CHICKEN GIRLS | Reunion Special | Annie & Original Cast

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    Join Annie LeBlanc, Indiana Massara, Matt Sato, Riley Lewis, Dylan Conrique, Caden Conrique, Hayden Summerall, and Brooke Butler as they reunite, reminisce, and reveal all the tea from Chicken Girls.
    Watch all of Chicken Girls Season 6 here:

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    1. sylvie cardon

      everyone: airpods annie:head phones LMAO

    2. Amisha Rai

      I love how this movie want an I will like to see more ...ever thing in dramatic is perfect...I love it...also like the Halloween stories they tell each other....wat I did not like about this movie it was this girl with that boy this was so unbelievable...

    3. Fikreab Getachew

      I'm not gonna lie i just came to see Annie and Hayden they are just meant to be together like look at the smile when Hayden starts is talking 3:23

    4. Jaya Persaud

      I want more chicken girls

    5. Channica Charlton

      are they still have season 8 9 and 10

    6. Shreesha Lathkar

      What about birdie

    7. Ameera Jones

      I love how much brook is like her character 😂😂❤️

    8. Ejiroghene Egbedi

      I wish all of you were here Wishing you all a peaceful covid 19 break

    9. Ejiroghene Egbedi

      I love you all P.s where is Carson I really wish he were here

    10. Miley Dance

      I love this and chicken girls but where’s the people like flash, birdy, Stephanie, Hamilton

    11. Janette solis

      man look how they put the ending. Hayden and Annie wow wowowowow

    12. Janette solis

      looks like Hayden and Annie are in the same place

    13. Gracie Miller

      I like how this played out and everybody agree on some things and the Chicken Girls have helped me become the person I am now and the fact that I get to share this with Chicken Girls is so amazing and makes me really happy.

    14. Wendy a Morales

      When is season 7 coming out

      1. Mariya Hathiari

        its already out

    15. Deepali Tiwary

      Who came over here to watch Annie and Hayden together 😂😂

    16. collins okemwa

      plz bring more season

    17. Lulya Weldit

      Hello i am from Eritrean but i love you so mach good job


      It's cool how they literally grew up on the show

    19. MAR ALR

      IS INDIANA MASCARA GAY ????????????

      1. Mariya Hathiari

        no only in they show

    20. Wendy a Morales

      When is season 7 marathon

    21. Athina & Krisa Gkika

      who is the carson

    22. Nazira Rahman

      Did anyone else realize at the very beginning before the video actually started, around 0:07 when Hayley walked by, it looked like she walked straight into Brooke's screen? I know she didn't but it was still cool.

    23. Jessica Lam

      It's kind of interesting how all the Chicken Girls have the same hair color. In fact most of the characters have blonde/brown hair, with the occasional black haired character.

    24. loftyedits

      bro can we talk about Brooke and Matt? Like they're so cute

    25. Sarieoa

      AHHHHHHHHHHH let's not lie most of us cane for the gabbie moments

    26. Thy Pham

      Where is Harmony

    27. Carldene Cameron

      Who notices that the star of the season hear phone & including brook and every one else has on hear pods😑😑

    28. MaRs

      Why do I think Annie and Hayden were looking at each other the whole time :I think guys no realistic theories needed

    29. APPLEguy101

      Wow... Indiana do be bodybuilding doe

    30. Olivia Hosking

      Wheres Pilot

    31. Vimalakshi Johnwesly

      Anyone after season 7 premiered

    32. Deanna Shrivastava

      brat come on u have to bring back dylan this season and i am hoping that there will be season 8

    33. Keeley Bassett

      You can tell Hayden had Annie pinned

    34. Mitchel Castro

      I miss seeing kayla and tim on chicken girls🥺

    35. Hannie Forever22

      Are we don’t going to talk about how Mads wasn’t there!

    36. pink moon

      So has the cast officially changed? Is it gonna be all about harmony now? 🥺 I mean don’t get me wrong I love harmony but they should make it a spin off show and if this is the end for the og chicken girls, then you should make another movie to finish!

    37. Cee TV

      This is definitely not ok.

    38. Luciana Ampuero

      Me we’re is mads Me watching tik tok Oh mads is hang out with Jaden

    39. Averie Wahl

      Y can’t Rhyme and TK gust get together!!!!

    40. sachin parekh

      I like Indiana Massara with long hair

    41. bernard radrianavony

      Dylan😍😍❤ and caden ❤

    42. Stephanie


    43. Maitha Aljenaibi


    44. salwaシ

      No one gonna talk b how gorgeous Ellie and Kayla ARE!! (and other girls are pretty too)

    45. Little Vicky

      i wish to be in the acting business with Brat TV and be apart of the chicken girls

    46. Kaniz Fatema

      I really wanted to be a charecter in Chicken girls



    48. RAYNE VLOG

      I really really really really wish that your story guys are back on chicken girls please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please I love you guys like here if you agree

    49. jennifer ugot

      I love Annie so much be strong Girl love yah

    50. Megan Manville

      awww hayden looks so happy:)

    51. Amelias art

      We’re bireie

    52. refal alhajri

      When hayden was taking at the begininig annie was smilling it was the cutest thing

    53. Cheesy Hotdog

      So we aren’t gonna talk about cadens glow up... damm


      I'm starstrucked to see dylan omg

    55. Majda Zr

      I'm about to cry ; this made me say bye to my teenage . now I'm 19 and all grown up

    56. mercy kajuju

      I feel this movie was meant for we...I love can't wait for next episode....😍😍

    57. C 05 Kamerynn Dias

      I love the way Hayden and Annie smile looking at eachother as "friends" ❤️

    58. Mona HABBOUCHEH

      Maddie is in the chicken girls where is she?

    59. Nicole ashley Sadiwa

      I miss you all omg even though I'm not a cast I'm happy to see you I hope you all make more season of chicken girls I hope please

    60. Nicole ashley Sadiwa

      Omg I miss them so much and it's hard to not see or watch them in amm like on a movie like the whole chicken girls cast I'm about to cry now I know it's weard but that's what I'm

    61. Aleksia Johnson

      I loved this!💗

    62. Ariel Dabreau

      This movie was de best

    63. Julian Skates

      Annie and her sister in these new episode are the best

    64. steffy rehema


    65. Sara Faisal

      Are we just gonna ignore the fact about in the brat series when Tim dated Rhyme ( Annie ) his hair was short but in this video it is a little long

    66. Fjolla Loshi

      I miss hannie

    67. Mars Adventure Vlogs

      It is so fun watching them grow up in the show and outside the show. I am sad that some the next season doesn't have everyone in it but also happy that hayley now is the chicken girl but what about mani? cause i wanna see what happens next with mani, but happy about it all! They are all very talented and i wish all them the best! Love the show and the people in it!❤

    68. Mashimo Emily


    69. Iretzy Zavala

      5:41 did everyone hear that no just me ok!

    70. Iretzy Zavala

      Did u guys notice that Annie and TK have the same kinda blonde hair if yes like!

    71. Iretzy Zavala

      Is indiana gay?????

      1. P a r i s 13

        No it is just acting

    72. its me Shiks

      Where is Cameron

    73. Tanisha Shinde


      1. it's Brittney bitch

        It's soo badd I just watched the first episode it was soo bad I didn't like it

    74. Arooj Shakeel

      Everyones talking about hannie and missing mads but for a sec can we just appreciate how beautiful dylan (Kayla)is😍😍😍😍😍

    75. rita rora

      I really wanted to be cast if this since season 1

    76. Tashi norbhu

      I love u all so much thanks for doing this vid y'all r amazing I dont know how my lockdown would go without your videos they remind me of true friendship and my dear friends . I miss them all, and I miss u all . It is just so cool to have such great friends, like if u agree and comment to say a few words about a ur loved ones . BTW I still ship T.K + Rhyme . Sorry If it's old talk now i just believe it's good to have ur bff as ur soulmate .

    77. Shirley Mazariegos

      When is season 7 episode 2 coming out ?

    78. Loulua Elnahrawy

      We’re is mads

    79. Sophia Chraibi

      mads probbablly at sway

    80. Sophia Chraibi

      wheres carson,rush,mads

    81. Tia Korgaonkar


    82. OAP •

      Annie was kinda silent until a question is being asked to her , in the entire video....

    83. OAP •

      Without Mads, it looks incomplete!!! 😥😭

    84. Jeslin Jacob

      0:8 was it just me or did somebody walk past annie and appear on the next screen

    85. Tea Time

      Are there any auditions for brat? Just to be in one would be a dream

    86. Hermione Granger

      What about Mads?

    87. Mia_. Nami

      Kayla is so pretty also Annie like wow

    88. Angel Hind

      Okay Hayden was definitely glaring at Annie tho :)))")

    89. anikapanda

      I’m just waiting for the next generation of chicken girls.😂

    90. Lyssa

      Where is Rush?

    91. Lyssa

      Where was Carson?

    92. Sister Roblox

      Who else noticed the person in the background that was on Annie’s screen and Brookes screen lol their in the same house

    93. Amani Wilson

      I think it is so funny that brooke’s name in the series is Ellie and people in the series acting want her to be a Brooke when she really is

    94. Elizabeth Mowbray

      Anyone else think season 8 is gonna be about the og cast because their views are gonna go down?

    95. ArianneDane

      I like Annie isn't using airpods even though she's really rich .

    96. Lucy Dill

      Where has Mads been its like she has moved on to hype house. And she leaves Annie here like nothing! 🙄 #annoying

    97. Jayla Rose

      Acwffa fashion

    98. vixtqeT

      Me still watching season 2: 3:39 👁👄👁

    99. Deepa Suresh

      So funny that they ended it with Annie and Hayden