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    Catch up on all your favorite Chicken Girls moments! What was your favorite part of season 6?
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 5 | Marathon

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    1. Karder Neal

      TK need to stay

    2. A Ahmed

      They should get the og crew of chicken girls when they are going college

    3. Anna Wisher

      Astrid: Goodbye 2019 you will not be missed. Me: Ummm yes you will 2019 yes you will

    4. Debbie Profitt

      i have ben a fan for a long time!!!

    5. Sophia Taylor

      i actually screamed when i saw TK

    6. Silena Heronimo

      Astrid peace out 2019 u will not be missed 2020 jokes on u 😂😂

    7. Ayushi R nair

      1:45:21 Didn't Quinn already give her that???

    8. Roger Morris

      posted on my birthday:o

    9. Jennifer Palmer


    10. Kitty Unicorn4

      Don’t be sad that the OGs are gone Be happy they was here And be happy for the new ones

    11. Harley Potgieter

      I just wanted to say, tk had an MAJOR glow up

    12. Black Roses123


    13. Black Roses123


    14. kavi Creations

      I miss kayela in this season

    15. Azjhannique Carty

      I cried when they were singing

    16. Jason Harris

      Fan of season S1 E1

      1. Jason Harris


    17. Ivanna Rivera

      omg avani

    18. Prince Aiyamenkhue

      I just love this

    19. Kelly Conklin

      Who else created a playlist that involves anything with Chicken Girls such as the Chicken Girls Reunion?

    20. kavi Creations

      When I new Tk was talking to a girl from texas, I was freaking out.

    21. kavi Creations

      I thought firstly the girl gang was going to suprise rhyme, but when i saw they were suprising Astrid

    22. Lana Ferreira

      I'm literally binge-watching this

    23. George Mujati


    24. George Mujati


    25. George Mujati


    26. George Mujati


    27. Miyah Mclaren

      Me the best epi

    28. Gul nat

      Goodbye 2019 won't miss you 2020: you sure about that

    29. Fashion Queen

      Who just wants T.K and Ryme to be TOGETHER again?!! 👇

    30. Nina

      NONONOONO THESE GIRLS ARENT LEAVING :( So much has happened ;-; Harm, pls find friends like Rhyme :) the last scene - i cryin :(

    31. Sienna Harris

      TOMMY THATS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    32. Abert Fralick

      Here before 1 million views

    33. Laila Elhalib

      Me: alright you can go ahead and watch the next season Me to me: hold on im crying

    34. Lethu Mnisi

      I'm not crying you're crying 😢

      1. Laila Elhalib

        Yes you are right

    35. Liliana Rodriguez

      45:16 because she’s a bad friend! Me: oooooh gurl it’s gonna goo doooown

    36. Shira Rosner

      I love how harmony is always dressed and fully ready in the morning when she wakes rhyme up

    37. Joi Hampton

      i saw somde one frome the hype house and the leroys

    38. Shira Rosner

      When harmony says “tell me everything “ I died!!!😂😂😂😂

    39. Clxdy_panda plays

      What happened to kayla

    40. Aven Emery

      not me crying that Tk and Rhyme didn’t get back together...

    41. kristen malcom

      I miss Kayla it there

    42. Roger Edmondson

      who miss kayla leave a like

    43. Taylor King

      You know the drill 1- rhyme 2-TK 3- Ellie 4- Quinn 5- Wes 6-Rooney 7- Stephanie 8- Astrid 9- Luna 0- birdie

    44. Larni alinsonorin Alinsonorin

      The last part made me cry 😭🥺 Im gonna Miss the Original Chicken girls 🥺

    45. Anvi Kadoo

      Who cried of joy when they showed the momento and the song in the end cuz I know I did! ❤️

    46. Anvi Kadoo

      Ok so they should totally show the stooney date after 5 years!!! Like if u agree and comment if u disagree

      1. Laila Elhalib

        Im not commenting bcs i disagree but i felt a little bit tense and worried and scared at the beginning of their last scene it's like i was about to watch my own break up and i rlly cried the whole scene was amazing

    47. Playing Games

      is that avani , cuz if so i just realized thats her . lol

    48. Katherine Smith

      tuesday tea? WHAT ABOUT TACO TUESDAY

    49. Kendall Robson

      Nooooo that’s the end

      1. Laila Elhalib

        Theres s7

    50. Kirari_Sky

      Sis anyone notice avani was in the cheer team?

    51. Sumayyah Hussain

      i have been fan since day 1

      1. Taylor King

        Sumayyah Hussain me too

    52. It’s Aarav

      I love how everyone has soo much drama and Luna is living her best life

    53. Kendeisha Russell

      i love brats movies in chicken girls Tk is the cutest

    54. Kendall Robson

      2019 will not be missed mhm

    55. kiki uguru

      who else cried?

    56. drxmxy_. ellxe

      Remember when most of the original cast had like completely different hair styles.

    57. princess henry

      I love at

    58. Abigail Morgan


    59. Kheila flores Martin

      Oh my😮am i just the one who appreciate the new look of TK?

    60. Yanith Silva

      You ever just wanna 🤜🏽👩🏼

      1. Taylor King

        Yanith Silva huh

    61. Riyanna Begay

      I have

    62. Josh's Epic Adventures

      I still wonder where Tim went

      1. Laila Elhalib

        True and kayla and birdie didnt show up at the end

    63. Luna Celist

      why is quin being ashamed of her body weight she is so skinny

    64. Luna Celist

      Tk's girl friend is kinda intimidating. She could fit in to one of those mean girl movies lol. kidding I love all of these rules I wish I was in the show but on a second though doesn't everyone wanna be on the show.

    65. Luna Celist

      I have been a fan since the start of chicken girls and I love it soooo much it is the best show they have on Brat TV!!!

    66. Ingabire Irene


    67. Nathan Sandoval

      # Tyme for life

    68. JAIR MX

      I love you guys and I always watch you guys since I was 5

    69. Emma Bravo

      who just relised kesley leroy

    70. Anvi Kadoo

      Is it just me...or Quinn’s style changes completely in this this series!!❤️

    71. caleb bonds

      umm hey this is for annie leblanc if u see this i was wondering if your still makeing these esisodes

    72. Simon Reid

      Love your movies

      1. Abigail Morgan

        It’s a show

    73. Official._. Yy

      me I have been a fan ever since

    74. Adam Newberry

      rhyme and tk should fall back in love

    75. Ihsane Karam Ziani

      Im French i like to wacht Chiken girl, in 4:56 they speak in french this is sp cool ♡♡ i would like there a subtitle ty fo reading / Merci beaucoup ♡♡

    76. Raghad Othman

      Im crying !!!!!!!!its the BEST of the BEST show ever 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    77. Lara Pavlič

      @brat hey what is the song playing at the very beginning?

    78. Sayema Kanwal

      Who else misses Kayla

    79. Asiya Nayise

      lol, she like good bye 2019 we won't miss u Me:umm 😑

      1. Meillia Brown


    80. Valerie Rosas

      Is the show over??

    81. Amelia Antonio

      Hi I am commenting on this because I want to spread positivity..listen don't judge your body it's perfect anyone who can't see that don't worry about..them and girls out there u don't need to be perfect for a boy

    82. Liveta Mckoy

      Hi. Love. This. Show. So.❤️❤️😍😍

    83. Shantae Birch

      Avani is the cheer captain

    84. Sanayah Bonerain

      I've been a fan

    85. Sanayah Bonerain

      I like Annie leblanc because she's kind and strong and never gives up on her self

    86. Sayema Kanwal

      Finally TK and Rhyme are gonna be back together. The shade in this season...... YIKES

    87. Joud Rami

      Them:-peace out 2019 you will not be missed. 2020:-I will make you miss it

    88. dramachild queen

      was i the only one that cried at the end when it was giving a flash back of the real og's in this season and is katy ever coming back csz she missing alot but at the same time i miss her too

    89. kristen malcom

      I didn't know kesley Leroy was in it

    90. Atayja's life

      If you love this movie like if you like this movie comment pls. # ❤❤❤

    91. H H

      13:21 Kesey Leroy was in it

    92. delmy Carolina solis


    93. delmy Carolina solis

      Comon Annie. Join the cheer team

    94. Camila Guerrero

      They really said they were not gonna miss 2019 but look we do miss it

    95. Xella Julia


    96. X.tropical.vibes.x

      Omggg a HUfastr from the Leroy s

    97. X.tropical.vibes.x

      Omg avani

    98. dopt me hacks

      seso seven

    99. Hashtag #

      Honestly I dont see any social distancing at the party

      1. Joud Rami

        That was before the pandemic started