CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 3: "Group Project"

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    Claire’s big secret is revealed, and P. K. seeks help with girl problems.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, “The Chicken Girls” - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 3: "Group Project"

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    1. Rijju Bhandari

      Rymes sis(sorry i dont know her name) is just like Ryme.

    2. aminxx

      i’m sorry, what happened to this show? why is it only dedicated to the freshman who aren’t even old enough to be freshman?

    3. Aziz laabadi

      Do you think harmanys friends are fake

    4. shreyee

      im so happy my crush aksed me out yay

    5. Aziz laabadi

      Good movie/show

    6. Isla Xx

      Why is Enzo in this- Where’s the emotion? Just because he’s Addisons brother he gets on a show? There’s so much better child actors

    7. Finnley Berg

      And what grade are these girls in?

    8. Stella Morgan

      Why are they embarrassed of Haley she’s so pretty

    9. Hanni Bell

      Oh mani 🙈

    10. Krisha Japi


    11. Hyun Kai

      i like hayley, skylar and coco's acting but no offence, who the heck chose enzo

    12. cryinglia

      this is alright but I miss the old chicken girls :/

    13. vicky Andreacchio


    14. Valina Vaz


    15. Hiba Khan

      harmonys voice is same as rhyms

    16. Aakanksha Bakhale

      We want the old chicken girls!!!

    17. Paulina Bayor

      I love you Annie and hayley

    18. Carolina Simental

      I feel bad for enzo 😭

    19. Liya Liya

      Who else think the real chicken girls are so better I am so bored I am only watching it because I really want to see rhythm

    20. Banelly Pineda

      only like elliana and hayley can act🤚🏼😣

    21. Shanice Weathers

      Txunamy coco Ellie are okay

    22. Shanice Weathers

      I miss the old og

    23. Yanith Silva

      I don’t like this I miss the old chicken girls ... only Hayley can act

    24. Kaitlyn Stevenson

      I'm sorry but is no one talking about how he said she is really good at ANIMAL CROSSING 🤣🤣🤣

    25. Yaya Venegas

      Good show I always watch the season

    26. Sofia P

      the desks are so close like CORONAVIRUS

    27. xx_Not_Izzy_xx

      Who hates the new cast?? Harmony is the only person good at acting. They should just do the OG’s go to college. I really only like that they kept TK and Rhyme.


      Is it just me or was season 1 thrue 6 was better than season 7??

    29. Carol Abdelmeseh

      I miss the real CG...😭

    30. Elaine Huang

      i really want the ogs to come back like they made the series a series

    31. Unicorn girls Rodgers

      Can you videos

    32. Karmiii’s Life And More

      if you see me repeatedly saying the sames thing on each episode no you didnt ANYWAYS layla still gives me closet vibes and im here for it if they made a lgbt character since the ogs(rooney and steph) are gone whos gonna represent sent now... although i do get those vibes idk why but u also get a vibe because they are "pretty young" they're going to make all the characters hetero(straight) but lets hope with the pretty much chicken girls reboot that we will still get a character or too to represent the community

    33. Riverdale Queen


    34. Sarah Privett

      i love chicken girls

    35. Lps Angel

      Who’s here because of bad bleeps brother

    36. Amelle Adegoke

      In Hollywire, corrine joy told people that she would be on season 7. I can't see her.... 👉👈

    37. Claudine Eta

      I 💘 this show

    38. taegi ships

      Everyone's acting apart from hayleys is rubbish and cringey no offense 5:37 lol that was good Also when that guy eggy was talking about Katie's sister and how she practices witchcraft was he talking about lauren

    39. alexandra

      Anyone else notice that walkers hat was orange than it was beige

    40. Kayla Coyle

      bruh I'm 13 (over a year older than these people) and i just started wearing crop tops and they're out here wearing bra's. lmao

    41. sarah_ the_roblox_girl


    42. Anaan Davis

      I know this is just a TV-show but but... Bel or whats her face makes me SO SO MAD! The way she think she owns everything and its quite annoying...-

    43. Hashi Bami

      Ok so "hadUken" was my favorite part

    44. karen johnson

      its not about ryme anymore so its not as good like if you agree

    45. Susan Ackermann


    46. Susan Ackermann

      the boys are not so good at acting but the girls are better acting no offense

    47. Vivian Abuta

      😢😢😢😢😢I miss the old chicken girls

    48. Jayanah Crawford

      I Love Thisss 🥰👍🏾👍🏾

    49. aes Thread


    50. Lucy Murrin

      the reference between a girl named jo so allens arcade made me so happy lol

    51. Philma Hapi

      Pk is my favorite character he's more real

    52. Jasmine Miller

      they need more of the old chicken girls in this.

    53. Biggie Smalls

      They did my boy Enzo dirty in the beginning 💀😂

    54. Kittypuff Kittypuff

      I love this

    55. Siara Ross

      How did Bella now that Brittany know that she told harmony about the girl that stepped on bella'foot

    56. Meyka Chetty

      Y’all Hayley is the best actor on this show

    57. Ananya Damle

      I think that the og chicken girls were much better than these. But harmony (haley) is good but the others don't seem true.

    58. Jasiel Foxwell

      Not to be rude or anything but season 7 is sooo cringy . Also a lot of these people really can't act

    59. Khelsea Cunningham


    60. michelle hocking


    61. Home Stallone

      Harmony sounds so much like rhyme

    62. brat tv music

      Bella is so annoying

    63. Kailey Editz

      why did you even continue Chicken girls if it’s not even about the original ones. it’s just about boys and drama, the original was never like this. it could’ve been a whole different show but y’all decided to go on a ruin chicken girls with horrible actors.

      1. Kailey Editz

        @Esther A it’s not being mean. i’m stating facts and you know it.

      2. Esther A

        You could have written this comment in a nicer way or not write it at all, there's no need to be mean

    64. akshath sri

      so what about mani is it over?

    65. Jazmine Ortega

      Omg so good

    66. 6:00 AM

      They think after all of that like the show is so good I love it like someone please tell me where is the other episode

    67. World Changer

      the heck is a 9th grader doing with a CALCULUS book???

    68. Destiny Saylor

      honestly i dont uderstand if you are gonna dislike this video why are you even waching it

    69. Christine Niang

      I feel so bad for the Man who ask coco

    70. Daisy Duke UK

      I feel like if they keep these actors for a few seasons they’ll get better like the old cast. I miss the old cast but I watched the old cast get better and I sorta have hope they’ll get better as actors.

    71. Creative chilli Gaming

      First I came here cuz of coco and txunamy and now I love the showwwwwwww

    72. Coco Quinn

      Who want season 8?💕

    73. Gamani Jolly

      Why is everybody saying that only Haley was the best actor I mean even coco and that girl in the dance team (not bel) and the girl with beanie did pretty good Still Haley was the best😂

    74. Marianne Valeriano

      Wait, is that Katie's sister that Eggie guy is talking about when he said "practices witchcraft" Kate from Total Eclipse? Hmm i thought Kate has only 1 sibling and it's Sam. or maybe it's another girl who practices witchcraft also

    75. Ȟṍṅèƴ

      yall saying the ogs were better and i agree but their views are going high so they dont give a f lmaoo

    76. Hayden Hovind

      This is the worse season of chicken girls

    77. Taliah Hyland

      I’m so happy that they kept rhyme and tk here

    78. Arya Kalyber Brawlstars AKB

      First commentar

    79. Evie Regas

      Brat tv you should have the og chicken girls and than whoever Haley finds to be her chicken girls

    80. sxshx

      tbh im not really enjoying this season that much so far... i want the old chicken girls 😕 (my opinion)

    81. Auvoria

      I am so sorry but this came in my head why are they picking TIK Toker’s and famous people you tubers why can’t they just audition because some people can’t act💀

    82. Mahdi Atwi

      Addisons brother is not handsume at alll sorry

    83. lxvely x hope

      the captions are confusing me?

    84. Mariya Ali

      Addison Rae's brother has no emotions I feel like Haley is the only one who can actually act I miss og 🙁

      1. luna anderson


    85. Zoie Ochoa

      Sorry brat tv I can’t like bc Avery Williamson said only og’s can 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    86. Yaretzi Amezquita

      I miss the original chicken girls 😪

      1. Hanah Roshan

        Mee too I wish there was a season where rhyme Ellie Quinn Went to college

    87. Fabiola Xolo

      Is that coco quinn and txunamy

    88. Jen Wall

      I feel like the only good actors are the people who play harmony and Kayla

    89. Pamela Perez


    90. yaw osei

      P.K is Addison Raes brother.

    91. Danielle Kaya

      hayley is such a good actress. ellie, coco and txunamy are ok, but everyone else sucks.

    92. Janiya Vlogs

      Omg love this so much so good!!!

    93. Emily Fun

      god most of these people are bad actors

    94. Mack Gutierrez

      When Darnell was like Katie said yes and eggie was like darnet and Darnell was like no it’s Darnell.......I was breaking up of laughter 😁😁😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣comment if u agree 👇😂😂

    95. Mxlodyy

      Omg- only Hailey, and coco can act 💀💀

    96. Audra Hall

      Comment if you miss the old chicken girls

    97. Sama Ahmed

      seeason one made since but this season looks like ppl from kindergarten fr

    98. Madison Steffe

      I wanna meet Haley she looks like a friend I need !!

    99. Kar Ri

      𝙃𝙖𝙧𝙢𝙤𝙣𝙮 𝙞𝙨 𝙨𝙤 𝙜𝙤𝙤𝙙 𝙖𝙩 𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜