CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 6: “Auditions”

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    Gemma gives Rhyme a fake ID, but will it be enough to get her into the club? Meanwhile, TK and Wes hold auditions for their upcoming movie project.
    Check out the song from the episode, Lexi Jayde "If I Really Love You"
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 6: “Auditions”

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    1. Brat TV

      what was your favorite part of today's episode???


        Tk and rhyme talking and remembering old times

      2. Blazing_Edits

        IM CRYTING SO MUCH 11:12

      3. Sister Squad

        The end

      4. Cate J

        All the parts without Astrid and her bs

      5. J Willie

        Brat TV Rhyme and TK

    2. Grace Ogbuehi

      Whats up wih them always sitting on the floors?😭 Then someone would come sit next to them....

    3. Carmella Thompson

      make a movie plz and good

    4. Mariah

      Im so sad i hope tk and rhyme get back together 🙁

    5. Selena Vazquz

      Who miss the old Anna

    6. Millie & Melissa

      Me: *Thinking tk was single and could date rhyme😏* Also me*sees he has a girlfriend🙃😡* ALSO ME: *PUNCHING THE AIR SO HARD😤😤*

    7. Nelli Murphy

      Why is Harmony always in rhymes room or on her bed 🤣😂

    8. Thalia patricia Almache peñafiel

      El nombre de la canción por FA

    9. ART Studio

      Your not a real fan if u didn't cry 😭😭😭

    10. Bts Fan Forever

      I miss the chicken girls any body. Like or Comment

    11. Nathalie Chilin

      that hug at 12:20 feels so fake,just by looking at it.

    12. Shreeya Sunil

      Astrid is literally getting on my nerves RN!!!

    13. Sariah Hymas

      Finally rhyme! You talked to TK!!!!

    14. Sariah Hymas

      Anyone wondering where Tim went in all of this?

    15. payton

      glorp gleep

    16. Eulalee Thompson

      # tvj # tvjmiddaylines # tvjnews

    17. Janette solis

      tk well Hayden is still in love whit Annie

    18. aiitana urquidez

      can astrid just leave already she ruined everything

    19. Niya’s World

      And Astrid ur mad fake u wanna be all buddy buddy den u wanna get mad rhyme all over again and Ellie u doin the exact same

    20. Niya’s World

      If it’s not one thing it’s another 🙄🙄 yay more drama to be solved

    21. That Girl Veaha


    22. BrooklynLee

      I love chicken girl

    23. Bianey eryka Mendoza

      I love it.

    24. Efua Yayra Nyarkoa Eyiah

      #thyme 😍🥺🥺

    25. Maheen Shehzad

      When birdie came in with Sadie I thought it was two birdies lol

    26. Jasmine Espiritu

      OMG Astrid chilllllll

    27. Kaila Powell

      Ok but like Flash's glow up

    28. Daniella Koenig


    29. L I Z Z I E

      howdy mate! you can go back now~

    30. Drama queen ren

      Tk look cuter 😍

    31. Drama queen ren

      Rhyme is getting so big 💯

    32. Noodle Nation

      Bad TK no girlfriend no no no not in less it’s rhymep🥺😥

    33. Sarieoa

      Ok this physically hurt to watch 😭 THE VLOG CLIPS

    34. Sadie Sisk

      When your name is sadie

    35. Emari Perkins

      Soon as bride open the door and she said: who is she

    36. Sophia Magdaleno

      TK and Rhyme go back in to a cupol

    37. Hanfaa Khan

      11:12 Me when i pee my pants 🤣🤣🤣 Idk why this is funny to me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    38. Ciomi Montoya

      Did anyone else notice that Rhyme said "Haylee" instead of "Harmony" at 6:00??

    39. Nela Saucedo

      OMG my I just flipped out on tks girlfriends name my name is saydie😯😯

    40. Mallory Martinez

      Me when I saw tk girlfriend 🤦‍♀️ :🥱🤮

    41. manasa thouta

      Haha Lexi jayde's if I really love you❤️❤️😭

    42. melou georges

      Rhyme and tk i love you

    43. • iiLillyii •

      I love how when Sadie walked into the room and Birdie was like Ughhh! I think Birdie rather have Rhyme and TK date then Sadie and TK

    44. Alisha Tate

      Im srry but why did Saddy have to come into the show as soon as Annie or Rhym and Hayden or TK was starting to talk agian :< Peace

    45. Dill’s stuck In a pickle

      Ellie is wearing rhymes shirt😂🤷🏼‍♀️

    46. dnsatya

      He called rhyme and Sadie comes in through the door and hugs him he is like what should I do

    47. Mehak Rustagi

      I am just mad at tk right now when her idiot girlfriend hig him

    48. Angel Seipp


    49. Ananya Anand Pimple

      Omg I died when I saw Jessica darling friend paul

    50. Rachel Hlabangana

      When you miss one episode its like you missed a whole season😂😂😂

    51. Lataja Boyd

      I love chicken GIRLS it’s so much better and I love it

    52. Allie Felten

      Are they getting back to gether omg 😱

    53. Allie Felten

      Omg everyone needs to Learn a Lesson never Trust Guys

    54. Itzel Escobedo

      one thing: how would it have been having to do the scene when she goes into his room. and tells him about the whole script play thing

    55. Gracie Belcher

      The flashbacks at the end made me emo😭

    56. Life of a Pre teen

      rimes new friend is bad influence

    57. Courtney Jones

      I want Annie and Hayden get back together 🥺❤️❤️

    58. Karen Aust

      Poor rhyme... getting caught like that

    59. Avanthika M

      Yo Sadie get off tk he is rhymes

    60. Kayla Alaniz

      this is 2020 where are their masks. :0

    61. Michelle Yu

      great. tk's girlfrend is here? this is going to be so awkward

    62. brayton torres

      who else still dosent like astrid

    63. Sarai Meza

      10:40 got me kinda mad cause like why couldn’t she hug him before she left not just leave like that😭

    64. Mollyy

      Hold up is CHRISTOPHER, MADI'S BOYFRIEND Here?!?!

    65. Chereesa Watan

      Did anyone else see the tk is to cool for school??? Just me ok

    66. Ackelia Uter

      Does anyone worrying about kayla she miss out a lot of seasons since lately tho she's cool she need to get her head back in the game

    67. Ella Ishya

      This is getting better and juicya🙊

    68. faith luna

      why in movies and shows they make Texans seem all southern and howdy like who do they get this information from i live in Texas and no one wears cowboy or cowgirl hats and no one says howdy

    69. shontai daly-monk

      How loves this video

    70. Leslie Youll

      Ok but can y'all stop hating on Astrid shes not that bad yes she thinks she'll get Wes but there was already tension between the chicken girls before Astrid came 🥺💖

    71. Matthew Staller

      Why did TKs girlfriend had to come at that time

    72. Michaela Greening

      I want TK and rhyme to get back together who’s with me

    73. Nhayan Maeve DM

      Omg avani

    74. Zara’s Life

      Why is Astrid so nice to Wes and so rude to rhyme

    75. Riley scott Roblox

      Is it just me that noticed that when hailey was wearing the beanie annie called her hailey and nkt harmony?

    76. It’s Ruby

      9:17 killed me I wheezed BlUrP bLeEp

    77. Phoebe Miller

      I can not stand Astrid anymore. And Sadie is already getting on my nerves and she just got here. I want Rhyme and TK to get back together

    78. Kirsten Ferrer


    79. Serenity Ross

      is that one of the £sisters

    80. Isabella Hall

      little rime and tk made me cry

    81. Mallory B Jacquez

      Your lucky we have the sister code

    82. Paige vlogs

      I live in Texas!

    83. Lilie’s Rose’s

      I thought a ani was with anthony

    84. Juliet Korsah

      Who will be happy if Rhyme and TK get back together

    85. Cali Yeomans

      Whenever I watch this episode I almost cry when they show some Bratayley clips

    86. Danaysia johnson

      my name is kazjmere!!!!!!!!!

    87. Miley Garcia

      Tk: gets flash back abt him and Rhyme Me: Hell yeah wait what abt his gf...whatever *Gf walks in* Me: NOOOOOO SO HELP ME LORD IF THEY KISS......

    88. Miley Garcia

      Man, that one moment when u start to have dreams of ur ex 😍😁☺💖 then ur girlfriend ruins it 😒😞😪😥

    89. Miley Garcia

      Who else has been here since the photo of Rhyme that T.K took

    90. Payton Thompson

      Is it just me or is Christian so cute in this ❤️❤️❤️

    91. bingsgame


    92. Gracie Clark

      Who else noticed that rhyme said harmonies real name instead of harmony she said Hayley oop

    93. GymnastOnTheMove YT

      Is anyone binge watching during the COVID 19 pandemic

    94. bekah meagher

      Astrid should be banned😒😒😒

    95. Amber Z

      TK and Rhyme is better together

    96. Yijin Fang

      The drama the pain

    97. Shyloh’s World

      who else is dying for Tk and rhyme to get back together

    98. hamidabdin83

      Pooie jking

    99. Nickalia Grace-Gouveia

      Y’all are talking about Hayden And Annie it’s cute n all but let’s not forget about the homeless girl 😭

      1. Nickalia Grace-Gouveia

        Okay but i didn't see anything about you so im just saying

      2. Merdix Antwinette

        i’ve not been forgotten thank you ma’am😌

    100. Gabby Hernandez