CHICKEN GIRLS | Best Scene Ever (behind the scenes)

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    Annie LeBlanc, Aliyah Moulden, Brooke Butler, Mads Lewis, Indiana Massara, Paul Toweh, Hayden Summerall, Hayley LeBlanc, Matt Sato, and Pilot Paisley-Rose talk about what they consider the best scene ever to film on Chicken Girls!
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Best Scene Ever (behind the scenes)

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    1. Sarah Hoberman

      This made me want a chicken girls gang. Lol

    2. sophia janke

      Anyone else notice annie is wearing the same shirt as the favorite scene she said.

    3. Ojaswi Gawankar

      Ok now where's Quinn and Kayla??

    4. Jahnvi Mehra

      My favourite scene is. (Chiken Girls all season + all movies)😁😁

    5. Mimi’s World

      Indiana hides her accent so well right

    6. Sacoya Butler

      My last name is butler

    7. george weasley

      excuse me where did indianas accent come from!?!? i didnt know that!

    8. Breezy Dream

      I wish that they had a blooper/BTS where Birdie/Mads jumped up from the hospital bed or something lol it would’ve been so funny

    9. Mauli Darda

      I am pretty sure Annie and Hayden's favourite scene was the 😘

    10. dreamcatcher 38

      Brat tv I would like to audition for being a chicken girl I can dance I can sing I'm pretty and I'm the age

      1. Sanjukta Srinivasan

        You don’t need to be pretty. We all are already beautiful

    11. Natalie Chang

      I can't believe that none of them talked about the Rhyme and TK Kiss in the movie.

    12. Kenaya Baku

      hi Annie

    13. Gwendolyn Laverty

      Annie: Just anything from that movie. Me: So.... Also the kiss?😁❤

    14. Johnae Nation

      Indiana sounds so different

    15. Coca Cola

      Love Mads

    16. ayah caguindangan

      its sadd That Carson's not in the 6th season

    17. Nakiya Faiz

      Chicken girls is my favourite waiting for September counting the days every day🐓👧

    18. mysterious yarbo

      I never get tired of loving Annie face

    19. sofia de la torre

      Love how Luna has a HUGE crush on Ty.... it’s so obvious and they make and ADORABLE match!

    20. Sherlyn Juarez

      I can’t stop laughing how Ellie or Brooke just keeps dancing while everybody else just keeps staying still

    21. Takisx Gregg

      Unpopular opinion: jaden hossler should join Chicken girls

    22. BTS Jungkook

      Wow wow wow I did not know Indiana had an accent she hide it so well 😱

    23. Kaylin P

      Weird to think about Mads dated Jaden

    24. Prisha Babel

      Annie:Just anything from that movie- Me:Oh doNt yOu meAn the sCenE whEn you and HayDen kiSseD Why am I like this.

    25. Sky Horton

      What about Kayla (Dylan)?...

    26. MHM Creations

      Is no one gonna talk about Ellis real name is also Brooke 😭😂

    27. ķëłïšhä Ämïňă

      I love indianas accent omg😘😣😣😗😗😗😗😗😘😚😚😚😚😙😙

    28. Ian pixel gun bot

      Worst show

    29. sarennah khan

      hey brat tv do u need any acctors because i want to maybe be one

    30. Anie xD

      Ahhhh i luv how annie and hayden have a bond in chicken girls!!☺❤🌻

    31. Anika Jain

      Annie: Something in the movie My mind: The kiss!!!

    32. Emberlynn White

      Keep your work up I love your channel

    33. Maryam Babar

      i love Indiana's accent

    34. Rohima Begum

      I never want chicken girls to end

    35. minnie minnie

      Maybe annie still has feeling for Hayden

    36. Maeven Louise Sto.Tomas

      When is season 7 of chicken girls and pls make Dylan, Caden and Carson back pls

    37. Luna

      How many boyfriends had Harmony omg

    38. Fartun Mohamud

      My favourite scenes was when indi and Steph kissed us shippers really had our wish come true

    39. Daniella Lassen

      I’m crying. I’ll miss this cast

    40. Rachel G

      Who just wants to comment but doesn’t know what to say. LOL 😂🤣😆

    41. Archana Thakare

      When is season 7 going to come........I m wait .....plz

      1. Mercy Kamau


    42. Blue Butterfly Playz

      Did anyone notice that rhyme had the same shirt on in the scene that she was saying it was her favorite scene

    43. Cheyenne Adelle

      It makes me so happy that one if Annie's is with her and Hayden and I'm glad that they are friends also she said her other favorite was anything from the movie does that include the kiss. But I am just glad that they can be friends and ots not awkward

    44. Hibah Omar

      🤦🏼‍♀️ rhymes dance propz 🤦🏼‍♀️

    45. Akshat Tandon

      Can't wait for Chicken Girls!! Eagerly looking forward to it!😊

    46. Aliena Forest

      when are they going to put Dylan conrique back in the show?

    47. Ari M

      Its worrying me a lot the fact that next season might be just Harmony and her new friends instead of Rhyme and the og chicken girls

    48. Suman Kedia

      Seeing all these scenes just made me so emotional..😢


      My fav is all of it

    50. Tiktok lover070

      3:07 white I used to have that dress omg

    51. Diamond Arneson

      omg. i love it how annies favourite part was one with hayden in it. that is so cutr. i really miss their relashionship. i really hope that hannie gets back together. love you both😘💗

    52. Addy Megan


    53. Ryliegh Hackman

      My favorite scene in all of chicken girls is the last scene of season 6 episode 8 when rhyme just goes off on several people. I just love that scene.

    54. Diana Sam

      bruh i want dylan

    55. Mobashar Yousaf

      Love that Annie's 2 answer is about her and Hayden miss hannie hope hannie comes back September and my fav was every rhyme and tk moments and the dance at the spring fling in 'The chicken girls : the movie'

    56. Mobashar Yousaf

      September 2020 must come quickly can't wait

    57. Finn Boyd


    58. אושר גטהון

      I miss chicken girls 😭😭😭😭

    59. Karina Kumar

      I miss Chicken Girls ❤️❤️

    60. Mary, just Mary

      The fat girl at 2:20 - her "singing" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    61. Mary, just Mary

      Is this a joke? Like is this a really elaborate joke where they KNOW they've been involved the WORST thing ever put on a screen but they're talking like it's something to be proud of or that isn't the most embarrassing thing ever?

    62. Lucija TheBest

      Am I the only one who completely forgot about Tim and Drake idk

    63. Jords 15

      Omg anyone else love Indiana (Rooney’s) voice, it’s sounds different from the show but I love it xx I love chicken girls plz never stop making seasons and episodes 😂❤️❤️

    64. Ioanna Dout

      My favorite sence it's exactly the same with Hayden's 😂 or when Ace wink at season 3 i love this sence he is so cute 😊🥰❤

    65. Mia Hardy

      Or doses Kayla not come back at all

    66. Mia Hardy

      I want to no when Kayla comes back

    67. Annakie Muleka

      I love Heyden

    68. Bejaza Velioska

      Bruh if Drake comes back, Imma be happy and shocked at the same time😂🤚🏽

    69. Aminath Zeek

      0:53 anything ooohhh☺️😂😜

    70. madyboo110

      It's weird that no one spoke about Ezra

    71. Nevaeh Conner

      soo no ones gonna y’all about how Annie lives all the scenes from the chicken girls movie?? I guess she loved her and Hayden’s kiss😌

    72. Savannah Smith

      Indiana is sooooooo Australian

    73. Veronica Alejandres

      is chicken girls over?

    74. Ashleey Tobias

      I love the chicken girls and I always love the chicken

    75. Rubaba

      1, 2, 3, Chicken Girls!!!!

    76. Carmela C

      I love Lena (forgot her real name) but she’s so funny in real life

    77. Maja Skoko

      I am here to tell u, nobody cares

    78. tehqznwtf


    79. tehqznwtf


    80. Tracy Maggio


    81. Ella Ernst

      WHERES KAYLA?????

    82. moonkhan1219

      Hello everyone 😊

    83. malatr alals

      when will attaway general ep3 comemeeeee

    84. Unicorn dreams

      I love this show

    85. B W

      who else misses kayla and tim sharp

    86. B W

      my favorite sceene was when birdie and spike were talking in the car it was such good acting

    87. Clarissa K

      where is the halloween Sean and the jr one from? which episodes or seasons?

    88. Senzekile Mngomezulu

      I actually felt emotional when I was watching the ending of the last episode of season six and I was happy when it said stay tuned for season seven. I can't wait❤

    89. Aisha Montez

      Is there gonna be season 7 plz answer

    90. Thareaal Sincere

      Hey but if Hayden is single I’m always ready to mingle

    91. Ariana Mary Janeo

      The time Annie said that her other favorite scene was with Hayden that just made me so happy..I really miss Hannie🙂🙂

    92. Adelaido Panuncillon

      There's season 7? Can't wait to see season 7 watching from Philippines.

    93. Czarina Iris Aspa

      I miss chicken girls i hope its already september😭but its fine bc i named my dog annie😊

    94. Vivian Butler

      Me loves all the tiktokers: Indiana, Annie, Maddie, Haley and Avani

    95. Lily Evans

      I can’t wait till season 7 comes out. It’s gonna come out the same month of my birthday

    96. Taylor Kidd

      Annie did say ANYTHING from the movie Included even the LAST PART 🤫

    97. mayaa

      It's so weird to see annie growing through this show🥺🥺

    98. Kristin Jolliff

      I luv U Annie!!!! Like ifu want Annie and Hayden to get back together

    99. Let’s change the world

      I wonder if there gonna finish the season

    100. Makenzie Schaffner

      I uh I kinda forgot about drake