CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 Sneak Peek | Over the Years

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    Chicken Girls stars Rhyme (Annie LeBlanc), Rooney (Indiana Massara), Ellie (Brooke Butler), Luna (Aliyah Moulden), Harmony (Hayley Leblanc) and more take us through how they've changed over the years from season 1 to season 6!
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.
    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 BTS | Over the Years

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    1. Brat TV

      what is your favorite character arc from chicken girls???

      1. Sahana Pericherla

        TK and Rhyme

      2. anudita chamoli

        Rhyme and Ellie

      3. Cinthia Lopez

        all of them expept tk gilr friend saphie

      4. Mangle The fox

        Only Rhyme :)

      5. Elisa Namburete

        rhyme and harmony

    2. Gv16 _no.7,baloria

      The first clip was soooo iconic


      Omg I miss rhyme and TK ,I hope this two have more episodes together,please

    4. Alyssa Mae Bagaloyos

      Give it a like if you're a Filipino you love watching this

    5. Juliana danica Dealca

      I can’t see to waiting!!❤️❤️

    6. aloha p

      Since season 1!!

    7. Ryza Fernandez

      It just hits me knowing tk and rhyme arent the same anymore speacially in reality:(

    8. pisogav _fam

      Im gonna miss all my favorite chicken girls because others of u i can not see in season 7 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

      1. Angela Lulu Wesonga


      2. Angela Lulu Wesonga


    9. Marsiana Atieno

      Wow so ellie used her real name in the movie

    10. Brattv Fan

      I’m not just 👌 OK I’m feeling TK One of my fav lines my other one is I love u too TK when rhyme said that to TK in the arcade and my other favour is Thanks Henry My mom got them for me It was buy one get one ☝️ free Lol love em all💋

    11. pisogav _fam

      I am gonna mis them because the season 7 the other is not there 😥😥😥😥😥

    12. Jazzy Chen

      Annie LeBlanc(Rhyme) Luna kayla

    13. Ronja Vettu

      And kayla

    14. Fatima Nur

      Meanwhile im sitting here wondering wth happened to rhyme's voice 😂

    15. juice wrld lover

      I have watch this since 2017 to 2020 love this so excited

    16. Becky Berhe


    17. Paige UNICORN

      I remember seeing this for the first time

    18. Ashley's Vlog's

      Can't Wait For Season 7!!!

    19. Belaynesh Assefa

      Love some so much

    20. Jilliane Ashlee Bravo

      I wish their's a season 7 of chicken girlss!!🥺❤❤

    21. Kaylie Dion

      whos here waiting for season 7!!!

    22. Sarah Ouabed

      I just can't wait ❤

    23. Priyanka Solaskar

      How come this much in all characters I can't believe can somebody tell me

    24. Jessica Ugorji

      I miss hannie/thyme

    25. Yoon CK

      Mads Lewis is my fav chicken girls character

    26. Tamim Mahmud

      whos watching this when season 6 is finished

    27. Wynzel Keith

      Rhyme and harmony

    28. Jacqueline Martinez

      I can't wait untill it comes out

    29. Jacqueline Martinez

      When is season 6 going to come in a marathon

      1. Charlotte Dourado

        Probably 2nd June 2020

    30. Hina Onishi

      Who is the chicken girl fan from season 1!!!

    31. Laura Walsh


    32. Byrox SZN

      Lena and rime

    33. Aditi Mehta

      Back from finishing season 6 and I can't stop crying!! 😍😭 I mean they aren't the only people that grew up with the show, we've all changed haven't we? 😭 Love you Brat!! Stay safe everybody!! 😇 P.S. Can't wait to see Stooney back together!

    34. Kettley Opoku

      Wer is season 7

    35. Phoebe Vlogzz

      So you’re telling me Indi faked an American accent for 2 years?

      1. Angela loves to play

        Probably XD

    36. Maliyah Tillett

      So Rhyme and Rooney

    37. Maliyah Tillett

      Annie and Indiana

    38. Dariana Martinez

      My dream is that anne and hayden Will be dating in 2021 Like they so cute togather ❤❤❤

    39. Zoey Girmscheid

      Wait so season 6 is coming out? Soon??

    40. Maryam ibrahim

      Love chicken girls ❤️

    41. Gameinwater

      I literally grew up with them

    42. Lily Playz

      Mine is rhyme

    43. Ellie hehe

      hannie ❤️🥺😭

    44. Clara Riou

      my favourite character is rhyme tell rhyme I've been following her for my whole life

    45. Laila Joshi

      where was Quinn

    46. Claire Henderson

      Ris there going to be a season 7 please say their is my favorite character is Rhyme

    47. Nerie Eusebio

      Hannie4Ever Or Annie And Hayden I'm still waiting and super super hype for season 6

    48. Nerie Eusebio

      Pls I'm waiting for TK AND RHYME TO BE TOGETHER AGAIN

    49. Naura Rania

      Harmony is Rhyme mom

    50. It's Mimi

      There is more boy drama then dance

    51. Melissa Nammavaly


    52. Lizbeth Rosas-Moran

      My favorite character is Annie can you give my sister a big shout out because on April 12th is her birthday that's her biggest dream please make it come true

    53. petra youtube

      I love how Rooney starts talking in an American acksend(I don’t know how to right it) and then just switches to Australian

    54. Julianna Summerall Stories

      It’s so sad that they had to photoshop Hayden and Annie together... they used to be together always! But I guess people grow apart

    55. Familia Olvera

      omg love the pink outfit lol O: 25

    56. Kirsten Howe

      Are Annie and Hayden still together??

    57. Hasnatul mahi

      I am sooooo excited I was waiting for it!!!..... 😁😁😁😁😁

    58. Charlotte Wakeham

      can i please be added in chicken girls I am so happy that your are already up to season 6 i love chicken girls now we have made a tik tok group inspired by the chicken girls all of you are so amazing keep doing what you do. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

    59. texting stories

      Ryheem looks cut

    60. jagjot rai

      Who else is really surprised that Paul toweh is 24 LIKE WHATTTTT

    61. Roberto Molina

      Me to im obsessed with it also go subscribe to my channel roberto molina playing a recorder and bratayley

    62. zoie fowler

      As much as I want tk and rhyme (as characters) to get together I feel like they won’t because it will be a awkward thing when she’s with her boy friends bc it’s obviously weird to talk about it bc of the past so I don’t feel it will happen

    63. Anupama K

      Rhyme/Annie LeBlanc

      1. Anupama K

        Is my favourite like the

    64. Natalie Madariaga

      am i the only one thinking it must be so awkward for annie and hayden to talk ? like they literally used to date .

    65. Anaeja Foote

      TK and rhyme need to get back together ASAP btw love the show

    66. heslaine An

      Yah im a new fan like i started a week ago and finished it. Hope that rhyme will have her mr.right

    67. Marci Blythe

      What about TK

    68. Maria Sapon

      Love the Chicken Girls

    69. Dj sammy TV RD

      Aunque no hablo ingles me gusta ver esta serie. Me gusta mucho bendiciones y saludos de RD. 🇩🇴

    70. Madison Cooper


    71. Kit Cat

      It’s so weird how Indiana is Australian but has an American accent on the show

    72. Sundae's vlog

      Imiss tk&rhyme's closeness💞

    73. Justine Hu

      I’m looking for season 6, is it already out? I can’t find it. I just saw ep.1 of season 6, are the other ep already out??

    74. Myracle Marchant

      In season 6 can ezra come back and Tim and then they get into I a boy fight with to and the afro man over Ryan

    75. Vivian Johnson


    76. Vivian Johnson

      Hi I am a huge fan

    77. Sofia Martinez

      I have really been here since the beginning wow

    78. Avril George

      Rhyme and tk

    79. Avril George

      Rhyme and to

    80. Angelina Johnson

      holy heck Rhyme changed

    81. Spirit Dreamer

      Okay don't mind me imma just go rewatch every episode and relive some memories . . .

    82. Tasfia Tasfi Islam

      Hayden is back!!! Oh Hayden!!! I love you kiddoo!! and I missed you too!!! 😍😍😘😘😘😘

    83. Payton Gamer

      I love chicken girls

    84. Ghada Al Emadi

      is anyone else thinking Annie and Hayden are Dating again and Annie and Asher broke up

    85. Jennifer Baxter

      Can't wait

    86. Alexa Valerio

      That is on my birthday

    87. Ashley Rendon

      Indianna massara talks a little bit england

    88. Andrea Palomo

      I'd been here since season 1 2 3 4 5 now 6

    89. Andrea Palomo

      TK and Ryme is back but cut the drama plss I just watch the episode 1

    90. Abigail Torres

      Love the beginning

    91. hazel flores

      I can't wait for the season 6 cause i've been waiting it for so long. I'm excited. Who else here are excited?Who else here watched the chicken girls starting from the first up to the last ep.?

    92. juan poueriet

      You guys say march 10 but today Is march 10 ans i sont find season 6 on youtube so please somehow can you help me tanks

      1. juan poueriet

        You are so write don't find it to

    93. N'kiyah Dixon


    94. Maélie Vézina

      It’s s’oppose to be out but it isn’t’

    95. Usman Mehmood

      I really like Annie

    96. Ευδοξία Γεωργίου

      Of course tk💘

    97. Bahia Al Kurdi

      It's March 10 still waiting 😢

    98. Angel Ann Reyes

      Since season 1

    99. dioneexox

      Excited omg-

    100. Petra Katicic

      When is it coming out