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    Catch up on all your favorite Crown Lake moments! What was your favorite part of season 2?
    When Eleanor "Nellie" Chambers shows up at Crown Lake Academy, a fancy all-girls boarding school, she knows this school is her ticket to a new & better life. But she also knows fitting in and learning the ropes isn’t going to be easy. Until she finds a guide.
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    CROWN LAKE | Season 1 | Marathon

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    1. Ma Theresa Adarna

      Season 3 season 3 season 3 season 3 season 3 season 3!

    2. Daniela soriano


    3. Bernard Mwangi

      Pliz have another sñ

    4. Lois Ejomah

      nellie's getting in sooooooooooo much trouble

    5. Kenyan Nitrogen Official

      its so cutee

    6. Queen Shadii Boo

      Claire Gardner I really enjoy all ur movies on brat tv they are super AWESOME n amazing thanks for occupying my bored moments with these movies and all the parts that have more parts to come out I'm craving for them😍😍😍good work keep it up good talent n skills

    7. Queen Shadii Boo

      I'm at 49:29 n begging for season 3 already amazing😍😍😍

    8. Queen Shadii Boo

      Who is really heather??? So over curious n anxious to know n how does she know when nellie gives a different task r does something??

    9. Gugu Masikane

      Can’t wait for season 3 marathon🙊😜

    10. ODUKS40


    11. Christine Potts !



      I love this show

    13. Sakshi Agrawal

      Josh is handsome

    14. Tamara Jones

      Yohhhh season 3 wya

    15. Srestha Choudhury


    16. lxzx bxty

      Pls make season 3

    17. brogad17 brogad17

      Crown lake the best movie ever

    18. Jeon Jungkook

      PLOT TWIST : Heather is Nellie's mom

    19. Kristine mae Tatlonghari

      Season 3 pleaaaaaaase

    20. chromaz akelia

      Been a wait on season 2 so bad

    21. Cari

      Nooo que hermoso que nombren a Argentina!😍😍

    22. Sarah An'na

      Soundtrack at 1:23???

    23. may may life


    24. may may life

      i just got done with season 1

    25. Queen Vally

      😩season 3 pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

    26. Baked Beans

      I don’t like the fact that in this the people are homophobic

    27. Phoebe Johnson

      Cbbc 👥👥👥👥👥👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    28. Neyla Craig

      Heather is nellie's mom or Lucy

    29. Priscilla Awuah

      Is it just me or this show gets really creepy sometimes 😩

    30. Sharanya Bhattacharya

      When you published this it was my birthday and it is a great movie

    31. Boba Botato

      I've been waiting soo long for the next season!! When will it come out

    32. Gwyneth Gucor

      Ive been waitiiiing

    33. Jeazel Camingay

      Lucy looks like Bretman hahahhaha am I the only one noticed?

    34. Jeazel Camingay

      Best recommendation from youtube so far!

    35. gladys wambui

      Lola is a boy is seriously

    36. jamol savage

      give de pple Wat thei want season 3 plz

    37. jamol savage

      What happened to season 3

    38. Khadheeja Zubair

      I hope another season will come also

    39. Its me Kitty

      Who else procrastinated HOURS of watch this?

    40. Analyn E. Escatron

      I highly recommend this series Season 1 and 2. Ugh my brain cells hurts!😆 I kept thinking who Heather is. I guess it's Ms. Rose😵😆

    41. Khayencheli Esther

      i thought it was season 3 but look what i got

    42. Jaslene Silvar

      I wanna see Josh so bad......

    43. Jheng B

      What genre is this??

    44. The Man

      I cant wait for the next season...who is with me😉✌👍

    45. Cerrine Menai

      Is gonna be another season 😩😩

    46. ceriess heart_

      who really tf is heather? but i think that 'O' was a clue, maybe it's the first letter of her name? or whatever.

    47. Eloi's lifestyle


    48. Allison

      Is that amber from andi mack and cloefrom dog with a blog

    49. Zhiyi Tang

      another season pls

    50. Gizely Ferreira


    51. Jovilyn Paddanan

      I just finished it again. Hope there will be a season three can't wait😊😍

    52. Joan Mumbi

      crown lake is doooope💯💯💯eagerly waiting for season 3

    53. N. Mclennon

      I been waiting on this season so long

    54. Jamila Abdirahman


    55. Omari Reid

      When season 3 coming out I need to know this show is amazing

    56. Bezawit Mengistu

      Is it the last season??? Or???

    57. Lyca's playzz

      I want season 3!!!

    58. lakheni ntutu

      ç fDT

    59. Julie Trawiel

      I know right i think its on Netflix

    60. Rowena Peel

      I know it's obvious but I'm still gunna comment it, it's either miss rose or Lucy that's Heather

    61. Rudika Thamel

      Really need another season of Crown Lake

    62. Jai Lee

      Mi ja en🗣💩🐢🐍😮🐄🦵🐖👨🏻‍🦲💯🖕

    63. Amelia Rose

      Better be a new season because the re is a cliffhanger

    64. Amelia Rose

      Why da boys sooooo tall

      1. alayna loves minchan

        fr lol but some of the girls are just short

    65. Queen Melo

      Who else ships Cola ( chloe and lola

    66. simplyrose


    67. isdorah odundo

      When is season 3 coming out

    68. Nathalia Alza

      Season 3 amp still waiting

    69. simplyrose


    70. Suhuhs Jsusjsuus

      We need another season

    71. chaya suri wajnsztok

      it so nice

    72. Lili Girma

      This is the best movie 🍿 ever 👍👍😍😍🥰🥰

      1. simplyrose

        its not a movie

    73. its me amahle _zaz

      This school has no dress code u can wear extra stuff like bangles chains and all that stuff and serious makeup


      this is not scary step up your game and make other college show

      1. simplyrose

        brat tv isnt for like adults.... so stop asking please:/

    75. 5 D-03 Ivona Ann Mathew

      i love this i need more episodes

    76. Ameika Thomas

      Couldn't wait until this part come out

    77. Issa Queen

      I enjoyed this 👌😍💕

    78. Caleb Amo

      im not done but i feel like the guidance counsellor is theone who made the whole heather thing

    79. Evalyne Muthoni

      It's not season 3?

    80. Willem Kondiri

      Season 3 please....

    81. Ximena Meza

      wait so are they passing on the place of heather?

    82. lilo mimo

      Lik post💙💙💙

    83. nyamwenge susan

      Super cool

    84. Naya M

      I can't be the only one who gets chills from this show, just me? Ok

    85. kiwiangels

      Bruh I bet its the girl who she's plotting with

    86. sang sanga

      omg who love lucy...she so cute..anyway i love this serial

    87. Moikoedoe Mirelva

      Wow i love the

    88. El Yohan

      Waiting for the next season 😁👍

    89. Teresa Carolina

      🥱who is watching this in 2020

    90. Cassandra James28

      I can't believe she did that she should have gone after her. She should have gone after her while she had the chance

    91. Rudradev Arya

      Why aren't there any BTS or bloopers or deleted scenes of crown lake ????? I love franncesca capaldi so much 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

    92. Love, Reigh

      been waiting for the next season

    93. Isabelle Block

      Best one yet please do season 3 soon

    94. Salma Mia

      When's season 3 coming out😭😭💔

      1. Rajeswari Andaluri

        Idk but when I searched in google crown lake it showed since 2019 so I think it is still there. 🥴😏😏😏

    95. sed abrajano

      May season 3?? please someone tell me i'm dying to know

    96. iam tinda

      I cannot wait to find out who heather is !!!

    97. Ai 029

      Season 3 pleaseeee

    98. Fifi Jaybe

      When is season 3

    99. Tshidi seokamo

      Just Waiting for season 3. I love crown lake so bad

    100. Vinamra Herle

      This is how many people want a season 3 for crown 👑 lake 👇