CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 5: “Never Have I Ever”

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    Rhyme tries to reconcile with her friends by hosting a sleepover party. But, when Rhyme's new friend Gemma turns up unannounced, things take a turn for the not-so-fun.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 5: “Never Have I Ever”

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    1. Brat TV

      dang the chicken girls are going through so much rn... what advice do you have for your favorite character??

      1. Ella Finey

        Rhyme/Tk go and get Tk/Rhyme before it's too late. You 2 are the cutest couple ever. Stuff the other gf/bf's in your lives.😍😍😍😍😍

      2. Aaron LC

        Question why do everyone dating rhymes ex 😅😅🤣😂😂😂😂😂😑😭😭😭

      3. Brooke Matthews

        That rhyme needs to stick with Quinn she’s her only true friend

      4. Creative chilli Gaming

        Everyone is my fav.....

      5. Katie Alcantara

        They’re acting like they don’t even know that they’re on HUfast but they are

    2. zoë

      peep nias song in the background

    3. Its Anne Cécile Azie

      Is Ellie's CRUSH not Madi Monroe's actual bf or am i something A KneE wAySss!! I like Brat TV

    4. Celia Duffy

      October 2020 anyone? Nope just me ok😬

    5. Payton Thompson

      Poor quinn😭It makes me cry so much

    6. Shivani Patel

      Ellie is way too harsh in this episode! omg like is Rhyme not allowed to have other friends??

    7. jaliyah gonzalez

      Elle needs to stop getting mad at rhyme because all she's worried about is Robbie and what rhymes is only focused on cheerleading because she does what makes her happy so elle needs to stop getting mad at Rhyme

    8. Sariah Hymas

      It’s official for me. Astrid and Ellie are my least favorite characters now

    9. Just J

      Why in the middle of every season they have some big fight just why

    10. Niya’s World

      That girl over there watching the movie/arguing wit the popcorn everybody let’s enjoy the show

    11. A. Nongbri Nongbri

      Well what about Ezra

    12. ɴᴀᴛᴀʟɪᴇ ʙᴀʟᴅᴇᴏ

      Where's kayla?Can anyone tell me??

    13. Charlivxdunkin charlivxrdunkin

      Avani is so chill😂”is something burning eat popcorn “😂😂

    14. wee

      Ellie and Rhyme’s cousin are SO ANNOYING.

    15. Alex VG

      * Quinn and rhyme hugs * Ellie: sO YoU’Re GoSsiPiNg AbOUt uS noW?!?

    16. MAR ALR

      THIS is COOL Avanie not shy Avanie

      1. MAR ALR

        chang my mind this is bad Avanie

    17. Evelyn Hernandez

      This is for Rhyme never put your fake friend before your real friends

    18. Ferdosa Ahmedin

      Is it me? Or does brat TV gets the best views ever lol

    19. Rusin Abraham

      AVANI omg I’m a big FAN!!

    20. finley hiser

      I miss the old chicken girls the new one is terrible.

    21. kk1511

      2:10 thats nia's new song!

    22. Emmanuel Mensah

      It's TRUE she was so calm

    23. Rose Unicorn

      Avani is so pretty she is just so chill and outgoing

    24. Liana Tanilian

      Everyone:hating Astrid Me:also hating Astrid She’s jealous at her cousin and she is such a brat

    25. Mads

      Avani is that one character that we never knew we needed

    26. Razaq Dawodu

      Astrid is so toxic shes the main reason why there is so much drama

    27. Glendene Jack

      Can I act in your movie please

    28. Rebekah Ward

      I’m so mad a tk so annoying

    29. Banana _lover

      astrid is ruining everything

    30. Lidyannis Vargas

      Ellie is so annoying and rude rhyme forgives her and she can’t forgive her and rhyme’s cousin is so rude too she wants to be better than rhyme like if you agree

    31. Shazooz

      ok astrid is literally getting on my nerves and if i was in rhymes place my anger issues would have came in handy because i was yell at them and tell ellie and astrid how their also bad friends

    32. lal shitssspuiii

      take Astrid away from my sight pleaseee ! 😤

    33. justxylah

      I really don't like this episode because Annie is only 15 and she went to the club

    34. Life with Ayan

      Is it me or.Almost every season boys fight for annie

    35. dnsatya

      3:35 bro goals

    36. Kate The Great

      I know Gemma is a bad influence but she is a better friend than Ellie and Astrid

      1. ashley_ alline

        @Kate The Great ikrrr

    37. Itz that gurl TT

      since asrid came a lot of stuff has happend i think she should go back to crown lake bc she is a drama starter

    38. Olivia Blackmore

      Who has been here from S1mba ep 1

    39. Yasmin Ahmed

      I want TK and the chicken girl Raym be back together

    40. Allie Felten

      I love this show

    41. Allie Felten

      Omg is that Avani

    42. Ehra Marteena

      Astrid is so annoying....I really want Kayla back...if she can't it's okay for avani

    43. Griz

      Is anyone in the comments concerned about Quinn?????

    44. B. Vanlal Awmawii

      I love Avani


      Sometimes I just Astrid to go back to wherever she's just mean and she doesn't have the right to like she's just bad like no just go problems Began the moment she came 😐😒

    46. Life of a Pre teen

      Ellie and Astrid should gift out of there ASAP

    47. Bloss_ Rxby

      So avani in there??

    48. Elycia Sewuchi

      Rhyme:well im surprised cause ur always on ur phone Ellie *im not sure how to pronounce her name*:well ur such a bad friend Rhyme: :( ...................................................................................... Avani:is somthing burning? girls: runs to see whats burning

    49. the magic friendship sienna and lupe

      Who Is so angry 😡 at Astros for being a brat ?

    50. Madeline Krainert

      Am I the only one waiting for Astrid to leave-

    51. Amara Malekebu

      Astruc is so rude

    52. Sarai Meza

      I straight up don’t like Astrid and I miss Kayla and Tim like nooo don’t replace them u just can’t

    53. Thandizo Sinoya

      I am not gonna lie I actually don't like Astrid she just soooo............................ ............ ANNOYING!!!!!

    54. Carley L

      Astrid is actually so bad like she’s literally acts like she’s been with the chicken girls for forever and disses rhyme and it’s actually getting me so heated like her and Ellie need to stop rn or else imma throw hands

    55. Keyara Peauvale

      Anyone else screaming at them?😂

    56. Keyara Peauvale

      Anyone else relized that it’s just Rhyme and TK on the HUfast cover (click bait covers?)

    57. Anjy4life

      ‘I miss my girlfriend’ said Tk

    58. Henley Quinn

      I love Quinn she is the most mature

    59. Zala Klavž

      When are TK nad Rhyme start daiting again

    60. Rupinderjittt Kaur

      Was that Avani

    61. suhana ISLAM

      Well the cookies aren't for you 🤣🤣🤣

    62. suhana ISLAM


    63. Legacy Jackson

      Avani so cool like what

    64. Jasmine’s World

      quinn has an eating disorder🥺

    65. Sayani Thakur

      Avani is such a mood ❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣

    66. Itzel Ramos

      Ellie is getting mad at Ryhm? what about how she acted with the Bee's

    67. Varya Kumar

      Is Quinn developing an eating disorder?

    68. Justene Gomez

      Who wants rhyme and tk back together or is it just me

    69. Linnea Johansson

      Avani is so pretty

    70. Suhani Panchal

      Ava I this season is a BAD girl! Not the normal TikTok one!

    71. 2raw.daisha


    72. Moonliight

      What I wonder is why everyone in the comments is like no shade but like they be in the comments saying why is this character so mean Like it’s a show I’m pretty sure They are all friends irl 😅😅😂

    73. Tamara Thompson

      Avani : is something burning *DOOR BELL RINGS Mrs Ebsome: Rhyme there's smoke coming from your house *ME: you don't say Rhyme: It's okay Mrs Ebsome, we burned some cookies Mrs Ebsome: I like my cookies soft not crunchy *ME: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    74. Donut Head

      Why is Ellie calling Rhyme a bad friend she literally left them for the B’S

    75. Allison Luchenbill

      OK OK OK! o i as just re watching season six and i noticed something, tk tells wes that e was never a big vocab guy, and i didn't realize until now but og fans, remember back in season one when rhyme is using complicated words and tk doesn't know what any of them men? they kinda just hinted back to that.

    76. Rumaisa Siddiqui

      4:05 - 4:09 Why did Astrid say that she ignored her boyfriend to hang out with her cool older friends. First of all, Wes is not her boyfriend and second, I had no idea that Rhyme was older than her.

    77. Gracie Clark


    78. kaedex.c

      This is why being a boy seems so much easier.

    79. Alyssa Jimenez

      Why do I feel like Quinn is gonna pass out 😔😭

    80. Kashish Mehta

      Someone tell me wen did astrid and wes strarted dating ?

    81. lizgillztv yt

      The day they take mads or Avani outta this show, is the day ima stop watching

    82. george weasley

      omg rhyme baby your falling in with the wrong crowd this isnt you dressing head to toe in pink is you

    83. Tayler Lawson

      Her cousin is such a jerk

      1. Tayler Lawson

        It's like she is jealous of rhythm

    84. Jason Burkman

      I’m so disgusted by TK

    85. Hatdeivah Haokip

      Astrid is so toxic oh my god

    86. Aubrey Gomez

      Ok can chicken girls go back to season three or something

    87. Shy Gun

      Guyss like plzzz no Offence I just wanna say wut I feel........... 5:47 ASTRID IS SUCH A MOTHER####ER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    88. faith a

      I wanna hit Astrid she makes everything worse

    89. Demenfam demsquad

      Can your so called cousin just leave she's annoying and selfish does she forget she's staying with rhyme she needs to respect that why is she a chicken girl!!

    90. Diana Aburoumi

      Anyone realized that they played lowkey love by nia sioux

    91. Deannah GREENWOOD

      Is it just me or do Wes and to have a similar face??

    92. Gabrielle Dankyi

      I know Gemma's real name is Avani in real life but literally the whole comments say AVANI AVANI AVANI like no one also knows her by Gemma in this show??!

    93. Xx_Sarah_xX

      Brat I am happy u added avani

    94. aa cc

      Ellie is a jerk and a bad freind . Rhyme forgave Ellie for being a B almost immediately .

    95. Naomi Larkins

      I watched the beginning and I was like did I miss something😂😂😂😂

    96. Vienna Velasquez

      Avani chilling eating while they are trying to put out the fire is such a MOOD 😂

    97. Temmy's world

      who else noticed that quinn has been wearing baggy clothes lately

    98. Just milly

      8:02 I died when she said "I like my cookies soft not crunchy"

    99. Marvelous Maddy

      Omg I'm so done with Ellie and Astrid`s saltiness,they needs to calm down,take a chill pill and apologize to Rhyme😡

    100. Suha Osman

      I love how avine is in the show💕🤗