CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 7: “Movie Magic”

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    TK and Rhyme may have struck a truce, but when it comes to TK's girlfriend, Sadie... things are much less friendly.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 7: “Movie Magic”

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    1. Brat TV

      just wanted to stop by and say that if you or anyone you know is experiencing what quinn is going through rn.. you're not alone! there are resources for you to get help.. and people who love and support you and want the best for you

      1. Victoria Mohr

        My best friend is... I dont know what to do...

      2. Maggie Toncich

        I’m literally crying at Stephanie’s “speech” because I’m going through what Quinn is going through and it really helped a lot

      3. FYNNE SHANE

        I love this channel more than any channel 💋💄💋💄

      4. inoke tabua

        They broke up with who....🍀🥑🏎️🎃

    2. Hasret Bulut

      Rush (Flash) is such mood.

    3. Mariah

      ugh i wanna slap tk’s gf in the face

    4. Roger Espanial

      about quinns thing.. it actually happened to me i wanted to stop eating cause i was fat but my mind said i was beautiful just the way i am and make this a quote for you all you skinny or fat ppl out there no matter what keep being urself

    5. Ana Diaz


    6. Grace Price

      “roony” and “quinn” are sister goals I wish me and my sister were that close

    7. hidaya717

      Madi looking at this like

    8. Brooke Matthews

      Ok is Stephanie like the best character! She is so kind and caring! She cares about everyone around her!

    9. M 1907

      Am I the only one who just realized that the population of attaway was the same when Tk left and also came back and it didn’t change?

    10. *Ally and Bella*

      Why do Rhyme's relationships never last! It makes me so sad😪

    11. vianelize jimenez

      the heck

    12. Susan Ackermann

      when she said "oh tommy youre so talented" I FELT the embarrasment

    13. Susan Ackermann

      stephanie is so nice

    14. Imtiaz Pooran

      Why did she have to say things like that wen rhyme is there and she know that she will get jealous cuz she love tk which she called him Tommy and thst is not the boy tight named his parents give him a new that boy musty don't like u ever again and I know to my heart tk ❤❤❤❤❤love rhyme so much as she love ❤❤❤❤❤himthank u yk so u should have rhyme as ur girlfriend now

    15. Imtiaz Pooran

      And why did have to 5ell rhyme these stuff bout Tommy which in his name is tk and why she is acting like that to rhyme and I don't like her ways tk so plz get trade of her right now or else I will break up wit u now tk said by rhyme ciz I now tk and rhyme love each other now so much of trouble she and he wrn through that was a hard situation they wen through I love u guys tk and rhyme❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤and I have to go now tk and rhyme byeee see yaaaaaaaa tomorrow morning 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤

    16. Imtiaz Pooran

      Why did she had to co e and interrupted rhyme and tk conversations and then she had to mention that she is Tommy's girlfriend

    17. L&M FAM


    18. Jaime Villalba

      anyone where from tik tok

    19. Katja Robič

      Poor Madi manore

    20. Richard Miller

      Who agrees Sadie is beautiful

    21. Niya’s World

      It’s tommy in Texas they in attaway it’s tk there learn

    22. Janette solis

      is Annie angry

    23. ActuallymadLoL

      Bruh rhyme an tk broke up and then she had like 3 boyfriends but when she sees he got a girlfriend it’s a problem like deal with it who do you think you are?

    24. Dylan Sousa

      POV u came here from Christopher’s video

    25. Janni Velastegui

      BAHBAH I came from Chris TikTok BAHBAH

    26. Maheen Shehzad

      why does rhyme always keep running away from things she doesn't like I mean I get thAt it's a hard time but still. Don't take this the wrong way this show is great

    27. Alex VG

      8:17 flash is such a mood

    28. Sister Squad

      I thought Quinn was getting bullied

    29. The Derp Queen

      OK everyone's saying some people are like the couple goals, but like they are all lying. Rooney and Stephanie are relationship goals!!! Stephanie is the sweetest! Too bad she's leaving 😥

    30. Miss-Cise M

      I love this episode

    31. Kaevan Umrigar

      Rhyme: Tommy ......................... girlfriend Me: awkward🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

    32. Daija Williams

      I think Stephanie should be a councillor

    33. Will November

      Who do u vote Rhyme +Wes or Rhyme+TK

    34. loftyedits

      ok if annie gets into one more relationship except with TK since almost everyone ships them, im gonna have to yeet my phone away

    35. Daniel Wiafe

      No you are not I feel like that

    36. Helen Gould

      Chicken girls: We fly so high-- Me: skip 20 seconds...

    37. Delilah Reyes

      What this cool

    38. Maca serrano

      TK´s girlfriend is so annoying if you look at TK he looks embarrassed when she talks or is that just my idea

    39. Jaynha Whittaker


    40. Yesiiizzy I

      Me looking at Tk’s new girl friend: I DO NOT SHIP! 👁👄👁😡

    41. Rebekah Ward

      Really tk

    42. Shanny Deogratius

      I feel like Tk still loves rhyme

    43. Lidyannis Vargas

      I feel like Astrid and tk’s girl have a lot in common they both kinda sorta so annoying

    44. Nayeli Pech


    45. dnsatya

      When Sadie kissed tk every single time I think he is regreting why he said yes to be her boyfriend

    46. Uriah Taylor

      rhyme is not good with boys.

    47. Rumbidzai Machakwa

      Seriously Tommy’s girlfriend is getting my last nerves

    48. Madhumita Mohapatra

      Now that I think of it I think Sadie ( TK's boy friend) is trying to rub it in her face!😡

    49. Madhumita Mohapatra

      Ok wait, how can TK's gf just grab her smoothie like that!!😡

    50. Helena Haaland

      Stephanie is my favourite character!

    51. Isabelle Zabate

      WHY DID THEY BREA UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. Its Debra

      I love this

    53. Aleksandra Poursanidis

      I’m not liking TKs new girlfriend Like if u agree 👇

    54. Brookie Cookie

      Good, Rhyme deserves Wes to leave her.

    55. axriia

      Sorry i keep thinking about piper and siphie squad tea lke tiffany BACK OFF

    56. AP HD

      Astrid when Carlos and Ellie kiss 🤦😅

    57. Julia Perpétuo

      Fo you never want 🤜👩🏽 in the tk girlfriend

    58. Z-Brooke Pener

      Rhyme is a terrible girlfriend

    59. Caelie Love

      who else misses kayla?

    60. Dhvani Barawkar

      No one : Literally no one : Flash : does anybody find it weird that she calls him Tom

    61. Suki Holmes

      make tk and sady breakup

    62. Hadiza Abdelkader

      You can tell Rhyme still has feeling for Tk.

    63. Snuffle ÀJ

      Am i the only person who DOES NOT like Sadie?! SHE IS SO ANNOYING TO MEEEEEE Side Note: (No offense to anyone who like the Sadie Character)........ :/

    64. Lily Broughton

      I luv annie soooo much and is that avani on the first shot

    65. Connor Pitt

      Dam she hard dumping for Tommy hahah TK

    66. Brooklyn Prado

      If I was rhyme i would've socked saydey in the face in called her out so glad i don't play rhyme in this show or I would've been in trouble

    67. Carlei Ellis

      I do not like 2020

    68. Salma Alhashedi

      1 like: 1% chance that Rhyme and TK will get back toghether

    69. Leslie Youll

      Rhymes outfit is so cute 🥺💖

    70. Krisha Bhardwaj

      Are tk and rhyme actually dating?? I mean in real life? Someone please clear this🥺 i would really love them to see together as a real couple ❤️ i mean the look kinda cute together 😍❤️

    71. Nhayan Maeve DM

      I mean tk

    72. samri 1

      Why is no one talking about 8:50

    73. XxSxmiahxX

      Its weird that this was premiered on my birthday.....

    74. ella marie !¡

      quinns ed :( poor girl

    75. Varya Kumar

      Sadie:I’m Tommy’s girlfriend! Rhyme:Tommy?Girlfriend? Astrid:slurps her drink

    76. Juliet Korsah

      Why is Sadie so annoying See how she treats Rhyme

    77. muspichu

      Bro my sister has a online boyfriend and he kinda looks like Wes and they dated online for a year now they kinda have the same problem I do not accept them together but she’s older than me :/ They broke a few times and git back together

    78. Mariah Mcfarlane

      Rhyme needs to grow up and move on from the whole TK drama ...that's one reason she can never have a steady relationship!!

    79. Samiha Rahman

      Wes is a terrible boyfriend he didn’t even go after Rhyme I mean he did go but Astrid told him. UGH TERRIBLE BOYFRIEND ALERT.

    80. Max


    81. Aubrey Gomez

      Really omg

    82. Aubrey Gomez

      Is Kayla coming back

    83. Aubrey Gomez

      Oh forgot about Astrid

    84. alexia jean

      more room for TK i guess bye west

    85. Vanessa Petanov

      I kinda have the same thing as Quinn except the opposite I’m too skinny, I’m 11 years old, 5’0” in height, and in weight I’m 73 pounds.

    86. Jalie Sexton

      I’M am 13 years old i White to be on your shows

    87. Jalie Sexton

      I love your videos so much

    88. Amber Z

      i think astrid is getting nicer, she is helping rhyme and west, but still, TK is better than West

    89. george weasley

      um no "tommy" ur supposed to be with rhyme thank you

    90. Natalie Wall

      Wes got a point though

    91. Selam Teju

      I missed kayla

    92. Unknown User

      Stephanie is sooo caring...I want her to be my friend

    93. Just kiaha

      Okay but roney and stephanie are so cute

    94. ᴛᴀᴇᴋᴏᴏᴋ ɪs ʟɪғᴇ

      Saidi calling TK, Tommy is the cringiest thing everrr 😭

    95. Analia’s World

      Bro Tommy’s gf she’s getting on my nerves like tf u think are

    96. Mazhar Bhai

      Whenever Sadie speaks I was like ahahhahahahaha

    97. Gamer .weirdo

      I love how tk and rhyme were already broken up and they reunited so fast❤️

    98. Richard Miller

      Lesson in this episode don't forget to eat

    99. Oshmi Poddar

      Flash: Anybody else find it weird that she calls him Tommy? Me: FINALLY SOMEONE NOTICED

    100. Abi'z Art

      I love how there is so much good friendships and hugging.