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    Annie LeBlanc reacts to all the juiciest moments from Season 6 of Chicken Girls.

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    1. Mahnazxxplays

      This is actually in real life Hannie for life go back together already !

    2. Fareefta Khan

      Tk’s room so cool Me: very true

    3. Salma Omar

      Annie is soo happy talking about to plz go together

    4. Mariah Playz

      We can tell annie misses Hayden so much like if u think too💫🥺

    5. Prarthna Raheja

      annie comment when rhyme says i wish i never dated you"she really said what she said" will never ever ever not be hilarious

    6. Natasha Alqueza

      You can tell Annie misses Hayden and Annie's so brave cause they used to date but maybe they can be together in the future you'll never know life is an adventure anything can change within a second

    7. Janette solis

      she miss the friendship I think she still loves Hayden but on the show Hayden is Thomas

    8. Nian Lian

      season 6 is the worst season

    9. Alyna Shearer

      I’m Crying Because Of The End.

    10. Evie Regas

      Do ya’ll call your self the chicken girls in real life?

    11. Upkar Sahni

      I remember all the scenes from season 1 to 6 I loved those and the part when she was telling about episode ten I noticed that part when I was watching the episode ten of this series Like below if u also love to watch chicken girls🥰😁🤩

    12. Charlotte Kenney

      u can see annies eyes shining as the tk and rhyme scene

    13. Diya Patel

      u can tell that Annie misses Hayden

    14. Shelsea Monarca

      idk why but i have seen chicken girls 5 times

    15. its_ Surbhi

      Awwww!!!!! When Annie saw Hayden and her scene I think she has tears in her eyes!!!!!! This so cute

    16. Alondra Torres

      I just saw their recent video, why'd they turn off their comments??

    17. Gabriella Gasser

      How do you audition?

    18. axurelle sofia

      You can tell while Harmony's in middle school and Rhyme would be going to college

    19. MiraMedia

      Annie was blushing when The T.K. and Rhyme Moments

    20. Team Fonseca


    21. Fluffy Girl

      i am waching this in 2020 like if you are

    22. Fluffy Girl

      i love you

    23. Incredi Girls

      I mis them

    24. lilly scott

      i feel like in the apology scene with rhyme and tk they were also apologizing in real life to

    25. Robin Huygen

      can someone tell where kayla go? i miss her:C

    26. Jane Fish

      I honestly miss it. Her friendship with Hayden kind of breaks me seeing they aren’t together to this day😭🥺

    27. Sadiah Ahmed

      "Wherever you'll go, it'll always be Annie and Hayden - Hayden and Annie."❤

    28. Soumya Mishra

      After like 10:15 for a few seconds, we can see it became more than reacting to the scene... all I wanna do is hug her ❤️

    29. Jiya Shah

      We can actually say that Annie misses her friendship with Hayden💜💜💜

    30. just_another_human_ 2005

      who remembers that they made the dance for chicken girls right before they shot the scene?!

    31. just_another_human_ 2005

      who remembers that they made the dance for chicken girls right before they shot the scene?!

    32. ABN GABERZ

      Are they still friends or nah

    33. Kenzie Nelson

      Dang! I came so far for this. I remember watching the first episode when it first came out🥺

    34. Deboreah Olaoluwa


    35. Arisha Miah

      You can really tell Annie misses her friendship with hayden especially during the part where says he misses his friend and she said me too under her breath

    36. Daria Nowikow


    37. Sherray Douglas

      Annie remembers the day they jumped in the pool

    38. Eilidh Paterson

      Annie: This song is engraved in my brain. Me: Same

    39. Caterina Koufos

      React to season 4 when Ezra was there also BRING EZRA BACKK

    40. Tamanna Gupta

      did anyone notice that annie didn't react to rhyme and tk recall the old days episode 6



    42. Leslie Youll

      I can tell Annie still misses Hayden 🥺💖

    43. Lina Agdouche

      I thank annie still love hayden Who thank that👍😘

    44. Laila Lumen

      can we talk about the fact that annie ships rhyme and tk because she said wait that's all i get before the hugged.

    45. Safiyyah Mughal

      How does Annie not cringe at herself when watching her videos back. I would have it 😂

    46. refal alhajri

      I feel like annie missed hayden

    47. Tamara Elgabry

      Aww she misses him🥺

    48. Karla barbosa

      i love them like im such a hannie shipper and like even if they just became friends again, id be happy

    49. Evelyn

      Hi Annie are you still friends with Hayden?

    50. Hope Clayton

      It makes me sad that annie misses her friendship with hayden I really hope hannie gets close at they used to be I will be so happy and I will be happy for Both of them 🥺 #weneedhanniefriendshipback

    51. Anna Sophia Penzo Valdez

      It's obviously she miss her friendship with annie but she knows hayden it's not going to be her friend again 🤣

    52. george weasley

      use this as an 'i think annie should teach us the dance to the theme song' button

    53. george weasley

      oh no poor baby if you watch her face at all the TK and rhyme moments you can really see the pain in her eyes poor baby

    54. Graci Branton

      She is trying her hardest not to cry

    55. Mad Maddie Fannin


    56. Bennett Slavin

      Rhymes rant at the game is the best scene in the show

    57. Bennett Slavin

      The fact that she can still do back tuck even though she has probably barely trained in 2 years is kinda a impressive

    58. Valentina Vega

      she is how is page doing

    59. Valentina Vega

      i am your big est fan

    60. Fjolla Loshi

      I Miss hannie (hayden and annie)❤️❤️

    61. Kara -lou08

      Brb I’m just starting chicken girls again 💗👑

    62. Leah’s Lovely Life

      Annie sooooooo wants a friendship with Hayden !

    63. Yesenia Corona

      i new that was avani

    64. Tom Dimou

      I really didn’t notice that Avani was in there!!

    65. Tanisha Shinde

      Annie really needs Hayden back!! I mean look at her in the scene where she reacts to TK and Rhyme meeting

    66. De'Nia Keith

      im a huge fan of the Chicken girls

    67. Jackie's Vlogs

      love you annie

    68. Nafisa Shah

      I saw her blushing so much

    69. Tea Time


    70. aisha jain

      did anyone else notice that whenever Tk/Hayden speaks, Annie goes completely silent?

    71. Alayna tamura


    72. Cats Wiff Kaylee

      who doesn't think Astrid should be a chicken girl? ... Just me? ok...

    73. Karamello Cook

      I can't wait for season 7 so excited

    74. Sone Laubscher


    75. Adazia Fitzgerald


    76. Amaia Jimenez Vlogs

      Her rosting her own role

    77. Kelly Bee

      i need more annie in chiken girls pls

    78. Giselle Bruce

      I don’t mind if they don’t want to be in a relationship it’s their choice but I rlly do think they should be close friends again

    79. Mysha And her world

      This brings back so many memories

    80. Toca Cookie

      Oh god I remember cringing to all the seasons 😂

    81. Melicor Surprises

      Still ship Hayden Summerall and Annie LeBlanc.

    82. Denize Angel

      i know i watch that ep

    83. sayee

      Does anyone remember when Luna was an enemie

    84. Dustee Shaffer

      Is it weird working with your sister and being sisters in the show

    85. Charlene Adams

      l love you annie and your acting is brilliant

    86. Charlene Adams

      l love you Annie you acting is brilliant

    87. Queanna Riley

      gemma: 8:17 "for what is worth" me :i hope we can be more we are a thousand words that's our current score

    88. Lilian Tekele

      there now i don't need to watch season 5 and season 6 i watched this instead and now i have all the spoilers so i could watch season 7

    89. Ridhi

      10:31 annie noticing thats what really happend with her and hayden

    90. Daniyal Akram

      Did anyone else start singing the song rhyme aka annie sang in the chicken girls movie "for what it's worth I hope we can be more we are 1000 words that are current score" and started singing photograph when harmony aka hayley said " maybe yes maybe no"

    91. Josephine McCarver

      Harmony under breath: me to Me: burst out laughing

    92. Josephine McCarver

      Omg I love the outfit Annie wears when she rounds out that Hayley medold! And also ik I spelled that wrong

    93. Jorja Bomberry

      Christopher is really into tall girls

    94. Julianne Rodriguez

      im suchhhhhhhhh a fannnnnn i beng watch all day

    95. Lyla Beane

      was i the only one who made a rap when she rimed.HAHAHHAHA oop-

    96. Contreras Viviana

      God stop. Annie is fine


      hey Annie Leblanc my sister loves Watching Chicken Girls Season 1,2,3,4,5,and 6 My Sister Can't Wait To See Chicken Girls Season 7 #Annie LeBlanc And Hayden Summerall

    98. Eva Biskup

      Wait so it’s not about rhyme and TK become boyfriend and girlfriend!?😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭

    99. Micky kazmi

      am i the only one that saw that it was coming in sep 8th then looked at the date .... August 25th.......

    100. Marilou Chouinard

      I am the only one that watch this before the 6 seasons