MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 8: “Melvin’s Evil Plan”

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    It's the season finale of Mani and it's time for the step team's big performance! But, where's Mani and who's going to stop Melvin from carrying out his evil plan.. before it's too late?
    Mani has his work cut out for him as he tries to keep Harmony and her friends out of danger, while also ensuring they all have a great time. From field trips to evil candy factories to spending the summer at a camp run by a con man, there's no telling what kinds of adventures Harmony and her friends will go on next!
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    MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 8: “Melvin's Evil Plan”

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    1. Brat TV

      what do you think harmony should do...??

      1. Girls being Girls

        Go back to attaway plz

      2. Xx_Evelyn_xX

        Hmm she should just do a contest like who knows her better?

      3. BubbleKawaii Tea

        When are y’all gonna make a new episode

      4. xxpastellx _


      5. No Music

        Can’t she pick both I can waittttttt

    2. Shahadat Chowdhury

      I’ve been thinking where is sky..?

    3. Brynn Robison


    4. Comet Me

      Please make new season or a new episode thanks Brat TV

    5. Blue face Baby

      I think she should stay at the school

    6. TWDfanCarl GrimesFan KarissaNugentFanAtAge15

      Nooooooooooooo not Edward and Elizabeth I want edward and goth girl 😭

    7. juliAn Dobson


    8. Serenity Hopkins

      i want there to be a season 6

    9. Naya M

      At least we know there will be another season!!

    10. Neshanti Plays

      Bali harm IT,S 2020

    11. Kaylee Jones

      Make another season


      Next episode?

    13. Sofia Herbert

      Harmony got really close to the wings at one point

    14. Ekam Ghotra

      Harmony should stay

    15. deavianaleehx

      Why is it so longggg ive been waiting for 5 months

    16. GamerG1rlDes

      Melvin *thinking that being a CREEP is gonna work* Harmony *not paying any attention to him* Melvin *I'll just be bad and destruct her life* Harmony *Still doesn't pay him any attention

    17. Darlyn Ayala

      Season 6 please

    18. Racheal Opare

      Continue please

    19. Raph Detone


    20. Stqrry Svmmer

      Are u making a season 6 pleaseeeee do!!!

    21. funny panda

      ive ben wating for ep nine

    22. Will

      grani lee is my fav lol

    23. nAn tHe bEsT nEvErLaNd


    24. Peachy_Night

      Uhhh you left me on a cliffhanger 😔

    25. Sana Alshanfari

      Yes’m so happy for the next season

    26. Maheen Playz

      👍 like if you think harmony should stay Comment if you think she should to back to Attaway

    27. Charmaine's Wonderland

      When is season 6 coming?

      1. Caitlyn the Turtle

        Probably not

      2. Charmaine's Wonderland

        But will it replace it again?

      3. Caitlyn the Turtle

        Bc I googled it And they canceled it bc they are now in chicken girls

      4. Charmaine's Wonderland

        How do you know?

    28. sofia dominique orencia

      I want sky and goth girl back

    29. cOrOnA tImE

      I think she should stay but invite her friends to Millwood, I mean she JUST made friends with True and the crew, and if she leaves they will get furious, so she should give Millwood a chance.

    30. Abigail Shah

      When is the next season coming out???!!!

    31. The JJ's

      Am I the only one that misses jade and sky and Dylan 😔

    32. YoSprays -

      My name is Melvin lol

    33. sakuraa_flxwer

      I thought last episode piper would come back 😭

    34. Meher Kaur

      Is it over.....please say

    35. _addiBears_ _

      😢 What about goth girl?

    36. T S

      they need to make more seasons/episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. Nsubuga Rashid

      Is the next season out sam1 plz tell me

    38. Noor Badri

      Who els wishes sky/piper was still on the show

    39. Bakugou_ Slytherin

      goth boy was better of with goth girl aka sophie fergi

    40. yomna and yasmin

      WE WANT SEASON 6  (இдஇ; )

    41. Elizabeth Perez

      Should stay couase new girl baby u dont wanna go

    42. Layla Sidime

      Mani is so crazy 😝

    43. Elizabeth Egbuchinem

      I ship Elizabeth and Edward

    44. Hidden Beauty

      Harmony stay in millwood!

    45. Giezy Figueroa

      Why did he lock him

    46. GuGu Ngcobo

      They should of had True in Chicken girls

    47. Hemat Tamer

      I am sad that the goth boy left the goth girl... He forgot about her 😭

    48. oyinkansola lawal

      Hi Merrick no offense but why do you have a nose ring you are to young to have one

    49. Vera Leibson

      When will the next episode come out

      1. Vera Leibson

        @Soilder Alejandro oh :(

      2. Soilder Alejandro

        This was the finale ep

    50. Kikiwossup22.k

      Is there a season 6 ? PLEASE TELL USSSSSSS

    51. R-A-W-P

      Wut about the goth girl and him

    52. cynthia morales

      I say that Harmony should stay don't go with the traders there gonna treat you wors

    53. Weird Family

      👇who else liked seasons 1,2,3,and 4

    54. Terri Wyatt

      I bet it's a hard decision for Harmony.....I mean......She has good friends In Millwood and Attaway so i really don't know....

    55. Home School Style

      this is one of the most best season ever in the entire galaxy can u pls pls pls put another season i really want to know what will happen next please

    56. Mofifoluwa Azeez

      that was great but when are they making a new season bc they left it at a cliff hanger and they put them on chiken girls so im confused

    57. Lamar’s Life

      Everyone I can’t find episode 9 with season 5

    58. Kariel Spruill

      I love when true told mani to clean up her that me right there

    59. ibzen omar

      Kaya ganyan?

    60. Ms. P


    61. Elias Ibsa

      I think harmony should stay in her new school like iff you think to 👇 👇

    62. It’s Samira

      I wish I had a friend like bali

    63. Lindsay Bailey

      My dream is to be on mani

    64. Tes Sopheakdina

      They should do the challenge

    65. Graphic Designer Girl


    66. cinnamons cool nipples

      I think harmony should stay because I think the new girl called Hayley already replaced harmony and I think it will be a good idea to stay in millwood,but with Melvin bothering her might not work out

    67. Shanzay Naeem

      Waiting for the next season.

    68. Vilte Straukaite

      Explain harmmany hat you cant



    70. Roxanne Lemus

      I want Goth girl to come to the school and gets back with goth boy

    71. Asiya Ahmed

      i love you gus so much i will SUBCRIBE!!!!!!

    72. Steve Draper

      Are you guys Suppose to Where A

    73. Jermaine Morrison

      Do anyone thinks granni have some moves

    74. Jinan A.J

      Where is season 6 😭😭😅💕

    75. Maria Le

      I know she should lie and say she is moving and tells hers old best friends that she is not or for it the opposite way Also you I want Skye aka Piper rockell to move back and tell her friends that it was a prank and she tells her friends that she was only on vacation. P.S watched all of the episodes and seasons all in one day I did.I know she should lie and say she is moving and tells hers old best friends that she is not or for it the opposite way Also you I want Skye aka Piper rockell to move back and tell her friends that it was a prank and she tells her friends that she was only on vacation. P.S watched all of the episodes and seasons all in one day I did.

    76. Lakyntiewmon Syntem

      Where Piper and Mariam😭😭😭 are they still gonna join this season 6

    77. jennifer_ vids

      Next session plssssssss

    78. Devil Peach

      Hi I’m watching this on my birthday I’m really happy and and really having fun watching this I’m kinda sad the same time because I can’t see my friends cuz off quarantine

    79. Dashawna Vincent

      Me waiting for the next episode 😳😳😳😳

    80. Ecrin Sari

      Is this the last episode Or for now?

    81. #It'sMishy #

      Is this the last season or this will upload?? Who knows plz tell me......

    82. Lakyntiewmon Syntem

      Where Piper "sky"

    83. Hannah Monet

      Omg you should bring sky, aka piper Rockelle, back! It would be such a great plot

    84. Hannahbananaxx

      When is the next one

    85. Hermione Granger

      Is there gonna be another season or?

    86. Maya Petnga

      I want no i need a new season please brat tv

    87. Hirsi Abdi


    88. Hirsi Abdi


    89. Gloria Amoussougan

      How are they daceing without the fart

    90. Gloria Amoussougan

      When is crown lake coming out

    91. Gacha girl Evelyn


    92. Sofia Simms

      Is there going to be a season 6 of Mani???

    93. Rose Hyd

      I want another season of Mani please and harmony should go back to attaway

    94. Emily Flores

      go back to attaway and bring goth boy and he will be with goth girl :O imagine

    95. Vianny Maldonado

      I want harmony to go back to attaway :(

    96. akua boateng

      I am waiting for episode 9or the next season please

    97. Priseuq

      Harmony should go :c in my opinion

    98. Miji Mafe Adeshola

      Waiting for ep 9. I really wanna see what Harmony will do. She should go back to attaway to her first friends

    99. Fatma Almohannadi

      Me ?