MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 1: “We’re Not in Attaway Anymore”

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    Harmony's not in Attaway anymore! A glitch forces Harmony to go to Millwood Middle School, where she meets a new group of friends... and foes.
    #stayhome #withme and watch your favorite Brat TV shows!
    Mani has his work cut out for him as he tries to keep Harmony and her friends out of danger, while also ensuring they all have a great time. From field trips to evil candy factories to spending the summer at a camp run by a con man, there's no telling what kinds of adventures Harmony and her friends will go on next!
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    MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 1: “We’re Not in Attaway Anymore”

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    1. Addyson Bertram

      Hi love these vids

    2. Sparkle The Gamer

      I miss sky

    3. santina barrett

      Love your video

    4. santina barrett

      Hey hormony

    5. Lily Evans

      Melvin is creepy

    6. Nori the Cat

      So Tru and Harmonys rivalry started just because Harmony joined in on dancing?

    7. Serenity Hopkins

      where,s sky

    8. Camilla Ramirez

      Who else has been here since S1 Ep1?

    9. Camilla Ramirez

      Who else here is watching Mani during quaratine?

    10. tiffany builds

      wheres sky/piper?

      1. why don't we Texts

        She moved away

    11. Sommer Knight

      Harmony thats messedd up what you did to Sky, stole her crush.

    12. Vanessa Batz

      I love mani

    13. Amy Johansson

      Wish skye was here

    14. PicCollage Maker

      Txunamy is a horrible actor

    15. Mareena C

      I couldn’t find the last episodes of mani

    16. April Girl

      I rlly miss Sky/Piper bc she was my fav character

    17. Lillian Smith

      Why did harmony not just go home and tell her parents and then her parents will transfer schools

    18. isabrianna jenkins

      Txunamy: just watch a few rounds and you'll figure it out *rolls eyes and gives nasty look * harmony: :-(

    19. Sam Sam

      Sky the prettyjes girl i love you piper your dad Piper weer is your dad your soooo cool

    20. crytal Gems

      Were is sky?

    21. xx_rxlxte

      Watching this for the first time Is Edward and goth girl still here??

    22. NBA 2K Masters Focarile

      So like what happened to the boys

    23. Nadine Ignas

      I miss Edward and goth girl the most😢 🖤

    24. keziah mombosi

      Lol they fr got the good luck Charlie girl

    25. Mia Davey

      harmony aka hayley looks sooo much like annie ak rhyme this episdode omg!

    26. Minsa Chohan

      i don liek how mani looks bruh if i would be in 2021 rn id say he still loks the same but still i don like how he looks like rn X.X

    27. DAA Hernandez

      Who else doesn’t like Marmony

    28. Prathiksha Poojary

      Was it just me cringing when those girls were dancing or whatever that was

    29. Banana Art

      Tbh their dancing kinda sucks

    30. Amber Newman

      I like you Txunamy

    31. Sondang Agustilena

      Bring back the og girls

    32. Rachel’s Frozen Cover

      Tsunami is so cute


      Um are u kidding me This is MANI WERE IS PIPER ROCKELLE!?

    34. Emma Stahl

      I am exited

    35. Riley Sotomayor

      Remover when the show was about piper Rockelle

    36. Alexia Igo

      Wait what happened to sky/piper

    37. Breanna Brown

      Txunamy is that you

    38. Valerie Nieves

      Poor harmony/hayley

    39. Salman Sajjad

      I dont like true like if u don't comment I'd u do

    40. ᔕTᗩᖇᖇYᗰOOᑎ シ

      I have a strong dislike to that boi.

    41. Jose Garcia


    42. Kenzie Cute

      Why is piper not in this one it wound be so mush better

    43. Za'Kiyyah Peoples

      bo you like hem

    44. Jadore Thompson

      Poor guy

    45. Jadore Thompson

      I miss sky while Paige is there

    46. fivevsq

      Okay but like this kid a hella big psycho😳😳😳

    47. queen bee

      who's been here since S1 E1 i have like this if u had

    48. mikaela tang


    49. Fathiya Mohamed

      When I heard him say that rhyme caught him chewing harmonies chewed-up gum I knew he was obsessing over her

    50. Lydia Demuinda


    51. Shreshta Guniganti

      No one’s talking about txuanmy

    52. BloxburgGamerQueen

      Yo the boy is creepy

    53. Weird Family

      Where is piper though

    54. Mingo Playz

      Why did piper leave mani

    55. Among Us

      Who that girl at 4:00

    56. Victoria Prelich

      me: Watching My mom: DID YOU DO YOU HOMEWORK Me: yes now go away

      1. Victoria Prelich


    57. Taylor Pshybyshefski

      Who missed when piper acted in this 🥺

    58. Karson528 Yuen


    59. Lamar Ahmed

      I miss mani season 1 and 2


      OMG TSUNAMI ISIN THE ROW! i am a big fan!


      Why did I not see corrinne in mani this whole time

    62. Irene Jimenez


    63. Kimoya Noble

      Who realized that sky/piper is in a wig acting to be melvin 😂

      1. Kimoya Noble

        @Gracie's Life girl look good

      2. Gracie's Life

        No she isnt

      3. Kimoya Noble

        @Vk yes is a wig

      4. Vk


    64. Seema Verma

      Where's sky? 🤨

    65. Beena Samuel

      Txunamy it is txunamy

    66. Lachae Thomas

      Who else is here in 2020

      1. Kimoya Noble



        Layla & Karissa Me

    67. lolcxl


    68. Yadira House

      Where is piper

      1. Kimoya Noble

        Piper is melvin

    69. Siddhi Ramesh

      Who is excited for Mani's return and I wish it comes next year to...

    70. Jada Smedley

      That's mean she must go to her school

    71. Jashan's World

      Who else touch this video to see txunamy??❣

    72. gaming with Anthony Santamaria

      Am like that boy

    73. robloxfun

      Harmony is haylee

    74. bock bock chicken

      who else thought the picture of harmony in a heart was creep or was it just me

    75. ari lexy lina

      Camila diamond

    76. ari lexy lina

      Wow didn't u notic family diamond

    77. Eric Lewin

      When is sky going to be back

    78. Siya Dingankar

      Isn't one of the girls Txunamy from Famillia Diamond?

      1. Emma Whitfield


    79. Jenny

      The dance part is cringy 🙄😋

      1. Eudximoniia _


    80. Spaghetti Lyss

      Lol Brittany's (Txunamy) has diamond in her last name just like her families HUfast channel famila diamond


      i love this show

    82. auvcilia

      melvin sound like a phscyo oop

    83. Mateo Picado

      I hope piper or coco go to season 6

    84. Sunshine Angels

      Melvin: chews harmonies gum Me:✨🅼🅴 🅶🅾︎🅸🅽🅶 🆃🅾︎ 🅱︎🅰︎🆁🅵 🅸🅽 🆃🅷🅴 🆃🅾︎🅸🅻🅴🆃✨

    85. Funimate Tutorials

      Skye moved and now harmony? That's it I'm done with Mani.

    86. Amna Sheikh

      Where is skye piper

      1. Funimate Tutorials

        Amna Sheikh yea

      2. Amna Sheikh

        @Funimate Tutorials so mani leave her

      3. Funimate Tutorials

        Amna Sheikh she moved

    87. XxbeccaplaysXx 14

      Where is sky

      1. Funimate Tutorials

        XxbeccaplaysXx 14 she moved

    88. hi its me

      Omg 😂 their acting is better than Attaway General 🤣

    89. Ngsti Woldegebriel

      hi i love tihs epesode

    90. Valery Plays Roblox

      I have I think because wit s 2020 and I’m nine so I don’t know

    91. Bunny lover Mot

      Is that tsunamy?

      1. Funimate Tutorials

        Bunny lover Mot yea

    92. Victor Ornelas

      Who else loves the LeBlanc Sisters and have watch chileno Girls and Mani and you love IT?

    93. Isabella Price

      Hi piper,sophie,and hailey

    94. Melrosia Playz

      𝙸𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚝𝚡𝚜𝚞𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚢?

      1. Funimate Tutorials

        Sxmmer yes

    95. divina matsuzaka

      is dat txunamy from familia diamond?

    96. Sarai Castillo

      Thats txunaomy from familia diamond

    97. Ahmed Jamal

      I want to know where is sky ??

    98. Rolex The gamer


    99. korean style

      I have a ask is that txumany in first clip in familia diamond😅🤔