MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 6: “Lee vs. Lee”

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    The Millwood Step Team loses their coach, but Mani and Grani step up and dance battle it out for the new position! Who do you think will be crowned as the new coach?
    Mani has his work cut out for him as he tries to keep Harmony and her friends out of danger, while also ensuring they all have a great time. From field trips to evil candy factories to spending the summer at a camp run by a con man, there's no telling what kinds of adventures Harmony and her friends will go on next!
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    MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 6: “Lee vs. Lee”

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    1. Brat TV

      do you ship edward (goth boy) and elisabeth??

      1. Gloria Lewellen

        No no no nope

      2. Lei'Niya Laye


      3. Faine Nyambane


      4. Elias Ibsa


      5. emm_ nsgee

        #Goth girl+goth boy for life

    2. Bolaji Abifunayo

      Honestly if Melvin dont get help, lets just szy it wont be good and he really annoys me 😂❤️

    3. hxney pxff

      why is there my surname here lmao

    4. Christal Edwards

      Everyone is like who was here since S1 E1 I'm like who would start from the middle season

    5. Zaira Mani

      Does anyone notice the Elizabeth was talking about Goth Boy in the last video??? He likes poems but he need some sunshine.

    6. Milana Kalinovskiy

      That Edward America’s got TALENT!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

    7. aldana vlog

      Is it just me but her i phone case is i phone11 but her phone is a xr

    8. Eric 496

      5:54 Mani’s like “WHAAAAAA??? 😂😂😂

    9. TWDfanCarl GrimesFan KarissaNugentFanAtAge15

      I want Edward and goth girl back together so bad I ship them

    10. Eric 496

      5:54 that should be a GIF 😂

    11. Emari Perkins

      I just wanna SMACK him

    12. Emari Perkins

      That boy is so nasty because he put something in the drink and said now harmony will love me forever. Me boy get over it

    13. Christine Potts !


      1. Trust edit


    14. Kashvi Priyadarshi

      I just want Piper back...

    15. Nur Khairunnisa Khairullah

      Not here that's odd

    16. Nur Khairunnisa Khairullah

      Where's piper

      1. Trust edit

        I- she’s been gone from this series

    17. • YinMusic •

      I do not ship Edward with Elisabeth I ship the goth girl with Edward don't wanna hurt the goth girl's feelings

    18. Ximena Arellano

      No, Goth boy and goth girl we’re in love first so it should stay that way

    19. beomgyu hyunjin

      Brooo I liked goth girl and goth boyyyyy

    20. Cafunna Pierre

      I love Bali she will be a good person to get advice from.

    21. sofia dominique orencia

      I want goth girl back!!!

    22. LOve4EveR

      ur cat has diabites XD

    23. Meher Kaur

      I ship harmony and dylan Not harmony and melvin I also ship goth girl and goth boy Not Goth boy or Elizabeth

    24. Lidu Marie


    25. ItzGamingKid

      #Elizabeth and Edward

    26. ItzGamingKid

    27. Julie Silver


    28. Joia Aldridge


    29. Talia Hird

      Love mani

    30. tegh sekhon

      why is he so weird hes not in lov ehe is littrally mental over harm btw forgot his name

    31. Jamie Jayson

      I love Mani i wish Sky was here too

    32. Khi Barnett

      put piper back on the show

    33. Tajmia Dawkins

      i ship goth boy and sophie goth girl they were made for eachother

    34. Tajmia Dawkins

      who else has been here since chicken girls season 1 and mani season 1

    35. Tajmia Dawkins

      mani got this

    36. kerry galvin

      I love this

    37. Hashtag #

      Who watched this during when we went back to school defo me ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😅😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    38. Zahra Ali

      I want a thousand more seasons

    39. Natalie Lee

      umm sky and nanny

    40. Natalie Lee


    41. cinnamons cool nipples

      I love these

    42. Cleotha Hollings worth

      Play lovely 😍❤️

    43. Mashal Waqar

      Nice job making Granny Lee wear Bright orange shorts underneath his dress

    44. Zainab Chepkosgei Ahmed

      Corrine. Act. In. Mani???

    45. Spaghetti Lyss

      6:48 I'm crying 😂

    46. Gacha girl Evelyn

      I think Edward should be with somebody more dark like him

    47. Nour Alhemeiri

      Cousins like your videos

    48. Killer Girl Gaming

      He's so creepy the boy who like harmony

    49. TwinTwin Squad

      I ship Edward and goth girl

    50. TwinTwin Squad

      Sorry no

    51. Jeffrey Martin


    52. Lamees Abu-Baker

      Yes I ship them from the start of season 5

    53. Pearl Kirchmeier

      I watch this every time I like stop for like two weeks and then I start watching anything is the favorite show in the whole tiled world sorry for my spelling I don’t have any videos I don’t know how to Make videos

    54. Civix Zeon

      Is granny in reality mani

    55. Teresa School

      the lightskin one with braids went to my school

      1. D_X

        Liar and not a liar so I believe you and don’t believe you at the same time.

    56. DaCowGurlzGaming

      Melvin needs proffetional help

    57. Tania V


    58. Äësthëtïç Ëmïly

      Edward looked hungry and I feel bad

    59. kylee adams

      me only looking for goth boy

    60. Minahil Muneer

      Ok Melvin is crazy 😜 😵🤪🤪what is wrong with him he has lost his mind he almost killed the step dance teacher 👩🏻‍🏫 💃🏻 of the girls

    61. 205 Group Account

      In watch you every day and you make me happy 😊

    62. Simply Roblox

      Where’s skye (piper)

    63. Jada Vassallo

      Favourite bit *dance off

    64. Anita Lin

      who thinks melvin is a bit crazy over harmony

    65. Desirée Dinney

      Who noticed that the show charged allot from the beginning

    66. Zurielkay Squad

      🤣🤣🤣🤣he gave the teacher a love potion

    67. Poppyplayz 11

      i prefer the old Mani with piper and sophie (i cant spell)

    68. ii_CloudyBearsii - Roblox

      I ship Edward (goth boy) and Elisabeth

    69. Elroy McKnight

      Melvin has serious problems

    70. emm_ nsgee

      I feel like malvin is a bad guy

    71. Serenity Campbell

      Awwww poor Edward!😕

    72. Amirah Ishtiaq

      this is ALL Melvin's fault

    73. soft panda xo

      never mind both

    74. soft panda xo

      Elisabeth dahhhj

    75. SreeJan Pranav

      Where is sky

    76. Brooke Shuler

      if i was harmony marvins face would be herting

    77. chocchy Frog


    78. Vera Obonyo

      That Melvin guy is mean and evil

    79. Chioma Konyeaso

      I started watching this yesterday and I'm already almost done 😭 And the episodes are too short

    80. peanutbutter cosplays

      They need to make an episode where the whole squad reunites

    81. iiBlessin_

      Am I the only oneday obbsesded with that teddy bear with mani's face on it 😂

    82. Rayveen wilson

      Hi mani

    83. nacoya scott

      Sigh plsss make the other ep comee its been 4 months

    84. SaremDropx

      I ship Edward and Elisabeth 💘🥺

    85. Maya Parimelazhagan

      I took 3h and 12 min to watch the mani

    86. Sofia Garcia

      It's so FUNNY!!!!!

    87. Adrian Morales

      I wish piper aka sky was there

    88. Lethabo Magoro

      I love mani so much. I think mani is the best show I have ever wouch. I have been wouching from season 123 and 4

    89. Anthony Garcia


    90. Bernie Connors

      That melvin guy he a creepy dude

    91. Wwe Wwe


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    96. Wwe Wwe

      bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

    97. destiny lillo

      Hey that shirt looks familiar at 3:04 the girl next to tru has pipers aka (Sky) shirt from season 3 episode 9 operation fam bam

    98. K Mendoza

      That boy is sick

    99. Jichu BlackPink

      Oh! It's the JitterBug thing. That Sky's (Piper) grandfather owned