CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 9: “Senior Prank”

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    What was meant to be a harmless senior prank turns out to be much more dangerous for Ty, Stephanie, and their future prospects.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    1. Brat TV

      what was your favorite part of the episode???

      1. Rina Sauceda-Concha

        what’s the song at the end thooo


        when brooke comes to fight for tie

      3. Angelina Lopez

        Everything in show

      4. Ashley's Vlog's

        Sadie living😂

    2. Itz_mace singley

      sadie "i dont want u speaking to her, shes really bad for us" me " babygirl ur really bad for u too lmfao ur making the relationship toxic, dont get it twisted"

    3. kailey hydes


    4. Alexandra Warren

      I miss the Chicken girls

    5. Sara Combes

      What’s that song they played at the start I really wanna know

    6. A and M's World


    7. Roger Espanial

      doesn't anyone play roblox? or adopt me cause in rhymes room there was a light the stand up light which looks alike the on ein adopt me

    8. Roger Espanial

      ughhhhhhhhh that sadieee gurll do be irratating Btw dnt correct me period

    9. pat ·ツ


    10. Verena Koh

      #BadBirdie #TexasTK I dun rly like Sadie

    11. HaRMonY HrMy

      My favorite part is when hayley said this is not in my contract

    12. Gordo The kid

      Was that avani from tik tok?

    13. tiana's slime

      Were is kayla

    14. Kavee Kamehozu


    15. Customer Fb12

      Yes Sadie is finally leaving!!!Who else is happy too

    16. siham Soso

      Rhym and the others couldn’t even do senior prank 😩:(

    17. Hayley Dennison


    18. Karena Krouch


    19. angy ontiveros

      my question is... does birdie still have that tattoo ?

    20. Neri Rosales

      Did you know avani is my idol and I have a fanpage of avani and the pic of my pf is my mom

    21. Shreeya Sunil

      Birdie: if you like her I like her. but, do you like her? TK: That's what I'm trying to figure out MOST RELIEVING LINE OF THE YEAR!!!!

    22. Bronwyn Crumpton

      Is it bad that I didn't know it was Avani months ago

    23. Susan Ackermann

      trash can *burning* "wE fLy So HiGh"

    24. Altagracia Pineda


    25. silent texter

      Ellie should totally be a lawyer

    26. Sofie Elle

      I think this is the most educational episode in chicken girls 😂😂✨✨👌♥️

    27. Matilde Jara

      When mom and dad split up and I went through my *puts her eyes up like the emoji* bad birdie phase - Birdie *don't now last name* 2020 6:31-6:34

    28. Achila Lemtur

      Bla bla bla the principel is so not good

    29. Madison VanderLaan

      What’s that song called the one in da beginning

    30. Niya’s World

      I really wish I did not see what just happened In the being plz don’t let me think😔😟😕

    31. 1K Subs with no vids

      Brooke totally nailed that lawyer scene thing

    32. TR - 06MJ 807668 Centennial Sr PS

      Sadie is so annoying thank god TK broke up with her

    33. Cartina Dinil

      wow avani is there

    34. Jasmine Mahaley

      Tk looked like he was tired of her bullcrap 🤣

    35. isaias plata

      Well Rhymes sister you're giving all the letters that rhyme right for TK

    36. TR - 06MJ 807668 Centennial Sr PS

      oh my god finally Sadie is gone

    37. Latifa Almansoori

      Hey chicken girls I love this series and just wanna say ily

    38. Chip Douglas III

      Who else what TK and rhyme

    39. briana flores


    40. Vivian Abuta

      I hope Tk and Ryme will be together since Tk broke up with Sadie and Ryme with Wes

    41. Almond Milk

      Why would Ty blam himself when he never even touched the candle or anything like that -_-

    42. Didi Ijeoma

      Seriously Ellie will make a great lawyer. Who agrees 👇

    43. Gunjan Rajput

      Ellie is multi talented 💗. She can dance,sing,debate,help her friends.

    44. Sasha Chilinda

      Came back for memories

    45. The Derp Queen

      Birdie's character development is absolutely remarkable!!!

    46. Stephanie Drakes

      Tk´s gf makes me want to pull my hair out

    47. Lily Teran

      me rewatching this season: i can’t believe that i’m still stunned that TK brought another chick from texas who we literally don’t know and is a brat

    48. Sriya Vlogs

      I feel bad for the Janitor.I mean they work really hard but they don't get appreciated to much.

    49. Daniella Koenig

      OMG harmony is so sweet saving those letters

    50. L I Z Z I E

      1:37. Dude, that's kinda rude man 😳😳.

    51. Drama queen ren

      I feel ty girlfriend pain 💔!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. Lily Yee

      Sadie is SOOOOO annoying

    53. Lily Yee

      These acteurs are so talented and beautiful Iike bro I want to be in the chicken and when Jemma said for what it’s worth I though she was going to sing Annie’s song that she sang like For what it’s worth I hope we can be more we are a thousand words And more

    54. Alice Biamah

      I want Sadie to go back to Taxes

    55. Danielle Boateng

      Tk doesn't deserve Sadie he is supposed to be with rhyme #Thyme

      1. Ruth White


    56. Ferdosa Ahmedin

      Is ty sierous rn

    57. ʟ ᴏ ᴠ ᴇ

      I think at this point we all agree that tk’s girlfriend is super annoying.

    58. Aoibh Molloy

      Ok let's be real T.K. Get rid of her she toxic af Ellie you should be a lawyer

    59. Nathaly Colin

      Is that Avani she looks like it

    60. On-shil Eribo

      Great Jugement

    61. Kondwani Mwale

      Wow who else looked at comment and wished they said that And thanks for 4k like✌️👌🏾🤙🏽👁💋👁

    62. Varshini Kogali

      Woah Ellie well played 😍💯❤️👏👏

    63. Emely Ramirez

      Omg avani

    64. Queen Capricorn

      Sadie STUPID that's why TK should of stay with RHYME

    65. esther mohindra

      Can you publish season 8 cause i cant realy find it

    66. De Cousins

      Sadie name is like baddie XD

    67. Officially Teri

      I was like thank god when Sadie left

    68. Cami Cam

      What was the name of the song playing in the beginning of the video because it was fire!!!!!! Also that cute Stooney scene though

    69. Baylee Bittner

      in the show like everyone is dating Rhymes seconds...

    70. Baylee Bittner

      “we fly so” *skips 20 seconds*

    71. Addison

      Ok, I felt like birdies outfit looked really pretty

    72. InstaXtiktokXlive

      Who else it waching every seaso and left on there bed crying on this episode

    73. It’s_bellaaa

      When Sadie stops tOmMy the face he makes literally killed me😂😂😂

    74. Mae West

      Sadie needs to yeeyee herself back to Texas before I do it for her

    75. Amalia Arroyo

      0:45 me: NOOOO FIREEEE!!!! GUYYYSS!!! YOU NEED TO SAVE YOUR LIVEEESS!!!!! 0:53 (literally 8 secs. later, whit quinn, ellie and rhyme dressed like that) HAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    76. #GABBY and KESHIA Williams

      Who misses Kayla and Tim

    77. Brian Austin

      Who's here in 2020

    78. Mohini Sule

      Yay tk broke up with Sadie I am super happy tk came to his senses

    79. pink moon

      I felt so bad for rhyme at the tea shop. Also Stephanie and Rooney >

    80. Betul Girl

      is that avani?!

      1. Zoe Eli

        Betul Girl yup!

    81. Manha Maryam

      Ellie should be a lawyer

    82. Rachel Hlabangana

      Jemma *Avani*: i told Benji about Anthony... Me: Anthonnnnyyyyy??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????😄

    83. Leah Finhasi

      I love this

    84. Lily Evans

      I love how Stephenie was all in for ratting our Birdie, but she was mad when Rooney said something

    85. Yurena Cordova

      3:55 4:20 8:25

    86. Pearl Matts

      Am I the only one who hates Sadie as much as the characters

    87. April Joy

      you can already tell in the begining of this episode theres gonna be a fire in the school

    88. Daisy Bare

      Yes TKs fake and rude girlfriend is gone

    89. T K

      Luna and Ty's relationship is super healthy

    90. axriia


    91. Promise Vatau

      OMG avanis in it

    92. Hailey Alvarez

      poor janitor, probably lost his job:((

    93. bianca bagel

      I love how the guy she was kissing name was anthony and that's her boyfriend name in real life

    94. Trung Ta

      My dad is such a jerk

    95. iiAmbxr_ Sunsxtii

      You would never understand how many times I want to slap Sadie across the face😌❤️

    96. Mimi’s World

      When Ellie stands up for ty and the others

    97. Leona Mck

      I came here for Avani

    98. OBrielle Johnson

      “tOmMy “ needs to stop being a baby and break up with sadℹ︎e and be a man

    99. CAMILA SINAI urbina

      At 5:38 Gemma (Avani) Sid something about Anthony