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    Emily Skinner & Kenzie Ziegler see how many friends they can get to join their zoom call and support No Kid Hungry! Who will show up? Watch to find out! (Did someone say... Johnny Orlando? Lilia Buckingham...?)
    #stayhome #withme
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    1. Brat TV

      who all did you see in the video?? 👀

      1. Gary Davis

        Nadia and ruby Jonny Emily Kenzie

      2. Mariam Alk

        Brat TV Sky Katz, kenzie,Emily, jonny, Sophie , Hayden,Mellisa( mackenzie mom) nia, lilia, Ruby, Nadia,And jonny dog( Leo)! I just know these people on the video

      3. Mariam Alk

        Brat TV Kenzie and Emily 🖤

      4. Reyanna Madray

        Nadia ruby kenzie emily Hayden johnny nia Francesca kyla sophie lilia

      5. fati 1979

        @Alina yes

    2. Sarah JeanBaptiste

      jenzie JENZIE

    3. Mandy Alexandra Chandra

      omg Nia saw kenzie again lol

    4. rachelelsa1

      They forgot the most important person : Annie LeBlanc and Hayley LeBlanc

    5. Ajia World of roblox

      I see cami from Disney channel with red jacket

    6. SuperChiko 2.3

      This is a beautiful video 🌟🌟

    7. itsyeye_ world

      Can we just talk about how Katz just came late she is me late for zoom class

    8. Aimee Cuevas

      Why am I just finding out ruby and Nadia are related 😂😂

    9. Kousmita Guha

      It was totally funny It was funnier when Mellissa joined Love the kindness of Emily ( Diana) and Kenzie ( Cassie)

    10. Amerie Salcedo

      Its funny how when i seen nia i knew at that second that sofie will be on here

    11. refal alhajri

      Aww look at kenzie exited face when johnny came

    12. Teresa Joan Maris Sinambela

      Mackenzie has a boy friend : isaak pressley

      1. Teresa Joan Maris Sinambela

        @ok uhm ok

      2. ok uhm

        mackenzie does not have a boyfriend. kenzie & isaak presley broke up 2 months ago

    13. Riv GAMES

      What's so sad is they only raised 230 dollars while mr.beast held a competition about rock paper scissors and they raised about 3 million that is very sad

      1. suzana

        it is very sad but i think it might be bc most of the viewers are kids/teens that dont have the money to do that:(

    14. Rajkumari Serina

      I am searching Lauren and Johnny. John appeared but Lauren didn't. Btw it's a great job.

    15. faseeh ullisan


    16. love music

      Love you allll ...excellent for this donation hope brat sponsors for more of that content❤❤❤❤❤❤

    17. Rhea Sharma

      7:4 5 Johnny !!!! We need a new season of Total Eclipse ...it’s been wayyy too long !

      1. ok uhm

        it’s coming!

    18. Muireann Stafford

      Anyone remember emily in avicii's broken arrows music video :)

    19. Bzks Jsisososo

      Edit the Japanese from Dev it is racist.

    20. Stuff And things


    21. Abdi Mamih

      It doesn't allow Kenya why?

    22. Kylie

      anyone else wants a new season of total eclipse!?!

      1. ok uhm

        it’s coming! it just got postponed because of the pandemic

    23. Shadow Unicorn

      When Johnny said “Imma waste my data” I died. I’m like dude you’re famous don’t you have an unlimited plan?!?? 😂🙃

    24. Lauren Forbes

      Why are most people in the car🤣🤣

    25. Tony Minner

      You know what makes no sense? They only raised $230 even though over 250,000 have viewed this video. 1 dollar each would be so much

      1. Rebeca TomTom


    26. Donna Shortt

      Where annie

      1. ok uhm

        not here obviously. she’s not close with emily or kenzie

    27. alice hyland

      both of their rooms are a vibe

    28. Iris Wiggins


    29. •UnøfficiálYT•

      so cute how when johnny joined kenzie started swirling and playing with her hair i ship jenzie

    30. damia zaimi ༄


      1. ok uhm

        new season is coming whenever they’re able to go back and finish filming it !!

    31. Manar2006 Sadiq


    32. Melanie Martinez - Amanda

      Okie but like they were explaining something and Johnny just pops up like what’s up people

    33. Ibrahim Baig

      Nobody talking about nia sioux Okay

    34. Adi Khakhu

      this is such a great cause! well done Brat and my cuties, Kenz and Emi❤️

    35. victoria dorothy

      jake is the sweetest

    36. Zymone Olalo

      do season 5

      1. ok uhm

        they are! the virus just posponed the filming

    37. Shondell tt

      Why are people disliking like omg

    38. Lulu Sparkle light

      R U doing new episodes of crown lake

    39. Rvby Fire

      I was just waiting for annie but she didn’t showup it’s awesome all of my favorite actors joined and i also donated❤️

      1. ok uhm

        why were you waiting for her? she’s not that close with emily nor kenzie

    40. Binibining Alynna

      I thought Annie would pop up, but i was wrong 😣

      1. ok uhm

        how come? she’s not close with emily or kenzie

    41. Alison Sophie Marie

      It's good that Kenzie wants to stay single and I understand.But Johnny and her would be so cuteeee

    42. Miracle Bolf

      No ones talking about how the blonde (I forgot her name I'm sorry) but was """obsessed""" with maddie b 😂😂

    43. RobloxVibes

      What if Mrbeast Donated 5K dollars i donated only 3

    44. Janice Jefferson

      Hi sorry I cant donate but hopefully you raise enough money no one shop have to go through that 😊❤️☀️

    45. Nia Bellamy

      I would really love to be part of y'all friend group...Y'all are sooo sweet and nice and the fact that y'all care about children who don't have food that melted my heart..❣️❣️ LOVE YALL GUTS SOOOOO MUCH✨✨

    46. Vernice :D

      What’s up with everyone and their cars 😂😂😂😂😂

    47. Jayla Smith

      Omg nia and makenzie

    48. Maya Berrahal


    49. maddie 391

      I wish I could donate money but I’m sorry I can’t I wish there was more money already donated

    50. Dishita Gupta


    51. Caterina Memoli Montealegre

      This is not available in my country but I would love to help

    52. Amelia Carita

      more people need to come on this video

    53. Valentina Guzman


    54. Sothira Lim

      so what’s your favorite shape 😂 i haven’t heard of him but dam what a great way to start a conversation 😂

    55. Lam Angelisa

      The fact that thoese girl kiss the same guy🤣🤣

    56. DeDe’s World

      I thought they would invite Annie and Hayley and Carson 😢😂

      1. ok uhm

        why? they’re not close with them

    57. Patricia Toth

      I swear they no everyone.

    58. Patricia Toth

      Aww Makenzie got so happy when she saw Johnny.

    59. Jaylin Diaz

      What is with everyone in the car

    60. Patie Kanangila

      I love you guys

    61. Nishta K

      Plsss upload a new season of total eclipse!😭😭😭❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Loved this video!❤️ so sweet of them!

    62. Tea Time

      Coop and cami ask the world!!!!!!!

    63. Tea Time

      I miss and i Mack!!!

    64. Maddy

      I'm so glad that Kenzie and Emily are doing this. They are so caring and kind.❤

    65. Avani Dobhal

      When is season 5 of total eclipse coming out ? It's been so long....

      1. ok uhm

        they had to postpone the filming bc of the virus :(

    66. Jasmine Balbes

      Why are people littrly disliking it like nooo!!

    67. Alondra Carranza Chavez

      Bored in the house and in the house bored :)

    68. lssvey

      *sees ruby rose turner* Me: :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I forgot they we're siblings

    69. CASSIDY Horowitz

      Hey emily and kenzie I have a question for all the girls including the both of you


      Awwww this is so sweet and amazing!

    71. Terriona Howard

      Are you the people that follow me on TikTok

    72. Omolaja Ayomide Olapeju

      it was fun watching johnyy,kezie much love

    73. Omolaja Ayomide Olapeju

      annie leblanc didnt show but why?

      1. ok uhm

        because she’s not close with kenzie & emily.

    74. Xx_lam_xX Moyo

      Hey brat I’m not sure if u will let me but after quarantine can u addition for your show u brotherly wont see this

    75. thea velasco


    76. Chloe Bennet


    77. Joe Joseph

      hey brat TV is it true that there is a new season of total eclipse commin up......... please say its true cause i just binge watched all the seasons.. plsssssssss replyy

      1. ok uhm

        there is! but it’s not coming out any time soon :( they had to postpone it because of the virus

    78. Chiin Vualnum

      When Johnny and Kenzie are break up but they are still friends i will always ship Jenzie ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Briana Campos

        Aileen Favela I don’t think they dated they were just shipped by a lot of fans, they were really close so that’s why many believe they dated

      2. Aileen Favela

        Wait they dated ??? I thought they where friends I still ship them though

    79. lxevely ii

      ya'll when johnny ignored kenzie! :| she looked so upset :(

      1. ok uhm

        he’s such a dork 😔 but obviously he didn’t mean any harm by it

    80. john fidels revolution

      Well, looks like Mackenzie has a new awesome movie to watch. hahaha Its kinda old though.

    81. VivaLaBam916 *

      Omg Sky Katz Coming In Late Was Everything >< I Love BratTv ^_¥ 💯

    82. VivaLaBam916 *

      HomeBoy Named Dropped Danny Phantom! ✌ I Hope He Watched The Recent DeathBattle >

    83. e v a

      "yes we were powerwalking in the subarbs" "gio i thought you would be asleep" "i was i fell asleep on the side of the road"

    84. Samarth Pawar

      Brat is amazing

    85. amanda sanchez

      i kinda feel bad kenzie and annie dont talk as much on the internet as much as kenzie talks to her other friends like i wish hayden annie johnny and kenzie would do a zoom call for group caht with a Q&A like fr

      1. amanda sanchez

        @ok uhm which totally sucks

      2. ok uhm

        kenzie & annie just are not that close :(

    86. Anabelle Zingone


    87. Reagan Fincher

      I mean ANNIE LOVES 😘🥰😍😘😍🥰😘🥰😍 TO HELP PEOPLE

    88. Reagan Fincher

      It is weird how they invited HAYDEN but not ANNIE I feel like since they broke up they do not ever talk to each other anymore and ANNIE needs support because her and ASHER just broke up she needs to talk to her friends

      1. ok uhm

        no? kenzie & emily are both good friends with hayden so they invited him. they aren’t that close with annie so they didn’t invite her. annie has other friends dw :)

    89. lamar Harris

      Love you guys keep up the good work tho💝👌

    90. lamar Harris

      Sorry guys cant donate in my country

    91. Natalee Powel


    92. Natalia alvarez


    93. Aisha Dobah


    94. Tumininu Akinsiku

      i love this

    95. Synthia Duque

      Awwww this is so nice of you guys

    96. Kostantina 09

      How did they take the clickbait while they were social distancing and they were hugging ( not a hater )

      1. ok uhm

        old photo

    97. X.Luvlly.roses.X

      Anyone hope Sam and cases get together is total eclipse!?!?


      i donated $57 to help these kids and your welcome really hope yall donate much much more to help no kid hungry and i will ask my family to donate for no kid hungry and your welcome really hope yall get higher on no kid hungry yall girls are doing great keep up the work

    99. Jiana Jones

      Am I the only person who was waiting for Annie to join

    100. Cathryn Downs

      That is good ida I am a mom I love that ida