MANI | Season 1 | Marathon

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    Relive all your favorite Mani moments from the season that started it all!
    Sky's parents hire an unconventional nanny-er, a manny named Mani-to look after her. In this wacky comedy, Mani and Sky form an unlikely bond as Mani helps Sky and her friends learn life lessons from the art of roasting to how to nail the perfect dude handshake.
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    MANI | Season 1 | Marathon

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    1. Brat TV

      what was your favorite moment from season 1??

      1. 123magicfishscales

        dance off

      2. Salma Mustapha

        Brat TV I am watching it 6 times now I LOVE IT!!!!

      3. Tari Oprah Munetsi

        When manny scared the teacher

      4. Wendy Johns

        "If you're gonna be 2 faced, at least have 1 be pretty." Sky

    2. Mabel Ackuaku

      I cannot believe mani killed sky teacher but I don't know it's a accident

    3. Mabel Ackuaku

      My favorite moment is when manning teaches sky to 💃💃💃

    4. Irene SkyZabie

      did your notice harmony looked just like Annie Leblanc ,when sky fell down?

    5. Hanni Bell

      Yes i now

    6. Kyndal Smith

      lol to funny

    7. Joshua Wilson

      hi lee

    8. George Mujati

      i know right she looks soooo young

    9. Lily Mijares

      Who ia watch this in 2020

    10. Dedeaux ATUGUBA

      i love piper,hayley,txunamy and sophie

    11. ;—;

      You know its strange. My name is piper too and my dog’s name is frank. Also i never really knew my dad cause he left when i was 3 years old. I also live in california and we are about the same age so thats super weird...

    12. flakita28bonita

      Sky is cool

    13. Lyla Edits

      This is the most inappropriate kids show on brat tv lol I love it also ami the only on watching this is in quartine lol

    14. Alexa Barnes

      8:44 SHE DIDNT LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😌

      1. Kyimora Hammond

        righh i was dying

    15. swizel fernandes

      omg lol ppl these days

    16. Amarantha Evert


    17. Gary Ferreira

      Fake friend

    18. Kudzai Kusena


    19. Princess Slay

      Me downloading them and binge watching from season one to five 😂


      when harmony and dylan started dating

    21. MAgicdiy

      This acting to be bad 💀😭, they so little

    22. Vanessa R

      Omg its Piper Coco Txunamy and hayley when there were so small 🥺🌸

    23. Payton Thompson

      "oh I voted for donald trump" 😂😂😂

    24. Ashley Wunder

      There all so young 😂❤️


      piper is so adorable and Mani hes so chill

    26. Nonigieey Noni

      I'm i the only person re watching this because of covid 19

    27. Nonigieey Noni

      The dad is so cool

    28. Hayden Thompson

      Watching this now I'm like: wow they all look so little! I started watching this when it actually came out. 🤣

    29. Mia Moon

      Mini Piper Rockwell makes me melt!

    30. Jessica Bizzell

      Omg txunamy was so little especially at the beginning now she’s on chicken girls

    31. mumbe Daudi


    32. Phillip Dockery

      those girls are rude

    33. Patience Powell

      I love manny is the best

    34. Eric 496

      Man Piper and Hayley looked Sooooooo cute together, I really miss them as best friends 😢

    35. Salma Mustapha

      When they dropped the bag with mrs rights I laughed so hard it was so funny 😂😂😂

    36. Angeles'World

      i miss piper on the show

    37. Madison Waller

      Piper’s so young

    38. Nadia NURKI

      when the mum tryes to dance i cried

    39. Ange Dahlmann

      roasting part is funny

    40. Mimi Raheema

      Is this all the episodes of season 1 pls reply

    41. Tisya Sharma

      indian principle XD

    42. Emma Rosas

      Omg Tiffany was in 0:22 !

    43. Gao Feng

      Who’s having a marathon of MANI all the seasons because there bored in quarantine

    44. Danika Barnard

      when they started singing bad blood- i canttt 🤣🤣

    45. Amy Solo

      Piper got betrayed both by Sophie AND Coco ;(

    46. Khadija bint-jibreel

      Tuxsnmy is soo sweet and cute she's grown

    47. Jacqueline Arteaga

      Piper and txunamy are so young omg



    49. Andrea Galvez Guerra

      So your telling me if I sell slime I can get money like that 🤔

    50. JaQuisha mcgraw

      he ha me dead he said she start letting out them bumbs

    51. Chase is Daddy

      9:51 Mani omg i cant witchu- pahahahahahha

    52. Sabrina Stein

      coco is so cuteeee

    53. Kerry Cole

      Mariam was so little

    54. Abbs T

      omg even sophie looks so young, with her goth makeup and all that stuff

    55. Tisha Jain


    56. xX_ Moon_Globe _Xx

      The mom was a Karen but evolved to a Caren 😎

    57. K Savage

      Oh my gosh that was Sophie

    58. Jessica Fang

      First off I was like Dis dude bad...cuz he was teaching piper swears And then he taught them to be entrepreneurs

    59. Jessica Fang

      Why Mani teaching this 7 year old swears X’D

    60. Vijayanthi Vibish

      Piper swore me: ...

    61. Maura Reed

      Jeez all they said while practicing roasting was a**

    62. •Rose Waves•

      32:51 I knew they were gonna dance battle 😂

    63. April Swann


    64. Hana PlayRoblox

      i dot no

    65. Titoluwa Maxwell

      omg that brittany and katie from chicken girls

      1. Anuttama Mondal

        @Titoluwa Maxwell Those are Txunamy and Coco Quinn respectively ! They have their own HUfast channels as well

    66. Brianne Abayan

      hayley and piper are really too young here and cute,and miss their naughty attitude with a killer cute smile..

    67. Zuhaira Ahmad Chowdhury

      Piper looks so much like jojo here

    68. Zuriel Brown

      This besides from chicken girls this is the funniest.

    69. Grat iana

      people watching this in 2020 👇

    70. Leona Sinkoe

      I have watched this year’s ago skies Mom was a karen before karen’s existed

    71. Aluat Little sister

      did anyone notice that pipers real mom was in this?

    72. MANI

      Guys I'm gonna be a rapper and I wanna name myself MANI so will there be any problem if I do that like can these people sue me or Something ???

    73. Ana Popescu

      Dang her mom is a jerk

    74. Iliana Perkel

      Sky’s mom is low key RACISTTT

    75. Estee Isya

      The cat fight

    76. Estee Isya


    77. Estee Isya

      It movie

    78. Estee Isya

      Is the best

    79. Estee Isya


    80. Estee Isya

      Why you evil sky mommm

    81. that fan tho :P

      Piper sounds so quiet but she really hyper now! Especially when it comes to challenges and pranks, etc🙃

    82. Marthe Kapinga

      Txumany and Piper where sooooooo young

    83. Keylin Reyes


    84. Keylin Reyes


    85. Marely Galloso

      28:40 the little girl looks like the one from dhar mann

    86. MusicBerry ♪

      me and piper:bullshi- my mother and MANI:you better not even say it >:)

    87. Izabella Holcomb

      Piper was 10

    88. Deborah Billingslea

      she said mr i voted for donald trump lookin a$$ lmao

    89. Charlotte Jenkins

      I liked Piper at that age!

    90. Rebecca Escanilla

      piper was a good actor

    91. Siya Bhutani

      we know who manis voting for this year lol

    92. talgwatr

      a precurser to "CUTIES"........F'K pedo's!!!!!!!!!

    93. Jarolyn González

      Did you know that 0:23 is her real mom

    94. Mimi’s World

      When piper was dancing

    95. Ila Gupta

      Lmaooo.... I love the Indian Principal ❤💜😂🔥

    96. Ila Gupta

      Tbh I am in for Hayley a.k.a Harmony

    97. Lauren Sarweh

      Who’s watching this in 2020

    98. pravalika chittamsetti

      i cant belive how cute piper is

    99. Regina Contreras

      Sky real name is piper harmony real name is haley

      1. Regina Contreras