MANI | Season 5 | Official Trailer

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    Due to a glitch, Harmony gets transferred to Millwood Middle School where she must try her best to fit in with a whole new set of faces (and not all of them are friendly)!
    Sky's parents hire an unconventional nanny-er, a manny named Mani-to look after her. In this wacky comedy, Mani and Sky form an unlikely bond as Mani helps Sky and her friends learn life lessons from the art of roasting to how to nail the perfect dude handshake.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.
    MANI | Season 5 | Official Trailer

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    1. Brat TV

      which middle school would you rather go to: Attaway or Millwood?

      1. Syazrah Yuanidah Abd Salam

        Idk.Maybe Millwood because of Total Eclipse.Total Eclipse is my favourite Brat show

      2. Kevin Nguyen


      3. Fotini Tetete

        Attaway tottaly

      4. Saurav Sarkar


      5. Farnaz AMIRAH


    2. naveen jain

      When you're going to release season 6

    3. Unicorn Earthling

      I just realized that this was the last season of Mani. They are all becoming chicken girls now.

    4. Diamond Galaxy

      I love mANIIII

    5. Hawwa Zahira

      Omg i love this show Its amazing Like if u think its amazing👇

    6. u n i q u e n a i

      Why did Sky just disappear out of the blue

    7. Richard Oduro

      When are u doing season 6

    8. indi L

      Why dont brat post season 6

    9. Aya Hammoud

      I think this season isn't so nice like others there is no sky, Dylan.....

    10. Prince Dyes

      make a season 6

    11. eima346._

      Where's sky aka piper rockelle

    12. Jazz Sinclair

      but like why is there more whites than blacks on the step team tho

    13. Blueberryblossom

      I love Haley but now the show should just be called HARMONY

    14. mariah smilez

      i wish sky(piper) was in this

    15. Whitney Erekson

      I'm really behind on chicken girls, Mani and total eclipse. Any advice on how I can get caught up?

    16. Dark eye

      When is it going to come out

    17. Stacey Lara

      This is going be so f***** fire dude

    18. Stacey Lara

      Oh shrimps

    19. Gona Abdullah

      Mani is back but where is sky

    20. Meli Neri


    21. blûe øpãl

      what time is mani coming out at

    22. 「 caekiie 」

      i miss the ogs :(

    23. Jorleann Romero

      Yay season 5

    24. It’s Maysha Begum

      When I thi

    25. Jowi Guerrido

      Why hayleys hair got done like annies🤦🏾‍♀️ she has beautiful curls! Learn how to comb it!🙄

    26. Cherry xoxo

      I don’t know so can someone please tell me why piper is not in mani anymore???!

    27. Girl Team Tv All The Way Gaming

      What the new mani ah ah ah

    28. Jenni Santos

      Why isn't mani with Harmony ?

    29. deleted account

      What time is season 5 coming out? Its feb. 19 today

    30. Fun with Saadia

      why dose every season feel like a diffrent show and where are the original characters I miss them season 1,2 and 3 where the best seasons .

    31. Jania Gomes

      I’m still waiting on the Chicken Girls official season 6 trailer....

    32. Adopt me Roblox

      I would go to ataway because lots of famous people go there and in mani,s class u can do just about anything

    33. Adopt me Roblox

      I cant wait

    34. Dazzling Dolls Studios

      I’m so excited

    35. Ayra Rizwan

      I want the old show back!!!! I miss the old cast!!! Specialy Sky!!

    36. Helen Gyton

      The majority of stars in the past seasons won't be there anymore Ps who can't wait for season 5 to come out tomorrow

    37. daddy kurapika daddy

      Mani is out tomorrow

    38. Miya Rinova

      Were sky,

    39. Kennedi Nixon

      There so rude to harmony I don’t like it 🥺💔 but it’s worth it 🥺❤️.

    40. Jayla Brown

      Attaway it look fun

    41. Michelle Yang

      I frickin love Mani like the character 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Also love ya Harmony 😂😂😂

    42. Brilee's life

      2 more days 🥺

    43. Arendse Raadhiyah

      I think you should let sky come back

    44. Orangie Jackson

      I love this movie brat tv is the best sky and her friends I love you Guys

      1. Orangie Jackson

        Love it

    45. Daelynn villasista

      Merrick Hanna is there too ohhh boy can't wait to see it

    46. Lubna abdullh

      I am so exited Now the show is about hayley or harmony

    47. Annie Dillmuth

      britanny cute diamond lol

    48. Thomas Factora TJOF

      I can’t wait for this to come out!! 💙💙😃😁


      Attaway I love this series

    50. Piper Rockelle Stan

      I miss sky and all the other original cast members 😭

    51. Divina Lyka

      Wait where is piper??

    52. XxYeLLoW_HeaRt xX

      OMG!!! I CANT WAIIITTT!!!!

    53. Slime Besties

      Yay I didn’t even know that they were coming out with a new season 😁👍

    54. Biana Vacker

      Hayley looks SOOO much like Annie!!!!!!!!

    55. fazli sulaimi

      millwood that's zoe school

    56. fazli sulaimi

      oh my gosh mani has returned yahoo

    57. Sydney Caitlyn

      Where is piper coco and sophie😭😭

    58. dana ahmad

      Get sky back

    59. Tiipsyalex

      THis all started from mani and piper and now harmony has taken over! Its not fair!...

      1. lvxchh

        So? Annie took over brat

    60. Andrea Alvarez

      Thats piper rockelle A.K.A sky's MANI

    61. Vale Cruz

      Merrick dancing is the best 😍😍😍

    62. Egyptslife 85


    63. Anthony Cotterel

      Where is piper i mean sky

    64. Niaish Fatima

      OMG guys this makes some sense for chicken girls season 6 haayley isannies sister so annie is probably shifted to milwood with her and its all about annie and milwood

      1. lvxchh


    65. shiannlily Douglas-halpin

      Wait harmony didt goon the bus

    66. Mangalman Tamrakar

      Why isn't Piper in the show

    67. Cho Co

      Why there is no piper😐😐😐😢😢

    68. Niti 04

      Omg mani babysitig another child plus sky is not here anymore i dont like that

    69. Ria's typical life

      I'm frigging happy season 5?! Oml can u not stop the seasons

    70. Joshua Guerrera

      Mia is awesome

    71. Joshua Guerrera

      Attaway definitely

    72. Joshua Guerrera

      This is awesome can’t wait omg so amazing

    73. Elena Leaton

      No offense to anyone but, I don’t think Mani is as good as it used to be. The show was good when piper rockelle was in it after she left . It’s not the same and not as good . And why is the show called mani , he isn’t even in it that much. It should be called harmony.

    74. bbg. emerald

      Were my besties at to watch Mani season 5 I can't wait!💕

    75. Hugo Olmedo


    76. Mob Physco

      I hope piper will be in that show again☹️

    77. Kyky M

      I want piper

    78. Jennifer Baxter

      Can't wait

    79. Felicity Hine

      so excited!!! love this show and i love how harmony owns it haha

    80. SC - 06EA 782289 Tomken Road MS

      Good Luck Harmony!!!

    81. Lakia Driscoll

      what happened to sky, goth girl, Dylan and some of the other old characters 🥺 them plus the new characters would of been so cool😢💜

    82. Iliana Ily

      I do not like mani really much because piper txunamy sophie and coco are not there 🙁😕😞

    83. Adie Dyke

      I love Mani

    84. Josalynn Gutierrez

      Where is piper rockelle

    85. Mariana Toro Giraldo

      madea whooooooo?

    86. latasha townsend

      What happened to sky 👇👇👇 If you want the old members back

      1. Moni Ca


    87. Aqila Sabir

      I can't wait to see...

    88. katelyn baron

      wait chicken girls- lol

    89. Rashidah Sabaktullah

      where Piper......Piper out because she's fight with coco

    90. Cath Lopez

      Who wants piper back?

    91. Simardeep SOMAL

      Yay I am so happy that there is a season five like if u agree

    92. Jariah Ford

      So no more Piper 😔😔😔 (I’m literally crying right now😢😢) I guess dreams don’t come true 😢😢

    93. RebeccaPlayz

      I wish Sky could still be in it

    94. jimmy joe libby

      is sky ever coming back or did she move to Australia for good???????????

    95. Gloria Iyaoromi

      Where's sky?

    96. мойзес-Moi сиснерос-Six-riv

      great Mani Season 5 🤣🤭waiting 🤙

    97. sky and lily

      its not good bc coco and piper aren't in there

    98. Wooshy Woozii

      But why did they have to remove all the other cast from maní like sky

    99. Sarah

      Really excited and curious to know what happens next 😊😊

    100. Vannya Ramirez

      OMG I'm so excited for season 5