MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 7: “Happy Birthday Brittany”

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    Harmony returns to Attaway for Brittany's birthday, but she quickly finds out that a lot has changed while she's been gone...
    Mani has his work cut out for him as he tries to keep Harmony and her friends out of danger, while also ensuring they all have a great time. From field trips to evil candy factories to spending the summer at a camp run by a con man, there's no telling what kinds of adventures Harmony and her friends will go on next!
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    MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 7: “Happy Birthday Brittany”

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    1. Brat TV

      who else wishes that melvin's evil plan is just an april fool's joke??

      1. Patricia Ash

        You is as by

      2. Asma Al Gergawi

        Brat TV MEEEEEEEE

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      4. Gabrielle Bergen


    2. Akina Cardona

      Page looks different

    3. Jase


    4. TWDfanCarl GrimesFan KarissaNugentFanAtAge15

      I want Edward and goth girl

    5. Maria Gomez

      I am your big fan

    6. New Shelves

      tunumy you weremean

    7. Sofia Herbert


    8. Faine Nyambane

      Does anyone remember symone Coco quinn 's friend

    9. Juana Esparza


      1. Sofia Herbert


      2. Juana Esparza


    10. Juana Esparza

      Brat tv

    11. Robloxplayer Plays

      Me having no subs

    12. Al Sagir

      How did they get into the show I mean Is there an o dit ion somewhere ?

    13. Kashvi Priyadarshi

      Typical... "Harmony" likes Hayley's name... Man, of course she does!

    14. liyan akram

      i love mani and i really love chicken girls but i just wish they hadent changed you know i wish mani was still going and i wish chicken girls was still with the original cast

    15. Little Miss Lauren

      I love you and you are great to me love you 😘

    16. It’s Angie

      melvin is seriously creepy

    17. Juliette Greville

      did anyone realise harmony is wearing the power surge pants from chicken girls

    18. Nsubuga Rashid

      Ookk hu misses sky lyk i do??😭😭

    19. SM And AA

      Well she is little rhyme

    20. ItzGamingKid


    21. Monikah belle Aliscad

      I Feel Bad

    22. Monikah belle Aliscad

      Poor Hayley

    23. Jayshana Ephraim

      this is so relaxing almost just like watchingtv am i right?

    24. cool kits


    25. Tea Time

      Brat I’m so glad you guys have comments 😅 I have a serious question that needs to be answered!!!!!!!!! Ever since I heard the words Brat Tv I fell in love with the channel and I am an aspiring actor I’ve been acting ever since I could walk and talk I’ve been in to many plays to count I can sing pretty well too but that’s not the point I have been trying to get audition for Disney but never do so bright was the only thing I can look for word to when I had a rough day and I have this one question this one question would mean the world to me if you answered the question is how do you get on brat TV I don’t want to be on the channel because I want fame or money I want it because it’s my passion and it would be my dream if you told me I’m not so far away from 12 only 2 years so I’m trying not to be a beggar but begging is my only option is this situation Please respond😊

    26. Isago Langa

      I can't wait for chicken girls season 7

    27. Afline Arinah

      Melvin is such a creep 😹😹😹😹✋🏼

    28. Mary Le

      Hayley: Hey, I’m Hayley Harmony: nice name Me: because that’s your real name Lol😁😂🤣 And I think Melvin is an evil bad guy now because he is way too obsess with Harmony. Like if you agree 👇🏻

    29. Mohammed Shahrin_sisters Mohamed Salim

      Attaways are being rude to harmony when they replace Hayley with harmony

    30. YouTube Influencers

      Everyone just forgot skye I think she was amazing I loved sky's and harmony's bonding and also how mani taught her life lessons

    31. Alice Luk Yick


    32. Prasidh Heng

      Who still watches it?

    33. Me Yahaira Arias

      Did anyone realize that corrine said that she was symonne

    34. Katherine Ohuafi

      harmony is hayley


      Is that familia diamond tuxnami


      melvin is a psychopath

    37. chris Castro

      I miss coco. and Piper

    38. Jolin Natasha Loretta

      they act like they were 21 in this video

    39. Anquel Knight

      I mean txunamy

    40. Anquel Knight

      Is anyone gonna talk about that txunmay from family dimond is in this show

    41. Anquel Knight

      Is anyone gonna talk about that

    42. _Aaliyah2yuuu

      4 months later

    43. Priseuq

      I loved season 4 the most,

    44. pusheens are cute

      The guy that likes harmony is so creepy and weird

    45. Kas

      MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 7: “Happy Birthday Brittany”

    46. Best of TikTok And edits from suleymii

      I miss piper in there

    47. jayjay gang


    48. Your perfect just the way you are - kim

      Melvin is creepy and that Hayley kid gives me bad vibes and harmony’s friend was not being a good friend

    49. Milli Sigrah

      We coco and t

    50. 6nine1 Nakandakari

      This movie is kinda funny.

    51. Alishaplays

      i love mani is there gonna be a season 6 pls tell me there is

    52. Sun_ Day

      This is not funny anymore beacuse piper is not in it


      Hayley is harmony’s real name and she said nice name to the girl

    54. Maddy Riddell

      Does anyone else think Marvin is suuuuuuper creepy

    55. Princess Rhyne

      Wheres sky i miss her 😥

    56. ilesha young


    57. Diamond_bunny Gaming

      Just tell him you don't want him back in time to me you are not say so and share if you are a parent and stay in JAIL break for him or if he does it was a parent and then I have thg or at all you have to be on a long time later than that is diamond_bunny you have a problem in this country with the new York post on roblox in JAIL for st to the police and then it will change you buff your head to me you don't know how you Lol I used auto fill to u know say random stuff

    58. It’s Mary

      I feel so bad bc they just forgot about her and i guss they uset to be bff

    59. Marian Hernandez

      Wow me gusta esta serie

    60. Raja Ihsan

      I really feel bad for harmony cuz her friends dosent care bout her and shes always being replaced


      I feel bad for harmony

    62. Emilia Ezeibe

      Nice 👍 name

    63. Catalina Plancarte

      Aww theyre not posting anymore mani


      i thought sky would be till the end

    65. Jillian Ellena

      Poor harmony, I feel bad

    66. Olivia Lau

      so nobody gonna talk about the beginning when the group sorta learns the renegade? 😂

    67. ItsRaven _

      Lol Hayley (harmony) meets a girl that has the same name as her LOL!

    68. Aaliyah,s vlogs

      i wish piper was back

    69. Veronica Kinyea

      Txunamy is a great actor

    70. Sofia Bella


    71. Unicat Channel

      She was got bullied everywhere

    72. mr. scropio_

      what a creep

    73. Krista’s Channel!

      Everything that has happened to harmony happened to me too. It’s never easy being the new kid but hopefully someone eventually will give the new kid a chance.

    74. L P-H

      Hi! This is really good :) Btw i would really appreciate any likes or subs or comments. Not begging I just would really appreciate it. You don't have to. :)

    75. Kermit Plug

      i fell bad for haromony

    76. Kermit Plug

      hi i love this video

    77. Simpson Edits

      Omg that hayley girl is so annoying 🙄 (not hayley leblanc, the girl that was friends with harmony's friend

    78. Αкιѕнα Ѕ. Jιмєиєz


    79. Gabriela Mendoza

      She looked like she was going cry

    80. Almond Milk

      I feel bad for Harmony. I mean, she just replaced by someone who has the same name as her!

    81. Skyler Anders

      I seriously love this show

    82. Taraben Patel

      Were is coco

    83. Yiasiman Taylor

      Yeah, Hayley, you're always late for class. Need a tardy slip.

    84. Ahlam Hamada

      is it just me or this school looks exactly like the one in total eclipse

    85. Vera Obonyo

      Harmony is like Rhyme in High School :) They a lot like. I am afraid of Melvin's plan

    86. pro gamer

      that little dweidddddddd

    87. Georgia Ward

      This stalker kid is a creep is a stupid butt and needs to mind his own business and stop being such a stalker


      what if hayley the fake girl was supposed to go to millwood and did what pagie did and try to get friendds

    89. ItsHeroPLUS

      LMAO my name is Brittany and this video came out on the day of my birthday

    90. Charlie Song

      I like how they named the girl hayley

    91. Hamda Alhamida

      Hi love your video

    92. Bakugou_ Slytherin

      did anyone notice THat this season harmony or hailey say she cant dance but back at season 2 she has dance battles and stuff with sky or piper lol

    93. It’s Tarteal Ahmed

      I feel so bad for Brittany cause she has been thought so much love ya 💜

    94. jennifer gomez

      What happened to sky

    95. Life With sandra

      all she care about is the shoe

    96. Ditjeta Kamberi

      Wo else miss piper and coco in here ,bc i do😣

    97. Myla babar

      I can't believe it's tuxnamy from flamilia diamond

    98. Jun Quilinderino

      I love Corinne so much !!!!!!!!!!!😊🙂☺😄😃

    99. Andy Fiisk

      malvin is a phyco

    100. Edward Williams

      Awww I miss goth girl she was my fav