CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 10: “Fly So High”

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    It's the season finale of Chicken Girls and Attaway is gearing up for the graduation ceremony. What may signal goodbyes for some, leads to new beginnings for others.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 10: “Fly So High”

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    1. Brat TV

      what was your favorite part of the episode?? and what do you hope will happen in season 7???

      1. gitika sharma

        Ik that small sis of rhyme will be like Annie we have a hope with Hayley go hayley

      2. Najma Mehta

        "maybe yes, maybe no" 😂😂 Omgg

      3. Charla_ 1230

        See Rhyme sister find her chicken girls. And see you who Quinn new friend is.

      4. Shaela Baca

        Please make Rhyme and Tk date I've watched this over and over again

      5. Miss Secret


    2. Fardosa Feisal

      My one and only favourite episode😔😟😷😢

    3. kailey hydes

      I am a new one for the best time for the♥️♥️♥️💋💋

    4. joshuwafilms

      Anyone else miss Kayla

    5. # Divija Baral

      if in in seson 10 rhyme tk and harmoney and ak are bf gf

    6. Richa Sharma

      Wait, did Ellie broke up w/ Robbie?

    7. Lazaro Marcos

      I herd my causen singing the Chicken girls song

    8. Lazaro Marcos

      I love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ Chicken girls a lot

    9. samantha johnson

      When harmony said maybe yes maybe no who else thought of the song photograph

    10. Matana Mitchell

      Omg I literally cried

    11. Christina Jang

      I miss Kayla D:

    12. Bejok nangnyu

      This episode is so emotional

    13. Anahy Guevara

      it was sooo sad seeing rhyme (juliana/annie) give harmony (hayley) the chicken girls bracelet 😭😭

    14. Sierra Sullivan

      Luna and Ty are so cute!!

    15. Grace Joseph

      were is kayla?

    16. Lakshitha 1218

      Sorry but can anyone say what does OG mean? P.S : I'm kind of blowing my mind right now...

    17. The world of sunsets

      Why can’t Kayla come back 😭😭😭😭😭

    18. Roger Espanial

      "congrat-ufrickin-lation"-Ellie 2020

    19. Karla du Toit


    20. Qingchen LI

      To be honest: the chicken girls were not best friends....... they fought about boys and a lot of other random stuff

    21. Jullinar _jerry Alghamdi

      I’m just saying I didn’t cry 🌚🙄. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ok I’m going to tell the truth I cryed a lot I just remembered my crew wich they died in a car accident 😭

    22. Peyton Ganther

      This had me in tears

    23. Xaheed Gul

      Astrid is nice now as rhyme hugged her and they are getting better together soo yea

    24. macynlucia

      the chemistry with annie and hayden isn't really there now

    25. Brooke Matthews

      Ty and Luna are the cutest couple!

    26. Yamilet Aguirre

      What happend to kayla

    27. Anika Allen

      What happened to Kayla she’s been gone fir like ever

    28. Kiki Minhas

      I love this show but it makes me feel so alone 🤣

    29. Olivia Playz

      Its so funny that tk is Thomas k

    30. Maria Rivera

      did you guys kinda notice that annie was about to cry when hayden i miss my friend

    31. Livvy Mca

      am i the only one wanting brat to make a chicken girl series on Harmony’s friends?!

    32. Manjra Thakur

      harmony is a smart girl i mean really oof!!!

    33. ART Studio

      I am balling who else I cants stop crying

    34. Bts Fan Forever

      I am crying because chicken girls song and they are spitting up. 😢😢😢

    35. Miya Midnight

      7:36 she still wears the purple bracelet!!😣😣😭😭 I missed that...😭😭

    36. Sissy Lopez

      This episode is so sad 😞

    37. Isabella Quintana

      The end almost made me cry🥺

    38. Alyssa S Ayoubi

      Which do you like better? Rhyme and TK? Or Rhyme and Wes?

    39. top daily

      I miss the old cast on chicken girls I am 😢


      T.k : you think that she want to hear from me Harmony : maybe yes maybe no Me : is that the lyrics from photograph

    41. Abbss

      Anyone notice how long Rhyme and Tks hug was...Rhyme and TK better get together in seasons 7

    42. T̷h̷e̷P̷a̷s̷t̷e̷l̷R̷o̷s̷e̷

      I don't like rhymes cousin since she came lol

    43. Doug Laidlaw

      Who else cried when this was ending :O =-O 👇

    44. Karen Rattray

      The ending made me cry soo much

    45. Amandaplays ap

      Noooo I wanted Kayla

    46. 6C Tamarah Marian Thomas

      A little emotional... But will they have a reunion... 😊

    47. Itzz. Nalijah

      Where is Kaylaaaaaa who else misses her

    48. Susan Ackermann

      tbh im actualy glad that rhyme and tk are in good terms

    49. Sofie Elle

      This episode made so..... Emotional 😢😢 I'm gonna cry some rain 😭😭

    50. Surinder pal Singh

      *Harmony* saying " If u tell anyone I will kick ur but" *T.K* " scared" lol

    51. Annabel Mccullen

      Hi 👉👈😀

    52. Katelyn Adams

      so wait, the chicken girls are Seniors now right? like in season 7.

    53. Janette solis

      omg what a moment tk remember wen he was whit rhyme and about to kiss omg

    54. Janette solis

      Rhyme and tk are good together and like ofc

    55. Matilde Jara

      Am I the only one that really cried when TK (hayden) and Rhyme (annie) agreed to be friends and when they did a flashback of the chicken girls after rhyme passed the CG bracelets to harmony (hayley)?? I've been here since the first season and even I was there when hannie happened....I love this series!

    56. Carina Isabel

      I came back here because i miss og chicken girls

    57. nilah coimin

      this is like my 100 time re watching this show and i really don't get why they wouldn't stick to the orginal cast for the 7th season they couldve waited until they all graduated it was really to soon for the show to end with the orginal cast.

    58. hafsi taj

      Who else miss Tim sharp

    59. Babynut For life

      Wow tears 😥😥😥

    60. avudaisy

      “ fly so high “

    61. Niya’s World

      Ok ik it ain’t me but who else saw Luna caption

    62. TR - 06MJ 807668 Centennial Sr PS

      to be honest Sadie is so pretty but her character does not match her at all

    63. Allanah Nomdoe

      It's so sad to see them grow up from season 1 to season 6 .if y'all are in or going to High School it going to be as sad as this y'all I promise.I'm crying right now . it's so sad 😔😭

    64. Freya Coffey

      Did anyone realise that the part with TK and Rhyme at the end could also be like in real like

    65. DA FOOD FAM

      How did TK get that first day picture again? Didnt Quinn find it and show it to Rhyme

    66. xpwag

      I love this

    67. Liesie Lotter

      When the lights go off in America:That's weird When the lights go off on South Africa:LOADSHEDDINGGGGG!!!! South Africans will understand

    68. girl in the world

      when is kayla going to come back

    69. Zaahira Banu

      Which is the best If you like that means rhyme and tk is the best If you comment that means rhyme and Wes are the best Choose the best

    70. Zaahira Banu

      Me: scrolling through the comments Also me: realising that everyone wants tk (Hayden) rhyme(Annie)back together but the thing is they broke up in 2 years ago and because of this siries they had to come back has friends so the chances of reuniting is low

    71. Latifa Almansoori

      Like seriously I will cry I want more seasons ily chicken girls

    72. Trevor Aragon

      My favorite part of this episode is when TK was talking to harm in the hallway.

    73. Elaine Leavey

      I hope that there will be a happy ending.

    74. Evie Regas

      When Annie said to Hayden “you were such a big person in my life and than you just disappear” you could tell she Meant it in really life who liked hannie better than ashannie

    75. TR - 06MJ 807668 Centennial Sr PS

      the last part was so sad i cried i really missed Kayla and Monica

    76. TR - 06MJ 807668 Centennial Sr PS

      i love aliyah she is so pretty

    77. Raayaa Ali

      i wish my friends were like that..☹️ i miss the old days when i was super close but now we are drifting apart...😭.. i am crying rn....

    78. Annie Lockett

      Kayla just disappeared

    79. TR - 06MJ 807668 Centennial Sr PS

      i miss Kayla and Tim

    80. TR - 06MJ 807668 Centennial Sr PS

      honestly this ep was the saddest thing ever

    81. Unicorn canon Rodriguez

      I love your video,s

    82. natalie

      a little detail, in S1E10, Quinn already got Rhyme that photo, but It's a cute scene when TK gives that to Rhyme

    83. Paulina Georgoulis

      wait are they seniors in high school???

    84. Arzoo Azhar

      I don’t know about you guys but I almost cried 😭🤧

    85. Jocelyn Christabella

      the last part omggg 🥺 it made me cry

    86. Jocelyn Christabella


    87. Stephanie A

      HARMONY IS THE BEST IN THIS SERIES! NO TOXICITY AND NO DRAMA! Just good vibes, a total icon and gives AMAZING advice. Rhyme would be lost without her😂💕

    88. Kaila Powell

      Psh, I'm not crying, you are :(

    89. Piper Laberne

      Look at their 2020

    90. Tai and Ari Moran

      I'm crying

    91. .....

      Its sad how this is the end well its feels like the end

    92. Flat Eyelash

      13:09 13:09 only people who have been here since the ketchup packet times. Listen to 13:09 and just feel the nostalgia, let it soak in. We fly so high like birds as a feather I can't believe it my childhood. It feels like it was just yesterday 😭


      Omg I can't believe all this is over and now new seasons and new characters.

    94. Maria Janina Tabasan

      I miss the Season 1 Cast. 😭🤧

      1. Flat Eyelash

        Same ❤️ I miss everyone I don't want them to leave but you know everyone grows up. Especially Annie/rhyme and tk their relationship at the beginning. When she hands harmony the bracelets it really hit hard. Like birds as a feather.

    95. Daniella Koenig

      1:00 best part of every episode

    96. L I Z Z I E

      What happened with Kayla & Tim!! Its so sad that they aren't in the last episode! Kayla was a part of chicken girls 😭.

    97. Drama queen ren

      I miss kayla

    98. History 8

      Congrajufrickilations!! Hilarious!!

    99. sophia janke

      I love Harmony but I want the OG cast to continue and her to be the one that knows more about life than Ryme. I never want chicken girls to end.

    100. Ferdosa Ahmedin

      The ending melts my heart theres going to be new chicken girls no more rhyme and her gang they are amazing together and harmony will make a amazing chicken girls