CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 2: “Boy Troubles”

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    With the pressure on, Harmony runs into some trouble with the dance team and Leyla gets asked out by a cute eighth grader.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, “The Chicken Girls” - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 2: “Boy Troubles”

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    1. Brat TV

      thoughts on this week's episode?

      1. Summer Oler


      2. Ferdosa Ahmedin

        @Amelle Adegoke lmao

      3. Amelle Adegoke


      4. Taylor King


      5. Ferdosa Ahmedin


    2. • ꪶiꪶꪗ •

      Ngl i prefer the old chicken girl. This new one is awkward as HECK ngl. Harmony shoulda stayed at her old school

    3. Jirah Abada

      Am i just the only one feel that PK has no facial expressions when acting

    4. Isabella

      Why are these 12 year old girls obsessing over a 12 year old boy named eggy 💀💀

    5. Hannah Winter

      Layla gives major bi vibes

    6. Eunoia

      To everyone saying these kids are bad actors: If you looked at the document. You would see that, most of these kids are JUST STARTING ACTING. So of course people that have been acting for sometimes will be the "best actors".

    7. Ericka Robles

      And tell tk I he ask very good in the movie what ever it says 🙂

      1. Ericka Robles

        😔no one is replying I’m getting sad😖

    8. Ericka Robles

      Hi I’m Ericka and I’m ten and I love watching your videos I have homework and after I watch season 7 it is getting so good you guys are doing a great job on making these videos I wish I can see you I live in Vineland and I’m in forth grade and I REALLY REALLY WHAT TO SEE YOU IN PERSON BUT IM sure I cant😥😞I love you guys so so much big fan 😘 my birthday is in January 11 I’m going to turn 11 god bless you all and I’m watching in 2020. 2020 is the worst right sometimes it get scary in 2020 love you guys😘🤞🏼❤️😊

    9. Shanice Weathers

      Am I not the only one who like the old chicken girls no offence

    10. Reveblinkonce

      enzo’s Acting is really bad and harmonys friend too Bring back the ogs

    11. anisah adeogun

      I love Laila she is the best

    12. TheBunny Girl

      "you have been saying that all week n-word " im sorry what!

    13. Adam Dan


    14. MARIA`

      Harmony and pk or Harmony and Jordan 💙 they would ship

    15. Dr Sivakalai Ramakrishnan

      PEMDAS in India we use BODMAS or BIDMAS

    16. Annah kamau


    17. Ebee LEE

      yikes every comment is saying Hayley is good and everyone else sucks I hope brat sees this lmao even though it’s kinda too late for them to change

    18. baby_brookfield

      hayley is the only one whos good at acting i mean elliana dosen't even deserve to be on there just bc u were on some crappy show dose not mean ur a good actrest

    19. xx_Not_Izzy_xx

      Who hates the new cast?? Harmony is the only person good at acting. They should just do the OG’s go to college. I really only like that they kept TK and Rhyme.

    20. Emilia Mletzko

      who doesn’t know pemdas in high school???

    21. sadie law


    22. Malaya Acevedo


    23. Amrutha's Corner

      OG chicken girls please !!!

    24. patricia Laroya.

      PEMDAS IS EZ👁️👄👁️

    25. Karmiii’s Life And More

      byucdbjkzbd layla gives me bi vibesssssss

    26. Maariya Shaikh

      yh um these 8 year old's clearly don't know how tf to act. Hailey is the only one who does...why do they keep choosing famous people like let other people have a turn.

      1. Maariya Shaikh

        @thegamegeek yh true

      2. thegamegeek

        Hayley and Annie are the only good actors in this show lol

    27. Kirs Mensah

      Wow so Eliana Walmsley is in this and Txunamy is in this!!!!!!!!

    28. Hanna Nina

      I really don’t like Coco she annoys me uhhh

    29. Hanna Nina

      Layla’s pretty

    30. Olivia Playz

      I feel like if my sisters ex bf's cousin asked me out I would be very very very awkward and say no

    31. Maria Holloway

      is piper rockelle going on Brat this year??

    32. Moo Kart

      Find actors instead of famous people.

    33. gaming with kacey!

      they had to make the black girl-

    34. Iqra Malik

      Tuxnamy has the best acting

    35. Samara huff

      Can we not be obsessed with boys for like one second. I feel like everything now is just love kiss and me vomiting. Can we go back to like doing each other’s hair and having the worst thing we’ve done is taking three candies when your mom said you can only have 2

    36. Unknown 123

      And why can’t they all just stand up to Bella

    37. Unknown 123

      Why would Layla say yes when she likes girls tho

    38. My name is Jeff

      Just say Addison Rae is my sister

    39. HK - 07BJ 839541 Tribune Drive PS

      The OLD chicken girls were wayyyyyy beterrrrr please bring them back.

    40. Roselyn Prado Sanchez

      I miss the old Chicken girls

    41. Kayla Coyle

      bruh- I would have smacked belle's face if I were Harmony lmao

    42. Mahek Shamdasani

      Where are OG chicken Girls? These are so boring!!

      1. thegamegeek

        Annie hayley hayden there ogs

    43. zqfira

      I'm sorry but harmony is CARRYING this show on her BACK whew chile.

    44. 18-349Ravi Teja

      I'm missing Rhyme and everyone. I didn't like these guys being shot.

    45. Gaby

      Bella gets on my nerves

    46. Essa Rai

      I’m sorry 😭their acting sucks Haley is like the only one that can act

    47. MAgicdiy

      I feel like Hayley, the skater girl, and the boy who talked to the skater girl are good at acting

    48. Andrea Tavares

      This season just feels like series mani if you know you know really annoying please bring the OG’s back

    49. Tamara Ghandour

      So before season seven, it was Rhyme's drama. Now after season seven, it Harmony's drama?

    50. Kaitlyn Driver

      this is really triggering

    51. Cleopatra Dailey

      "i'm gonna tell it to you straight...." don't even try to tell anything to her straight.... cause she's not

    52. Melanie Rose

      coco in this

    53. Sabina Thompson

      bro belle is so mean like jeez

    54. Susan Ackermann

      if txunamy just turned 11... how is she in 8th grade

    55. Michele Islas

      Omg 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

    56. Nadi Nado

      Plis sub in spanish

    57. Vane Colin

      I love chicken gals | (• ◡•)|

    58. Football Is life

      5:58 im sorry but i died when she said that bun will be captain. There varsity could get wrecked by my school’s freshman probably

    59. Ukrainian Ukelele

      why does nobody ever faint on these shows? its so funny when people act it out right

    60. srinivas reddy

      I like everyone acting but not Claire and belle,pk maybe they should act more better and sorry😊

    61. Marce CB

      Haha Enzo at the beginning

    62. Emily Rogers

      It should have ended on season 6


      hey lol

    64. Emma Farran

      if this whole season if gonna be about them i’m not watching it. they should’ve just added a few more episodes in season 6 with rhyme and tk together and that should’ve been the end. hayleyis the only one that can act in this

    65. Akriti chhetri

      Apart from harmony no one actually acts and cute harmony just act's like her sister I wish I had a sister like her .

    66. Katelyn Kawamura

      Lol txunamy is so funny when she just staires

    67. Patience Gesta

      Eggie isn't that handsome, or cool. Why on earth does everyone look at him as God? Did I miss something. I haven't seen Mani, so if anyone knows why this Eggie guy is considered cool, please do answer me.

    68. Home Stallone

      I like the old chicken girls the real chicken girls I mean this is good to but

    69. Niya’s World

      Fake ppl alert

    70. Adwoa Asante

      This Belle girl is so annoying🙄🙄

    71. brat tv music

      The new cast need work, black girl blah

    72. Eve_nina Uilavai


    73. Gabbie .Vlogs

      boogers in your otmeal made me laugh so hard

    74. Francesca Pappalardo

      where the heck are the og chicken girls?

    75. Ellie Par

      hayley is the only good actor there-

    76. rebecca defraine

      they all seriously need acting lessons 😳

    77. Coco Quinn


    78. saigan

      3:19 that handshake tho lol

    79. Arabellah Hernandez

      Bruh that girl is so mean

    80. Morgan Staab

      Harmony is the best in the movie!

    81. Sophia Escobar

      Why is he so awkward .......

    82. karizma vaipulu

      I prefer the old chicken girls. This season is boring bring back the old chicken girls back. Everyone in this season sucks at acting besides the people that were in the chicken girls before

    83. jackie v

      I prefer the OG chicken girls

    84. Roo Zollinger

      soooooo cringy

    85. Sammie Rhodric

      They should have just started a whole new series and just like connect the story line if they want chicken girls so bad and shouldve used this content because this is seem nothing like chicken girls OG

    86. LifeAsAdama

      is that the girl from dance moms ?

    87. Itzel Galindo

      this needs Spanish subtitles 😞

    88. Kim Farias

      Idk why Claire just bothers me for some reason

    89. Tamilore Odusanya

      how often do you guys hold auditios

    90. Lucija Gudelj

      I am sorry but it just aint the same i miss OG's sm 😭

    91. Maclclie Tan

      she pronounced PEMDAS wrong

    92. Minka Laurence

      Are we just gonna talk about how bad PK is at acting and how harmony has the worst friends and we want the old chicken girls back

    93. Kaylyn Matika

      Kid could of said he’s Addison Rae brother

    94. cocobean

      she said n word


      Everyone's just off😭

    96. Jocelyn Christabella

      can we have the og chicken girls please 🥺

    97. Kadin Dalziel

      I’m only still watching this because Harmony and because I thought this was still the OG chicken girls

    98. trash

      as much as i like them all; they’re gonna regret this when they’re older lmao

    99. Kelen Lopez

      don’t really like the new chicken girl they are bad