CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 Auditions | Hayley LeBlanc

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    Armed with her very own Chicken Girls bracelets, Harmony is ready to find her tribe. But who will make the cut? Tune in this September to catch up with Harmony, Rhyme and all of the Chicken Girls!

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    1. Brat TV

      make new friends, but keep the old ones 🙏 see everyone next season!!

      1. Officially Teri

        I love chicken girls also I hope that it’s not just harmony and friends

      2. Another day with Jazzy

        @Ava Lutz ya i know

      3. Ava Lutz

        i love the show but like can we get the old cast back this feels like mani but idk

      4. Another day with Jazzy

        @Aarya shah thakuri i am too

      5. Aarya shah thakuri

        I am very excited for this season

    2. Tatum Lily

      0:50 I almost spit out my tea lol

    3. Tashema Wright

      Can people still audition

    4. Gwyneth Shiloh

      I hope they can accept new members😅😊😘😝 please open for auditions?? brat tv?

    5. Jesslyn natasia hartono

      How do i audition

    6. alana_ alana


    7. Aleksandra Poursanidis

      OMG Hayley looks so much like Annie

    8. Abby Mason

      This show sucks now none of them can act

    9. Suchita Kirloskar

      seriously ppl why now its not the og chicken girls its not the mani girls now ugh pls bring back roonie annie birdie tjk tim and all og members back

    10. Ruby Kile

      Please bring the old cast back!

    11. Zoe-Marie Harris

      What about wEs

    12. I need a Bad BleEp!

      How do I sign up plss tell me!

    13. Lexi C yt

      I missed it I am so sad

    14. Zaira Babcock

      So they just gonna skip season 6?

    15. Avnu Patil

      How do we even auditions though?

    16. Sama Aliedani

      I want to see this show but I also want rhyme and TK

    17. Angel Regirajeswaran


    18. K I M B E R L Y

      I want Annie to be in Chicken Girls

    19. Harshini balaji 8A

      I know people like chicken girls but I really want another season of mani. I wanna know if harmony chose attaway or her new school.

    20. Ryza Fernandez

      I really wish that season 7 isnt just for harmony and her friends.(its fine tho) i wanna see more of thyme(t.k and rhyme)

    21. Maria Alonso

      I kinda don't like chicken girls anymore

    22. princess prisca


    23. Tea Time

      I really thought I could audition for chicken girls 😭 I’ve wanted to be on the brat tv show ever since i heard the words chicken girls.....

    24. rowena hardy

      we don't want another mani

    25. Sarah He


    26. h e s s a -

      Why do people say it will turn into mani ?

    27. Randi Randolph

      I wish piper was in it

    28. Ruby Mason

      I love when a harmony says no to a sister

    29. Lyrically Lyrical

      so... the famous kids with zero acting ability can just get roles but other people have to audition??? r these even real shows??

    30. Dream of Coco quinn

      Omg coco


      Guys I know you are going to miss the cast, but give Hayley a chance. Maybe it's going to be fantastic.

    32. Jana Salutan

      Where is da season 7

    33. Just Tamxra

      Lol there was nothing in that binder 😂😂

    34. Pop Corns

      I’m not really into this I love total eclipse WAYYYY MORE

    35. Khamyaa Sushil

      Anyone here after they announced the new cast for Chicken Girls season 7 ???

    36. hi im Brooklyn!

      I really wanna be on Chicken Girls! can you tell me how?

    37. Ava Lutz

      i love the show but can we have the old cast back please 🤞🏼 this feels like a chicken girls and mani play date if u get what i mean lol

    38. vashappenin

      istg if chicken girls season 7 is including piper or txunamy

    39. Acaxii ROBLOX

      Who else saw nothing in that folder

    40. s clara

      Isnt this just mani

    41. Iva Hida

      I need chicken girls with the old cast and spike with baddie Birdie :)

    42. perry mason

      hai im so exited my birthday is in september and it comes out then EEK!

    43. Sonic Go Super Speed

      I would like to be a chicken girl

    44. Masifa Khurram

      I'm not as excited for season 7 now.

    45. Gianna Rizzio


    46. sai

      i’m now very VERY disappointed i fr thought the og cast will be here this is a literal mani


      Ekkk coco is here

    48. PlaneGirl

      Only if ppl could actually audition for these shows. I bet there are better actors out there who would love to act and can act better that the ppl in attaway general (not to be rude) and other shows like these but I guess it's only for the the ppl who have lots of followers on Instagram

    49. •Kpop Weebxshawty•

      Who's came here after Chicken Girls Season 7 Trailer ( atleast Rhyme is there ) ⬇️

      1. Shabbir Methiwala

        And tk

    50. Jana Essam

      I think the new chicken girls includes piper, coco, txunamy and harmony i think it includes all of those

    51. Denissa Fachira

      Im hoping i can see the OG chicken girls in season 7!

    52. Navika Naishadha

      Hiiii, Brat TV can u plz keep annie, Coco, haley, Hayden, and all the old one plssss 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺. Love watching chicken girls.😘😘

    53. Janelle Yao

      1:41 you couldn’t even have at least tried to make the auditions realistic?? Like you couldn’t have put some paper in there??? 🤦‍♀️

    54. Jailene Camacho

      Ik it’s late but I’m hoping for me to apart of mani :)

    55. anne mauranus

      i want to be a chicken girl

    56. Merola Dous

      don't tell me coco is on it - 😞

    57. Sophia ?

      I wonder if season 7 will have Hayley, Txunamy, Coco and Piper and Coco and Piper become friends again, that would be amazing

      1. princess Asamoah

        they are friends now

    58. Sol Quintela

      I want rhyme and her friends to be on season 7 I love harmonie and her friends but don’t they already have a show I really want Annie and her friends to be on season 7

    59. Michelle Daniela Ceron Duran

      Comentario en español check

    60. The adorable animals

      Still hope ogs like Rhyme, TK, Rooney, Stephanie, Ellie birdie Quinn Robbie are going to be in season 7

    61. aesthetically random

      Does brat know that literally no one is gonna watch this stupid new chicken girls lmao

    62. Destiny GonzalezReyes

      Katie/coco shouldn't be one

    63. Xella_XO

      Ok please do something and call Piper and Sophie for chicken girls

    64. Marissa Warren

      Be coming a chicken girl Is a dream

    65. Milky_da_kooky

      Hahaha poor rhyme hahahaha🤣🤣🤣

    66. Janet 2005

      Hoooollddddd up if there is no the OG Chicken girls, it is NOT chicken girls. Plus there is already a show for HARMONY And her friends. Why put them in CG

    67. Princess Sophie

      If the will not bring the old cast back I will cry

    68. Heba Metabel Shoko

      Can't wait.... Coco Quinn... I can't wait

    69. Yangerpong J LAZy Devil

      Can't wait for season 7 🤗🤗🤗🥳🥳

    70. B U S V L O G Z Z Z

      We need the og cast... it won’t be the same.. I just feel like it’s better with Annie and them no offence to Hayley and her friends but doesn’t Hayley have Mani? I don’t know if I want to watch season 7 anymore..

    71. Annalise Alexa

      Honestly I want to see more of Rhyme and t.k. Plizzzzzz I love Harmony but I would prefer the same cast in season 7 of the chicken girls.

    72. Ashysavage 354

      Honestly I'm excited about the next generation of chicken girls and the end of chicken girls was good

    73. aml lithy

      Where is the first session

    74. K Varughese

      Yeah I really want the old cast to be in season 7 not just harmony and her friends

    75. Kendreka Villagomez McGee

      I know it's kinda to late? But can I sign up???

    76. Shiloh Ravo

      My brother likes you

    77. Gianna Paden

      Who wants a season 7 of mani 👇

    78. Toca Girl

      Coco Quinn

    79. Anne Wathithi Gitau

      Can't wait for this season

    80. Ogechi Nwokoro

      Brat are you sure if THE NEW CHICKEN GIRLS come init is gonna be so realistic like I am literally 11 years I actually will love to see COCO , TXUNAMY AND HALEY IN THE CHICKEN GIRLS

    81. Aly z side

      Is there going to be season 7

    82. Simply Aesthetic Roblox Queen

      If harmony really wanted to be in a brat tv show she should just stick to her mani episode cause the only reson I come here is that all the old cast members stay!

    83. Neha Suresh

      heyyyyy so we all know that coco quinn may be a chicken girl:)

    84. Sydney Collins

      If it was just Harmony it would not be chicken girls it would just be another mani

    85. 7 - A9 Devanshi Datta

      omg!! I wish I could audition!!😊

    86. Kendra

      i miss the old chicken girls i hope their at least enterating.

    87. Esther Martini

      If the cast of mani is going to be on chicken girls why not just continue it on mani

    88. Elroy McKnight

      I hope sky and goth girl become the new Chicken girls

    89. roxanna shelton

      I love this

    90. AudyDaPotato

      I'm sooo happy that there will be a season 7!!! September is only in a few months, I'm so excited!

    91. Adele Li

      Hayley is literally the best actress on the show since s1, anyone agrees?

    92. Shibah Nabukera

      i hope coco is in chicken girls

    93. Madam Cxc0_

      Y’all act unreal

    94. Jophie Skister

      5,000 comment

    95. Abby_ Solis

      Pick me!!!!

    96. Maria Figueroa

      don't put katie on the chicken girls

    97. Paula Jereese

      please also bring back the og cast!! I miss Kayla and Everyone! 💗

    98. Susan E

      Go to and search chicken girls then look at the cast. It shows the new people that are going to be in season 7 even though Brat TV hasn’t announced them yet.