CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 4: “Unlucky”

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    Ellie finds unlikely support on the debate team, and tensions rise within the Chicken Girls as Rhyme's new friendship with Gemma continues to blossom.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 4: “Unlucky”

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    1. Brat TV

      dang the chicken girls have a lot going on...! what advice would you give your favorite chicken girl?

      1. Minha Malik

        Rhyme should be more stronger

      2. Daniella Koenig

        Advice for Rhyme: stop being so boy crazy and just live a little Advice for Ellie: do what you love which does not include robbie

      3. Brooke Gambello

        Ellie should talk with robbie

      4. Carlos Villalobo

        Rhyme be back with T.K

      5. Jayne Upadhyay

        Quinn should know that how her body looks shouldn’t matter.

    2. Natalia Farfan

      Ellie always talks like that

    3. zoë

      quinn and ellie are so jealous lolol

    4. Its Anne Cécile Azie

      Nobody: Me: (when gemma's bf saya the FUTURE) The FuTuUrRrree🖐🏾 !!! YeS tHe FuTUuurRreee!!! Also me: OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?

    5. it ya gurl raquel

      i also think im ugly and fat...

    6. Aniyah Young


    7. Makenzie Bertrand


    8. Ariana Verbeke

      I hope rhyme and tk get back to gather

    9. Payton Thompson

      Quinn made me cry,she shouldn't worry about her weight or worry about the way she looks,she's beautiful ♥️

    10. Junia Caitlyn

      I like the cheerleading in this episode.

    11. Jazania Deleon

      Omg Avani is in this 😱

    12. Brooke Matthews

      Who else hasn’t been here sense season one Ok just me then...

    13. Sariah Hymas

      Ellie and Quinn are divas. They get under my skin. Ughh

    14. Martha Vargas

      My advice for Quinn is to keep eating and not to stop because she did not get in to the cher squad and my advice for rhyme to stop hanging out with the cher squad

    15. Aisha Awadh

      I want hot ham backkkk

    16. XxAdopt_meplazxX YouTube

      Who else forgot Annie and Avani where both gymnasts

    17. Niya’s World

      Tbh honest everybody need a harmony ik I shore do

    18. Raya Mhram

      Who recocenized ty when birdie won ✅

    19. Anya Brown

      I have been a fan of the brataly fam since 2015 and it's so sad to see that they don't post and celeb died I literally cried and it's sad to see that Annie and Haden broke up😣🥺🥺🥺🥺

    20. Lorraine Miley Simon

      I see avani

    21. Linnae Urbina

      is that avani Gregg?

    22. Jasmine Espiritu

      Is Ellie's competitor Angie

      1. Jasmine Espiritu

        In the debate

    23. Claudia Quintanilla

      Omg avani !!! Love brat tv

    24. Kaila Powell

      It makes me upset that Quinn thinks she's fat when really, she's one of my favorites on this show and is BEAUTIFUL

    25. Emma girl daily Emma

      Honestly I love rhyme/Anne I would give here advice on when she goes out to party’s that she does not like she should tell her friends that she is not comfortable with the party

    26. Bri

      can y'all give a mf trigger warning if you're going to put eating disorder in your show pLEASE?

    27. L I Z Z I E

      You know, i think TK & Wes will be friends and Rhyme will end up single and possibly alone if she keeps hanging out with Gemma.

    28. Rithu krishna

      Luna is a really amazing character though!!!!!!kinda fun actually..

    29. PB - 04MJ 834955 Carberry PS

      it is so good

    30. PB - 04MJ 834955 Carberry PS

      will i love this show

    31. Emmanuel Mensah


    32. Rylee Tetrault

      Nooooo Quinn don’t do that

    33. Tesalonika Simanjuntak

      is that avani rhyme friend?!

    34. Emerson Lawrence


    35. maisiemcc

      Im irish and the way ellie said ireland killed me im sorry🤣🥰

    36. Surbhi Vaishnav

      Why this rhyme became a total jerk sometimes

    37. Tonya2713

      whereS tim sharp

    38. Tonya2713

      wheres hamilton

    39. Molly Plays

      Rhyme your amazing

    40. Chelsia Robison

      Who else notice that that avanis bf on the show is wearing kouvrs merch

    41. April Joy

      omg, annie (rhyme) looks so good in lots of colors especially green


      Who is here in 2020 in lockdown I am 👍

    43. Sophia Brown

      I would give quinn the advice of not worrying about her weight because size dosen´t madder

    44. Gustavo Ruiz

      to is cute tehe

    45. Life of a Pre teen

      no rhyme bad influence

    46. Avanthika M


    47. Chantel Jackson

      You mean the well to me

    48. Chantel Jackson

      I love the girls😍

    49. Crazy Crew

      Today is my birthday

    50. Emma Playz Roblox

      That's Avani Right ?

    51. Jessi Van Etten

      I feel like if Birdie and T.K weren’t bro and sis I feel like they would make a good couple like if u agree but mabye its just me

    52. Queen Gianna

      I love chicken girl like if I do

    53. Nebecha Francis

      how tk feel

    54. Elaine Townsend

      Is that Avani????

    55. Elowyn Snow


    56. mostafa shouaib

      random comment: WhO HaS bEeN SiNCe SeASoN oN.... me:WHO STARTS WATCHING MIDWAY IN TOO A SHOW.

    57. Anoushay


    58. Akanksha Dubey

      Who is here from S1 ep1 like here👇

    59. Varya Kumar

      Ok Rhyme is amazing at cheerleading!

    60. Anushka Achlerkar

      season six is the best season... hope season seven continues its quality

    61. Samiha Rahman

      When Harmony said “ You wanna know my friendship goals used to be “ and then she said “ The Chicken Girls “ I WAS CRYING. Harmony is like a big sister to Rhyme literally Harmony is my favorite character 🥺💜

    62. C 05 Kamerynn Dias

      Why tf did Quinn eat the freakin cupcakes ......🙄such a b*tch

    63. Malorie Banda

      Eiile gets in my nerves

    64. Yamini Krishnan

      did u guys ever noticed that harmony outfits is always the same as in mani ! not to be rude tho but I luv them so much ..

    65. george weasley

      awwww quinn you dont need to loose weight or anything im a different story but you dont need to :)

    66. Pooky medelus


    67. Pooky medelus


    68. Aubrey Gomez

      Remember Beatrice

    69. Kayla Dineen

      Ellie is way to harsh.

    70. Kayla Dineen


    71. hannah quick

      i love the new guy!!! ellie’s like person she argues with. they are the cutest

    72. cate lol

      L love you guys ❤️🐼🌹🐨


      Where is Kayla?

    74. video star tutorials!

      bruh I ship mads and hayden😭🤚🏼

    75. Skeeter and I

      TW//trigger warning pls for the earring disorder my god

    76. Lolly Squad

      We’re is episode 2 I can’t wait any longer

    77. aa cc

      Ellie is being so mean to Rhyme . Quinn is following along !!

    78. Ευαγγελία s.

      Is not gonna anyone talk about Carlos being Madi's boyfriend?

    79. winter_ faby

      @Joel Kiiza meeee🤣

    80. Sofie Elle

      When Ellie said "the British" and "the Ireland" it reminded me of "One Direction" and when Jemma's boyfriend said "My Everything" it reminded me of a song that's title *is* "My Everything"

      1. Danielle Gearing

        directioner?????? sameeeeeeee

    81. Sara Faisal

      I was dieing when I saw Quinn eating cup cakes! and who is rewatching this in quarantine wish you all support and take care!

    82. Tanisha Shinde

      Is that SEBASTIAN TOPETE??

    83. Kayla Garrett

      Make more seasons of chicken girls

    84. Kristin Street

      Who else wants Kayla to come back

    85. I'm popular


    86. welcome teli

      No one: not even God: after she said she was not hungry eats cupcake one minute later:

    87. welcome teli

      Avani haing a bf in the show no one: littary no one: Anthony:oh my gosh she freaking dead 💀

    88. welcome teli

      I dont like how ellie is being mean to rhyme when she joined the b's she forgivedxher and everything she does is about boys but when rhyme does it its a whole problem

    89. Jannatul Laila

      I miss the time when their only problem was saving the arcade

    90. keisha mbendera

      Quinn is beautiful way she is

    91. bella catt

      avanis boyfriend:hey babe anthony:punching the air rn

    92. シDee

      i miss this honestly...

    93. Shaivi shah

      is no one gonna talk about AVANI in thiss series

    94. Kadence Kenney

      i live in texas... ouch tk. and actually, my mascot is a unicorn, not a longhorn


      9:44 Please don't tell me that he lives rhyme too

    96. Eden Racheal

      Avani is actually a great actor 😳 along with makeup AND dancing 😳 definitely my favorite tiktoker.

    97. Vikki Pattison

      Is avani from the hype house here on chiken girls?

    98. Taliah Kozyrski

      Why does Rhyme give me so many Kenzie Zeigler vibes

    99. Jenan Waqar

      I feel bad for rhyme, she’s being pressured by Gemma and her boyfriend.

    100. its klancie’s adventure

      omg i did not know that avani was in this