CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 6: “Team Manager”

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    Bel gives Harmony an ultimatum, while TK. takes his cousin under his wing.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, “The Chicken Girls” - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 6: “Team Manager”

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    1. Brat TV

      what are your thoughts on this episode? is Harmony making the right choice?

      1. audrey bloom


      2. Ella and Georgias squad official

        I love it so much 🤩💞🥰🤩💞🥰

      3. Ella and Georgias squad official


      4. Aminath Hanaan

        I don't think so. I feel like it would be better if she talked to them instead of lying and made a compromise together

      5. Zaylee Lopez


    2. anayah salehyar

      Why are these episodes so short I keep rewatching them cause I’m bored 😐

    3. Lexi & ash’s Roblox adventures

      Harmonys awesome I love this show

    4. Bea Sanchez

      "but I want a girlfriend now" lmaooo pk patience

    5. ng channel

      my name is bell

    6. Sharannya Lasagna

      P.K makes me laugh

    7. Ana Diaz

      I want a girlfriend now! TK whoa,whoa,whoa patience grasshopper.

    8. Naleah Porter

      Tk be like "WOW WOW WOW GRASS HOPPER XD"

    9. Esha D

      woah harmony is becoming someone else altogether

    10. Amber Watson

      Bel is so creepy

    11. Audrie Vlogs

      Hey I was thinking if I could be part of this show I’m a good acter

    12. Lena Preus

      who else found it extremely creepy when we saw bell just standing there with the death stare?

    13. Megan Widen

      Is that. Achally bell mom they sound excsltey s like

    14. Dasani

      2:20 sis scared me😭😭

    15. Gymnastics FREAK

      P.K.: But I need a girlfriend now. T.K.: Whoa, whoa, whoa, patience little grasshopper!😂🤣🤣

    16. hxen n

      The criiinge I'm dyyyyiiiiiingggggggg heeeelp

    17. Nobantu Makunga

      omggg im in love with the new Chicken Girls

    18. Arpanjot Singh

      Im italian

    19. JJ_ Riptide

      “What’d they say? I will fight them!” Me😂

    20. Jasmine Velasquezdiaz

      I can’t believe that eggie change he’s seat to sit next to Clare

    21. nail nail

      the black ladies over here with terrible acting jesus

    22. navya bohra

      Claire's gonna be the death of me Me- I don't even care if the death of me(Hooked by Why Don't We) if you're a limelight ily

    23. Fries plays

      Whrn your trying to flirt IT Class be like

    24. Fries plays

      Harmony when she sees the girl be like run

    25. Lyla Tzir

      Boo actually isn't mean, he actually saves the children.

    26. Sarah Robinson

      I just started this season and I already dig it. Especially the last episode the way TK an Rhyme handled the whole setting PK up with Claire. I am going to be honest I expected better out of harmony. It kinda sucks being the new kid. I feel for PK. I really do. I also feel for bell. She had a relationship right in her grasp then Harm had to come and steal it away. I do agree with Harmony with one thing Bell is very bossy.

    27. Emily Barahona Argueta

      "but i want a girlfriend now" OMG TEHEHEHEHE

    28. Sam Rahn

      I love harmony! 1:39

    29. Jazelle Duran

      I miss the original chicken girls sooo imma watch the WHOLE series again

    30. Eva Skelton

      omg ship leyla and harmony

    31. SetiAnnie Fan

      I like brat love you Annie

    32. Brianne Abayan


    33. brooke b

      enzo's acting is terrible, *i said what i said*

    34. Yireh Ramirez

      i loved it when he said '' but i want a girlfriend now,'' lol that caught tk by surprise

    35. lorenne chrisou

      the amount of commericals is astronomical

    36. Simply Rhyme

      I will fight them.


      Harmony should ditch katie and Brittany all they want to be is popular

    38. Alani Guillaume

      when belles "mom" is just as bad of an actress as she is

    39. Romii u.u

      I don't know why but I ship leyla and harmony tehee

    40. xx_Not_Izzy_xx

      Who hates the new cast?? Harmony is the only person good at acting. They should just do the OG’s go to college. I really only like that they kept TK and Rhyme.

    41. Julia Adams

      4:20 looks like addison raes brother lucas

    42. Vickie. C

      I'm sorry but can we just stop and talk about how much Bell looked like someone of the movie Us when she was staring

    43. Navya Kaushal

      Ha love when harmony said “your 12” FINALLY SOMEONE TYY

    44. Panda_edits :

      This show is the best

    45. Ame

      First generations' hangout was Juniors, a cafe. Second generations' hangout is the parlor, ice cream. What is third generations' hangout gonna be? A pizza place? 👀

    46. Donna DiazDiaz

      How can people say no to Adamson‘s rare Little Brother

    47. Faith Branchal

      Tk is literally the best boy ever

    48. Jayla Lee

      idk why but the new acting seems so unnatural on some of the people

    49. Elaine Huang

      why does eggy look like dylan the hyper without glasses

    50. Jessica Velasquez

      If leyla doesnt get a proper coming out scene im out

    51. netanya joseph

      Did she just have a boo in her hand then it disappeared

    52. lily foster

      This season is basically dating advice

    53. Leilana Lebon

      Ik this kinda sound weird but when they grow up in the show I think Leyla and harmony should date

    54. Katherine Huttenhower

      haley actually not that bad at acting wait

    55. Jeylin Mejia

      Did anyone notice how Layla at 6:30 has blinder but then no blinders but then back to having blinders 😂

    56. Ddfdffgfgfg Gbfgbfgn

      The ice cream parlor be like:👁👄👁

    57. Trendydog _101

      That PK guy sounds like a robot when he talks

    58. Richard Miller

      Bel has awsome Hair

    59. Ashley Morejon

      hayley is a really good actor

    60. Alexxxa Wild

      i love your video

    61. Brianna Williams (Student)

      This show still going 💀💀

    62. Adiza Al-Hassan

      I'm not trying to be hateful but I just have to say Bel and Claire CANNOT ACT WHATSOEVER. I'm sorry I just had to say it.

    63. Alicia Jackson


    64. Çėlēštë çåmpøš

      Bad girls vibes

    65. Kostina Habtit

      I want jessenle grace to bein chicken girls

    66. BenShapirowheresthealbum

      only haley can act well

    67. akshu123

      I love how the intro has old and new contant.

    68. Kerry Ann Watson

      Can I be in chicken girls

    69. Leianna Hamilton

      I can't believe harmony did that just to be team manager

    70. Crisp Lover


    71. Crisp Lover


    72. Sherlin Palacios

      still very much entertaining tho

    73. Sherlin Palacios

      idk wuts worse. the show w dixie and diego’s acting or this season.

    74. jasmine n

      ok but belles acting gotta go sorry

    75. Lillaniya unicorn Fashionista

      Bel is wrong and she know's it TK is a great big cousin pk on the other hand well let's just say he's not ready for girls yet he looks so lost lol😝

    76. me Savage

      Layla is so pretty, I mean all girls are but she have a really good personality ❤️

    77. The Lonesome Leaf.

      Nobody literally nobody: CInnaMon tOast crUnCh

    78. Diva Kularia

      nobody: literally nobody: not even god: not ever the aliens: bel be like: 👿 👊 / | \👊 | / \

    79. Adwoa Asante

      No😣😣 She doesn't have to betray someone just to get a good position👎👎

    80. Luna Celist

      Bel is scary lol

    81. Mya Poorbear

      Woah woah woah grasshopper 😭😭

    82. Lejzahn King


    83. Hailey VlogS

      Where he binders go she had them then she turn they were gone

    84. Kathy Hadel


    85. Emma Hernandez

      HI B....

    86. Ianna Belmares

      I think they need more tk and rhyme

    87. Andrei Dumitru

      will the og comeback plz?

    88. chloe bice


    89. Nathalia Marquez lopez

      Chiken girl hellow😇☺😋🙆

    90. Cam Grayson


    91. Chole Hayes

      Y’all I miss the old chicken 🐔 girls 😳😭

    92. Ruby Guzman

      Honestly I don’t even watch chicken girls anymore

    93. Karmiii’s Life And More

      imagine having a crush on someone your age.. could never be me.. i literally have a crush on any actress and actor twice me age lmaooooooo

    94. Dani's Channel

      Harmony did not make the right decision


      When will next episode come

    96. B. Davis

      Why is T.K. giving girl advice? He can’t keep a gf.

      1. Jermina Sainthubert

        bahahahhaa don’t do him

    97. Qingchen LI

      Am I the only one who thinks that Claire is really pretty, and Elliana played a great role.

    98. Annie Parks

      Ya I like Layla and harmony because there great actors when they are doing a scene together

    99. Question able?

      I really just watched al of the episode in 4 days