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    Meet the new class this season on Chicken Girls.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    1. Radom Girl


    2. Maria Le

      This is almost like mani because there are some of the cast of mani.

    3. Lalala L_exo

      I miss rhyme and Tk🤧

    4. taegi ships

      Oh yes addison's brother I thought I recognized him

    5. leyaaa’s palace


    6. Licha Kh

      We will always miss and remember the og squad. 💕

    7. Roger Espanial


    8. Akriti chhetri

      Please keep bringing the old chicken girls characters

    9. Akriti chhetri

      I am just gonna cry for this 😭😭 I want real chicken girls back I miss the team

    10. Alice Malfoy


    11. Nit Rana

      Indian like here

    12. Kendra Scott

      ya no this is just mAni

    13. Camila’s Roblox Wrld

      Hey I never knew avani was in chicken girls

    14. Duke Aiwohi

      The Leblanc sisters are still the mains

    15. Duke Aiwohi

      I didn’t even know that Darnell Walker was Tys younger bro

    16. Duke Aiwohi

      Wow Annie’s voice was so high back then when she was Haileys age but Haileys voice is already deep like Annie’s:(

    17. LeeuhMonster

      When will hannie come back!

    18. Sommy Bea

      Who else thinks Enzo is only famous for addisonrae

    19. Catherine Unidad

      Idk why they put this on chicken girls💀 They can just put it on Mani and bring piper and Sophie back

    20. Ewaggoner05 Ewaggoner05

      Chicken girls is a awesome show

    21. Muskaan Kaur

      i miss the OG'S....

    22. iiirosyy

      wait how did i not realise that Enzo Lopez plays P.K

    23. Daniella Koenig

      WOW im sad kayla never came back................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................YET

    24. None of ur business

      uhhh just put them in mani

    25. neya

      enzo is an amazing human being.. but acting is just not his thing dfjhfdjuhhfjdiudhc

    26. Evette Garcia

      It makes me sad that they put new ppl who were on a different show into this one that I loved this was literally my favorite show on Brat😭 ..and the OGs barley in the episodes .one thing could only help it 😭give ppl Thyme😭tk and rhyme if possible 😭😭


      it 's like ew mini'. i like the old chicken girls but still okey vote like to my comment if you wan't old chicken girls :👍 if you don't want the old chicken girls just boo my comment like this:👎 byyyye

    28. Daisy Vlogsss

      Basically Mani is for when there younger and then they move up to chicken girls?

    29. hxen n

      The criiinge chiken girls was a great show now it's full of cringe 13 year Olds ( no offense to 13 year olds I'm 13 too) but wtf is this y'all call this acting?

    30. Fefe

      Omg the girls puffs are so cutee

    31. LiveloveJewelry

      Walmart chicken girls



    33. Axribella

      Why is part of the vine crew apart of chicken girls I could never see them as a chicken girls tbh not to be rude

    34. Spli

      He wants to slap tf outa tuexnamey

    35. Andrew Jackson

      Layla is a younger Roonie, I just hope she doesn't find someone who wants to run off to another country.

    36. {}

      ugh hayden pisses me off to the next level

    37. Xx_Sarah_xX

      Just a idea for the rest of the seasons what If like season 7 we are like with Haley and like the ppl now but in season 8 it’s like Annie,Hayden,Quinn,Ellie and all that and they all get dorms and rhyme and Hayden get a dorm together not just because they broke up and I ship them yea totally don’t ship them anyways that’s not the point it would be sorta awkward cause they just got like back together like friends tho

    38. Franczes Antonio

      How could this be a chicken girl without the OG’s girls😟😟😟

    39. Arenxa

      To the people that are saying this is mani, this isent. This is Harmony making her own chicken girls. Honestly if you have a problem with this then leave.(peace out)

    40. Bankruptcy 2020

      🐔👩‍🦰 Yeahh

    41. April Girl

      Hayley is soo pretty

    42. Moon

      I miss the OG yall just turned this into main

    43. CayCay_ here1

      Why isn’t Piper in the season?

    44. Lily Easterling

      Was it just me or did anyone else see addisons jeep

    45. Bindu Bachupalli

      Ok how is Corrine in TikToks and everything with the cast like on set and stuff but isn’t in the show????

    46. Rebecca Aruliah

      2:00 Addison’s customised fruit Jeep from ZHC

    47. salwaシ

      They should keep Mani and keep the og's chicken girls 😪😿😐😭

    48. Valerie Amaya

      I really wanted to see the OG cast at least graduate together :/

    49. Meryem Murad

      Us 2 years later watching the first Hayley’s chicken girls first vid: OMG Hayley is so small

    50. a s t r i d

      yea this ain’t it-

    51. Fries plays

      Hes like my sister is addsion ray he be im proud to be the from addsion ☺

    52. Aahana S Athreya

      anyone realize Addison ray's car was behind P.K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    53. brazzie Acosta

      my favorite cast and the beuitufl and girl and nice youtber girl is actually @ Txunamy @ Annie LeBlanc and @ coco quinn and i also like @piperrockelle

    54. Putri Susanthi

      I kinda ship harmony and jordan

    55. I'm Cool

      Imagine Enzo and. Hayley will kiss one-day

    56. Thandizo Sinoya

      Like if the miss the old chicken girls

    57. salwaシ

      We are going to miss Ellie , rooney , Kayla , birdie etc... 😭

    58. salwaシ

      We want the og's 😐

    59. Jazmin Lopez

      Honestly Txunamy and Coco RUIN this show! Hailey is like mini Annie and I’m here for it but COCO & TXUNAMY are Just NOT It!🙄Literally gonna miss the OG’S!😓☹️🥺✨😭

    60. Stefane Oliveira

      uh- where avani at 😐

    61. Saanvi Konuru

      Ok I like how they're doing all this but, honestly according to me, the bond that the original cast formed with us and all they're viewers was too strong for us to now see a whole different members play the chicken girls. It's not going to be the same anymore.... if the mani cast is moving to chicken girls then there needs to be another show where we see the ORIGINAL chicken girls again This isn't chicken girls

    62. Cute Blue

      tbh i think the OG chicken girls are much more better im not being every member is sweet but i like the OG chicken girls

    63. alex sitsofe tay

      btw they all did well

    64. alex sitsofe tay

      follow her on tik tok

    65. alex sitsofe tay

      Coco quinn i love you

    66. Niki forever


    67. Eshal Sardar

      Is this during covid???????

    68. Jayeshaa Hazarika

      We can safely say they'll NEVER replace the og cast lmao....

    69. Dalal Marafi

      What grade are they in??

    70. Sarah Turner

      everyone else: omg im gonna miss all the ogs Me: I swear txsunami whats her face looks so much younger than she is

    71. Nuri Zaman

      It’s not the sameeee

    72. Ashtyn Diann

      I feel like they should have ended Chicken Girls at season 6 and then made this a separate spin-off type thing, so people understood that it was a different story.

    73. Shermaine Lee

      Is this mani now lol

    74. hcney cxmbs


    75. Joy irakoze

      me just realizing that p.k is addison rea's little brother lol

    76. Zyc Echo

      Gavin magnus

    77. JTG_Slick 12

      Why Is Enzo like socially awkward

    78. Goldabird

      Why does Skyler look like Gianna from dance moms

    79. Ajdina Ramaj

      When i saw Enzo's face I was like I recognize this face and then my head clicked it was Addis brother

    80. Leigh Pineda

      I get it ya'll you miss the og's but there move on to something else and all of the comments are ''this is just not it for me'' ''this is not chicken girls it's mani'' Like not bc coco txunamy and hayley are there it's mani just be nicer to the new cast of chicken girls im not gonna force you guys to like the new cast but im just asking pls just respect them and the decision of the brat tv

    81. Mahi Pal

      Annie is jealous of hayley because now she is on 1

    82. editing angelzz

      i dont like it anymore :/ its all kids now

    83. Aisyah

      omg suddenly i miss tim sharp, ezra, drake, robbie, ellie, kayla, quinn, rooney, luna argue birdie, the dance team, the pepper and salt's hallowen costume, the B's, the junior's, the arcade, millwood thinggy, the chicken boy, and all of the chicken's girl. "we are the girl gang, like birds of the feather" shoot my eyes getting teary 😢 let me know what is ur fav scene for the past 6 season of CG 👇

    84. Maria Kelly

      Chicken Girls is ruined. They could have at least casted good actors. Harmony and Rhyme are the only ones who are even good

    85. MEM Channel

      Waaaaaaaaattt addison rae's bro

    86. Keziah Chloe Villarino

      Gonna misss the old generation now were in new generation of chicken girls

    87. Maria Cheema

      LOVE chicken girls it's the best

    88. Royally M

      This is just Mani all over again.

    89. Arleane Stelcy Lulu

      I will miss the OG'S 😢

    90. janessa

      the end of another era ig🥺

    91. taegelic

      yea this ain’t it no offense, we need the OG cast.

    92. Jenna Stefanoski

      I want one episode with the old season and new season please!!!!!!!!!!!

    93. Lena Vandenburg

      the actor of Quinn, Riley Lewis, there someone in my school with the same name! but she spells it like Rylie Lewis.

    94. safa __

      I'll really miss the og group and not to be rude or anything but it's kinda awkward or idk what word to use but uk it'll be rly different to see them now anyways all the best ...

    95. khalilur Rahman

      I miss chicken girls

    96. Bella Marie


    97. Hi Buster

      We will miss the og chicken girls 😭

    98. Shaden Dkh

      Corona virus ?

    99. iAmCallista

      it's more like MANI than chiken girls

      1. Spill That Tea