : I

    26. No U

      it infuriates me to see people wearing a mask not covering their defeats the whole purpose

    27. Sara Carliss

      I feel like Hannie isint going to get back together but I’d guess I’d be fine with them being friends.. But they would be more cute than they were before... If they ever got back together I would probably be living in a dream!❤️❤️

    28. Sara Carliss

      I literally thought Hayley was Annie. They are like twins, all of us in the world had like a major glowup definitely Annie and Hayley!!❤️❤️

    29. K K

      How do you audition

    30. Gemma Macrae

      Me just realising that PK is Addison Rae’s little brother = :O

    31. Julian Baybay

      I can feel how nervous enzo is

    32. Güneş Kardeşim

      What channel is this movie on? I can't watch it on TV in my area.

    33. Moyinoluwa Daramola

      bring back piper rockelle

    34. Amyah Breakfield

      I soooooo happy for sensm 8😃😀😃

    35. im a Unicorn

      Hi i love this

    36. Dj Cruz

      Please say they have at least 1 ep. with ALL the original cast

    37. Crushi: Original Indie Artist, Producer & Musician

      Love you guys! LOVE & UNDERSTANDING - Crushi 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 + Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

    38. Grace Colla-Tariah

      I also never seen Corrine I. Chicken girls

    39. Annie Angel

      I rewatched Red Ruby yesterday and I forgot how much I love it!! Brat please make Red Ruby season 2!!!!

    40. Grace Colla-Tariah

      I never saw Corrine in mani

    41. Mary Beth Davis

      Me i am

    42. Pamu Pshtiwan

      I love chicken girls

    43. Rocsi Vlogs

      Corribe is worst

    44. Rocsi Vlogs

      I have never seen corinne in the series she said one line at the last series and she is in all the videos

    45. Arya Menon

      Plzz bring back birdy and roony along with all the others

    46. Feyawna W. Corcha

      kayla is backkk

    47. Elisha Reem Deloria

      exited for the next episode

    48. Jhay Esplana

      I want red ruby back

    49. rikku

      I just cant move on that Kayla's back!ahhck!😍💖

    50. Carla Brote


    51. AlexisJiselle Lao

      has anybody noticed that corrine said she plays symmone on chicken girls but that’s also her friend’s name (symmone) if you don’t know her she was in Gavin magnus’ squad and now symmone is in Piper Rockelle’s squad

    52. Delphine Cadorette

      Rooney and Kayla come back to the sow

    53. Joi Burton

      I love the show chicken girl

    54. Pradnyani Kausiky Nara Yogini

      Me: brat, why is the docuseries longer than the real episode 왜요? 为什么?

    55. Joe Biden is a pedophile

      Can I stop by the set one day to sniff every one?

    56. Meztli Jaramillo

      Do move dirt

    57. Nestor Luis

      Post Mani

    58. fxiryquinn

      Where is coco!!

    59. Karen starring veatrice

      The girl in the extra commercial is my favorite part of this video because she is in one of my most favorite shows attaway general

    60. Miko - San

      See this is why I wanna act.

    61. Seth Hunter

      Does this mean a return for Kayla Give Quinn Ellie and birdie a call and we could get the gang back together

    62. Isaac Tuffour

      Actually I never see Corinne on the show, but she appeared here😕

    63. Luisa Dayson

      Brat! Can i audition? HAHA

    64. Stella Games

      Everyone: Who’s been here since season 1 ep1? Me: WhOs StArTeD In ThE mIdDlE oF tHe ShOw?

    65. Sophia's World

      I dont speak spanish so what did txunamy say when she was speaking to her dad?

    66. sudo's talkshow

      Make episodes rather than these 🙁

    67. laul laul

      I am expecting GAVIN and NICOLETT

    68. laul laul

      I am expecting GAVIN and NICOLETT

    69. top daily

      Some thing wrong

    70. Among Us

      Eggie's cloth likes Batik

    71. Lilla BarniKristóf

      When can we see corinne on chiken girls episodes? Beacuse we didn't see her yet

    72. Hickmat Sidik

      Can I join Chicken girls because this is my favorite show and I really love acting and can’t wait to start my career

    73. George Gritsis

      Coco 👍👍❤️

    74. Fareeshay Sohail

      K well that just tells me corrine is gonna have a big part in the next episode



    76. Ashley's Vlog's


    77. Brooklyn Leeson

      i love the chicken girls

    78. Naomi Garcia

      I know the girl who is sewing she’s on TickTock isn’t all these HUfast channel people on TickTock I mean TickTock people on its own

    79. Alondra Colon

      🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 😍😍😍😍

    80. Zoey Jane

      Are we gonna get kayla in the future episodes?????

    81. Zainab Nasir

      Why cant yall give them a chance like u guys gave the og cast. They werent the best actors in the first season either. This is a big opportunity for Hayley and the others. Give them a shot. And also Hayley is an AMAZING actors. Idk if its coz she had more experience but shes amazing and i am so proud of her.

    82. Keolakai Mākaʻimoku

      I really want Kayla to come back!

    83. Mr. Outlets

      I love that Dylan conrique is in this who knows her in “baby blue”

    84. Raul Moran

      What did txunamy say in spanish

    85. Poppy Gardner

      Omg Dylan is coming back?!!!

    86. sauya noah

      Am glad kyla is coming back

    87. daniella pappoe

      When will Dylan be in the show

    88. Zaahira Banu

      Actually who else found txyunami’s introduction funny on thx vid

    89. Lya Fazil

      The ingro that is what hqppend to me😭

    90. reem samal

      i can't be the only one that thinks mateo/jordan looks like a mini jim sturgess

    91. Moses Chris

      I Love You Guys So Much I can wait to watch season 7 of chicken girl it so interested 🌹 💕 😍 🌹

    92. Hannan Mohamud

      where is corine in the chicken girls

    93. Alexa Kuit

      no sabia que txmaxy habla español

    94. Leilani Ramos

      Can I audition? lol

    95. Sadxmee

      I love chicken girls oml

    96. kelly beganovic

      They should of did this in season 1

    97. Kamran Shaikh

      Why the docuseries are longer then the normal episodes


      I wish I could act in brat!!!!!!!! Jealous!

    99. Princess Clemente

      lmao love when tu speak Spanish to his dad😂🤍