CROWN LAKE | Season 2 | Ep. 8: “The Key”

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    It may be the season finale, but the mystery is far from over. Nellie, Chloe, and Tiffany work together to uncover a long-held Crown Lake secret that could change everything... but, will it be enough to reveal Heather's identity and stop her, once and for all?
    When Eleanor "Nellie" Chambers shows up at Crown Lake Academy, a fancy all-girls boarding school, she knows this school is her ticket to a new & better life. But she also knows fitting in and learning the ropes isn’t going to be easy. Until she finds a guide.
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    CROWN LAKE | Season 2 | Ep. 8: “The Key”

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    1. Brat TV

      WOAH... what was your favorite part of this season??

      1. Jalisssa Channel

        I was like wow and I thought the new girl was different ig not but I can’t wait till the next one I’m late Ik Srry 😭❤️

      2. Msib Lwazi

        Is there season 3 coming,👉👈

      3. Rickcale Brown

        Quela B she’s kool tho

      4. Ethan Edmond

        will there be a season 3?

      5. Cheering With Kalani

        Make another season

    2. Karmiii’s Life And More

      i keep typing this and it gets deleted every time but anyways has anyone noticed that crown lake is like a children's rundown version of pll (pretty little liars) or just me... for instance heather/" o " is A, pinning the blame on other forcing people against each other leave anonymous messages causing jobs to be lost knowing everything. Nellie chole tiffany kinda lucy are the liars (Hanna Emily Spence aria and Alison) the targets and main "victims" all while trying to figure out who is doing this trying to protect their secrets from getting out but still dealing with personal things that they also don't want to be revealed... Nellie and Lucy kinda remind me a lot of Allison more so lucy then Nellie but that being said they all are like queen of the school (i get tiffany was that too but... she kinda reminds me of a mixture of toby and Ali) they all are the prime suspect before other really got dragged into it and the lose and gain the most friendly in the quickest ways...

    3. Varunavi Ganesh

      Where the heck is season three??

    4. Bandile Shezi

      Woah I honestly can't wait for season3

    5. Roger Espanial


    6. Sakala Danielle

      I am so confused right now so Nellie's mom is Heather but then who is the "new girl" ( forgot her name) suppose to be? Bratz tv please make a season 3!

    7. Little Kitten

      Is there going to be a season 3 for this?

      1. Abhigyan Banerjee

        There has to be more seasons. BRAT won't just end the series without revealing and taking down Heather. I think there will be 2-3 more seasons of Crown Lake.

    8. Aira Rashdi

      SESSION 3 PLEASE!!!! Who else wante SESSION 3?

    9. Hanna

      i need a 3 season.......

    10. silent texter

      I Want the next episode 😭

    11. Anniyla Barnett

      Who end a show with a cliffhanger you could have seven seasons of chicken girls and I three seasons of the show what ever

    12. Sugagummy _istanall

      Wow I- I guess the theories were right? tf?

    13. Priyadarshini paliwal


    14. Ashley Fray

      Whos still waiting on season three? :(

    15. zirgiy

      Judging from the ending of last ep I think heather is a ... man because of my the hand it didn’t look like a girl’s. Like if you agrees nvm I just saw it

    16. Thokchom Ronel

      Please don't say it's the last season

    17. Orville Stephenson

      i love you

    18. Itzz Ari

      Theory: Chloe is Heather And the o is how you write o in cursive so maybe when Chloe writes her name in cursive she does her o so she puts it on the walls for hints maybe. Like if you maybe agree or comment 👇🏻 👇🏻

    19. Alex VG

      7:58 I can’t take the screaming seriously 😂

    20. 6C Tamarah Marian Thomas

      We want season 3

    21. Angel Kitty

      The 'o's' Heather leaves around must be the first letter of her actual name.

    22. Abigail Griswold

      I had a weird feeling about lucy

    23. Abigail Griswold


    24. Laysa Garay

      I know it was her I knew it I knew it I knew it

    25. SM And AA

      Is the extra thing a movie cause I want the name

    26. Salina Awale

      Who is else is watching it during corona ?

    27. Aditi Bathla


    28. sarah kim

      whyd they just give up on this like id rather watch this then attaway general

    29. Amina Lotfi

      Am crying why did it have to end TnT


      i this school real:)


      hi i love this is this the last season could you answer me plese!!

    32. Sister Code

      Is there a reason why this ended on a cliffhanger??? Lyk wtf?!?!

    33. Rifumo Khumalo

      Is there a session 3❤️🔥

    34. Amy Lange

      pls make more seasons pls pls pls

    35. Broken Diamond

      Ok ok I think I know who heather is I think it's the mobs daughter of the roach family when nellie left crown lake idk the daughter was a little sus she said it was a good school she went there and then she said only if you can handle it it has to be here idk🤷

    36. aalya

      Please season 3 of crown lake everyone wants it .

    37. Huda Zehra

      The only brat show that doesn't have the "ataway" school.

    38. 1k subscribers before 2021 Youtubr

      Crown lake girls be rocking then chockers

    39. 1k subscribers before 2021 Youtubr

      How does one episode have more views than the rest , i cant even miss one

    40. Nourhan Chaar

      The girls who r following all the popular girls should GET A LIFE !😁

    41. Anvesha Goel

      Next season when is it?

    42. Sniper Claw

      Me watching this over and over again until season 3 comes and josh and Nellie can be together

    43. Rickcale Brown

      Waiting for season 3 hope there’s a 3

    44. Rav Bob

      I also had bad vibes for Mrs Rose, but it was Nellies mum who was the bully.

    45. Constanca Sousa

      I feel like Merryweather is Heather.

    46. iiSimplyXaesthetic xx

      This is not a happy ending

    47. iiSimplyXaesthetic xx

      I don't like nellie in this season she's being kinda rude

    48. Charley Mannes

      Petition for season 3, 4 and 5 of Crown Lake! Who’s with me?

    49. Thuraya Srour

      Wth who is heather you can't do that to us brat now I will have a lot of questions in my mind thx brat

    50. Emi 9

      My thought is maybe the heather is Tiffany's aunt. Anyway plz upload other season

    51. Alexcia Carmichael

      I new it was her all the time

    52. Hayden Phillips

      legit knew it was her the WHOLE time

    53. Farah Bakkar

      lilia buckingham acted as heather dont ask how i knew this

    54. Nevaeh Rodriguez

      🚨**SPOILER ALERT** 🚨 DONT CLICK IF DONT WANT TO SEE‼️ It was Lucy....but not necessarily 🤫🤭

    55. Michelle Mcclanahan

      Season 3

    56. please stopp

      I need the whole crown lake music playlist

    57. Kaynat Naz Kayu

      Who else think that Heather is the previous teacher from s1 ?

    58. Mugdha wagh

      i like crown lake

    59. C 05 Kamerynn Dias

      I'm waiting for the next season or the next episode

    60. C 05 Kamerynn Dias

      Lucy is becoming just like Nellie 😜❤️

    61. Keith Imbayi

      who else is sad that it is the end

    62. Ishita Dhasmana

      will there be a season 3 .....................please say yes

    63. Kymani Mckenzie

      i now know why i always couldn't stand lucy.

    64. Michelle Nicole Maya

      am i the only one watching this in lockdown

    65. Amber Thewo

      Season 3 😣😣🤧🤧🤧

    66. Natalee Mccloy

      When is the next episode 😫

    67. jacanta edwards

      The season 2 episode 8 is the last episode??

    68. Ada D

      19:37 "You are starting to behave a lot more like me" which means nellie's mom is heather cuz she said that "i dont play nice" n she is the bully

    69. Itz Audrii

      I- It’s been 8 months still no part 9.This HURTS

    70. Anna Mathew

      Nooooooo the end no no no😢😭😭 who else wants more so we can find out who’s heather brat your leaving me

    71. Mahika Naidu


    72. Miraculous Ladybug Updates

      Who is heather!?

    73. My Life My Style

      I thought lucy was good but....

    74. María Ramirez

      Who is the Heather Heather?????

    75. Tessy posh256

      Heather in great

    76. Natalie Harding

      I like cheese

    77. Anika Tanteo

      There is a season 3, right? Huhu. I can't waiiiitttt!!!!

    78. Arianna Sun

      This isn't about Heather but I'm pretty sure Chloe becomes headmaster...

    79. Vimbai Zvakanaka

      Don't u think that Lucy is Heather🤔i mean look.......

    80. claire gardner

      Theory: Nellie's mom made a book with secrets on how to survive Crown Lake. She left it for a few girls as a joke (she told them afterward) but a new girl named Heather Masterson came to the school. She was left the book but the dares were to hard for her. Nellie's mom and her friends got her kicked out. Right before she left Crown Lake Nellie's mom and her friends told her about the book and how they wrote it. Heather left Crown Lake and had to write her own book for the new girls that came after she left. At first she made the dares easy so they wouldn't have to go through what she went through, but she saw everyone getting to stay. More years past and she made the challenges harder and harder because of her anger. Her goal is to get someone kicked out, she targets Nellie because shes Nellie's moms kid. She also is going to target Lucy because I think Lucy's mom will be one of Nellie's moms friends. The next girl that leaves writes a new book and the trend starts again.

    81. Abigail Kirsten


    82. Abigail Kirsten

      I love it

    83. Gracie Sanchez

      Well did Nellie expect her mom not to do Heather like it’s the school’s thing

    84. Mehak Magotra

      Hi! When season 3 will com???

    85. Astrid Senate

      I have a feeling that headmistress Merriweather might be Heather l mean she's been around for quite a while

    86. Gabriella Regita

      I need next season of crown lake

    87. Alysson Marcelino Herrera

      14:08 What did he say? Respuesta en español de ser posible Por favor y gracias que la verdad no entendí.

    88. leerose cb

      I knew it was lucy o did she not run away from the graveyard that time...little brat

    89. alixianne


    90. Blessings Maburuse

      in deep need of season 3 this is so incredible all the emotions will be running wild at the same time the only question wch is so awaited to be answered is *who is heather*

    91. La-Ann Volel

      I am getting Gossip girl Vibs and I LOVE it 🥰. Brat please FINISH this series!!!!


      WE WANT MOREEE!!!!

    93. Five subscribers before {Halloween} And I’m سارة

      My favorite part of the season at the end where she went on the computer then it said play by my rules or your next that was my favorite part

    94. Wambui laury

      I hope this won't be another PLL😊😊😊😊


      Is this the last season..... I'm literally crying.

    96. Purple_ PhoenixXX

      We need... S3 of Crown Lake S2 of BroBot S3 of Zoe Valentine S2 of SunnySideUp S6 of Total Eclipse S6 of Mani S2 of Crazy Fast S2 of Hotel du Loone Comment if I missed some of your favorites

    97. lol vanessa 2

      why is no one talking about how sad the commercial was🥺🥺

    98. Sanya Nish


    99. Jasmine Adetona

      If you want to know who heather is (Spoiler) Y’all if you wanna know who heather is it’s lily buckingham she plays heather she hides in episodes I think!

    100. Isaack Ndungu

      I was blown when I found out lucy was heather but she is not heather will she remain a secret forever?????