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    Meet the new class. Harmony, Rhyme and the Chicken Girls return for a brand new season-this fall on Brat TV.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.
    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Official Trailer

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    1. Brat TV

      Episode 1 airs September 8!

      1. St. Tk

        Is it every week like part 5

      2. Brianna Winburn


      3. Lanease camo


      4. JustBTSarmy ⟭⟬

        I thought it was September 1

      5. Tori Williams


    2. kayle kang

      miss the old cast :(

    3. Zoe Chaitram

      I would like to be apart of the show

    4. Fahad edits11

      Does anyone know what song is in the end?

    5. dana gabr

      I’ve been watching this show since I was little

    6. Nikolly Victoria

      Quem é Brasileiro e asiste está série incrível dá um joinha aí pra eu saber

    7. moon

      You guys they may not be the best actors, but still give them appreciation. it's time for hayley to shine🤩

    8. Avery Grimes

      I am sad that it is not the OGs but i guess i can deal with this

    9. Bree_slay_ Bree

      Ummmmmmmmm Not to be rude but this is Manni not chicken girls

    10. Girls Club

      OG cast is better

    11. EmojiMoji

      That’s ludiuene the moody girl

    12. Stormi and Snowfall

      Is it just me or is a lot of people wondering what Chicken Girls would of been like at Millwood...

    13. Sarah Orias

      Is kinda half mani and half chiken girls!!

    14. Hoda Nakhleh

      Love this pls make more a week

    15. Moon

      Bruh WHERES THE OH CAST o swear y’all really turned this into mani

    16. Dionneeiro3o3i Verushka Mantilla

      All people grow up............. I will miss the old chicken girls I watch them since 2017

    17. Libby Brearley

      They can’t keep the old cast forever. They would eventually graduate from school.

    18. Gerald Bosompem Sarkodie

      They got a date😀😁☺😊😄😃

    19. salwaシ

      Why don't they just continue with the og's WE WILL MISS THEM A LOT 😪

    20. Victory charles

      I love this chicken girls because of coco hayley and txunamy but i prefer the old one like if you agreeee

    21. Victory charles

      I love this chicken girls because of coco hayley and txunamy but i prefer the old one like if you agreeee

    22. Daisha Chopra

      to be honest i think this chicken girls season is not gonna be good i want ogs back

    23. Keziah Chloe Villarino

      it's like claire is brooke just my opinion

    24. Xcloudy_dxzeX

      This is fr just MANI!!!!

    25. Alaine G

      my first time seeing

    26. ricky tv Production

    27. Aliani Figueroa

      Wait I thought Annie and Hayden we’re not together anymore

    28. Molly Allen


    29. Neve

      1:37. Ahaha tiktok i liked my comment cause im not gonna get likes lol

    30. Gabriela Irie Lee

      Isnt Claire granddaughter of the girl friends with jo????

    31. Ewaggoner05 Ewaggoner05

      Yeah so excited

    32. x.Ariana.x

      I was so exited for next season i thought the ogs should be here

    33. *kim*

      where is piper

    34. Ellie_ playz1

      Should've seen her in the tk era 😆🤣😁

    35. Lina M.

      I’m sorry but what is this? This ain’t chicken girls. This is mani or something. No offense, the first episode of season 7 chicken girls was horrible and the acting was bad. Tbh, Hayley Leblanc is the only one in that episode who has good acting. If chicken girls is just gonna only be about harmony and her friends. That’s it, I’m leaving - 💀

    36. シR E N N Y

      This is gonna be good

    37. Gwyneth Mansibad

      Hey guys. This might also be a good one. I might love this. Harmony is a great girl!

    38. Totally Emily


    39. Sofia Bennani

      lmao why are 12 yr olds wearing lashes? smh

    40. Aleksia Johnson

      Yes! I’m so excited for season 7!😁🔥

    41. Mariella Hendricks

      tuxumaxy in that video

    42. Sejal Chetri

      I love this seasons so so so much and this is gonna be best one for me cause i have my favourite characters😊

    43. Станимир Стамов

      thats not chicken girls...

    44. Myla Flores

      I am kinda sad that they did not finish the story of the og's and just continued this:((

    45. Roshni Forever


    46. Camila Zorrilla

      I watched the first episode before the trailer but no offense brat I would have not watched it it’s so different we need the Og back Like yo where did they go

    47. Achano Ezung

      Guys in season 7 there won't be any Stephanie and Rooney🤧🤧🤧 Or ??

    48. jam asalan

      I mean its interesting, but ppl came to watch for thyme, so there beter be thyme in the end if you rlly want people to watch

    49. Annakite

      Wait so is Corinne Joy part of Chicken Girls season Seven or not

    50. wdw limelight

      i was so scared this season was just gonna turn into mani and i was right😔

    51. Weliane Barros

      I love Chicken Girls

    52. C 05 Kamerynn Dias

      This season is gonna lead to Annie and Hayden getting back together in real life !!!!!!! Yesssssssssssssses ❤️

    53. cleopatra caraiman

      Idk why people are being soo rude. I'm very excited to see this season and idk were the people get the ideo of many session 6 like what but it's fine. Ether way I'm excited

    54. Zeynep Akgiray

      I will always miss annie and her chicken girls❤️❤️

    55. maddison Mckeown

      Can't wait 😘

    56. Isabel Schmid


    57. millie k


    58. Yaiden Beaver

      Not watching this I miss the og’s from when tk took the picture of rhyme and this is just mani NOT CHICKEN GIRLS BRING THEM BACK, BRING THEM BACK,BRING THEM BACK, c9me comment section spam it BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!

    59. Yaiden Beaver

      I already dont like it

    60. it's panda

      Not a fan I want more of the ogs

    61. cat person :P

      this is a mani spin off and why are they like talking abt dates and whatever. they got one thing right. the way the boys act...

    62. Kanishka Kulkarni


    63. Amyᄂᄋᄂ

      Why are you all so negative? Let’s be supportive the new cast is cool too💕

    64. Rabia Begam

      Please give a subtaital please next video chicken girls

    65. •Hunniella Says•

      Enzo isn't that good at acting cuz he doesn't have that much emotions, sorry

    66. un na

      I miss the old chicken girls

    67. brynlie sage

      What is this trash

    68. It’s Foxy

      Bruh the kids didn’t even micture a bit that Hayley did I bet this is boring

    69. Barbara Špoljarec

      the new cast ruined it all

    70. Hargunpreet Kaur

      Hi Brat TV!

    71. Abena Atta

      its the 8th where the vid

    72. MDC Signature

      I am waiting

    73. Phumeza Gxala

      Guys seriously when is it starting

    74. Maleah Woods

      I love the new characters but this isn’t the same chicken girls

    75. marliandherefriends palmer

      i am so exited

    76. Vanshika sharma

      Hey!! Its sep 8 post the episode !! 😑❤🙏

    77. Jayleen De la cruz

      R.i.p ogs you will be missed butiful angels👼😇

    78. TeyTeyPlays

      COMMON! I have been waiting for hours! What time is it releasing!?

    79. Oritsemeyiwa Agunloye

      What time are you posting the movie please

    80. UNA 27


    81. Myra Kazmi

      It's Sept 8th And it's 8:45 pm. Why isn't the first episode released???

    82. Sadiah Ahmed

      C'monnnnn!!!....where r the og's?? Atleast give them a proper ending😑

    83. Rincy Santhosh

      its september 8 !

    84. Queen Maddie

      They said September 8 season 7 is going to come out on on Tuesday

    85. Harper White

      Wait Ist September 8th like today? OH IT IS

    86. LIlAce93

      Anyone else one why season 7 hasn’t been uploaded yet

    87. Siddhii

      OG cast New cast Rhyme Harmony TK PK Ace Jordan Flash Darnell Elle Eggie Quinn Bel Kayla Brittany Birdie Katie Rooney Simone

    88. Design world

      we should dislike this season cause they changed the main characters .. old characters and the storyline was amazing ...

    89. fast and the curious

      8 September aagaya!!! kaha hai season 7 ?

    90. Mariam Boules

      What time will it come tho??

      1. fast and the curious

        @Mariam Boulesit's 8 September In my country too! BTW,in which country are you

      2. Mariam Boules

        Mysha Shora I really wanna know bc it’s September 8 in the country I’m living in

      3. fast and the curious

        I have the same question!

    91. Josie Hostetler

      What time does it come out?

    92. Vanshika Chandnani


    93. Ankitha Karkera's Little Star Creative Arts

      Today is 8th September. Where is the first episode.

    94. Aarushi Mathur

      Its finally 8 September !!! yippeee

    95. arunima sreejith

      guys u all should not be so negative have u thought that Hayley and Annie will be seeing this pls give this new season a chance stop being so prejudice the episode was supposed to come today but it has not it might be because of u guys and ur negative thoughts and just because of chicken girls were what u prefer have u thought how hard it might be for Hayley

    96. lily smart

      why has it not aired today :(

    97. Sanaa Mallik

      Yay that’s today

    98. My Dairy

      Hayden and annie should get back togethere in this season

    99. Cheyenne Davis

      im so excited i watched all the seasons and waiting for more! :)