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    Meet the all-star cast coming soon in Mani season 5! Who are you most excited to see in action?
    The all-new season starts Feb. 19th, with new episodes every Wednesday at 3pm PST!
    Sky's parents hire an unconventional nanny-er, a manny named Mani-to look after her. In this wacky comedy, Mani and Sky form an unlikely bond as Mani helps Sky and her friends learn life lessons from the art of roasting to how to nail the perfect dude handshake.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.

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    1. Chizitara Esonwanne

      Everyone:Skye is the main character of MANI Harmony in seasons 4&5: *coughs* Skye who?

    2. Reyna Kothari

      Is mia telirico from good luck Charlie

    3. Shahla Albakhi

      Txunamy omg she look so young!

    4. Kimberly Senorin vlog


    5. Chhun Un

      Am o the only one that miss the old mani I used to watch every day now I stop after the cast are there’s not anymore

    6. Emily Flores


    7. Enrique Morales

      I hope they make season 6 zext

    8. Tessa Puth/Angel

      WHERE IS SKY!!!

    9. Dey Tey

      where is coco and piper and mani where are they

    10. Casandra Playz

      I want SKY backk pleasee 😢 maybe someday

    11. Masiami Chhawnchhek

      Where is piper aka skye and coco aka katie on season 5 and piper on season 4

    12. XxImaginationForever_14xX

      Why isn't Txunamy in the cast video if she plays in later episodes?

    13. Salama Playz

      I know Corinne Joy

    14. Beerus

      I'm not feeling it anymore I liked seasons 1-3

    15. megakillaqu sandfly

      what their real names

    16. Stuti Mool

      Where is Mani and sky

    17. Supriti Saikia

      I just want coco, Hayley, Txunamy and piper back together in Mani ohoh and Sophie too goth girl

    18. Ataya Kenes Pradipta


    19. nikolina stajkovic

      I really like Merrick he sounds sooooooooo sweet i hope you see this Merrick

    20. Galaxy girl

      Where is piper rockelle

    21. Marisol_PlayZ Games


    22. Mucho Asmr

      Charlie is Paige😱

    23. Chloe Arnaldo

      Wow Hayley look so grown up! Cant wait for more episodes 😁

    24. Axtr1sm


    25. Vlogswithhailey

      What abou piper Rockelle

    26. Ioanica Playz Roblox

      Piper Left Brat Thats Why She Is Not In Mani Anymore

    27. Ximena Casanova

      Season 6 PLZZZZZ

    28. Oneka Bunting

      I want season 6 to come

    29. Chinenye Uzah

      How About sky?

    30. Anusga’s Love sign

      Who remembers when piper and txyamny

    31. Kimberly Hernandez

      What about mani and brittyney

    32. Boitumelo.m boity

      I love this show is there a season 6

    33. Sarah Bowen

      Is this the end for mani

    34. Nicole Higgins

      Mia was Charlie ahhhh

    35. Hilary Magee

      Mani is in it he is the nanny of true

    36. Eric 496

      How come we never get to hear an interview from MANI Himself Lawrence Wayne Curry?

    37. kimon Tawoj

      Where is txunamy and Mani?

    38. Bubliie Roses

      Where is txuanmy?

    39. Maya Ebner

      Hayley Leblanc 2020: I like breaking people's heart💔

    40. Taylor Hinshaw

      When is season six coming out or is it coming out

    41. isabelle kendall

      I’ve been watching the videos and they are amazing 😉 I love the person how plays bolly and the person how plays harmony

    42. MyWorld&Amelie&Kamilah

      Oh my gosh what happened to Merrik I haven’t seen him since America got talent

    43. XxLuvSkyxX

      Who played MANI? That’s the real ⭐️!

    44. jaeleah sweeting

      My name is jaeleah sweeting

    45. fakhira safa

      are goth girl(sophie fergie) is still in the brats?

    46. Lizshan Villano

      There’s no even sky?

    47. Lizshan Villano

      The main characters in mani is mani and piper I think I like the old mani

    48. Maryam oOf

      They should do the cast of mom's of the kids their real moms

    49. ortalfa

      Omg paige is Charlie from good Luck Charlie

    50. janani ropitini


    51. Sofia Guijarro

      Piper coco were

    52. alice

      Edward 😍

    53. Makayla Prempeh

      This trash where the hell piper at

    54. AvaBunni

      I just wish Sky/Piper was still there because Hayley/Harmony's and Her's off and on best friend relationship kept it less cringey with actual relationships like Dylan/Unknown name and Hayley/Harmony's relationship.

    55. Angelina Nguyen

      Everyone’s like now it’s all about Hayley Hayley Hayley, but I mean, let’s be honest every brat show is a Leblanc show haha. Love them tho

    56. AMY LH LEE

      I like the old mani

    57. Hope teofilo


    58. Marriyam

      what about sky (piper) it was really fun with her on the show and now she left....Anyways yeah I still enjoy watching this show! oh and thanks for the like :)

    59. Uzma Khan

      I wish piper,txunamy,and Sophie are in Mani I like them a lot with Hayley

    60. Elijahmae Pili

      Where's sky and mani I mean there only harmony left . The show was about sky,harmony, and mani but where are they

    61. Sephura Habibulla

      We want sky and everyone back

    62. Sandeep Dhaliwal

      Why isn't goth girl in the show? That who I really miss in Mani

    63. Karolina Jonusaite

      I just realized I think the reason why piper isn't in it anymore or sophie because if you haven't heard but there's a thing called the Gavin gang and piper gang piper and Gavin broke up and there's a girl called summer in this mani thing she is the girl who has small curled hair that's her and she's in Gavin gang so byeee

    64. Nilakshi Rajamohan

      The show only got famous because of the drama between Sky and Harmony in the first few seasons!! Like if u can agree!!

    65. Acille Villocillo

      0:00 the one in the left 😃😩😃😃😃 the one that's crying in my emoji I recognize her she was from " So you think you can't dance " from Lele Pons

    66. damian rodriguez

      wasnt the point of the show mani and piper/skye

    67. Akeelah Thornton

      I mean I love this show....... but piper and Hayley would make it even better like....... tux, piper, Hayley, and coco were called the mani sister now they just faded away like what happened

    68. Amiyah Tegels

      I have a question didn’t this all start off about “sky” Piper Rockelle

    69. amorette baeza

      Nooo I miss the ship uggg goth girl and goth boy

    70. florante flordelis

      Where's coco ,piper, tsunamy and more where are there??

    71. Leyla Uzumaki

      And Sophie?!??!!! I ship goth girl and goth boy 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️

    72. Yanah Chriz Ibañez

      I miss piper and sophie in it:(

    73. Jahnu Kanyaka Devi Dasi

      Is it just me or does piper rockelle look like kinkade elliot???? Am i day dreamin?

    74. Ceo Of TikTok

      We want sky (piper) back!!

    75. Matthew Fenton


    76. Prolxng is a nitty

      Melvin is a simp

    77. Carolina Alvarez


    78. Pinaythrifter America

      My daughter wanted to be in this show

    79. Eleven.Eggo. Sierra

      1:33 can y’all believe that it was like 9 years ago that she was on good luck Charlie... time flys

    80. Stacy Farinella

      wheres piper??


      Wheres txunamy?

    82. Laura Bagshaw

      What happened to Piper, txnamy ,coco and everyone else in the old cast it was so much better

    83. Andi Brown

      I’m really upset that Piper and Txunamy aren’t in it anymore

    84. Yomeika Cherry

      can I be a character in mani, please I think it will be fun for me to travel there

    85. I L

      I wish i could be on mani

    86. Stephanie Trevino

      I prefer hayley and sky why dont they comeback

    87. Obey_Toxic 123

      I love pg13

    88. krestina Shrestha

      I just miss goth girl but there is goth boy

    89. beautiful cool Nicole world

      Good video☺

    90. Miguel Romero

      i dont like melvin

    91. Cute

      That’s true she broke Dylan’s heart skyes heart and the boy at camps heart

    92. nathan dino

      how long has Hayley been on the show i think since season 1

    93. Milly Wright

      Piper Rochelle I love you 😍

    94. Keara Shantelle

      Omg its Merrick the robot boy from America's got talent

    95. Amber Cossin

      Question for Hayley when are we going to see more of Annie

    96. Honey Puplett

      I thought coco was meant to be in this and what about txunamy she was in the first episode😂

    97. ExplosiveAmir

      Only ogs left are harmony, goth boy and mani 🤞😔

    98. ExplosiveAmir

      I swear my aunt baby sitter someone that seems just like Payton in like 2014 Lol

    99. nisrat khan

      Melvin is a youTuber of the spy ninjas vy qwaint,Chad wild clay,pz 4,pz 9 the best fighter

    100. DIY with Brooklyn

      Omg corrine is now in here coco Quinn’s friends