CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 1: “First Day”

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    Harmony encounters new friends, drama, and boy problems when she returns back to Attaway.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, “The Chicken Girls” - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 1: “First Day”

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    1. Brat TV

      what did you think of the first episode?

      1. qatar max

        Amazing 😍

      2. Sama Mahassen

        lo lo lo love

      3. Grace R

        Brat TV LoVe iT❤️💛💚💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

      4. Dream of Charli Damelio

        I am in love with season 7 of chicken girls

      5. Shenay Muirhead-stewart


    2. Jeyy

      bro has annie always been this beautiful?😭 i find her so pretty in this she’s always been pretty but she looks BETTTEEEEERRR

    3. kailey hydes


    4. kaoutar ru

      8:00 did the girl said " well, he's waiting for the right moment to aks me" ?

    5. georgina patel


    6. Nadya Mulya

      Omg hi

    7. lyana Maycock

      so nobody is talking about how annie’s aesthetic had to change for this (edit) and hayleys

    8. pumpkin Latte

      I honestly think the acting is good because there are filmers everywhere filming them and they don't look nervous at all so I give it an A.

    9. Contreras Family

      How are you guys doing this covid thing on set?!

    10. jada Newton

      Wait people still watch this???

    11. Yala mamona

      I miss the old cg

    12. Sarah The Goddess

      Guys please be nice in the comments...THIS IS THE FIRST EPISODE!!

    13. It’s me heart

      Piper rockelle is gone

    14. maya and chloe’s reborn world

      I love chicken girls but watching the intro made me cry because I miss old chicken girls!!!😰🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭

    15. Noelle Lynx

      Ngl this is just way too hard to watch! This is NO Chicken Girls

    16. Noelle Lynx

      Okay. This is basically everyone in GoatFamLA and VibeCrew

    17. Stella Morgan

      Imagine kids acted like this in middle school

    18. Chevelle Smith

      I love brat

    19. • ꪶiꪶꪗ •

      The “boys” was being mean the the new kid until they found out he is addison rae’s brother💀

    20. • ꪶiꪶꪗ •

      I can act better than the 11/12 year olds. Except for hayley

    21. Lynn Phillips

      Is that Coco was in this movie

    22. Franklynmbeteh


    23. Jirah Abada

      i really miss the OLD CG

    24. SimonePlayz Roblox

      The way that girl talks bothers me she can’t talk properly

    25. Natalia Farfan

      I miss the og cast NOT this one

    26. Gracie Rose

      Anyone notice how small the ice cream cones were

    27. Hanah Roshan

      This is cringe af

    28. Yamileth Navarro

      It was good

    29. Ayissha Cadimas

      The only reason why im watching this is because ots chiclen girls

    30. Ayissha Cadimas

      OG chicken girls: good acting New chicken girls: bruh...

    31. Teagan Golle

      It’s disgusting seeing kids act and dress like this bruh they’re like 13 lamo and also why are all the characters so bitchy and judgemental

    32. web lover



      Barely 2 minutes in and miss the og’s

    34. Grace Price

      I miss the old cast so much this is just awkward

    35. Anahi Rodriguez

      OMGGGGG bro i just realized Addison little brother is in this omg bro whattt

    36. Araceli Lopez


    37. caleb bonds

      this is for the cast.. are u all still makeing the chicken girs? i honestly love these movies!!! goood job makeing these

    38. ava eliz

      sorry but that Peyton kids acting is so horrible

    39. Bella Storck

      isnt txunami like 9 lmaoooo?

    40. Teanna Weir

      NOT ADDISONS BROTHER😭💀 the acting-

    41. Isabel Rodriguez

      ew the boys -

    42. Reveblinkonce

      not to be rude BUT THIS IS MANI 2 bring back the ogs

    43. Isabel Rodriguez

      not enzo 😳😳

    44. Kauthar Lewis

      This is my first time watching chicken girls

    45. Emilia Mletzko

      the acting 🤢🤢

    46. Emilia Mletzko

      ahh no way txwnamy and coco 🤢

    47. Lilah Barrett

      the leblancs acting is better then eveyoned

    48. jasmine n

      sorry to say this but hayleys like the only good actor

    49. Ruth Autumn

      ok, im going to say it- im sad about the things that are changing here in chicken girls, even in just the first episode. it is actuallly really sad.

    50. Abigail beky Flores

      I feel bed for her

    51. Abigail beky Flores

      Poor harmony

    52. Karmiii’s Life And More

      ok yes the acting is a downgrade yes this channel atp is known for pretty much casting mainly the quote on quote "well-knowns" but is it just me or the girl in the group of guys give me real stuck in the closet vibes. lol

    53. Sophie Marie Garsuta

      Harmony's voise went kinda deep

    54. Zachary Music's

      harmony is the only good at this.

    55. DanielaX 20

      some of the scenes are cringed and P.K is not a good actor

    56. Daily Liv

      Hey guys my name is Olivia I would love to work with you guys one day my biggest dream is to become an actor this would be an big step to my journey

    57. Yasmin Miranda

      Sue I like you and you to lexi

    58. Yecenia ram

      Chicken girls is becoming another Mani 😥

    59. Ma. Rowena Naldoza

      Name~ What they are from old cast~ Why Harmony=Rhyme= There the main characters theyre just alike Brittany=Quinn=since on season 1 she goes on both sides a Katie Bel Leyla Walker Eggie Claire

    60. Selectah Ishmael

      i felt to cry when i first watched season 7 I am really going to miss the original chicken girls i think that they should come back i mean its nice how rhyme and TK are still there together but its just not the same the new actors of this movie is just not it for me there not as good not trying to be mean or anything but i am shore that lots of people stopped watching this show because of that same exact reason really hope that they can come back until them good bey chicken girls

    61. Isabella Serratos

      wait what the heck what happened to annie + her friends there story WASNT FINISHED

    62. ThatPinkGirl


    63. Stephanie Reid

      I can't believe Coco Quinn and Txunamy is in the show

    64. Sadaf Karrar

      What is going on, no one knows how to act except the ones who are here from before, like what were you guys thinking while casting these newbies, I don't like this:/

    65. Lianne Vlog

      The one that is only good at acting is hayley like i really want the og cast like they go to college and stuff

    66. alice murriel

      wait this is so lame

    67. Olivia Playz

      I'm watching this for the third time and just now realized she meant ty as in Luna's bf

    68. Maria Holloway

      hey is piper rockelle going tobe on brat this year?

    69. ART Studio

      I am wearing the same dress as harmony rn lol

    70. Aaliyah Hamzat

      When it did the intro I thought they was going to keep the old one for the OG’s but then they put new people mad I was like 👁👄👁

    71. Amna


    72. Kemi Life’s

      He’s saying enzymes is a dweeb but he looks like a nerd lol!!

      1. Nia Sarae

        Who in middle school says dweeb like at my school they’d say the adult version of that

    73. taegi ships

      Tk: my treat Me: wheres the rest of it lol

    74. Ava Mentzer

      I love Coco and all but her acting sucks👧

    75. 4BC CIP

      I like that black girl hair

    76. OfficialChirstianna Cola

      Netflix got nothing on that

    77. Labi Shadap Labi shadap

      Keep it up brat

    78. Jillian Calubaquib

      Theyre 11 AND 12💀

    79. Jillian Calubaquib


    80. Sophie Cashin


    81. Tabitha Walker

      If your gonna hire someone make sure they can say ask right 💀😭

    82. Courtces 2006

      I uh- this show just got so childish... BYE

    83. Sadah Renfro

      I'm glad there are some familiar faces but I do miss the of cast .

    84. Emma Stratmann

      Didn’t the new characters start like a house or sum? I cringe watching them act

    85. Hannah Moore

      Cant believe I’ve been here since season 1

    86. Hamida Francois


    87. Aisha Awadh

      Me for literally 3 years watching this ending up with the worst last seasonnnn

    88. Kaylie Houg

      Hi everyone that I know

    89. Aisha Awadh

      Who else misses the ogs?

    90. It’s just me Ally

      Hayley’s voice got deeper and matured like Annie

    91. Percy Jayantha Perera

      I love every single episode of this show

    92. Leahhh Wenner

      I’m sorry but Addisons brother shouldn’t be an actor 😅

    93. Lea Sleimane

      The acting is horrible

    94. Tasanya Barrett


    95. AJ Jaws

      Bruh Hayley has grown so much I haven’t watched bratayley since about week 200 she has grown so much

    96. Nyla Mills

      Ayden acting isn’t that bad

    97. Nyla Mills

      They should of named this Chicken Girls:Next Generation

    98. Adwoa Gyamfua

      It fny