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    Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of Chicken Girls with the Chicken Girls Docuseries.
    Episode 1 - Casting
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, “The Chicken Girls” - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of “Chicken Girls,” “Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, “Zoe Valentine” and more.

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    1. Phurbu Sherpa

      Is this video shot recently or...?

    2. Aila Pirzada

      I was literally crying when the og chicken girls ended, like i was watching it since 2017 and watched the whole cast grow up 😭😭😭

    3. Roblox Gals

      I have always loved chicken girls its the best 🤩

    4. Supria Kumari

      Brat tv where can we get these extra refreshers

    5. SiimplySky

      i miss the og girls

    6. Stephany Ann Sague

      I miss Annie vlog. 😔

    7. Elsa Halaby

      I'm happy about everything I feel this is going to be so good like I mean it so good I will never forget these memories they made everything better I love them like sosososoossoosos much and I hope one day I will audition and be in a movie or series in brat that would be a DREAM

    8. Noonie Almubarak

      im crying indi is goinggggggggg

    9. Graxia Sibayan

      Yeyyyyyyyyyy 💖😍😍

    10. cristal hidalgogalindo

      do you need an someone causes i want to be on brat tv pls

    11. Andrew Tom Jacob

      Hey guys. U guys are so amazing. I love y'all and the chicken girls. I'm so curious and excited to see the upcoming episodes and how Harmony and the new cast members start handling the play. But that doesn't mean that I will forget the old chicken girls and the cast. 😚😍 God bless and keep entertaining your fans💖😇😊

    12. Elle D


    13. Molly Childers

      Who else thinks Addison Rae is probably onset while they are filming because her brother is PK on chicken girls so either her mom dad or her have to be onset

    14. Rehema Arina

      Thanks BRAT i appreciate your hard work. I like acting but i live far away but the deserve it 😍💘💯

    15. Montserrat Fregoso

      i can't these 11 year olds rly thought they were gonna have "beef" w each other like girllllll😂😂😂😂

    16. Nicole Weißenborn

      Rhyme/Annie and Harmonie/Haylye>>>>>>>

    17. Best music And and inspirational lyrics

      There like

    18. Elisha Reem Deloria

      exited for the next episode

    19. Miko - San


    20. Amber Ricafort


    21. Caelania

      Sorry I want to know what crafty is??

    22. Saila Hasan

      Wait when was Rooney there-

    23. courtney klingler

      I still think Annie and Hayden should be together

    24. lovelyxxgaby

      Not gonna lie i wish i was apart of it anyone know how i can be part of it?? 😭

    25. chloe g

      why are y'all so mad that the old cast is gone lmao people grow up, the new cast is great

    26. cloroquina 5000

      hi my names Cloroquine

    27. Adorablycute UwU

      Elliana: I don't wanna beef or have beef with anyone ( I don't remember what she said) *dance mom flashbacks*

    28. Yaretzi Amezquita

      If you look a them they were removing the characters little by little , and it all started when they separated or went to another place .

    29. Kimo

      he didnt just dab- AHYVVEFDGHWJSJ anyways

    30. MA 'ANU

      Enjoyed and loved it 👍

    31. angel icy girl

      what is crafty


      love it !

    33. Eliana Sandoval

      ok you guys should make the vides longer bc there so good

    34. Emma Greer


    35. Cheyanne Jasmine Isaac

      i am so proud of Haley, luv too much baby girl

    36. AbrahamLincon 457

      Piper Rockelle, Sky I mean should be in chicken girls!!!! When she was on Mani she was Harmony’s best friend and it would be so cool to see her in this shows again

    37. nunya hehe

      I wish we still had the ogs . idk why they changed it tbh .

    38. recentlyzlp

      yess indi and annie and hayden and Mabye mady is gonna be here

    39. recentlyzlp

      wait its over?

    40. Elianne Bororing

      Hayley is so grown up now omg! i cant wait for her

    41. 07 Laeina

      1:50 and they cut 😂 Love these guys

    42. cry

      omg I just realized Enzo is Addison Rae’s little brother!!

    43. Catherine Unidad


    44. kpop lover

      My all time fav Indiana

    45. Philona Merritt

      Do the old cast get to come back and teach the next cast

    46. adjucci

      Rhyme: loyal also rhyme: has many boyfriends

    47. Sneha Mishra

      I'm waiting for 5 years later when Stephanie and Roonie meet at juniors

    48. angelll

      at first I thought in the beginning Hayden was hugging Annie cuz I wasn’t completely focused on the screen and I was so excited and thought they were friends again🤧😂

    49. Deema Al-Mutairi


    50. Alysha Nunez

      yay we have some of the old cast :)

    51. Madison Ennis02

      How do i audition for chicken girls- im a ballet and jazz dancer but i also want to be a famous actor lol thats just my dream

    52. Lilly Windsor

      Ugh I want to be in chicken girls so baddd

    53. Ofc it’s Chrissy

      Every time Annie has part with Hayden I go “HE LOOKED AT HER HE LOOKED AT HER” or “ SHES LOOKING AT HIM” or “HE AGREED WITH HER” anybody else ?

    54. Sarah Rude


    55. Natasja Te Vruchte

      Maybe the cast changed because of corona that they don’t have to keep distance that much as the older ones

    56. Ananya Pajni

      Pls never end these series😭😭

    57. Emilee Buckner

      Hey guys are you a huge fan of chicken girls? Well I made a google classroom for superfans! Let's make edits, clips and what you like about the episodes! here is the code 6aj3hve

    58. annie blinks

      Can I ask something?is it the millwood girls gonna be here cause if they, the show will be the best.BTW I'm from phillipines 😍😘

    59. Swiss

      who only watched this because of bratayle?

    60. ashanti flows

      coco lowkey looks like jewels and it’s adorable

    61. Caylee Miller

      I wonder how many times Kheris had spit on the camera

    62. Sarah Bari

      Anyone else emotional watching this 🥺😭🥺😭😭

    63. Angeleen De Torres

      Me when I see Annie and Hayden: *clicks* Yeah I'm a Hannie Fan 😌 ✨

    64. aola wili

      Did anyone notice how Annie and Haley had the same reaction to the “describe ur character in one word” question?

    65. Purnima Kori

      why txunamy im sorry but her acting is gonna ruin the show- dont come for me txunamy stans because your annoying

    66. Nicole Rivas

      Ok but the thumbnail tho😳😳❤️❤️🤭🥺🥺🥺hannie

    67. kritika

      i cried in the end

      1. aola wili


    68. kritika

      i miss the og chicken girls i want them backkkk

    69. wnnalis cioov

      Claim your “Here before a million views” ticket right here

    70. Savagx_Lyrics

      Addison Rae????

    71. Angie blue

      I’m crying this is so cute🥺 when Annie was talking about Hayley

    72. Rebecca Collins

      I love how Hayden’s been saying they take advantage of crafty ever since they were filming season one 😂

    73. Aniq Theking

      Is there a season 8?

      1. wnnalis cioov

        aww . i miss the chicken girls

    74. Cami Bermudez

      I don’t like the new chicken girls

    75. Cami Bermudez

      Addison little brother is a bad acter the only reason he is here because of Addison

    76. Jessica Villegas

      I can’t wait for kio to be part of brat!!!

    77. Zarifa Tahsin Haque

      I miss the og so muchhhh

    78. Fiana Mae

      I love chicken girls so much but I feel like most of their casting isnt based off of who can act but its based on who has the most followers on social media like Addisons little brother

    79. Among Us


    80. Natalia Henriquez

      I hope annie gets back with hayden like if you think that

    81. Megan Castro


    82. miko foin


    83. Jelano Jones


    84. Jess Thompson

      Only old school fans will know this- There’s such a difference in who were Annie’s friends Growing up in Maryland, at the gym school, Versus Haleys LA friends I’m happy for Annie that she had to go up with good friends but feel bad for Haley. It’s a totally different climate in Los Angeles than Maryland. Even though they were constantly in competitions Los Angeles is competitive in a whole different way. I don’t know, it just makes me sad for Haley. They had such a good core group and community in Maryland, they threw that all away and we’ll see what happens I guess. It’s just me seems like those girls use hailey

    85. Rose lyne


      1. Rose lyne

        @miko foin like I was three years younger alsoooo its crazy that everyone is growing up including me ahhhqhhrjjrjrwpoajs

      2. miko foin

        annie's voice was so high-pitched and it was just 3 years ago woah

    86. Pritha Basumatary

      aww . i miss the chicken girls

    87. Pritha Basumatary

      aww i wish i could be in a seris like chicken girl

    88. Stacey Ann

      The boy who plays pk is so adorable

    89. Storm Makers

      Rhyme passing the girl group to harmony Me thinking about their children

    90. Storm Makers

      People jumping in the premiere Me chilling in the comments after 2 days ❤️

    91. Storm Makers

      Guys please stop shipping them again😭😭😭 they just made up and it will be really awkward for them and it would just make things worse ❤️❤️❤️

    92. Łēñā Crocker

      bruh i've been trying to get into acting for so long but idk how to sign up for a real company and stuff, i wish i could be on brat.

    93. Brianna Williams

      Annie and Hayley’s bond is sooo cute 🥰 and Hayley is getting looking so older and sounding a lot like Annie more 🥺. Stop growing uppp

    94. Annie MCGINNIS

      Omg, thank you so much for putting me in it. It was a blast meeing you guys for make a wish! I miss you all and thank you guys for being amazing people❤️😊

    95. Leyonna Singleton

      Wait what did Hayley have to audition she was already Harmony?

    96. Sana Syed

      If any brat productions take place somehwere in Canada at any given time, someone lmk or let my agent know so I can audition cause it genually looks so fun

    97. Mimi & Esther

      Dear brat,I don't think that you would read this but please let the old og girls join again or make a new series of a new drama for the og girls!!Please

    98. Tolu Oyesanya

      claire's hand gestures lol

    99. Tolu Oyesanya

      annie's voice was so high-pitched and it was just 3 years ago woah

    100. Alita Ortiz

      I love how supportive they all are! Friends are so important and so much fun to have! To get to work will your friends is a dream!