Chicken Girls | Game Nights Part 2

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    Join Elliana, Liam, and Aidan of the Chicken Girls Season 7 cast as they have a game night with rounds of trivia and Would You Rather.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.

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    2. Humayra Ansary

      I wish to be in brats to act I wanna Learn and feel how it’s acting like to me

    3. MagicalAgickle Simpson

      Who's been here since S1 E1?✨

    4. Brooklyn Butler

      elliana won cause you were talking about dirt and not chicken girls

    5. Chloe Albuquerque

      Put a finger down if you got all of them right

    6. Sarah Rude

      Do txunamy

    7. Mary Okpok

      Аз ли съм единственият, който знае идея какво казва

      1. Mary Okpok

        ¿Soy el único que tiene idea de lo que dice?

    8. Faizah Razzak

      Aidan 💕

    9. alia joy

      OMG ellie is such a fan girl lol i still love her

    10. Esther coker

      Ayy Ellie knew like almost all the questions, go girl!!!

    11. Jacqueline Wong

      Who’s waiting for chicken girls the movie part 2

    12. asel Sanci

      Ummmmm ok! Go brat tv ! I don’t know what to say

    13. FallBlossom yt

      I luv how Eliana just blurts and starts laughing when she wins LOL also I luv her laugh!

    14. Meghana Desai

      Jimmy roach from I know a girl named joe

    15. Tasin Kabir

      1:27 I do not owe anybody anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    16. Jackie Galani

      Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    17. Goomw Love

      319 to comment

    18. Brittany McGhee

      10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    19. Perez Akoto

      Ooooh poor Liam 😂😂😂😂😂 he was so blank on the first round.

    20. Michael Alamo studios

      What happened to mani

    21. janie good

      Elliana: Whats Roach Me: DIRT DIRT DIRT DIRT DIRT

    22. Lyra Srebrousta

      annie leblanc

    23. Lyra Srebrousta


    24. Juliet Mkrtchian

      3:03 she said my name haha

    25. Angelina Nguyen

      Y’all this is why they put Annie or Hayley in like every video, That’s because when their not, the views are slow cjjdkdkdkd

      1. Iradukunda Florance


      2. Valerie


    26. Vidhi Jain

      I could answer these so quickly ❤️❤️

    27. Suchi Smita

      I knew all of them

    28. Kelsi's world

      If u really love chicken girls drop a like 👇

    29. Jahnvi Arora

      1. White 2. Ellie 3. Rooney 4. Henry 5. She poisons him with a cupcake 6. A cat 7. Drake 8. Johnny

    30. sushma mishra

      If Elliana you are reading this please don't colour your hairs or change anything in you. You are just sooooooo sooooo sooooooooo adorable and pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

    31. Laury I

      Ellie 💖

    32. Belinda Vicente

      I wish I can be on the cast 😭 it would be a dream come true😭

    33. Naomy Alsaleh

      Eliana is the funniest in season 7

    34. kareena Rostant

      Congrats to elliana on the first round😘

    35. Udemeabasi Silas

      Liam is so blank

    36. Slayed with Ray

      Why am I always late like she need to Premier ever episode

      1. Vk

        No it's not done

    37. Lina Agdouche

      Yea yea love it

    38. Talia Griessel

      Guys has season seven finished!?!? Ik is confused 🤷‍♀️

    39. Get This Baby Cracker Nacker to 10k subs

      I know im not the one only cringing after that woman kept talking.

    40. Belle Agbayani

      Henry Ellie first bf

    41. Belle Agbayani


    42. Belle Agbayani


    43. Belle Agbayani

      A blue question 1

    44. Digital Dash

      if she watched dirt she would know who the roaches are

    45. Basketball Highlight

      it was D

    46. SAREE nelson

      Outer I can be. Free from. Trash....pollutants....war..evil....and... Just. Every freak8ng. Thing. That we. Are. Doing. I can. Freaking. FINNALLY. GET SOME....SLEEP...!!!!!

    47. SAREE nelson


    48. SAREE nelson


    49. SAREE nelson

      Mono not so goes. Away in. A

    50. Nirzala Maharjan

      why coco isn't there

    51. elle wicaksono

      Go Ell!

    52. InLoveWithThat Panda

      My Correct answer 1st round: 1, 2 and 4 2nd round: 1 and 2

    53. Sid’s Vids

      Hi i love these videos

    54. madi_dancer17

      You should do finish the line like you play a scene and stop at one of the lines and some of the chicken girls cast have to guess the next line

    55. Asifa Islam

      I won between everyone

    56. Pallavi Hebbar

      Katie: Would you rather live in outer space or under water? Me: Definetly outer space! Aidan, Elliana, and Liam: Underwater definetly! Me: Come on!!!

      1. Evil Eagle 3

        same plus I can't swim😂😂


        Pallavi Hebbar ikr I’m like outer space

    57. chiziecute


    58. chiziecute


    59. chiziecute


    60. Loki_Laufeyson

      Please make a season 2 of attaway general

    61. Duke Aiwohi

      I got 3/4 on Season 1 trivia 3/4 on ultimate trivia

    62. Olivia Grell

      Y’all I’m just sayinggg I got all of them right and I’m just saying I beat them alllll! ❤️🔥

    63. Jenna Hotz

      Total eclipse

    64. Maddie Hess


    65. Juana Gaona

      Underwaterbeats I can be a mermaid in my head is getting really big really

    66. Juana Gaona

      I mean because if I wear pajamas I have to stay home from homes from school so pajamas and anyways my sister gets stinky and you're going to be outside and in front of people and they're going to smell you when you're going to feel embarrassed when they tell you but at home you can just lock yourself in your room

    67. Pradnyani Kausiky Nara Yogini

      5:45 I have thalassophobia, megalohydrothalassophobia, hydrophobia. And...... _i don't like fish._

    68. Juana Gaona

      Too cold even married to cold and I'm the daughter of this person that keeps answering your trivia questions just for you to know

    69. Juana Gaona

      Superstring because if someone tries to beat me up I can beat them up first

    70. iman

      they saying its game night but it's literally morning but whatever at least it's the new cast of chicken girl 😊

      1. kyra cato

        It was night for some people because of the time difference

    71. Juana Gaona

      She poisons him with a cupcake she dresses up as a cat the ones you didn't have known I was Drake the one who lost the back to is Johnny

    72. Pradnyani Kausiky Nara Yogini

      Dang, I forgot Drake was in chicken girls.

    73. Juana Gaona

      His camera is white Ellie doesn't have a cell White it was Rooney who suggested the idea of stealing power such as moves eldest Whispers friend was Henry

    74. cute isha status

      जो प्यारी सी आंखें मेरी कमेंट पढ़ रही है भगवान उनके माता-पिता के जीवन में बहुत सारी खुशियां भर दे 💝🙏 प्लीज़ मेरे 8k SUBSCRIBER होने वाले हैं 1 SUBSCRIBE कर दो 🙏 मैं बहुत मेहनत कर रही हुं 🙏😭🙏🙏🙏

    75. Pradnyani Kausiky Nara Yogini

      1:02 we all know it's Ellie..

    76. Patria-kaye Thompson

      You can only like if yo ship pk and harmony!😊 👇

    77. Jenan Waqar

      I was literally screaming the answers how do they not know some of them lmao

    78. Victoria Rizzo


    79. Leah Misungwi

      Claim your, "Here before a million views ticket" here. 👇

    80. Hope Jackson Tv

      Everyone is talented in there own ways and beautiful 😍🙏🦋.. Like if you have a great career coming

    81. alexandra lock

      does it make me a cg addict and super fan when i got all the questions correct? ✨🥺💖 lolol

      1. Daniya Mohammed

        Idk but I can’t judge

      2. Olivia Grell

        Sameee ❤️

    82. Tyrell Williams

      miss season 1

    83. Nathaniah Johnson


    84. Kylie Matthis

      It’s amazing how all the series tie together

      1. Khamyaa Sushil


    85. Bianca s

      only og's can like :)

    86. Amani K

      Can you get the og’s to do part 3? Also loved this :)

      1. Teagan McMillan

        Yes and with Hayley

    87. Maria Manuela Chacra


    88. Rebecca Schofield

      Man elliana was on fire for the season 1 trivia

    89. Tkd Girl

      Ooooh two posts in a day

    90. Crazy Sisters_Gxming

      Here at 1 dislike

    91. the davy squad

      Hi love channel

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      2 posts in one day. yay

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      wish it was longer

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      Hello 👋 👋 👋 👋 there 😊🤗

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      Hello! hope whoever reads this has a good day! I really wish I could get to 150 subscribers by Monday! To anyone that helps I just would like to say THANK YOU!!!!!! Omg I just realized I was the 1000th like on this video!

    97. Brody CoC

      3:17 Only Indians know how offensive that word is!

      1. Meera Swansi

        Omg yes lol

    98. Frogie Frog

      Me 950 like and 157 comment

    99. the joys of eva

      I would say too cold, cause if ur too cold u can buy alot of the blankets and lots of jackets. On the other hand, hot the fan has to osilate for everyone to feel. And u go burn up.

    100. Angelina Pope Catarata

      I love you guys so much!