MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 2: “The True Crue”

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    Mani and Harmony each try to fit in to their new roles: Mani, as True's "assistant" and fan club member and Harmony, as a Millwood student.
    Mani has his work cut out for him as he tries to keep Harmony and her friends out of danger, while also ensuring they all have a great time. From field trips to evil candy factories to spending the summer at a camp run by a con man, there's no telling what kinds of adventures Harmony and her friends will go on next!
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    MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 2: “The True Crue”

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    1. Grace Colla-Tariah

      I thought She was never there

    2. Grace Colla-Tariah

      Oh look at Corrine

    3. Bowie Colvig

      Am i the only one who just cried over a gum commercial. “Give extra get extra” adorable 😍

    4. Demadine Daphne

      Mani is so good at drawing 👌🏽

    5. Magdalena Ajanel

      I will call ture and NOT TRUE but ture said that she said the 1st rule is to now where blue and now she is saying the 1st rule is i make the rule WHAT THE HECK


      That girl doesn't rate harmony

    7. Serenity Hopkins

      choses harmony mani

    8. Katia Deoliveira

      I miss the old the old days of mani with piper(skye) Sophie(goth girl) Mia(Paige) and I remember when there were all so little

    9. Ryanna Venier

      3:14 IS THAT MANI

    10. Life with jada

      I love harmony and anni

    11. Grace Abass


    12. Cat_gamerz1649

      There's no sky to protect harmony from that bully ish bossy

    13. Cat_gamerz1649

      Bring SOPHIE and COCO and PAIGE and PIPER BACK PLEASEEEE😭😭😭😭😭😭

    14. Joy Eze


    15. kiwi love


    16. lily m m

      I love brat tv😍

    17. Sammo Ruhee

      Where's sky and Katie?

    18. Tash Daley


    19. Feroza Tawakoly


    20. Evie Regas

      Umm Mani had wayyyyyyyyy more fun with sky than with owner of the “TRUE CREW”

    21. Bethany Persad


    22. Bethany Persad


    23. Emelyn Lazaro

      Did u saw the mother in crypt tv at first

    24. Nevaeh MILNE-SMITH

      Why is your mum crying ryme

    25. Soshana Mitchell

      Dem bullies

    26. Bushra Hareem

      Why is Piper not in Mani

    27. Matrin Hans


    28. Salman Sajjad

      Annie leblanc is in mani

    29. Layla Shah

      Am I the only one that relizes mani is also Mrs.Lee



    31. Eve Vitense

      Mani is the teacher 🤣

    32. Bunny boop


    33. Bunny boop


    34. Priseuq

      Mani: ✌🏽👁👄👁✌🏽

    35. cinnamons cool nipples

      This is like a black vs whites

    36. Clezy Waikari

      Hahaha Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahaaha

    37. Gary Thomposn

      Hi bat 📺

    38. Alice Luk Yick

      Poor harmany!

    39. Lakyntiewmon Syntem

      Where sky😭😭is she still in here😭

    40. Atika Anjali

      I miss sky (piper)

    41. AIYA 6-D

      i just relized that mani is mrs lee

    42. Jakoria Blackmon

      I just saw brat tv hit another million

    43. Aistė Jurkienė

      HER new teacher is MANI i tingh

    44. Flowerinas World

      I miss it when piper was there 😫 love you piper 😘

    45. Carlos Toc Yax

      I miss piper

    46. Hazel’s Slime world

      I am sooooo excited for chicken girls season 7 because there is a new class and I love all of them Hayley, Txunamy, coco,elliana kheris......☺️❤️

    47. Rashmi Khatri

      Where is sky😢😢

    48. Tessa Carlson

      Omg that first part is so sad in my opinion🥺😊and sweet

    49. Kyjuana E

      The beginning is so sad 😭 And cute

    50. Era Abazi

      Yyayayayayyaa i finally found out that he is in the season 5 !!!!! Sorry if i spoield anyone!

    51. Riley

      This better then chicken girl 😂

    52. Isabel Macias

      Love 💖 you ❤️

    53. JitBandz-


    54. Alexey Austria

      I love this story

    55. M W

      Why would they treat harmony like that? She’s a famous actress

    56. Senzi Mbhele

      Where is sky? Plz bring her back🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    57. Lila Gutierrez

      I miss Sophie as goth girl. Goth girl 🖤 and goth boy 🖤 were the best

    58. Biljana Mitanovska

      Funay ticher

    59. Sinethemba Dlamini


    60. Laura Cousins

      Why is there only one episode in a season? Someone pls tell me

    61. Lizzy Plays

      It's all Merlin's fault why harmony getting bullied so badly true is sooo mean poor harmony

    62. Fatimah Rania Akhunzadah

      Harmony for me

    63. Doutzen's Channel

      OMG edward

    64. annabelle tambayong

      harmony is more better then true

    65. KYLA Angeles

      Ughhhhhhhhhhh mean girls dont make the real rules

    66. sophie_fergi cookiefam

      The girl that's friends with true isnt that corinne who was ex best friends with gavin Magnus?

    67. ᴄʜᴏᴡᴅʜᴜʀʏツツᴍᴜɴɪʀᴀ

      I dont like this new girl

    68. Cley 381

      she can be so mane

    69. Haleema Kawu

      Mrs lee is Mani glad

    70. Carl Kibunja

      Us that mani

    71. Emily Claire

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    72. Chryztal Alvior

      My gosh Edward is schooling milwood

    73. Chryztal Alvior

      C'mon were Sky? And the other cast frome season episode 1?

    74. Akram Sheikh

      I really miss sky 😢💕💔

    75. Kristi Denmark

      When this episode starts its about gum it's cute but when the brat rake she gum I just wanna hurt her or him

    76. Rohey Samba-Jallow

      Who realised that mani is mrs lee

    77. Botshelo Makhathe

      I don't like the new acters she's mean

    78. samantha johnson

      I love how annie is the commercial when this is harmony's show

    79. CYDNEY POP

      When sha gave mani the application it was so satfiing bc it sounds folded

    80. CYDNEY POP

      The intro is sad..

    81. Nguyen_BaoHan

      Am i the only one who only like old characters😔

    82. insia S hatim

      I am sad because now there is not sky

    83. Elroy McKnight

      If I where Ham I was going to say i am a celeb and you true you a nothing so buzz of.

    84. Elroy McKnight

      Melvin is a psyco he needs help

    85. emm_ nsgee

      Who else noticed that mr lee was mani ???

    86. Stephanie Wanja

      Omg the extra gum commercial makes me emotional all time

    87. Toca World

      I’m crying be the beginning

    88. Serenity Campbell

      Why do the commercials make me cry more than the shows?

    89. Crystal Coleman

      I shouldn't like the girl with braids because she's mean to harmony...but I like her anyways.

    90. Praiseangel Zawadi

      Hey! where did Dylan go???

    91. myanna Green

      The teacher is mani

    92. Kristi Denmark

      Season 5

    93. Kristi Denmark

      I wish goth girl and goth boy were reunited so they can be with eachother also I wish they made a season t

    94. Lilly Scott

      Do more sesons

    95. Srey Nang Hip

      poor harmony

    96. tyesha1798

      Love true

    97. Carolina Gutierrez

      You are .

    98. Alex Lim

      Am I the only one or mani is mr lee?

      1. Alex Lim


    99. Vera Obonyo

      Does Mrs.Lee look like Mani?? Everyone else in the background was wearing blue ( I am just saying)

    100. June Barak