CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 3: “Spin the Bottle”

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    Rhyme is invited to a party that causes her to test her morals and question her friendships... Meanwhile, T.K. makes a surprising new friendship.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 3: “Spin the Bottle”

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    1. Brat TV

      do you guys think TK and Wes should be friends?

      1. Aditi Verma


      2. Julian Rujim

        Of course 👌👌

      3. Itkaykay 2

        Brat TV idk

    2. Thalia Estus

      I luv tk And rhyme

    3. The world of sunsets

      Why is all this soooo dramatic

    4. Noelia Laraaa


    5. Bhakti Kulkarni

      Hey anyone who is watching this from season 1 , can pls tell me what happened till now with tk and rhyme ..

    6. Thalia patricia Almache peñafiel

      Cuando vas a subir los episodio de la 7 temporada subelos plis

    7. billie eyelash

      who else watched all the seasons again because of quarantine 🙋‍♀️

    8. FallBlossom yt

      Even though she did fake the injury, it’s just a show-so yeah XD

    9. Sis-N-Sis

      OMG I’m i the only one who noticed the caption of the cheer is a tiktoker

    10. Leilana Ornelas

      Anthony Reeves gonna be so jealous if he sees this

    11. ɴᴀᴛᴀʟɪᴇ ʙᴀʟᴅᴇᴏ

      I love Ellie so much.💛💚💙💜♥💋💖🌹💕💞💗💝💓💘

    12. Ryder O

      1028 I’m crying

    13. Ruth Elago

      Yes they should be friends

    14. sujata kadke

      wes is literally rhyme's first boyfriend who lasted for more than 1 season

    15. juan ren

      who watched the previous episode and was like T.K.'s name is Thomas Kaye?!

    16. Shay Shay Aldc

      Who else thinks that brat should do another show with harmony and her friends as the main characters to see what her life is like?

    17. Will November

      I feel bad for birdie because she just want to spend time with TK

    18. christiana afolabi

      I love the chicken girls

    19. Haylee Lopez

      Was that avani???

    20. Nathania Charis Wilfred

      I miss KAYLA!!! 🥺

    21. Rahma Aulia Sutoro

      11:15 Harmony's so cutee :))

    22. Eduardo Gallardo Nino

      at 10:30 thats sad

    23. Chandrakant Dhamne

      Who has been here since S1 ?

    24. Alice Biamah

      I want Tk and Wes should be friends

    25. Arjun B2008

      Most of the old cast just disappeared

    26. Zubaidah Gatoen

      But why can tk and rhyme not be together again 😔💔❤

    27. Lidyannis Vargas


    28. Tijana Moutia

      When I found out TK had a girlfriend I was sooo sad! And she called him Thomas🤢

    29. Liya Yoosaf

    30. mapheane maliehe

      Why does Rhyme have to go through boy drama every season...I just want her to be stable and happy for once.

    31. Wes Anderson


    32. Sofija Cvitkovic

      i love roni rhyem quinn elli sterr tk birdei kayla ace flash

    33. Sincere Brown

      No because he stole Rhyme from TK

    34. Mister Fa


    35. Molly Plays

      I want them to be friends

    36. Karma Amr

      Avani I love you

    37. dnsatya

      Atlast everything is fitting into place

    38. dnsatya

      Wes teuth about rhyme rhymes ex x3 came to town coz you are her 4 boyfriend

    39. Cherry Blossom Goddess


    40. Jaylyn Dean

      Good thing my grandma is still alive and my great great grandma

    41. Nightcore Xoxo

      do you guys think TK and Wes should be friends?

    42. Mylene Oviedo


    43. Angela Mandujano

      Leave a like if your watching this and miss kayla

    44. Ava Garcia

      Avani wow I didn’t know she was in Chicken girls

    45. Lizbet Hernandez

      10:31 is so saddd :(

    46. Clxxdy

      Omg! I saw avani and I was so shock

    47. Sherlyn Ramírez

      Mads,avani and Indiana ahhhhhh

    48. AP HD

      Poor Quin, she is so pretty and now she feels like shes over weight! Poor her

    49. Kesi Taumalolo

      I feel really bad for birdie I meant tk did u leave your family for ur gf in Texas that's kinda mess up

    50. Audrey Pena


    51. Nickii weirdo


    52. Juan Montoya

      #nope lol yea

    53. Suki Holmes

      tk and another girl really how stupid

    54. Mahi Rathore

      Eeeeeeeee ahhhhhhh avaniiii

    55. Gabriella Jazmine

      Poor birdie she just wanted to watch a movie with tk

    56. Ella Ishya

      I only think see and rhyme and wes as friends😬 not trying to be rude😕

    57. Elise Myers

      U know u messed up when u are mean to ur ex girlfriends boyfriend boy bye

    58. Zyra Binabon

      Can I ask where is kayla

    59. boss queen


    60. John Carlos Santos

      It’s so sad when birdie comes and ask if tk wants to watch a movie

    61. Darion Opara




    63. Juliet Korsah

      So do you think Rhyme and TK will come back together again??

    64. Crafty area

      "u call that effort?my grandma can do better than that and she's dead" I was dead😂

    65. Kashika Dhingra

      I’m so happy that Hayden actually shows emotions now

    66. C 05 Kamerynn Dias

      So many people came in Rhyme's life and even went out .......only the og chicken girls cast from the 1st season are still there 😭❤️

    67. Prajwal Jadhav

      Who is Missing arcade ???

    68. Leslie Youll

      I really miss Kayla 😥🥺💖

    69. The Elster Sisters


    70. The Elster Sisters

      Yas they are

    71. royalapollo

      Umm.. who wants to help me make a list of Rhyme's love interest since season 1. No particular order. I'll start: 1. TK 2. Tim Sharp 3. Robbie 4. Drake

    72. LIZB2TH

      what happened to Kayla?

    73. george weasley

      oh gosh rhyme sweetheart these partys arent for you

    74. george weasley

      um no tk going back to texas is illgal

    75. esther bankole

      boy you going get it

    76. Stuti Kapoor

      how does brat tv always let the lead guys run away without some parental permission?

    77. Unknown User

      Stephanie is like that caring friend everyone can go to with their problems.

    78. Nickalia Grace-Gouveia

      Is it only me who observes how great of a lil sis Harmony is like she doesn’t snitch and she’s acts so relatable and mature and she’s so cute

    79. cate lol


    80. Eddy Sazo

      When she said T.K. wanna watch a movie I CRIED yes CRIED

    81. Shendara Vang

      Avani's fake bf: Hey bae anthony: 👁👄👁

    82. Dem1d3

      When Luna was going to the church and birdie was there I thought tape was on the wall

    83. Seetoh Min Qi


    84. Natalie Perez

      Nirvana in the back round!!🤩 thank you for doing that

    85. Rosa Uazengisa

      Oh my gosh chicken girls I'm your most biggest biggest fan and I mean biggest song in the whole hall universe by

    86. Trina Lipavc


    87. Rita Laurilla

      and I think Taylor holder!

    88. Rita Laurilla


    89. Sofie Elle

      Heh jus finishing all seasons *AGAIN* so I can watch the new season, *Season 7* lol

    90. Eknoor Bedi

      The people who have watched chicken girls since s1 ep1 have literally seen them all grow up Like if you agree

    91. Bubble Gum Blondie

      *Okay... I'm sorry but I love Avani, that's why I'm here...*

    92. adelin a

      я только для авани)

    93. Abbss

      Let’s be honest we’re all kinda mad at TK. We love him...but still what is he doing!?

    94. Sumi Nahar

      no offense...but TK is being a TOTAL jerk:3

    95. I'm popular

      yes TK and wes should be freands that would be amazing

    96. VAAN_DEX

      Birds of a feather

    97. Ishani Desai

      They replaced Kayla with Astrid 😣🙄

    98. avalie nieves

      I love